L'Accademia del Bene e del Male

L Accademia del Bene e del Male Sophie e Agatha sono da sempre amiche del cuore e non vedono l ora di scoprire cosa significhi studiare nella leggendaria Accademia del Bene e del Male dove ragazze e ragazzi normali vengono preparat

  • Title: L'Accademia del Bene e del Male
  • Author: Soman Chainani Alessandra Guidoni
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sophie e Agatha sono da sempre amiche del cuore e non vedono l ora di scoprire cosa significhi studiare nella leggendaria Accademia del Bene e del Male, dove ragazze e ragazzi normali vengono preparati a diventare gli eroi e i cattivi delle fiabe Con i suoi eleganti abiti rosa, le scarpette di cristallo e la passione per le buone azioni, Sophie sa che otterr ottimi votiSophie e Agatha sono da sempre amiche del cuore e non vedono l ora di scoprire cosa significhi studiare nella leggendaria Accademia del Bene e del Male, dove ragazze e ragazzi normali vengono preparati a diventare gli eroi e i cattivi delle fiabe Con i suoi eleganti abiti rosa, le scarpette di cristallo e la passione per le buone azioni, Sophie sa che otterr ottimi voti nella Scuola del Bene Agatha invece, con i vestiti neri e informi e il carattere scontroso sembra una perfetta candidata per la Scuola del Male Quando arrivano all Accademia le due ragazze fanno una scoperta sorprendente Sophie finisce nella Scuola del Male a seguire lezioni di Imbruttimento, Trappole mortali e Storia della Cattiveria, mentre Agatha si ritrova nella Scuola del Bene, a lezione di Etichetta principesca Si tratta di un errore O forse il loro autentico carattere diverso da ci che tutti credono Per Sophie e Agatha comincia un viaggio in un mondo straordinario, dove l unico modo per uscire dalla fiaba viverne una fino alla fine Dentro la foresta primordiale c un accademia del bene e del male Ci sono due castelli, due teste gemelle uno benigno e l altro maligno Prova a fuggire le vie son bloccate L unica uscita una storia di fate.

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      193 Soman Chainani Alessandra Guidoni
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    1. The boys went off to fight with swords while girls had to learn dog barks and owl hoots. No wonder princesses were so impotent in fairy tales, she thought. If all they could do was smile, stand straight, and speak to squirrels, then what choice did they have but to wait for a boy to rescue them?If any book ever deserved to be Disney-fied, this would be it.This book is seriously sweet. It was just delightful. It is a middle grade "alternative" fairy tale which parodies and utilizes fairy tale tro [...]

    2. ♫ ''Two towers like twin headsOne for the pure,One for the wicked.Try to escape you’ll always failThe only way out is Through a fairy tale''I would love to say that this was a cute story filled with beautiful and lovely themes like friendship, love and trust but it was actually the opposite.And it was violent. Quite violent.While I didn’t expect the story to be like that, I did enjoy it and found it very entertaining.Sophie is a princess-like girl who dreams of princes and forever beauty, [...]

    3. I was pretty excited to read The School for Good and Evil until I realized it was a middle grade book. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against middle grade books generally, but the ones I prefer tend to be the meaningful stories starring kids with deeper themes anyone can appreciate, rather than the dumbed down, intentionally silly, or overly simplistic takes most middle grade authors choose to write instead. Still, I gave this one a chance and Soman Chainani actually surprised me [...]

    4. [spoilers]Sooooo this is a lesson on how an amazing cover can sell even the worst book. I deeply regret buying this. Let me tell you why.At first, I read the way Good was portrayed (especially the girls) and I thought, this will be overturned. By the end, it will be revealed that these vain, catty, boy-obsessed children are actually evil. And I can't really blame them for being vain and catty, because if they aren't asked to the ball by a boy, they fail (aka, they die. Literally). But then I sta [...]

    5. 4.5 starsNow before you do anything, I want you to take a good long look at the blurb.Sounds cute, right? A re-imagining of fairytales. A Hogwarts-like school where princesses/princes and villains are trained. Two very different girls that hint at an unlikely friendship.Okay, now throw those thoughts in the lake. Go on.This book will not be anything like you imagine. Many times have I found myself questioning whether or not it should even be classified as middle-grade. The pretty cover clothes a [...]

