Unspoken Despite her superhuman strength and enhanced senses Della Tsang s life as a vampire certainly hasn t been easy Especially since she was reborn and bound to the mysterious infuriating and gorgeous C

  • Title: Unspoken
  • Author: C.C. Hunter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Despite her superhuman strength and enhanced senses, Della Tsang s life as a vampire certainly hasn t been easy Especially since she was reborn and bound to the mysterious, infuriating, and gorgeous Chase Tallman But if there s one thing that s always kept Della going, it s her dream of being an elite paranormal investigator Her newest case is the opportunity she s beenDespite her superhuman strength and enhanced senses, Della Tsang s life as a vampire certainly hasn t been easy Especially since she was reborn and bound to the mysterious, infuriating, and gorgeous Chase Tallman But if there s one thing that s always kept Della going, it s her dream of being an elite paranormal investigator Her newest case is the opportunity she s been waiting for, but as Della tries to solve the twenty year old murder and clear her father s name She uncovers secrets about the vampire council And about Chase Feeling betrayed by all the secrets he s kept hidden from her, Della is determined to keep him as far away from her heart as she can But she ll need his help to solve the case that will lead them into the darkest and ugliest vampire gangs in town and into the scariest reaches of her heart.

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    One thought on “Unspoken”

    1. I don't know why everyone is so against Chase. I really like him and think they belong together. Yes, he hid something from her but maybe it was for her safety or even his own. Steve always seemed kinda blah to me.

    2. **CAUTION THE FOLLOWING REVIEW CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS.**Review 10/29/154/5 stars (I'll get to why later) Holy. Shit. This book. I loved this book. Not like, Love. I'd been waiting a full year to see how Shadow Falls: After Dark ended. However, I would be lying if I didn't say that I was a little bit disappointed, like where that Epilogue at? Is it pulling a Houdini or is my book missing something? What happens later in the future after Unspoken?! What about Lucas and Kylie with the official Prom [...]

    3. How are u going to end Eternal like that, release an awesome cover and then make me suffer until October, C.C. Hunter? Huh? The nerve!UPDATE:Finally! I finished it and I was so happy with how it ended. But I am sad to see it go.Thank you, C.C. Hunter for sharing your wonderful writing with readers like me. I deeply appreciate it.I will most definitely miss Shadow Falls.

    4. Update: DNF. I'm done with this shit. I knew it was coming but that doesn't make it any better. Chase is a lying, manipulative ass and I can't understand the appeal at all. I've seen rocks that are more attractive than him. And another thing: lying is not hot or mysterious and just because a guy comes crawling back like a pathetic roach doesn't mean he's worth your time. Honestly.Before reading:I swear to God, if Della goes back to Chase, I am going to seriously hurt someone.

    5. LOVED IT I want Della to be with Chase (he keeps things from Della but Della keeps things from him.) I HATE Steve what kind of guy leaves her like that and won't answer the phone. I do hope Kylie and Lucas are in this book and Miranda gets her happy ending!! I like Love triangles but this story doesn't seem like a love triangle b/c Steve left the story. If he comes back he sure dose NOT deserve her. I'm very happy with who she ended up with too (But I won't tell) ;)update: It was nothing short o [...]

    6. Review to come!Update 8/28/15:I won and ARC of this book through Giveaway in exchange for an honest review.This was a fantastic conclusion to this amazing series! C.C. Hunter has always blown me away with her writing. She always manages to capture the right amount of humor, action, and romance in all of her books, and it makes for such an enjoyable read. This book has it all: drama (it knows no bounds in this one), pure craziness (come on, it's Della we're talking about here), suspense, and lau [...]

    7. Della has grown into her new Reborn powers much more so than in the previous two novels but must put them to use all too soon. Her father is being charged with his sister's murder. Della knows her father isn't capable of murder but it's difficult to concentrate on clearing his name when her aunt's ghost keeps insisting he killed her. It's even harder to concentrate with a sexy vampire and a hot shape-shifter vying for her affections.I had such mixed feelings when I finished this book. I was flyi [...]

