Lex Talionis

Lex Talionis Alexandria Ross was only sure about one thing her best friend Miranda So when the seemingly random act of violence that steals Randi s life is revealed as cold blooded murder Andria doesn t get mad S

  • Title: Lex Talionis
  • Author: S.A. Huchton Starla Huchton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alexandria Ross was only sure about one thing her best friend Miranda So when the seemingly random act of violence that steals Randi s life is revealed as cold blooded murder, Andria doesn t get mad She gets even Driven with purpose, she changes the course of her life to set the scales of justice back in balance Psychological warfare is her specialty, and the secretAlexandria Ross was only sure about one thing her best friend Miranda So when the seemingly random act of violence that steals Randi s life is revealed as cold blooded murder, Andria doesn t get mad She gets even Driven with purpose, she changes the course of her life to set the scales of justice back in balance Psychological warfare is her specialty, and the secrets of her enemies are her weapons The players take their positions on the board But little do they know that the game is rigged Alexandria controls every move Lex Talionis let the punishment fit the crime.

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      219 S.A. Huchton Starla Huchton
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    One thought on “Lex Talionis”

    1. I received this free through First Reads!This is an awesome awesome awesome book, yes that awesome. I think that every woman should be reading this. it tells a story of a girl who lost the one person in her life that she could count on through thick and thin. And now she is out to get revenge for the murder. This book is so much more than a story about revenge. It is a book about love and loss. Its about friendship and a relationship that will never be forgotten. It will teach you that there is [...]

    2. Lex Talionis is an upcoming release from the ever amazing S.A. Huchton aka Starla Huchton. I was lucky enough to win a signed copy via a giveaway and I am so excited that I did. This book was literally unputdownable-yes, I made up a word and I do not care. I read this book in one sitting, unable to sleep or do anything else until I gobbled up the captivating story told within the pages.This is a story of revenge, yes, but it is so much more than that as well. It's a story about love and friends [...]

    3. It isn't that this book is simply good. This book SHOULD be read by anyone and everyone who can get their hands on it. Presented as a murder/revenge story, it is also a comment on feminism and gender roles, identity, and how far we'll go to get justice. Alexandra Ross has just lost her best friend in the whole world. Not to a random mugging as it's presented, but by cold, calculated murder. Lexi, as she's known, doesn't sit down and take it. Lexi doesn't mourn, Lexi doesn't stand idly by and let [...]

    4. Stunning. Alexandria will push the line to do what needs to be done to find justice for her dear friend's death. Her friend has told her over the years what was happening, and couldn't get away from it. Alexandria will work to solve a crime that was written off as nothing.This story will bring feelings to the forefront. What you think, what would you do There will be discussions around this book, and there should be. Strong subjects are touched on and dealt with. This is definitely an Adult read [...]

    5. “I’m the girl who likes her cars fast and her boys even faster.” (Page 2).Alexandria Ross once gave a guy a bj at a party to distract him and keep him from giving a date rape drug to her best friend Miranda. That’s just the kind of girl she is. Loyal to her best friend, always trying to keep Mandy safe. But Lexi can’t always look out for Mandy, especially when they are separated by thousands of miles going to different colleges. When the worst happens and Lexi is left with the clues, s [...]

    6. I received this book for free through First Reads.I just finished it, and it is definitely a favorite.This wickedly awesome book has just blown my mind. Alexandria Ross is the kind of woman you would love to have as your best friend: Tons of fun, always there for you, loyal to you even after death.But if you hurt the ones she loves, you won't be able to hide.This is the story of just that: Her best friend is murdered, and she seeks revenge. But the way she does it is just wild. She manages to c [...]

    7. Before I was able to write this review, I had to let my face dry and my heart calm, because WOW for that emotional rollercoaster. When I started reading this book, my heart was stomped on within the first few lines of the opening chapter. I was sucked in right away and immediately impressed with the character description, as well as the psychological aspect of the main character and the effort and thought she put into her plan. The complexity of the story was weaved magically and kept me on the [...]