    6. “She had always found villains more exciting than heroes. They had ambition, passion. They made the stories happen. Villains didn't fear death. No, they wrapped themselves in death like suits of armor!”Story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Did you ever wish you were part of a fairy tale like Snow White or Cinderella? Yes? Than that’s the perfect book for you. Every four years two children are kidnapped from Gavaldon and disappear. This year the mysterious man takes two girls, two friends: So [...]

    7. REVIEW TO COME TOMORROWSecond Read Review : THE REVIEW IS POSTED "For he looked into your hearts and saw something very rare. Pure Good and Pure Evil."this book was recommended to me by my big sister, she said that this book was good and she thought I would like it and I should tried reading it but that time I hated reading novels for no apparent reason. I just hated so I just ignored her recommendation until February 2015. I don't remember the exact date but I do remember that on February 2015, [...]

    8. AFGHASDFGASHDF THIS BOOK. I’ve never been more emotionally unstable in my life. Far from true, but still. I’m torn up inside.emmareadstoomuch.wordpressI love the premise of it so much it hurts me to try to put it into words. But I will suffer through this pain for you.So, The School for Good and Evil focuses on Sophie and Agatha. Sophie is beautiful, shallow, and a bit of a snob. Agatha is ugly, insecure, and very kind. They live in a world in which fairytales happen, and every year, the two [...]

    9. This might even be a 4.5/5 stars. I really really enjoyed this a lot - the anti fairy tale thing is so well done and just SO GOOOOOD. Love the characters love everything LOVE.

    10. 3.5Overall I enjoyed this book. The story was really fun and I liked the way the author played around with fairytale tropes. But what killed it for me was the pacing. It took forever to read because I would read 50 pages but it would feel like 200. And the plot switched between moving too fast and too slow. I will continue with the next book though since I am invested in the characters but I think I will listen to it on audio because reading this book felt like a workout and I don't have that ki [...]

    11. Prepare for a breaking of the heart, twisting of the spirit and warping of any illusions you have about Good and Evil!Read my Interview with the Author @ Not Yet Read and see the FanArt Dolls my sister made!The School for Good and Evil, it sounds like a light breezy read doesn't it? What it really is *flabbergasted for the right word* is well, downright MAGNIFICENT! I haven't loved a book so much in a very long time, and I devour books like a maniac. It literally went above and beyond any expect [...]

    12. I'm not sure if this would lean towards YA or middle grade (it did get a bit more violent and complex than what I was expecting), but it's a fun story any age could enjoy! Basically, there's a school that kidnaps kids and trains them to be villains or heroes in fairy tales.The story reminded me of Storybound, while Sophie and Agatha reminded me a lot of Glinda and Elphaba from Wicked! Sophie's shallow, judgemental, and entirely focused on crafting the perfect image because she thinks she's meant [...]

    13. Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!First of all, if the awesome book trailer for The School of Good and Evil is what created an interest in Chainani's fiction debut, all I can tell you is this:(Even watching that trailer now, after the fact, I am excited and impressed. And then I remember. And then woe.)The book sadly doesn't live up to the awesomeness that advertised it. I'm not even a fan of book trailers, but the promotion department for this book deserves a big raise. The editing [...]

    14. So, again, I had a feeling about this book. Before even starting it I knew I'd like it, probably even love it. And it proved me right."Agatha, you dressed as a bride for Halloween.""Weddings are scary."It's impossible for me to dislike a character after such a statement. From the very first page I was sucked into the magical realm of the School for Good and Evil and it didn't let me go until the very last word. Sophie is a princess at heart. She loves pink, is beautiful, cares for her looks and [...]

    15. "Who needs princes in our fairy tale?"I'm going to kick my past self for never picking up this book when I've wanted to read it for so long. Look at all the fun I missed out on! This was SO good.

