The Reapers

The Reapers They are the Reapers the elite among killers Men so terrifying that their names are mentioned only in whispers The assassin Louis is one of them But now Louis and his partner Angel are themselves t

  • Title: The Reapers
  • Author: John Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780340936658
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • They are the Reapers, the elite among killers Men so terrifying that their names are mentioned only in whispers The assassin Louis is one of them But now Louis and his partner, Angel, are themselves targets and there is no shortage of suspects.

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    1. I doubt that Connolly ever had the idea that he would do an entire book dedicated to Louis and Angel. That being said, I had hoped early on that this book would eventually exist.In The Reapers, long time associates of Charlie Parker, Louis and Angel, get their own novel. Louis and Angel have recently fallen into the cross hairs of a rival long thought dead. A former colleague of Louis, Bliss, has returned to seek his vengeance against those who brutally disfigured him, leaving him for dead years [...]

    2. Number 8 in the Charlie Parker series and each book gets better than the one before. This one centres around Louis and Angel . Charlie only makes a token appearance but that does not matter at all. The reader discovers heaps about Louis's past and the reasons for him being the way he is. At the same time there is a fast paced, thrilling story plus some laugh out loud dialogue especially between Angel and Louis. John Connolly writes so well. His descriptions of the American way of life are master [...]

    3. In ‘The Reapers’, number 7 of the Charlie Parker mysteries, the reader is treated to a Louis and Angel story (‘The Detective’ Parker arrives late in the plot). Instead of the usual paranormal horror mystery in which Parker tends to become involved, this tale explains Louis’ backstory for half of the book in alternating chapters of flashbacks (view spoiler)[(he really IS an ex-CIA guy!) (hide spoiler)] with an entertaining black-ops thriller filling out the remainder of the book. Louis [...]

    4. This is a book in John Connolly's Charlie Parker series, but ostensibly it is really the story of Louis, Parker's enigmatic friend and colleague. When he was a young man, Louis witnessed a horrible race related hate crime, and then committed a crime of his own by avenging the death of his mother. Louis' mixture of intelligence and ruthlessness brings him to the attention to a man named named Gabriel who ran an elite group of contract killers called The Reapers. During his years as a contract kil [...]

    5. Another excellent entry into what is quite possibly the best detective series out there. This time Connolly lets Charlie Parker take a back seat with Louis and Angel as the driving force. The reader gets a deeper insight into Louis' upbringing and things that made him the killer with occasional sparks of conscience that he became. The book also works as a fine meditation on the nature of evil and/or violence and on the effects it has on the innocent and not so innocent bystanders. The adversarie [...]

    6. "The Reapers" is a slight departure for John Connolly, whose main protagonist, Charlie Parker, P.I takes a backseat in this one in order to showcase one of Parker's enigmatic partners, Louis, a tough Southern black killer-for-hire. Louis (pronounced "Loo-ee", like the French King) is a fascinating character, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that he is gay. He's actually part of a two-man crew of hired killers. His lover, Angel, is also a hit-man. They met and fell in love in p [...]

    7. THE REAPERS (Susp-Angel / Louis-Cont) - PoorConnolly, John – 7th in seriesHodder & Stoughton, 2008, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780340936658First Sentence: Sometimes Louis dreams of the Burning Man.Louis and Angel are killers; accustomed to being the hunters. Now they find they are the hunted and the targets of a fellow hitman named Bliss.I was a huge fan of Connolly’s earlier books. Unfortunately, his style seems to have changed and the elements I one loved have been lost, particularly the [...]

    8. ¿Hola?. ¿Charlie Parker, estás por ahí? Siento decirte que no se te ha echado nada de menos en este libro de John Connolly aunque tengamos que incluirlo dentro de tu serie.Cuando creías haberle pillado el tranquillo al amigo Connolly te sale con una novela protagonizada por Angel Y Louis donde ahonda en el pasado del asesino y el ladrón. Se trata de dos personajes que me chirriaron en la primera novela. Me parecían metidos con calzador y demasiados extravagantes como para encajar en una h [...]

    9. Overall, this scored little better than a giant Meh. The characters were ok. The plot didn't stink. The pacing wasn't bad. All in all, not too bad, but not very good either.One thing I have noticed about Angel and Louis. Connolly presents them as a gay couple, but basically--as far as the reader is concerned--they are asexual. I'm not on pins and needles wanting to learn all the gory details of gay sex, but these guys never even kiss! You see more going on with Cam and Mitch in Modern Family tha [...]

    10. Vamos a dejar una cosa clara: John Connolly es el mejor escritor actual de novela negra. Escribe como los ángeles, pero eso sí, te ha de gustar la temática policiaco-detectivesca. Este es el séptimo libro de la serie de Charlie Parker, aunque hay que decir que son de lectura independiente. En él toman protagonismo dos de los compañeros de Parker, y es genial porque profundiza en sus historias personales, algo que en el resto de libros únicamente se hacía mención por encima.Esta vez a qu [...]

    11. I liked the fact that Louis and his partner, Angel had to be rescued for once. The whole idea behind the Reapers was a good one and I enjoyed listening to this read.

    12. Alright, I don't have to contain my love in this one. So, first of all, can I marry Angel??? I can't even begin to describe how much I love that amazing guy I know he would not want to marry me, but he's just sooo lovely and caring But let's talk about the novel: It is not one of Charlie's books. In fact, Charlie only appears at the end of it. This one is entirely for Louis and Angel. I totally loved the background story for Louis' character. It shows how violence and hate can make a dent on som [...]

