Stepbrother Fallen

Stepbrother Fallen Everything is going great for Madison Moriarty She s got nice parents good friends and she s headed to UCLA at the end of the summer the first step on an exciting journey towards becoming a world f

  • Title: Stepbrother Fallen
  • Author: Aya Fukunishi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everything is going great for Madison Moriarty She s got nice parents, good friends, and she s headed to UCLA at the end of the summer, the first step on an exciting journey towards becoming a world famous author just like her late father.OK, so she may dress like she survived an explosion at an uptight, buttoned up Martha s Vineyard branch of Tommy Hilfiger, but she s aEverything is going great for Madison Moriarty She s got nice parents, good friends, and she s headed to UCLA at the end of the summer, the first step on an exciting journey towards becoming a world famous author just like her late father.OK, so she may dress like she survived an explosion at an uptight, buttoned up Martha s Vineyard branch of Tommy Hilfiger, but she s a good girl, damn it, from her boring top siders to her preppy sweaters right down to her stupid My Little Pony laundry day panties.Rafe Stone well, Rafe Stone is an asshole, and he s going to fucking jail That s what happens when you steal your foster parents Camry and drive it halfway across Colorado, the passenger seat strewn with empty beer cans and a homemade bong He s been lucky so far, but this time the judge won t be satisfied with a slap on the wrist unless Maddy s stepfather takes him in.This is what happens when two worlds collide.This is what happens when a nice, polite little princess gets thrown in with the stepbrother she never knew she had, a tattooed thug with a tight t shirt, torn jeans, a pack of smokes and a bad attitude.This is a story of love, hate and David Fucking Bowie.You re gonna love it.

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    One thought on “Stepbrother Fallen”

    1. 3.5I found this to be quite enjoyable. But I didn’t love it. I thought the buildup was good, setting up the “problem child”/previously unknown step brother…and setting up the distant relationship filled with animosity and attraction. But where I had issues was also at the distant relationship filled with animosity and attraction. This book is solely from Maddy’s POV. You only know as much as she does. So I never got a real sense of Rafe…to the point that even after finishing the book [...]

    2. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.3.5 starsThis was a fast, steamy read. The heroine is just a normal girl next door good kid. Her step-brother comes into her family's life when they are both 18. He's a bad boy with an abusive past. I loved how they clicked and he immediately felt protective of her. His tough guy front didn't last long when he encountered Madison. The book starts when they are 18 and most of the action takes place during a short time span. The book [...]

    3. Ugh. Huh. Where do I begin? The blurb was so promising and I had really big hopes for this book. It sounded like a great and original take on the stepbrother romance. And it could’ve been. The premise of the story was great. Unfortunately, that’s where the greatness ended for me. I hate to say that I didn’t like the book. But I really didn’t. And there were many reasons for it. The idea for the story was great, different and original. Madison is a young girl, about to go off to college w [...]

    4. Esta, por la sinopsis parecía ser una corta, caliente y entretenida historia New Adultos, sin embargo termino siendo cliché tras cliché tras mas clichés sin ninguna oportunidad de pasar a la historia. Primero que nada Maddy, es una tonta rubia rosa hormonal que no hace mas que ver una foto de fiscalía de su hermanastro (hijo de su padrastro) y ya se enamora, además de que se moja. Rafe lo pintan como el chico malote que va a la cárcel por varios delitos y no resulta ser nada de lo que uno [...]

    5. Well, color me surprised. I’m going to be honest here. I was nervous when my RCR blogger boss, Miranda, assigned this book to me. But, ever the team player, I chirpily replied “sure thing” when she IM’d me about it as I internally panicked while sitting on my couch, iPad in hand, fretting as I read the blurb. First, I haven’t ventured into the stepbrother pool yet. What can I say? I’ve been ambivalent on the concept; not put off, not freaked out, just kinda “Meh” about it. I’ve [...]