    8. Let me start by saying if you have a best friend you need to read this book. It is about true friendship and what sacrifices someone is willing to do for a best friend. Starla Huchton is an amazing author and has outdone herself with this book. You will be pressed to think about what YOU would do in the situations Lexi is in. It is thought provoking, powerful and will inspire you to call your best friend and remind them why they are important to you.

    9. Starla Huchton does it againI've read everything she's published and I've never been disappointed. I automatically bought this one but was skeptical when I read the premise. Where is the magic? What no scifi at all? Still I gave it a shot and couldn't put it down! So well written and planned out it was a joy to read.

    10. Wow,this is definitely one of the best books I've ever won from First Reads! I love this book. I really am hoping for a second partd I was so shocked by the ending with David's parentswow,awesome!I didn't even want to put it down!

    11. I really enjoyed this book. Andria has lost her best friend to a violent murder. Brandi left Andria clues as to what happened to her and Andria decides to get revenge. Her plan is detailed and methodical. Highly recommend.

    12. I was fortunate enough to win this book in a giveaway. I enjoyed reading this book . Can't wait to read more books from the author . Highly recommend !!

    13. Now, I snagged a copy of Lex Talionis on , but I also picked up a copy of the paperback when I happened to be at the same book conference as Ms. Huchton. It was the bound and glued version I consumed in a day. That's right, it captivated me so hard I just couldn't put it down. But you're probably reading this review to learn what was good, bad, and ugly. Let's get to that.From a Reader's Perspective:I'd love to have a totally amazing friend like Lexi. She's fierce but loyal, and believes a woman [...]

    14. If you're a fan of teen sleuth stories, but you want something darker as you ease the transition into 'real' noire, this is ideal. It's dark, but not a full-blown horror story by any means (cautionary note: I'm pretty warped, so your mileage may vary). The stuff I liked--the main character is chilly and intriguing, in a way that I've seen other authors try to imitate. The femme fatale tells the story, and she owns her label and her actions. That was refreshing and very cool. I also loved thewhat [...]

    15. As a huge fan of Starla's I had no doubts about picking up this book and getting started. It has taken me quite a bit longer to get it finished than I normally would. At the beginning of the book I found it hard to stay interested and would pick it up and put it down over and over. This past week I picked it back up and haven't been able to put it down since. Even though the beginning didn't feel like my cup of tea by the end I was glad I kept pressing forward. One of the best things about Starl [...]

    16. BeautifulThere's nothing as viciously beautiful as love revenge. Randi is everything to Andria, the kind of friendship that transcends years, social status, and miles. When Randi gets into trouble in the form of two men, Andria is worried—but she has no idea how deep it goes until her best friend is found beaten to death. Thus unfolds a dangerous and sexy quest for revenge with Andria walking the thin line between avenging her best friend's death and becoming a monster herself. Because even if [...]

    17. I received a free proof of this book through .I don't really have a ton to say about it, but since we get the freebies with the understanding that we'll comment on the books as we read them, here goes:- I like Alexandria; I like that she has both "feminine" and "masculine" interests, and I like that her driving force isn't romantic love but her best friend.- I don't like that a number of the characters are established tropes with little to give them individuality as actual people.- I don't like [...]

    18. I got this book through the First Reads program. Normally, when I get a book through there, I finish it whether I like it or not. This book I could not finish. I was expecting a fun, feminine psychological thriller with a heroine who understands psychology and manipulates it to get her way. What I got was a woman who has sex she doesn't want to have with men who she hates to get revenge. About a third of the way through, and I just couldn't handle reading another sex scene like that. Sorry. (It [...]

    19. Another Page TurnerI think this is the sixth book I've read by Starla Huchton and I've loved every one. I end up missing a fair amount of sleep every time I pick up one of her books, but never end up minding. Her characters are worth being sleep deprived the next day.

    20. I loveed it. I love Randis and Andrias friendship. And how badass Andria is. I really wish to find out more about what happens with Andria and David, does she finally meet the one?

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