The Flood

The Flood The electrifying best selling thriller from award winning writer David Sachs For those that escaped the Flood the nightmare is just beginning For three years Travis Cooke has dreamed of reuniting h

  • Title: The Flood
  • Author: DavidSachs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The electrifying, best selling thriller from award winning writer David Sachs.For those that escaped the Flood, the nightmare is just beginning For three years, Travis Cooke has dreamed of reuniting his family, but not like this When the Flood hit, America s East Coast was evacuated by every means possible, by air, land and sea Hours later, a cruise ship assisting in thThe electrifying, best selling thriller from award winning writer David Sachs.For those that escaped the Flood, the nightmare is just beginning For three years, Travis Cooke has dreamed of reuniting his family, but not like this When the Flood hit, America s East Coast was evacuated by every means possible, by air, land and sea Hours later, a cruise ship assisting in the rescue lies dead in the water no power, no communications, and nowhere near enough food Thousands of refugees on board, including Travis, his ex wife, and their young son, find themselves alone in a big ocean On the isolated ship, a journey into human darkness and heroism begins Desperate to protect his family as the panic rises, Travis finds behind each door an unexpected new side to the Festival, but no way out How far will Travis go to save the people he loves and has lost once before How far would YOU go You ll remember where you were when the Flood hit Bonus Short Story Included in Ebook Locked in the Trunk of a Car, a sharp suspense thriller in a small package.

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    One thought on “The Flood”

    1. Don't judge this book by the first few chaptersI made a mistake when I started this book, I judged it by the first few chapters and wondered how the author was going to keep the story going for the rest of the book. Well I was very much surprised and impressed by the twists and turns this book took, especially the last one.

    2. Liked the overall premise and story but found it uneven at times and in need of a good edit (the transitions between characters and scenes in some chapters were abrupt and I found myself having to go back and make sure I didn't somehow skip over a paragraph or two). Still, it was a page turner, and I was invested in some of the characters and the outcome and plowed through the second half of the book in one sitting. Although it had its dark moments (how could it not with thousands of people stra [...]

    3. I give this book five stars because it is very well written, well plotted, fast moving, with complex characters. I was totally engrossed in the story from the start and found it hard to put down, in spite of the dark subject matter. I personally prefer stories that are less dark, more hopeful. I found myself seriously depressed for days while reading this. Coming to the end of the book was a relief, like emerging into the light after a long journey in a dank tunnel. But that was because I lived [...]

    4. David Sachs makes you think about a partial end of the world. I like so many parts of this book and how the story thickens. I also have so many questions about things left unsaid, which would have added to the story. I'm sure that I'm not the only person with these questions. This catastrophe occurred while they were not very far from the "living" world, yet nothing was ever heard from that world again until the very end, and that doesn't make sense to me at all. Which is the choice of the autho [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, you know, just to be upfront about that sort of thing.The Flood by David Sachs is difficult to describe. At it's most obvious, it's a disaster tale, quickly followed by a post-apocalyptic story of people surviving against incredible odds, you know, like Survivor, if there were no cameras, no support system, and if people were actually afraid for their lives. Okay, well, yeah, so not really at all like Survivor.At the start of the b [...]

    6. The Flood by David Sachs – This indie publication is a first class thriller with a large cast of very interesting characters that endure thrilling hardship and pain. When geologic activity beneath the oceans produces huge destructive tsunami that engulfs the East Coast of the US the populations of coastal cities must be evacuated. Travis, his former wife (Corrina), their young son (Darren), and Corrina’s current husband (Gerry) find themselves with thousands of other refugees on a huge ocean [...]

    7. This Is A Tough OneI gave this book 5* because it so got to me. In one way, I couldn't put it down, there were times I was mad things didn't go the way I thought they would but I'm not the author and I was hooked. The ending was-unexpected. I don't like dad endings but this wouldn't really qualify as a sad ending, not in some ways. Would I recommend this book? Hmmm. Yes I will. Even though this book is written a little different the story did engage me, I felt involved often and couldn't quit un [...]

    8. This is an apocalyptic book written by a Canadian so people are unfailingly polite. A man awakens to sirens and panic. A massive underwater earthquake / Antarctic landslide has triggered a tsunami and NYC is in the bulls eye. he rushes to reunite with his exwife and son and her new husband and they rush to be evacuated on a cruise ship.Once they survive the Tsunami they have only begun to face the troubles, pirates will attack the passengers will split into factions and death and disease will sw [...]

    9. So suspenseful, thought provoking, and possible. Great character development and descriptions. Demonstrates the fact that you never know the limits people will be driven to in a crisis of epic proportions After all of the action, was sorry to see the story end and was a little disappointed in the ending.

    10. Really good story, lots of interesting things to keep one reading. A few errors in the text (not many!). But the endingok it's personal, but I wasn't entirely happy with the ending. Other people will like it just fine.

    11. A thoroughly depressing read. I was ready to throw myself overboard just to get away from this story.

    12. With echoes of Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD and Golding’s LORD OF THE FLIES mixed with just a hint of a Michael Bay blockbuster thrown in to keep the story moving, THE FLOOD by Davis Sachs is a gripping disaster story that leaves a profound impact on the reader. THE FLOOD marries an intelligent literary sensibility with taut storytelling. It introduces a variety of unique characters, all well-drawn and interesting, and places them on a derelict cruise ship, cut off from whatever is left of soc [...]