    8. Later rerated to*: 4 Stars*I'm rerating a lot of the books I read in the past to fit my current taste. Most of the time it's downrating books that I thought I really liked at the time but there are a few exceptions. :) And it'd be too much to try to reflect these changes on my blog, so the ratings will remain as the original ones on Xingsings.4.5 Stars, Completed October 7, 2015It’s been almost a year since I’ve last read and reviewed the previous books in this trilogy. Even though Unspoken [...]

    9. 3.5 starsI definitely liked Della's trilogy more than Kylie's story. Della was less annoying and also more active. As in: she actually investigated. So her journey was definitely amazing. I loved that we got a multiple POV (Edit: I didn't really like how the two POVs just jumped around. You were invested in a scene and then BAM, different scene. And a lot was left to imagine for the reader, like Chase's fight at the prison. But the boring love triangle scenes were fully developed. Just great). C [...]

    10. Still here. Still miss you. Still love you.I'm writing this review wit a crying and laughing eye, how you would say it in Germany. Unspoken was definitely the best book in the After Dark series, the most emotional, exciting, saddest and surprising one.First of all, I repeat myself : I love Della. She is so so tough and fights for her dreams, although she is a broken hearted girl inside. However, thanks to the bonds in her life, she stands up and thought - no matter that others said.One of these [...]

    11. what a fantastic ending!! I love this series so much!!I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, so just know that I love it and that I highly recommend it! --------------c.c hunter, I love you and can't wait to keep reading your books. 5/5 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    12. This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review Actual Rating: 4.5 StarsMY THOUGHTSEver since I picked up Born at Midnight four years ago, I've loved every one of these Shadow Falls books, so I was ecstatic to receive this book for review! I really enjoyed this last installment of Della's series!Della's currently in what you would call a situation. Her father is going to go on trial for murdering his sister, [...]

    13. This book wasn't fun at all. All the shadow falls books have been fun, this one was just depressing, which was mostly due to our narrator and her never ending self-hatred. Also the scenes were split between Chase and Della (if you didn't already know who she would choose, the POV's really give it away) and they just cut out in the middle of conversations and it would go back in forth for literally the entire book. I don't know if there was a full scene in here. And the entire book was the SAME E [...]

    14. Let it be Steve~! He's a nice guy. He's not flashy, he's understanding and yeah he made mistakes but he's still the best guy for Della. They got to know each other gradually. Chase is fine, he can be bound to her or whatever but he's very forceful, he expects Della to be with him because they're the same, I thought Kylie's story is about promoting equality? If Della ends up with Chase it's like going back and say hey they're the same so they should end up together Look he is fun and interesting [...]

    15. I loved all the previous Shadow Falls books, and it makes me so sad that I didn't feel the same way about Unspoken. Sure, I loved the story, and I adore most of the characters, but I just can't stand the love interest. Seriously, why does Hunter keep on doing this? No, it's not sexy to be crazy jealous and acting like a little bitch, (view spoiler)[Chase (hide spoiler)]. No, it's not sexy for you to constantly only be thinking about sex and how to get it on. No, it's not sexy to try and force De [...]

    16. I was annoyed with the start of this one. Della was once again not listening to things, but jumping to conclusions, which lead to issues later. Like any teen thinks she knows all, when she didn't know crap. I liked that Burrnet tried to reign in Della by pointing out her mistakes in a good way.The way that Della treated Chase annoyed me as well. She knows how he feels about her, has even admitted to herself that she loves him, yet time and time again she yells at him and pushes him away.I did li [...]

    17. another perfect ending to an amazing novel! I have loved the shadow falls series for a long time and when I found out there was a spin off series I was overjoyed. while it was a trilogy, I feel that the pacing was wonderful, which is true for this book. there was so much to be concluded and tied together and it was all resolved by the end, even if I was worried near the last few pages about some things not happening the way I wanted them too. this book was absolutely phenomenal and I'm always re [...]

