Vincent Vincent knows the glamorous side of the Mafia being born a soldier Lake lives on the opposite side of the tracks born the daughter of a soldier The light and dark side of him are at constant war bu

  • Title: Vincent
  • Author: Sarah Brianne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Vincent knows the glamorous side of the Mafia, being born a soldier Lake lives on the opposite side of the tracks, born the daughter of a soldier The light and dark side of him are at constant war, but he is letting his darkness reign She is trying to find peace, and she will soon be far enough away to find it Discovering that his boss owns her, showed him how little hVincent knows the glamorous side of the Mafia, being born a soldier Lake lives on the opposite side of the tracks, born the daughter of a soldier The light and dark side of him are at constant war, but he is letting his darkness reign She is trying to find peace, and she will soon be far enough away to find it Discovering that his boss owns her, showed him how little he knew her Knowing all about him only makes her want to hate him I m a fu ing made man I m just fu ing trailer trash WARNING This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, violence, drugs, child abuse, and explicit language offends you NOTE TO READERS This book is a stand alone story However, to receive the full experience Nero Made Men, 1 is recommended before.

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    One thought on “Vincent”

    1. 4 stars!What is it with these completely insane boys that I just can’t get enough of? I have no idea but sometimes the crazier they are the more I love them. Vincent is much crazier than his friend Nero. They are both on their way to becoming made men. Vincent is the player of the group. They all like their women, but Vincent, with his blue eyes and blonde hair brings them in like no other. And thats the way he likes it. He doesn’t have girlfriends or relationships. But his sister’s best f [...]

    2. I need a moment I was kinda hoping the next book will be LUCCA!Oh well I'll take the sexy psycho VINCENT (for now) Edited:Damn those eyes! Those eyes yo~!Edited:sigh I can't believe this but I'm giving it a 3 STARS and thats just mainly because I effing finished it painfully!I guess I was too hyped up I loved NERO so I expected too much in VINCENT too. I don't know seems like the whole thing was lacking of something sigh. The characters were okay Not a big fan of the heroine and Vincent well, I [...]

    3. TOP 5 REASONS Vincent IS FUN(Despite the TSTL heroine, far-fetched plot & OTT drama)ALLY! AND HERE’S WHY#5: Chicks Kick-Ass & Take Names.One chick does damage with a brand new pair of Louboutins. The other chick turns pimp slapping into an art form:“Sadie shoved blonde extensions into Kim’s mouth until she gagged. Amo slapped the back of his hand. 'Pimp-slap, please!''A fucking hard one,' Vincent agreed.Sadie kicked Kim’s boob with her stripper heel, then gave her a final backhan [...]

    4. LOVED Vincent!!! Firstly OMG Kayne Evans!!! Lastly Team Lucca!!! Yes I'm crazy lol!Review to come!

    5. I couldn't think it was possible to love Vincent more than Nero. But Yes I didI did did did :DAlthough this novel can be read as a standalone I recommend starting with the first book in the series and then work your way to this one. It will be worth it ;)Once I picked up this book I couldn't put it downd that's how (despite the fact that I have a 1 year old son that demands a lot of attention :P) I was able to finish it in one day was that addictive :DVincent is a made men, the son of the third [...]

    6. When I read the first book in this series (Nero), I liked it despite some issues with how over the top the actions were of some of the characters and despite the violence of the hero and his friends. It was also hard for me to believe the heroine could have been bullied and abused to the point of broken bones and her parents didn't notice. Despite these issues, I liked the main characters and enjoyed them getting together.Unfortunately, I had way more issues with the way Vincent was written and [...]

    7. So, i finally finished Vincent, Nero's best friend!!! And all i can say is that was freaking awesome!!!!Different from Nero but in a good way but with much darkness inside I think!!!!Hmmm. I have mixed feelings about that bookbut i'm not the only one who was having comfused feelings through that story Lake and Vincent was also at the same situation as meWell, i went through an unstability.I felt very sorry about Lake's fate in the beggining, but near to the end i turned out to be sorry for Vince [...]