    13. A gritty, no-sugar coating look at the break down of society after a cataclysmic event. The Atlantic coastal cities were to be inundated by a record setting tsunami. Approximately 2000 people were evacuated on the cruise ship Festival of the Waves, along with it's paying passengers and staff. While they easily survived the tsunami's wrath, it was the successive waves of inhumanity that were their undoing.Wow. I loved this book. I felt it was a realistic portrayal of the various possibilities of [...]

    14. Ok bookI liked the book I just think there were SO MANY details that it made the book boring at times. But overall I enjoyed it.

    15. Reading this definitely hurt. It was so sad and tragic. Take away everything from man and he goes into survival mode, all etiquette and morals forgotten. The story featured Travis Cooke, his ex-wife Corrina, their son Darren, and Gerry, present husband of Corrina. There were also a lot of other characters who shaped the story: the captain, the pirates, John Heese, the natural leader; the Mighty Lee Golding who took more power from an automatic rifle; his very selfish wife; the religious Adam. Al [...]

    16. The Flood by David Sachs.The plot premise ain't half bad and the story flow is exceptional. Character development is well done and in some cases even shocking but even though the flow is very well done the story, due to its depressing nature started to feel too long fast. And the ending. Oh my goodness. This book is fiction but it is very dark and very depressing after the first wave of calamity hits mother nature stands back to look at what human nature will do. Mostly nothing good. I am in two [...]

    17. A Tsunami is coming and will wipe out all the coastlines. Everyone is rushing to get aboard ships to be out at sea by time it comes in, therefore not being affected. The cruise line ship Travis and his family are aboard becomes dead in the water. It is now up to the passengers to figure out how survive until help arrives, but with a world-ending event taking place, will there be help?This story is about how quickly humankind falls into chaos when it's survival vs. limited means. I found myself g [...]

    18. I struggled with rating this one. It kept me up until 2am as I couldn't sleep until I knew what happened. however, I was slightly frustrated by the ending. I prefer HEA endings and I really hate it when a character I've become invested in gets killed off (don't get me started on Game of Thrones). It was really well written and I loved the story, I would have just liked a few more questions answered at the end. It wasn't necessary to make the story good, just a personal thing for me. Saying that [...]

    19. I really liked this book. It really shows you what happens when all rules of a civilized society are gone and different types of leaders emerge. Also, the story line is based on a scenario that could actually happen, so it is certainly not a far-fetched read. The character description was done well. I kept imagining that this book could easily become a block-buster disaster movie along the lines of 2012 or Independence Day. It was a quick, good read and would recommend it to my friends and book [...]

    20. I don't know why, the ending of this book just hit me hard. It was hard to read. With so much darkness and sorrow in it. A lot of times, I just wanted it to end. I read through this book just to see how that happens. A lot of times, it got so sad I wanted not to read it anymore. But the end, gosh it was something that will stay with me a loooong time. Maybe forever. The book may have trials and errors, good points and bad points. But it is something we should read, for the sake of our souls. It [...]

    21. The book starts out on page one with the main character hearing the news that a tsunami is headed for New York and it is big enough to destroy most of the Eastern coast of the U.S as well as many miles inland. Survival becomes the issue immediately, and he heads for his ex-wife's home to rescue her, along with his son and her current husband. They find themselves on a cruise ship heading out to sea to escape the disaster, but it turns out their nightmare has just begun. I enjoyed the book, but w [...]

    22. At times this book is almost too realistic. It presents people at their best and too many times at their worst. A sad poignant presentation what humans will do to survive. The ending wasn't what I was expecting but the fit the mood of the story. I'm sure I will think of the characters and the story at intervals for a long time. It is thought provoking and not beyond the possibilities that this type of apocalypse could happen.

    23. Good, but not greatThis was a new and fresh idea for a dystopian tale. The author did a fairly decent job with it. The story just gets a little too far fetched for me at times. Not sure I liked the ending. Also, there were far too many instances of head hopping in the story. The author really needs to clean those up.

    24. 3.6 stars. Fresh idea for a dystopian book, but I felt the ending was too grim, & the narrative point of view jumped around a lot - there were a lot of people in this book. Still, it definitely held my attention, although it probably wasn't the best choice for me to read 4 days before departing on a cruise, ha!

    25. Imaginative, yet grim tale.Facing catastrophe, people plan an escape. Unfortunately, some ignorant fool decided to let all the inmates out and treat them equally. There ensues the first and most fatal mistake. I hope planners, in reality, have better ideas and plans than in this story.

    26. A massive earthquake in the Atlantic floods the east coast of the United States. Desperate survivors board a cruise ship in New York harbor and race to sea in order to avoid the deluge. Due to the devastation their is no rescue, and the survivors endure pirates, dwindling supplies and violent factions that develop on board. It is a tragic story, but Mr. Sachs did a great job with it.

    27. The Flood was recommended to me by a friend and, I have to say, I've enjoyed it immensely. It's a real page turner, with great characters and a suspense-filled plot that held my interest from start to finish. I could see this book as a film, actually. Great read!

    28. It did have a Lord of the Flies type of flavor to it. I enjoyed nine tenths of the book. The ending needed more. I guess that was the author's intention but it was way too abrupt. Could have used more development. Just saying.

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