    16. [4 Stars] Well that was a whirlwind of an adventure if I ever read one! It was fun, hilarious at times, gruesome and shocking, and also just action packed and heart wrenching. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly Chainani is trying to say in this. I get that the main message is that good and evil are more shades of grey than anything else, and it also emphasizes the importance of friendship. But there are certain things that happen in this story that slightly bewilder me. I did enjoy the [...]

    17. WOW. That turned into a real roller coaster ride at the end. I'm flabbergasted. Need to start the second book ASAP!

    18. "Now I see why you two are friends," the prince says to the main characters Sophie and Agatha.But wait! I want to raise my hand and ask, "Tell me why they are friends!"This is a problem considering the story hinges on this main point. While Sophie and Agatha are supposedly the best of friends, the character development doesn't show how this happens. When Agatha and Sophie first meet, Sophie isn't Agatha's friend and she says so; she realizes Sophie's just using her. Sophie is beautiful, shallow, [...]

    19. Impressive world-building, bogged down by so. much. plot. They tried to escape umpteen times. The Good and Evil sides faced off another umpteen times (but someone would always back down). The ending went on and on, with magical and physical battles as well as riddle and prophecy solving. It needed an editor to rein it in very badly. Many of the minor characters were interchangeable, as were the teachers. I had trouble remembering which of the teachers taught at which school, since they all mingl [...]

    20. Adorable and adventurous, The School for Good and Evil is a fun escape from reality. When beautiful Sophie and weird Agatha end up in the wrong school - perfect Sophie can't be evil now, can she? - they're determined to fix this unforgiving mistake. This is a magical adventure through and through; the book is set at this School of Good and Evil, a wonderfully imaginative school that trains future fairy tale characters. Meaning when you graduate, you'll be in a fairy tale book; whether a princess [...]

    21. I was searching for a middle grade book with complicated characters and interesting themes; that is exactly what I found in The School for Good and Evil. Friendship is one of the things this book focusses on most. Agatha and Sophie look like a pair that no one would expect, but their bond continually survives all the obstacles thrown at them. Ultimately it is what's most important in their lives.My favorite part of this book was the question posed again and again. What is it to be good? Is it ab [...]

    22. হ্যারি পটারের সাথে আমি খুব কমই কোন বই এর তুলনা করি। কারণ মিডল গ্রেড/ইয়াং এডাল্ট ফ্যান্টাসী জগতের সুপারস্টার রাওলিং লেখনী আর কল্পনা শক্তির সাথে খুব কমই তুলনা চলে। কিন্তু "The School for Good and Evil"- এই বইটা [...]

    23. Once upon a time, in a land far away…How many times have we seen our dear, precious stories from childhood start that way? How many times have we read about beautiful princesses, tricked by a witch, or a goblin, or other nasty creatures, and eventually saved by the prince and lived a "Happily Ever After"? How many times have we wished for our own fairy tale ending, to have our own prince swoop us up and run off towards the horizon?I, for one, during my early years, wished for that a lot. I sig [...]

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    25. ****MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT*******okay don't say I didn't warn you***The School for Good and Evil has a great premise: Sophie desperately wants to get out of the tiny village where she lives. Every four years two children are kidnapped from this village, one Good and one Evil, to go to the School for Good and Evil that prepares them to take their part in fairy tales. Sophie wants to be a princess, and win her prince. While everyone else in the village hides and uglifies their (good) children when [...]

    26. This was a super fast and fun read for me. I really enjoyed a bit of a spin in the fairytale world that we know and the origins of some of the fairy tales by seeing the childhood life they could have led. I got so invested in Agatha's growth while simultaneously wanting to drop kick Sophie. So, kudos to the author there! I cried at the gargoyle and gasped at The Beast! I wanted to beat up a fictional character at The Ballif you've read it you know what I mean for all this! All in all, I was happ [...]

    27. Kindle daily deal 04Sept17 $1.99 on Once upon a time a girl dreamt of being kidnapped….WaitWhat? Every four years two children from the village are taken away, whisked off to a school where they learn how to be in a fairy tale. One of the children could end up a hero while the other is destined to be the villain. Sophie is sure that once she is taken she will get to find her prince and her happily ever after. She has even found the girl from the village who she is sure will be her counterpart [...]

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