Ben, In the World: The Sequel to the Fifth Child

Ben In the World The Sequel to the Fifth Child At eighteen Ben is in the world but not of it He is too large too awkward too inhumanly made Now estranged from his family he must find his own path in life From London and the south of France to

  • Title: Ben, In the World: The Sequel to the Fifth Child
  • Author: Doris Lessing
  • ISBN: 9780060934651
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • At eighteen, Ben is in the world, but not of it He is too large, too awkward, too inhumanly made Now estranged from his family, he must find his own path in life From London and the south of France to Brazil and the mountains of the Andes Ben is tossed about in a tumultuous search for his people, a reason for his being How the world receives him, and, he fares in it wAt eighteen, Ben is in the world, but not of it He is too large, too awkward, too inhumanly made Now estranged from his family, he must find his own path in life From London and the south of France to Brazil and the mountains of the Andes Ben is tossed about in a tumultuous search for his people, a reason for his being How the world receives him, and, he fares in it will horrify and captivate until the novel s dramatic finale.

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      473 Doris Lessing
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    One thought on “Ben, In the World: The Sequel to the Fifth Child”

    1. Από το μωρό της Ρόζμαρι στον Ε. Τ. τον εξωγήινο!!! Κατέστρεψε ένα τόσο καλό βιβλίο ( Το πέμπτο παιδί) γράφοντας αυτό το ανεκδιήγητο sequel!

    2. Everyone who liked THE FIFTH CHILD as much as I did should never read this sequel. It answers every question I had while reading THE FIFTH CHILD and destroys all the good ideas by explaining them.

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    4. برای خودم غصه می‌خورم که تعداد کمتری کتاب برام واقعاً جذاب و لذت‌بخشه. کتاب اطناب و زیاده‌گویی داره. شخصیت بن چندان احساسات خواننده رو درگیر نمی‌کنه و راوی دانای کل هم هی میاد وسط ماجرا و درباره عاقبت شخصیت‌ها حرف می‌زنه. دست به دست شدن بن و رفتنش به کشورها و شهرهای مختلف بد [...]

    5. بِن در جهاناين كتاب ادامه ي "فرزند پنجم" اثر دوريس لسينگ است با اين تفاوت كه اينبار برخلاف جلد قبل كه خواننده از بِن متنفر بود، حال حامي و پشتيبان اوست. بِن يك انسان نماي بيچاره كه در ميان آدم هاي اين عصر گيركرده، هيچ كس او را نميفهمد. هيچ كس او را دوست ندارد و او محكوم به تنهايي ا [...]

    6. I was extremely hesitant to read this book, having loved The Fifth Child as much as I did. I didn't want to ruin that book, which is one of my favorites.The Fifth Child is very character-driven. The Lovatt family is front and center, and we get to know them over the course of a number of years. It's a pretty grim story. Ben, in the World, on the other hand, is almost ridiculously plot-driven. Ben winds up in several countries, meets all kinds of people (who send the story veering off course with [...]

    7. Roy Jones Junior. Robert De Niro. Evander Holyfield. Ricky Ponting. Muhammad Ali. It’s hard when the greats lose their powers for all the world to see.I really wanted to like this novel, only the premise is flawed, the plot is almost non-existent and meandering and the whole novel degenerates into a barely believable sub-par Days of Our Lives conclusion. Moreover, the book is filled with empty caricatures. There’s far too much telling and not enough showing, and ultimately the whole thing is [...]

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    9. تمام کردن کتاب با آن جمله، نبوغ بود و بی رحمی بود. گرفتن انگشت اتهام طرف تمام خواننده ها و تمام آدم ها بود از "فرزند پنجم"، مسلماً، بیشتر دوستش داشتم

    10. Ben en el mundo tiene como subtítulo "la continuación de El quinto hijo". Sin embargo pareciera que no lo es. Es decir: El quinto hijo termina con Ben adolescente, en medio de pandillas, y Ben en el mundo comienza con Ben de 18 años, cuando se ha ido de su casa. En ese sentido un libro sí es continuación del otro. Ambos conservan el mismo protagonista y y antecedentes. Pero el aura de inquietud y misterio que rodea el primer libro desaparece en el segundo. Son la misma historia pero parecie [...]

    11. After reading the sequel to the fifth child, I felt HIGHLY insulted. If you've read The Fifth Child, please, skip this. I never tell anyone not to read a book. In fact, this is the first book review I have ever written on a public forum. I really could not keep me mouth shut about it. Seriously, do not pick this up.When I read the fifth child, I was struck by Lessing's prose, character development, and social commentary (Although most folks feel that it was commentary focused on people who are " [...]

    12. "They heard a cry and a slide of small stones & silence.They slowly got up, slowly followed him. They made their way to where the precipice fell away from the path. There was Ben, far below, a pile of coloured clothing. His yellow hair was like a tuft of mountain grass" Page 177 I was surprised to learn that Ben Lovatt's tale continued.And so I ordered this book & began to read it ~~Ben's tale continues from London, to France, to Brazil to the highest mountains where he is told ~ people [...]

    13. في هذه الرواية نعرف أكثر عن بن، الذي عومل معاملة الكائن الشرير الذي أتى لإفساد حياة أسرة هانئة في الجزء الأول من الرواية: الطفل الخامسهنا نتعرف على بن، ونكتشف كم هو مثير للشفقة، بسبب غرابته، ظاهرياً وموضوعياً، وبحثه الدائم عن "قومه" أي من يعتقد انهم يشبهونه بعد أن مل معاملة ا [...]