    13. This is a strange, and strangely unsatisfying, addition to the so-called “Charlie Parker” series. (Actually, Parker barely appears in this novel.) Connolly dedicates this entry to a focus on Angel and Louis—and the result is a bit of a hack job. There’s so much 10-cent psychology here—so much interior dialogue from within the dark and twisted minds of sinister master criminals who’ve risen to the pinnacle of their careers because they are pure, they are beyond pain, they have dominat [...]

    14. John Connolly’s writing flows along like a lyrical river; his narrative structure is excellent, tugging the reader from one sentence to the next. That said, whilst I like Connolly’s books - and this was no exception - The Reapers wasn’t in the same league as some of the other books in the series. The problem for me is that book is effectively the back story to Louis and Angel, the friends of his regular main character Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker – the former police detective who mourns the [...]

    15. Un libro muy gratificante para los lectores de la saga, y para los que no, pues con los elementos que posee puede leerse completamente independiente aunque no se disfrutaría al máximo, sobre todo la inclusión secundaria de Charlie Parker, que resulta una delicia. Además con una de las mejores secuencias de acción que he leído. Título imprescindible y muy recomendable.El libro está muy bien llevado, aclara muchas dudas sobre el origen y mente de Louis, el cual junto con Ángel, terminan p [...]

    16. As a faithful reader of the Charlie Parker series, I really appreciated the shift in perspective. Parker becomes a side character as we peel back the outer shell of his friend, the mysterious, lethal Louis. Connolly's books are punctuated by violence and cruelty (I enjoy it, I sheepishly admit), but above all, he's a very psychological writer. Despite the page-turning action and the vivid killings, what you really remember about this book are the many layers of Louis' complex character and the c [...]

    17. Another good read. I find myself liking Louis more than I did before. I was already attached to Angel. I found that out in the book he was kidnapped and tortured. I did miss Parker as he was only a small part in the story this time. And I felt the conclusion was rushed a bit. Still, can't wait to read the next one.

    18. Pretty rare that you see an author take supporting characters and dedicate an entire book to them. John Connolly did it just that. Taking Louis and Angel and do a story about them especially about Louis's past before ever meeting Angel and Charlie Parker. Great storyline and so full of action and a side of humour.

    19. This one was all about Louis and Angel, with a lot of past history (that comes back in a vengeance - that started with Louis, what he experienced as a teenager) past horrors and past pains.Connolly's prose is as dark as ever and very powerful. Creepy and disturbing, from one of the best thriller writers working today.

    20. Loved that this book was all about Angel & Louis. Not sure if I would still enjoy these stories without the Angel and Louis characters part in them. The close bond between the 3 is a great part of Charlie Parker's history.

    21. reread 2015Full review/Цялото ревю - click, clickСледпрочитно:Мда, ще трябва да започна може би както всички - това е най-слабата книга на Конъли, която съм чела, може би с изключение на една от "Нощните приказки".Случаят, с който нашите момчета се занимават е средна стока - става за редовия ср [...]

    22. Сигурно най-слабата книга, която съм чел от любимия си автор. В случая, няма за какво да обвинявам издателство Прозорец - с изключение може би за леко незапомнящата се с нищо корица и заради факта, че смениха оформлението на книгите на Конъли. Старото оформление си беше къде- [...]

    23. The Reapers, though part of the Charlie Parker series, isn't really about Charlie. Instead, it's Louis's tale. Louis and his partner, in all senses of the word, Angel, are highly skilled hit men who generally support Parker in these books. Angel will kill if necessary, but, he realizes, there's something very dark inside Louis that makes killing a necessity for him. But as this story opens, Louis has grown weary of his dangerous and violent lifestyle, and is attempting to stop killing and start [...]

    24. I had to put this book down about 200 pages in; I may return to it one of these days.After reading The Book of Lost Things and The Gates by Connolly, I decided to try out one of his thriller books, expecting to find the same quality of writing. This book--which is something like #8 in his thriller series--disappointed me.There's nothing obviously bad about the book. It's just boring. I found myself wondering if Connolly was just pressed for time and shit this book out to make a deadline. Lots o [...]

    25. This is the seventh book in the Charlie Parker series, although Charlie plays only a small role in The Reapers - joining the story near its conclusion. Rather his two NY based unofficial "partners" - Angel and Louis - are the "stars" - with Louis taking "Top Billing". Angel and Louis are "bad guys", who since meeting Charley - and in this author's hands - fight the good fight - with any and all means justifying the end. And for those of you familiar with the series, the "ends" can be very violen [...]

    26. This was fun. Dark, intense, intricate, but fun. I picked this book up on a whim, and didn't realize it was the 7th in a series. Lucky me, it was more of a side story within the series, so I had no real issues with reading this book. In fact, it just made me hungry for more info on both the main characters of The Reapers, and the star of the series itself, Charlie Parker.What I liked most, I think, was the way the author wrote. He has a very lyrical way of drawing pictures for the reader. I also [...]

    27. While reading the previous Charlie Parker books I became enamoured with Louis and Angel, close friends of the private detective who also happen to be an assassin and a thief in love with each other. So I was ecstatic to get a spin-off into their lives and away from Charlie's musings (I like him but he can be morose and self-pitying, though with good reason of course). It shows the complicated way Louis and Angel live their lives, and the people entrusted with them (not many). There's also Willie [...]

    28. Although this is an entry in Connolly's Charlie Parker series, it is really about one of the killers who helps Parker out. Louis lost his father to a southern lynch mob and his mother to an abusive boyfriend. The former stoked a rage within Louis that he learned to control. The latter taught him patience and finesse in getting his revenge on his mother's killer. Years later, Louis and his lover and colleague Angel live in New York, stepping back into the life only when Parker needs them. But ano [...]

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