    18. Vampir-Mädchen Della Tsang weiß nicht, wo ihr der Kopf steht. Alles scheint aus den Fugen geraten zu sein: Chase Tallman, der Junge, in den sie sich verliebt hat, ist spurlos verschwunden. Die FRU - für die Della unbedingt als Ermittlerin arbeiten will - zweifelt an ihrer Loyalität. Und der Mordverdacht, der auf ihrem Vater lastet, scheint die Familie langsam auseinanderzureißen. Della wird klar, dass sie jetzt Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung setzen muss, um das Verbrechen endlich aufzukläre [...]

    19. More of 4.5 starsI've been wanting to read this book for ages! But with the publication date so close to my exams, I hadn't been able toBut I did it anyways!This book was way above my expectations, it had the perfect amount of humor, mystery and action to balance it out!!DellaDella is the MC of this series and a very good one at it! She is headstrong and determined to get her dad off a murder that he's accused of. The only lead she has in the beginning of the book is Chase, who also happens to b [...]

    20. C.C. Hunters "Im Dunkel der Nacht" ist das dritte und letzte Buch ihrer "Shadow Falls After Dark" Reihe und im FJB Verlag erschienen. Diese Trilogie ist die Spin-Off Reihe zu ihrer bekannten Jugendbuch Fantasy Reihe "Shadow Falls Camp", bestehend aus fünf Bänden, die ebenfalls im FJB Verlag erschienen ist. Als riesengroßer Fan ihrer Bücher, Charaktere und ihres Schreibstils, brauchte ich gar nicht lange zu überlegen, denn "Shadow Falls After Dark" ist ein absolutes Lese-Muss! Nachdem ich am [...]

    21. Inhalt:Della läuft die Zeit davon. In zwei Wochen soll ihr Vater vor Gericht stehen und noch immer gibt es keine Spur von ihrem Onkel.Die Lüge, die Chase ihr aufgetischt hat, bereitet ihr ebenso Sorgen und doch kann sie sich nicht von ihm fernhalten.Chase hingegen wagt einen großen Schritt. Er will für die FRU arbeiten, den Mörder von Dellas Tante finden, und in Shadow Falls eingesetzt werden. Dass dies zur Gefahr für Della werden könnte, hätte er nie vermutet.Meinung:Dellas Geschichte h [...]

    22. **I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Genre* Young Adult, Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*Unspoken is the final novel in the Shadow Falls: After Dark trilogy. This trilogy features 17-year old vampire Della Tsang, the best friend of Kylie Galen, and Miranda Kane. It has been a very long 9 months for Della. First, she finds out that she carries the gene that transformed her int [...]

    23. Ein super Abschluss der Spin off Reihe! Super spannend, da endlich das Rätsel um den Mord an Dellas Tante aufgelöst wird, Della und ihre Familie ihre Probleme lösen und Della sich endlich entscheidet welcher Junge derjenige ist, den sie liebt. Die Geschichte liest sich super gut und schreitet ruckzuck voran. Ohne, dass auch nur ein Hauch Langeweile aufgekommen wäre :)Trotzdem ist es natürlich immer auch ein bisschen traurig,wenn eine Serie zu Ende geht - aber mit diesem Abschluss war ich au [...]

    24. Spoilers for the first two in Della's story!!!!Just had an all nighter reading the first two books in Della's trilogy, love chase bit I'm kinda getting annoyed by the whole "I can't like him/I think I love him" scenario. C.C. Hunter is a good writer but even at the beginning of the 'After Dark' I felt it was just like Kylie's story Uncle= Grandparents. Love, "good guy" then "bad guy". Honestly I liked the story so I'm kinda hoping for a Miranda story soon.

    25. I was in a really bad reading slump but C. C. Hunter's books always get's me out of them and Unspoken did the trick. I'm going to miss the whole Shadowfall's group but thank goodness C. C. Hunter came out with Almost Midnight. C. C. Hunter's books are always so hilarious but also very touching to the heart and I love how fast I can get through her books. They are never boring and always put me in a good mood.

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