    6. ****An Advanced Reader Copy of Stepbrother Fallen by Aya Fukunishi was generously provided by the author herself in exchange of honest review.3.5 stars, good but not exactly vavavooom to me. Why, mostly because I quite disagree with Madison's action at some point and I strongly dislike that action of hers. Madison is a good girl. By good I mean she never did anything funny or breaking the rules, but she's not shy nor introvert, she's just a normal, everyday girl. Until Rafe come into her life. R [...]

    7. Pensé que sería genial cuando la protagonista empezó a citar a Batman. Pero al final, fue todo muy cliché (lo cual no siempre es malo) pero en mi opinión, le faltaron vaaaarias páginas de desarrollo u-u

    8. 1.5 estrellas.Al principio todo muy lento, después siete años pasaron súper rápido y un amor de un día duro todos esos años en los cuales nunca se vieron ni tuvieron contacto, o sea, wow.

    9. After rereading Aya Fukunishi's Stepbrother Fallen, I had to amend my original review. It is, as I said"a sweet short story with a beautiful epilogue. Well plotted, a fun romantic interlude". But it's so much more. Madison Moriarty is a good girl, from a good home & she wants to be a writer like her father. He died when Madison was young & her mother remarried; into her good life comes Rafe Stone, the son her stepfather never knew about! And he's trouble. His father agrees that Rafe chan [...]

    10. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book. From the first word till the last, I was hooked. It was written from Maddy's point of view and in the first person so it felt like she was talking to you personally. This helped to form a connection with her so that you had trouble putting the book down.I loved how we got to see what she was thinking and there were a few times that I had a little chuckle at her thoughts.One thing I really liked was the fact that [...]

    11. This story pulled me in from the get go. Maddy, her Mom, and Step-Dad are anxiously, very since he has a long juvenile record, waiting for Rafe, her step-dads son he didn't know he had, to show up. Maddy is really nervous because after seeing his picture he's all she can think about. When he does get there, Maddy is caught with her pants down, literally. She is totally in lust. However he is her step-brother. What can happen, right?I was really surprised when I read this book. I have to admit it [...]

    12. This kind of book transports me back to teenage years I had a lot of posters back then! The style of writing is addictive, fast-paced, and "real".Basically, this is a story of good girl meets bad boy. The twist is that this bad boy is much more than what he first appears. I loved the way their relationship developed, and the way they got to know each other.Towards the end, it seemed a bit rushed, even though it had that wonderful HEA ending. Overall, a great coming of age read.

    13. 4.5 SMOOCHES!!I read and reviewed this book on behalf of RED CHEEKS READS.Review: redcheeksreads/stepbrotherRed Cheeks Reads blog: redcheeksreadsFollow Red Cheeks Reads on:Facebook: facebook/redcheeksreadsTwitter: twitter/redcheeksreads

    14. Creo que es un libro con muy buen argumento, pero al que la autora no le ha terminado de exprimir todo su potencial, también creo que se la ido un poco la pinza cuando la prota viaja a MongoliaAun asi, un libro muy entretenido que me he tragado en una tarde7/10

    15. I have three issue with this book.The mother of the h, the father of the H and the second part.

    16. this is a well written story. I loved the concept but I just didn't really get into the characters. but overall a decent read.

    17. Básicamente superficial se narra los pensamientos de Madison, los deseos de Madison, como ve a Rafe pero nada más. esta chica es un poco tontorra, y el chico es un idiota total, muchos clichés

    18. Contrario de lo que esperaba y según los comentarios nada favorecedores de esta historia, el libro me ha gustado. Quizá uno se encuentre con una que otra falencia en su construcción pero no es nada exagerado así que de pronto lo dejé pasar. No me gustó completamente la construcción de la protagonista porque el tipo le hacía algo y ella simplemente lo dejaba pasar, no tomaba cartas en el asunto ni hacía que él respondiera por sus actos. Por otro lado, es una historia entretenida, rápid [...]

    19. THE PRINCESS AND THE FALLEN PRINCE !!!AN ADVANCED READER COPY WAS PROVIDED FOR AN HONEST REVIEWWow! I've read quite a few of Aya Fukunishi's books but this one, Stepbrother Fallen, is unlike any I've read to date and I must say, I really loved it! Some might say, if you've read one stepbrother romance, you've read them all. No, that's not the case with this one. Although the basic premise of the stories may be the same, the characters make all the difference in this story. The primary characters [...]

