Diary Of The Heart: Little Red Book

Diary Of The Heart Little Red Book Little Red Book documents the writing process of W R Watkins spanning over one year Raw reflective and emotional it is Watkins most personal collection of work to date that not only captures him a

  • Title: Diary Of The Heart: Little Red Book
  • Author: W.R. Watkins
  • ISBN: 9781505373806
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little Red Book documents the writing process of W R Watkins, spanning over one year Raw, reflective and emotional, it is Watkins most personal collection of work to date, that not only captures him as his happiest moments, but also his battles with anxiety.

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      403 W.R. Watkins
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    One thought on “Diary Of The Heart: Little Red Book”

    1. I loved this book. I'm gonna make a small list of poems I loved and why it goes.I read *End of the earth* 5 times It is so good. Loved it. It should be made into a song*Scar* is more me, so I loved it too.These next few poems: *us, three words, your face and tattoo*…they feel perfect but it also feels as if they were in a harmony.*Still own my heart* in the day have a very nice relation to the past. I like them.*Steal & I know you* should be together. I don’t know. Lol. I loved them so m [...]

    2. I was given a free copy of Diary of the heart: The Little Red Book for a fair and honest review. Poetry is very subjective and is a difficult task to review because each person has his/her own taste. I read lot of poems on the internet and I am not a harsh critic cause like I said before Poetry is an art form and everyone has their own tastes. In the beginning the author says – I write for me and only me. And He says unlike his previous books he chose not to cut out and so almost all his bare [...]

    3. I received an advanced readers copy :) This book of poems was lovely. Some felt like they were written for me specifically! Especially Small Building Block. My favourites were: Small Building Block, You Time and Be The First. Well done!!! I love reading your poems.

    4. I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of this book from the author in a giveaway competition which I was thrilled about because I have a passion for poetry and was intrigued to know what I would find in 'Diary of the heart: Little Red Book'.Essentially, the Diary of the Heart is just that - a diary of W.R. Watkins' journey through 2014-15. Some of the poems have titles others have dates which I feel could be less meaningful to readers having more significance to the author. (Although I apprec [...]

    5. I received a free copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. It was the “Behind the scenes” edition, and I’d like to thank W.R. Watkins for trusting me with it. This is the second book of this author that I’ve read, and everything I liked about You. Are. Not. Alone. was doubled here, in my opinion. Every subject was explored further, and every poem felt stronger and more refined than the ones in the first book. But one thing they still have in common: raw emotions [...]

    6. The very kind Mr Watkins asked me to review his book and honestly it was the first and best experience. The very first poem made me nostalgic and urged me to take hold of my pen and start writing the review. The very first wonder from the first poem is *I love you and everything you are* made me stop and wipe the tiny tear sneaking from the corner of my eye!Then comes IMPOSSIBLE and my favorite line form it is, “Your laughter captivates my soul.* BACK INTO MY LIFE was like a rollercoaster for [...]

    7. An ensemble of delicate poems:I have rarely review books about poems so when I was given an advanced copy of Diary of The Heart: Little Red Book from author W. R. Watkins I was a little apprehensive. It didn’t take me long to get acquainted with his work. Most of the poems are short but delicately weaved together into an ensemble of private testimonies. It felt like I was peeking into the soul of the author. There were turmoil, battles and tragedies. Yet through it all, I found myself staring [...]

    8. I received an advanced copy of Diary Of The Heart: Little Red Book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewFirst of all I must point out that the anthology is a lovely one, and that my rating is very much a reflection of personal tastes rather than quality. In Diary Of The Heart: Little Red Book, Watkins exposes a vulnerable - arguably the most vulnerable - part of himself, and in doing so achieves a level of intimacy that is rarely seen in current literature. The reader is given an eye- [...]

    9. I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION . A WONDERFUL BOOK OF POEMS THAT EVERYONE CAN ENJOY. This is a nice book of poetry, most are the sweet poems a guy might write to a girl he cared for, an grew to love, and lost to meet again. They seem to be from different points of time it a relationship.Some are self help to help with thing that life throws at you.Some have hopeless feeling, moving on away from tears, to finally both admit to their love. I am sure I will [...]

    10. The author kindly sent me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.Once again, W.R. Watkins has delivered a remarkable selection of poetry."Diary of the Heart: Little Red Book" contains far more light and shade than either "You. Are. Not. Alone." or "Diary of the Heart: An Obsessive Infatuation". A sign of W.R. Watkins' growth as a poet? I hope so.I had to stop reading half-way through one particular poem it was just too painful, the emotion too raw.On a different note, 2 particular poems, " [...]

    11. I read a few poems at a time and I will probably re-read my favourite poems again and again.I believe depending on emotional state they affected me in different ways and I related to some more than others

    12. A fabulous book of modern poetry that rings so many bells on a personal level. I would say to those unsure of poetry to give this a go,some of the poems such as prisoner and the boy I fell in love with rang so true it blew my mind. This book is for keeps.

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