    8. No. No. Oh, hell no.Did you say childish? Ever read two main characters who act like 5-year-olds? I have. These two fit the bill perfectly.I liked the first book, Nero, so much better. This one was too immature. So yes, I DNF. I ain't even sorry.

    9. I wanted Lucca next because I assumed Chloe will be paired with him I must know her secrets.DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain: spoilers, quotes, rants, cussing (sometimes I cannot help myself) and a possible full on recap. I in no way want to ruin anyone’s book reading experience so please read my words with caution.Book 2 starts when Nero, Vincent and Amo are at Poison and see Vincent's sister Adalyn and her best friend Lake.17 year old Lake [...]

    10. Vincent is the second story in the Made Men Series. I haven’t read the first book, but after this one it’s on my list. Vincent is insane and over the top, but there is something about him that you just can’t help but love. Vincent is a very popular with the ladies and isn’t shy about it. He enjoys them, so no one is more shocked by his possessive behavior one night a club than him when he see’s his sister’s best friend with another guy. “You go on another date again, I’ll chop hi [...]

    11. Before I go on, there's something I must warn you about. I don't even know where to begin with this review. I would just like to point out that I am not a mean person, and this is totally out of character. In retrospect, I should have known. I should have known a book about sexist macho jerks would drive me mad but alas, the promise of hot gangstas plus the positive reviews this series received all over the place made it too hard for me to pass this one up. This book is full of double standards. [...]

    12. What the fuck did i just read?!i'm stunned by the fact that this was as bad as the first book was awesomed I'm thinking, Jeez, maybe i'm in a f*cking twilight zonee characters God, if there weren't any of the secondary cast in it (from the first book), I would have DNF it, for sureVincent, i liked you in the first book, I don't like you anymore!Lake, f*ck, no words for youyou don't get to have any words from me!!!the storyWHAT story?! WTF?! half of the time I was trying to make sense of it, othe [...]

    13. Mafia manwhore Vincent, who f***s every girl/woman/hole he can get his hands on, has feelings for his sister's friend Lake, tells Lake he'll mutilate any guy she has contact with, and keeps on trucking, I mean "f**king. Including the very night he gives Lake her first kissking sure the girl comes over to the house that Lake is also in, so Lake sees the girl leaving and knows he went from kissing Lake to sleeping with a girl in the same house. He threatens Lake with cutting off the hand and male [...]

    14. I am loving these wacky yet deeply satisfying Made Men books by Sarah Brianne. First Nero, now Vincent. While Nero was a revenge fantasy for a bullying victim combined with a mafia romance and set,of all things, at a prep school, Vincent is like a mafia retelling of the Cinderella tale, complete with the bitchy stepsister, the beauty dressed in rags and the drafty room in the attic. And in this case, the fairy godmother comes in the form of a ruthless, violent, totally breathtaking mafia soldier [...]

    15. I loved the first book about Nero, I gave it five stars. This one was such a disappointment. My biggest issue was Lake, the h. She was such a doormat. She could never make up her mind. One minute she was all 'I hate Vincent coz he stole my first kiss then told me it was a huge mistake so I wont give him the time of day', but as soon as she saw him or if he gave her the slightest indication of interest she turned into a horny idiot. She had no pride. If a guy clearly only wants her for sex and th [...]

    16. SPOILERS!!Sadly I didnt enjoy this book much. I really liked Nero so I was looking forward to reading this one But I felt disappointed. First I don't get how Vincent and Lake just fell for each other basically after one night! It was as tho Vincent needed her based solely on her ass! They had known each other before as Lake was best friends with Vincent's sister but there was no mention of ongoing feelings. Their whole relationship felt like it was just based on looks alone even later when Vince [...]

    17. Book one is Meets Meets Meets Where's book two is Meets Meets MeetsWelcome to THE crazy. No"Welcome to the Bowels of Hell" No truer words. Lmmfao Let Me Ask YouEver been on Facebook just scrolling your ass along recipes, soccer kiddo practice pics, the merits of getting regular mammograms, who got a new minivan this month, and rants on how garbage bills keep getting higher and higher When you cross some teen - maybe your niece, a friend's kid, a younger cousin, whoever - posted up with a duck-l [...]