    20. Madison Moriarty's life changes when her stepbrother moves in with her family. The son her stepfather never knew he had, Rafe Stone must move in with the Moriarty's in order to avoid jail time. This has thrown Madison's mother into a tizzy but all Madison cares about is how hot her stepbrother is.I wanted to like Stepbrother Fallen more than I did. Told from the first person, it has a very self-aware voice as narrated by Madison. Sure, the characters are all tropes - Madison is the virginal prin [...]

    21. 2.5 starsThis had potential, the blurb was good and the start was positive, but then it turned into a book of two halves and I lost the plot somewhere over the rainbowe fact that it had no chapters marked didn't help either.I liked the start, Madison, a preppy do-gooder and all round "nice-in-pastel" girl has thrust upon her, Rafe, a bit of a smart arse, cocky, self assured but carrying some serious baggage. He is the son her Step-father didn't know about and her mother doesn't want! Their initi [...]

    22. Stepbrother Fallen ARC for review**May or may not contain spoilers - read at your own risk**As much as I enjoyed Stepbrother Where Art Thou and Stepbrother Fallen…. This was just… Wow. I really enjoyed it.At first I was a little upset when I started reading it because I had thought it was going to be a continuation but in the end I am glad it wasn’t.Meet Madison. A normal, if not a bit preppy, 18 year old from California who has just found out that she has a stepbrother; Rafe. She is not s [...]

    23. Con una portada así quien no puede resistir la tentación de no leerlobueno, yo no pude jajaja.No estuvo mal, pero me esperaba mucho más de esta historia.Tenemos a la chica buena y obediente por un lado y por el otro, al chico sexy y rebelde. Pienso que mi personaje favorito fue el de Maddy porque si bien era del estilo de chica "tranquila" cuando se enamora de él intenta poner toda su voluntad para abrirse paso a su corazón -a pesar de que Rafe era bastante jodido-.No terminé de entender m [...]

    24. Stepbrother Fallen is an erotic romance by Aya Fukunishi. This is an exciting, interesting, very sexy and fast paced story about taboo love that blossoms between step siblings Madison and Rafe. Through the use of words and graphic visualizations, the author creates a story that is full of emotion and sensuality that only serves to enhance the story. This is Madison and Rafe's story about how they recognize and then come to terms with their feelings for each other. The book discusses the obstacle [...]

    25. ****A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review***Madison was raised to be a good person, a good girl. She followed the rules and never stepped out of line. She did what her mom and step dad asked and is an all American girl. Then her world changed- her step dad found out he has a son he never knew about and in order to help him out of a legal situation, her step dad brings him to live with them which brings chaos to the house.Madison is really skittish because after seeing his [...]

    26. I received this book for an honest review. Madison's life is boring, she's a good girl who does everything she should and never gets in trouble. She wants excitement and figures the first step will be going to UCLA in the fall until her world takes a hit in the form of a sudden new stepbrother who also happens to be the first guy to get her blood pumping. He's a troublemaker there to avoid jail but what's underneath that bad boy persona? Can you judge a book by it's cover?This was a good quick r [...]

    27. I did not like this book. The whole situation was way to familiar. The hot bad boy and his straight laced stepsister. She hates him, but her body doesn't. A handful of days of childish bickering and asinine confrontations, then one heart to heart that equals love. I could have handled that but he is arrested for fighting. A fight he did not start and tried to avoid. When she tries to break it up, she is violently assaulted herself. Kicked in the back and punched in the head I believe. Our hero b [...]

    28. Stepbrother fallen, was a great read. I read it one sitting, I had to know what happened between princess and Rafe. This story as all your others is awesome! You go into such detail that you leave us with such a clear vision of the story. Penny and Maddy, know each other so well, especially Pennys mind on sex and Penny knowing just when to hang up on her. Rafe, is no good guy as Penny is quite the opposite, he seems to have a heart even while being a dick to his family. Audrey, Wow she lives in [...]

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