The Rock

The Rock New York Times bestselling author Monica McCarty continues her Highland Guard series in this eleventh steamy historical romance set against the sweeping backdrop of the Scottish Highlands The first ti

  • Title: The Rock
  • Author: Monica McCarty
  • ISBN: 9781501108785
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Monica McCarty continues her Highland Guard series in this eleventh steamy historical romance set against the sweeping backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.The first time he caught sight of Elizabeth Douglas, Thomas MacGowan thought she was a princess To the son of the castle blacksmith, the daughter of the powerful Lord of Douglas might asNew York Times bestselling author Monica McCarty continues her Highland Guard series in this eleventh steamy historical romance set against the sweeping backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.The first time he caught sight of Elizabeth Douglas, Thomas MacGowan thought she was a princess To the son of the castle blacksmith, the daughter of the powerful Lord of Douglas might as well be When it becomes clear that his childhood companion will never see him as a man she could love, Thom joins Edward Bruce s army as a man at arms to try to change his lot If he s harbored a secret hope that he could close the gap between them, he faces the cold, hard truth when Elizabeth comes to him for help She might need the boy who used to climb cliffs to rescue her brother from the hands of the English, but she would never see the son of a smith as a man worthy of her hand.

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    1. 3 Stars!The Rock is the eleventh book in Monica McCarty’s Highland Guard series. I have been a huge fan of this series right from the onset. This historically rich, gripping and fantastically written series is, in my opinion, one of the best historical highlander series out there. This author has the unique ability of providing her reader with a fascinating and moving love story set against the violent backdrop of when the Scots were fighting for their independence. The entire series spans a n [...]

    2. *An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the writer and the publisher for the opportunity to read this.*The Rock has got to be the biggest letdown of the century.Yes, it was brilliantly written, I'll give it that. But it had very little going for it in terms of the plot and the characters. The supposed main conflict—the one that centred on Elizabeth's brother—was weakly executed and resolved very early on in the story, leaving us with the one that focused on Elizabeth [...]

    3. Originally posted on The Book NymphoThom MacGowan and Elizabeth Douglas became friends as young children. What made it unusual was the difference in their status: she's the daughter of the Lord of Douglas and he's the son of the Castle's blacksmith. When Thom becomes of age and his feelings transform to something deeper, Elizabeth doesn't see things the same way and his friendship with her brother, James (The Black) Douglas fractures. Thom decides to pursue his dream of becoming a Knight, creati [...]

    4. 2.5 starsSadly this book doesn't work for me. I had no issue with MacGowan most of the story; but the heroine here, Lady Elizabeth Douglas, felt like typical brainless blonde personified. Their not-romance-only-friends back and forth dragged on over three hundred fifty pages of the book that had me grit my teeth the whole time.Monica McCarty's writing, as always, is great. She has a knack to twist a historical or legendary tale and figures into interesting fictions. She wrote the story in two PO [...]

    5. Monica McCarty has to be my favorite writer in the genre. Her books take me at least 4-5 hours to read (very engrossed reading too) and I always want to read every word. A great writer with superb storytelling talents. Her probes at the human condition, desires and regrets, I am again and again surprised by the poignancy in her observations of human interactions, romantic or not.The review below concerns ONLY the story itself. It is not a reflection of the quality of the book. It is a personal r [...]

    6. Well this the latest addition to Ms McCartys Highland Guard series took me on a journey that at times had me not really liking the two lead characters. I will go further and say there is a supporting character who really should know better too after he nearly royally messed up his own life ! Alas no these far too stubborn Scots just keep hurting each other and you know what? Sometimes ostriches and the act of burying their heads in the sand was the thought that dominated my thoughts!Thom is the [...]

    7. ARC from Netgalley/Gallery Books for honest review. Thank you!!!Monica McCarty is one of my favorite author's and there have only been a few times that she's disappointed me. I can't say enough of how much I have enjoyed the Highland Guard series and am sad to know that there is only one more book to go, The Ghost. So here are my thought's on The Rock. First I'll start with something I really wish that the author had done to clarify and help establish the actions of the heroine in this story at [...]

    8. When I first started the book, I felt like it was going to be one I loved. The beginning started off very charming when we meet the two leads as they are children. Then they grow up and Thom, who's been in love with Elizabeth his whole stinkin' life, is finally ready to have a future with the woman he loves. Just one tiny problem, she doesn't love him and never did. All those times she said she wanted to marry him, we're all silly games. Say what?I can't tell you how much I HATED Elizabeth. I fu [...]

    9. You know the feeling when you fall in love with a series. You cannot wait for the next installment to come out. You may even pre-purchase it so you never miss a book. That is the feeling I am getting with the Highlander Guard series by Monica McCarty.The author has a gift with her highly researched historical settings and fine details in this series. The Rock is no different in that you are taken away to another time and place to be thrust into a world that we cannot imagine living in. The descr [...]

    10. I've gotta say that my stars are mostly for Thom. He was an awesome MC with a big heart and eyes only for one woman. Elizabeth was blind to what was right in front of her and did not appreciate her good fortune until it was almost too late. She is one of my least favored heroines and while I see the author's point in that "those were the times" where social status was everything, it seems that Elizabeth took a hell of along time to grow. Not my fave of the series, but I'm still glad I read it. A [...]

    11. The Rock by Monica McCarty is a 2015 Ballantine publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher as an XOXpert, the official street team of XOXO After Dark.(xoxoafterdark/)This eleventh installment in the Highland Guard series starts off like a sweet fairy tale when Thomas McGowan becomes friends with Jamie and Elizabeth Douglas as children. Although Elizabeth was only six years old, she proclaimed that one day she was going to marry Thom. But, as they grew up, Thom’s feelings [...]