    18. Lake moaned into his mouth and pulled his hair, bringing him closer to her.That was when Vincent stopped kissing her just as quickly as he had started. “You should go.”“You don’t mind, do you?” He snatched the last piece of bacon off her plate.“Oh, not at all.” Lake mumbled the next part under her breath. “Wouldn’t be the first thing you’ve taken from me.”“Well, if it didn’t look so good, I wouldn’t have.”He will always find me. He will always save me. He’s my fam [...]

    19. Un-fucking-believably enjoyable! Who cares if it’s a bit over-the-top and unrealistic? NOT ME! I loved it!Can’t wait to read Chloe’s book! I'm rooting for Chloe and Lucca!Sorry Amo!

    20. OMG. Freaking awesome!!!!WHY!? WHHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!! Why did that have to end!? *sniff* Every time I find a book I love, it ends before I’m ready to let go. I think all of Sarah Brianne’s books need to be 1000 pages long. Maybe then they’ll be long enough for me! I hate writing reviews like this. The book was so awesome that there’s no way my review will ever do it justice. With that said There will be some slight spoilers because in order for me to talk about all the goodness that was thi [...]

    21. I adored the first book. The characters and their world have stayed with me since then. I love the made men! However, this was not the sequel I wanted. Vincent was not a likable character because he was such a disgusting man-whore. It was really gross. Plus, I never understood his abrupt attraction to the h after being such a jerk. The h would claim to be scared of him but kept saying how much she hated him. What was the deal with Vincent being described as psycho? He was never like that, at mos [...]

    22. 4,5 Baby blue eyes stars from me!!!I like the first one in the series, but this one was quite as good perhaps a little bit better!!I love Lake's and Vincent's storyI loved the chemistry between them, Lakes stubbornness and generosity to throw everything to save her father’s life!!And of course, I totally loved Vincent!!! He tried the most to save his girl and to show her his feelingsI am curious to read the 3rd book of the series.

    23. These fucking books are my guilty pleasure!I can't get enough!I'm dying for Chloe's book!!!TEAM LUCCA!!!

    24. 4.5 starsHOW CAN A BOOK BE SO BAD AND YET SO GOOD?!Sarah Brianne is a fucking witch. I don't know how she does it but her books are so unrealistic, even I can see how stupid some stuff are sometimes, and yet I love love love them. I want more. Even if the stories are always unbelievable, I cannot stop and I will not and I assume it! This is too good. Nineteen year old guys who fight like gods, kill like it's nothing out of the ordinary, who have their own fucking penthouse.I know what you thinkd [...]

    25. How is everybody forgetting Amo? ! I think Amo and Chloe would be adorable Too. I want a love triangle between Lucca, Chloe, and Amo! I would die. And OMG! I think Vincent can either go with Lake or his sister, because technically they're not blood related. It'd be a forbidden love. But she'll probably set it up for Vincent And Lake.

    26. I started off loving this book and feeling Lake's feelings and "firsts" for Vincent And how every time they would get stomped all over. However, I struggled with how this story played out. It felt like Lake's stupidity was the reason the whole story worked and I didn't like that. This was nothing like Nero and I couldn't feel the connection to the couple or buy that he loved her. The more the story went the more I rolled my eyes at the over the top stuff. Where was Dante? How do these 18 yr old [...]

    27. Wow Lucca!!!The man is hot and scary and this book wasn't even about him,lol. We get enough glimpses of him to make one fall in love with the terrifying man.So Vincent he and Lake are quite the match she is constantly pushing him and running. He is loving the push and about to go crazy angry with her running. This was so full of sexual tension I thought my kindle would combust,lol. These two are hot! Ready for Lucca's story PLEASE!!

    28. Not sure why but I kind of loved this book more than book 1Moving house so will write my review up later on the week

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