Ties Between Snow s abduction and a difficult pregnancy Taylor finds her mates suddenly distant Rekindling the flame in the bedroom is one thing but how can she possibly get involved in pack politics Thi

  • Title: Ties
  • Author: Viola Rivard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Between Snow s abduction and a difficult pregnancy, Taylor finds her mates suddenly distant Rekindling the flame in the bedroom is one thing, but how can she possibly get involved in pack politics This is an ongoing story It is not a standalone It is intended for readers 18 and comfortable with m nage romance profanity.

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      325 Viola Rivard
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    One thought on “Ties”

    1. Stars: 4Overall: It's been weeks since Snow has been taken and the pack is still restless and overworked on trying to figure out a way to get her back. Taylor is still feeling the loss of not having Alder around and as hard as Hale tries he doesn't have the tender touch that Alder brings to the relationship. Also Taylor starts helping out in the pack by gathering information from Lark and helping the alphas see it in a whole new light. She also helps them make a new plan that will benefit both p [...]

    2. Ties : Running with Alpha's # 6 - Viola Rivard (5 Stars)** Gifted ARC by Author for Honest Review . In this installment of Viola Rivard's serial Running with Alpha's we find Taylor has been rescued by her mates and is now back at the den safe and sound .Although weakened and scarred from her kidnapping ordeal she tries to push on for the sake of Alder , who is angered and resentful that his daughter Snow is still a captive of the Whiteriver pack.A kidnapping that happened because of Taylors best [...]

    3. THE TIE THAT BINDS !!!Oh my! I love it! I am so addicted to this series! And it just gets better and better! Ties is Book 6 in Viola Rivard's amazing Running With The Alphas Serial and it is AWESOME! The story is exciting, original, imaginative, action packed, compelling, powerful, gripping, addictive, humorous, romantic, sweet, heartwarming and sensual. The dialog is smart, well written and flows smoothly. The characters are fascinating, captivating, quirky, engaging, endearing, sexy and someti [...]

    4. I was given this book to read and review. I have really love reading Viola Rivard books, she is amazingly talented her characters are awesome their dialog flows from being to end.Book 6 is short but great. Form the first page to the last it keeps you turning pages until the end. Now Taylor is just starting to show with her pregnancy. Taylor feels that Hale and Alder are still ignoring her, Lark told Taylor she is pregnant with the twins and she is just starting adjust and believe she is carrying [...]

    5. These series is getting better as the story goes on. Snow is still in Silas' hands and Alder is close to snapping. Hale is upset but keeps it to himself so he comes off as not caring about Snow. Taylor is pregnant and worried about Snow and her alphas as they treat her like a sick child and not a mate. Each are caught in their own thoughts and can't seem to come together. Taylor finally comes up with a few plans and hopefully they will work or war will be coming and everyone has something to los [...]

    6. I AM ESTATIC!I loved this DIRTY GOODNESS SERIES and I was reading #5 when I had a stroke Nov 2014. Of course I took my kindle to the ICU with me and finished and was so upset I'd have to wait for #6. I checked for what seemed forever for this and I finally gave up. A convo today with a friend (Irene ;D) about that happening reminded me and here I am! Not just #6 but #7, I am beside myself! Shifters is an area I need to venture into more often. Oh damn it, I have to finish these! I'm coming Alder [...]

    7. Disclosure: I received this ARC for review. Continuing on with the Running with the Alphas book 6 Ties, picks up right after Snow is taken. As if the loss of Alder's daughter isn't enough, his mate Taylor is also injured and sick with her pregnancy.Unlike the others in the series, I feel this one lack a little of the umph factor that the others had, but for what it lacked in action it made up for in Taylor becoming her own character. We got to experience a stronger more mature side of Taylor hig [...]

    8. For the exact same reasons I have for the first book in this series. I maintain that only the first two parts of this incomplete book series gets three stars. All chapters published periodically gets less.My previous review applies here as well.:Except:Originally I was set out to give this title at least a 3.5 or higher due to the lack of editing issues, a well flowing story line, and at 104 pages it's almost forgivable for being an incomplete story (a practice seeming to be the trending thing l [...]

    9. I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION . OVER 18 READING WONDERFUL SERIES.I CAN'T WAIT FROM ONE BOOK TO THE NEXT In this book you get more information of how Lark let Snow be kidnapped by the Whiteriver pack. Lark telling Taylor she is having twins. Taylor's sickness because she will not eat meat cause she is a vegetarian, but her babies need meat, Hale finally tells her no more vegetables till the babies are born,eat meat . As she does she states feeling better [...]