    12. got a copy thru netgalleydidn't like it sorry :( the heroine was really stupid and the ending kinda rushed :(

    13. Sorry to say that, but this book is unreadable: the story is boring, she is awful and mean and he is stupid, sometimes I thought too stupid to live.Dispiace dirlo ma questo libro é proprio illegibile: lei é una stronza micidiale e lui é troppo stupido per vivereANKS TO NETGALLEY AND Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books FOR THE PREVIEW!

    14. This is the eleventh book from the series Highland Guard, an elite band of secret warriors chosen by Robert the Bruce to lead his army and aid his bid to the Scottish throne. Infamous for their bold but dangerous missions and covert identities, they are referred to by both supporters and foes as “Phantoms”. Within themselves they call each other by nicknames, which serve as a hint to their distinctive military expertise or specialization in the area of warfare. In this story, “Rock” is t [...]

    15. I was so excited to read the latest Highland Guard book. It's background as you probably know is about Robert the Bruce and his battles against the English. He has picked the men who are known for their talents in warfare. The highlanders are a special force who are loyal to one another and always have each others back. It's so nice to read about those men and how they met their soul mates.When I read the prologue, it was so special to see a little girl befriend a boy not of her class. She was a [...]

    16. 2.5 Disappointed Stars hellolittleredreadinghoodI'm sooo deeply disappointed I can't even think straight! I'm sad, angry and I want to punch something right now. Grr. I don't want to believe that this book is a part of my favorite Highland series. This was nothing but a love struggle. I didn't get a lot of the team, only was reading about Elizabeth's silliness and Thom's passive tolerance. It was way beyond boring and irritating. I don't even want to talk about it. I'm out

    17. Tres estrellas porque me gusta toda la saga de la guardia, aunque él e ha encantado ella no, nada, y el final apuff (pero de precipitado)

    18. These just get better and better!I swear each time I finish a book in in the series I am sure it's my absolute favorite, then I read the next and feel the same. I was so looking forward to reading Thom story. I can't believe McCarty managed to exceed my expectation - AGAIN.Well, this one definitely is my favorite in the series for now ;)Funny enough I read this right With Every Breath- and I would have told you before I started this, the two books could not be more different. One is a new adult [...]

    19. Title: The RockSeries: Highland Guard #11Author: Monica McCartyGenre: Historical RomancePages: 416Heat Level: 2 out of 4 flamesOverall Star Rating: 4 out of 5 starsReviewed by Kay the Snitch BitchTommy was a smithy's son who fell in love with his Laird's daughter. He, a village girl, the Laird's son and the Laird's daughter all grew up playing together, They spent countless hours running around the estate grounds and village Despite their class differences, they were inseparable. As they grew up [...]

    20. There were many times I got annoyed with the characters in this one. I get that Tommy instantly crushed on Ella when they first met as kids, that no girl could live up to his princess. But come one, how oblivious could he be that she didn't see him that way. He never told her, so when she dismissed he shouldn't have been so upset. Then there is Jamie and his double standard. Of course he wanted to keep Ella away from Tommy, but didn't stop to think how he wronged Tommy's sister Joanna. Of course [...]

    21. Edited 3/31/15: I'm not sure how I feel about the cover. It's great, don't get me wrong, but I always liked how you never saw the model's face on the other Highland Guard novels. They gave me enough for my imagination to have fun. ;)Edited 3/27/15: And it's Thom & Elizabeth Douglas' story, both of THE KNIGHT fame! I knew it! Very Exciting!I have to wait until December to find out who The Rock is.ough I'm pretty sure I have his identity nailed down.

    22. I love this series, but this book didn't reach my high expectations :S***Review to come****An ARC was provided via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review*

    23. This one took me a bit to finish, and there was a reason why. It wasnt McCarty's best book, but it also wasnt terribly bad. Full review coming soon.

    24. 4.5/5Very good story in the series. For once, the hero is not rich while the heroine has a higher position than him.It's better to have read the novella "The Knight" before.

    25. Again Monica McCarty pens another spectacular brilliant read in book eleven of her phenomenal best selling "A Highland Guard Novel" series that I have absolutely loved each and everyone including this one titled "The Rock". Monica McCarty is one of the most talented writers in the entire Scottish historical romance fiction genre in my opinion. I can't get enough of her riveting, fast paced page turners that blend true factional history and her own fictional adventure about Robert Bruce bid and h [...]

    26. If you like back and forth relationship angst, Rock by Monica McCarty is definitely for you. Thom might be called Rock due to his unique climbing skills, but I’m starting to wonder if a better reason is he can be as dense one. Maybe it’s because he can be so frustrating you feel like hitting him upside the head with one. He seems quick to be offended/enraged, holds onto anger, and his actions and words at times are mean-spirited and hurtful towards the heroine. However, at other times he is [...]

    27. The next-to-last book in the amazing Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty is about Thom MacGowan, a smithy's son, who met Laird Douglas' daughter Lady Elizabeth when they were both children and he saved her from falling out of a tree. Inseparable as children, as adults the difference in station and status was insurmountable. Unfortunately, Thom fell in love with Elizabeth when he was nine years old but Elizabeth only saw him as a dear and loving friend. Humiliated at her rejection, Thom leave [...]

    28. a solid addition to the Highland Guard seriesThe fairytale was not going to come true. No matter how hard he tries, even when he climbs up into the princess's tower, Thomas MacGowan learns early on that Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of Lord Douglas can never be for him. Childhood friends, Thom the son of the castle blacksmith is smitten by Elizabeth right from when she was just a wee young thing who trailed around behind him and her brother Jamie.Rejected, Thom joins Bruce's army still dreaming th [...]

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