    14. In The Fifth Child, Ben is a monster that the reader both fears and pities. In Ben, in the World, he is merely a pitiful throwback. All of his power and strength is useless, and the fear that he inspired as a feral child-beast becomes laughable. The people who did not recognize Ben for what he was now instantly acknowledge his differences. Those who shelter and care for him (almost exclusively female) are merely versions of Harriet. I did like the mini-stories of the tangential characters, but t [...]

    15. درسته جذابیت کتاب مثل جلد اول نبود اما بن همون بن بیچاره بودهمون قدر تنها، دردناک و ترحم برانگیز. دقیقا لسینگ طوری توصیفش می کنه که مخاطبای زنش همون حس شخصیت های زن کتاب رو نسبت به بن داشته باشن همون قدر دوستش داشته باشن و حمایتش کنن. آخر کتاب خیلی خوب تموم می شه خیلی یه جورایی پ [...]

    16. Worth reading for the beautiful prose, but not as compelling as *The Fifth Child*. Now estranged from his family, Ben falls victim to a series of increasingly tragic deceptions. He's still animal-like but now has a sense of right and wrong. (Maybe it would be better if he didn't.) Ben makes a few kind, compassionate friends along the way, but ultimately the barrage of hardships made for difficult reading.

    17. الرواية جيدة نعم ، لكن ان لم تكن قرأت الطفل الخامس ، فلن تفهم شيء و لن تستمتع بشيء. الطفل الخامس ، الجزء الأول من تلك المتتالية الروائية ، الذي مهدت فيه الكاتبة لظهور ( بن ) حوالي 3/4 الرواية .و هنا التعاطف واضح مع بن ، و نبذ العالم له . و مع ذلك تقول الكاتبة عنه و عن الرواية ، أنه أح [...]

    18. بن المسكين ،،يبقى المشترك حتى الان حتى مع فصيلة بن هو وحشية الانسان ،،

    19. The more time I allowed, the more powerful this felt. The allegorical aspects of this book really made me think about society and my own personal treatment of people.

    20. Decent, but nothing like The Fifth Child. It answered too many of the unknowns that made The Fifth Child so very intriguing

    21. حکایت ما انسان ها خودمان باخودمان غریب است چه برسد به ما با انسان نماها و نابه هنجارها

    22. Det är en trött, nästan smått irriterad Doris Lessing som den 11 oktober 2007 möts av ett stort medialt pådrag utanför sitt hem i London. På frågan om hon har hört den stora nyheten svarar hon med en förvånad uppsyn nej. De flesta 87-åringarna skulle förmodligen chockas av beskedet att nyss ha vunnit nobelpriset, men inte Doris Lessing. Med ett kroppsspråk som skulle kunna beskrivas som en blandning mellan uppgivenhet och lättnad uttrycker hon ett kort: “Åh herregud” som med [...]

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    24. Compare Ben with Grendel, but it is salacious compared with the poetry of Gardner's work, rather the flesh against the intellect, if not the flesh then the emotion, for Lessing writes of emotion and ethics in a circular fashion that laments the inability to consummate the other. There are many noble things about her, giving the finger to the Nobel Prize committee, caring for her son, having firm purpose of identity, but these don't overcome the weakness of consummation, a British malady, impoten [...]

    25. It has been over an year since I read The Fifth Child which instantly became one of the best novels that I was lucky enough to have come across. Unfortunately, at the time I did not know it had a sequel which I discovered only recently. Lessing is a Blessing. Her writing is magical. Ben is one of the most interesting characters ever written about. I loved both the books and I think her works make the world a more interesting place to live in.

    26. رواية قاسية توجع القلب فعلاما السر وراء تعاطف العينات البشرية المختلفة التى قابلها بن لوفات، الطفل الخامس، الكائن العجيب الذى حير كل من رآه، فى رحلته الطويلة منذ غادر عائلته (التى حطمها فى الجزء الأول من المتتالية The Fifth Child) إلى شوارع لندن ثم نيس ثم ريو دى جنيرو وحتى نهايته ال [...]

    27. Doris Lessing, premio Nóbel de literatura en 2007, nos ha acostumbrado a libros filosos, abundantes en críticas sociales, feministas y anti-racistas, a volúmenes gruesos cargados de significados e ideas.A primera vista y comparándola con las otras obras de Lessing “Ben en el mundo” es una novela corta, directa, sencilla y fácil de digerir con un cliché de moraleja respecto a cómo los seres humanos vividores y listos siempre se aprovechan de los más inocentes y nobles.Escarbando a may [...]

    28. (copied from BookLikes, because I am feeling a little maudlin. Doris Lessing did much to foster my love of reading, and of wicked women who don't follow the rules.)I read these books many times, most recently a couple of years ago, but I've never written a review about them. I thought it apropos to do so, on the eve of Doris Lessing's death.These are both short novels and fast reads, and Lessing is certainly of the school of "don't supply detail unless it drives the story forward", which some pe [...]

    29. Πολύ καλό αλλά μάλλον παρεξηγημένο βιβλίο. Ο Μπεν, ένας άνθρωπος διαφορετικός από εμάς, σε ένα βαθμό σαν εμάς αλλά ταυτόχρονα και αρκετά διαφορετικός και μοναδικός, αντιμετωπίζει τον κόσμο περίπου όπως ένα παιδί που χρειάζεται πάντα κάποιον να τον φροντίζει, που σκέφτεται [...]

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