    10. These cliffhangers just kill me! But I'm a sucker that keeps coming back for more. This story is so good.I love the story with Hale and Alder with their mate Taylor, their dynamic is so different but workable. Adler is stuck in the middle of his daughter, Snow is still being held captive and his mate is pregnant, no stress right there. And Hale (secretly team Hale) is the rough and tough one of the twins, but he always comes through for Taylor. There's so much at state right now, the alpha's rel [...]

    11. Ties is the sixth book in the Running With Alphas series. It starts up where Faith ends, keeping you in the story and holding you captive through the rest of the book. The world of Taylor, Alder, and Hale isn't always sunshine and roses, and this part of the story is another chapter in their story. Ties has a lot of drama and some interesting developments. Voila Rivard always weaves an interesting story, and this one keeps you wanting to read more!I received a copy of Ties: Running with Alphas i [...]

    12. Tyler is now positive she is having twins, but Alder is so very distant from her since Snow's abduction. On the other hand, Hale seems to have softened up a bit, he is more concerned with Tyler's wellbeing.Will Tyler be able to solve the problem with the Whiteriver pack and get Snow back before it's too late, or will Cain's arrival bring it all to a head?Things are starting to come to a dangerous standoff for Halcyon and Whiteriver, or can there be peace at last?I was gifted this book for an hon [...]

    13. Lark is considered a traitor among the pack due to Snows abductions to the whiteriver pack Silas wants to keep Snow due to the fact he wants to provide foe his pack but never asked to be an alpha . Taylor struggles with her pregnancy and her Alphas . and will Cain the other dad be worse than Alder is or calmer . and what will they do when they find out Snow has had some changes and what are those changes . find this and more out when you buy this book and read then review until next time this is [...]

    14. Truly Loved it!Another great episode in the Runnung with Alphas serial. Even though it's short, there is a lot going on. We find out Taylor is pregnant with twins, her mates are ignoring her, there is a traitor, someone may be scarred for life, and the kidnapped Snow may be coming into heat soon. Will they be able to rescue her before its to late and will Talyor's mates realize she is more than just a baby making machine?Truly loved it!

    15. In the aftermath of the Whiteriver ambush, the Halcyon pack must deal with a betrayal and figure out a way to get Snow back. With Alder preoccupied figuring out a way to get his daughter back, Hale steps up and keeps an eye on Taylor during the rough months of her pregnancy.This is a short read, but it sets up quite the showdown for the next installment. Also, my hopes are raised that there are signs of a new series after this.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    16. Book 6 in the Running With Alphas series3.8 StarsThis is a great continuation of the story of Taylor, Hale and Alder. The pack is worried with Snow being taken, and Taylor being pregnant.I love this series. Each book is short, but full. There is always so much to take in. Looking forward to March, and the release of the next book.

    17. Kindle Unlimited - Cliffhanger - Recommend you read books 1-5 before reading this one. Once again I liked Hale even more after reading this book. As distance develops between her and her mates - she fights sickness. They try to get Snow back from the rival pack.waiting for next book in series.

    18. After her small break due to illness Viola is back with a bang. Lark betrays the pack and causes Taylor injury and Snow's capture. Now Alder is desperate to get his daughter back. While Hale is only concered about Taylor. How can they pull together to get snow back and not cause all out war. I am dying to find of what happens when Snow's alpha shows up.

    19. HmmmmWe finaly get some god news abaut Snow, she is alive and well treaten. Taylor has some problems with her pregnancy, but is couping it ok. And when it gets the most interesting ,the book ended.I am a litle bit disapointed because is too short, and now we wait for next part to see what happens ven Cain came to get his doughter in custudy back.

    20. Trying to get Snow backIn this wonderful well written installment, Alder is trying to get Snow back, but so far unsuccessfully. With some input from Taylor there is a new plan of sorts and a way to check on Snow. Hale has been keeping Taylor company and being more of a mate to her then Alder at this time. But some unexpected things come up near the end that just might be a game changer.

    21. Short but to the pointA quick read to catch up with the pack and get the details of what's going on with Snow. Things have shifted between the relationship with Taylor and the alphas. Interesting to see what will happen now that Cain has arrived.

    22. I liked it because I have been reading the series. However, it was not the best in the series. It may have been because it was too short. I will read the next one when it comes out, I like the story.

    23. Another great addition to the Running With the Alphas series. The story continues with Snow's capture and a plan to get her back. The plot and storyline continue to be well developed. Drama, trust, friendship, and sex are the leading subjects.

    24. 3 1/2 starsFor me, this was an ok read. I really want more interaction between Alder, Hale, and Taylor. As always, l'm looking forward to Viola's next books.(I received this book in exchange for an honest review.)

    25. Another episodeWish she would just pick Hale. Adler is not turning out to be a nice guy. This could all have been one book.

    26. Holy cow I didn't see this coming. Viola, you're killing me here! Now we have Cain in the picture and me thinks this isn't good.

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