La Patron's Christmas

La Patron s Christmas It s Christmas time at the compound and Jasmine mate of Silas Knight and Alpha Bitch in the nation has decided it s time for the kids to learn about the holiday Plans are underway for a huge carniva

  • Title: La Patron's Christmas
  • Author: Sydney Addae
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s Christmas time at the compound and Jasmine, mate of Silas Knight and Alpha Bitch in the nation, has decided it s time for the kids to learn about the holiday Plans are underway for a huge carnival full of games, music and family fun It s not until an unexpected guest arrives that Jasmine realizes she and Silas have missed critical elements in their children s educatIt s Christmas time at the compound and Jasmine, mate of Silas Knight and Alpha Bitch in the nation, has decided it s time for the kids to learn about the holiday Plans are underway for a huge carnival full of games, music and family fun It s not until an unexpected guest arrives that Jasmine realizes she and Silas have missed critical elements in their children s education La Patron s Christmas is a novella which may be read alone, however, it is a continuation of the La Patron, Alphas Alpha series To understand the depth of the relationships between Jasmine, Silas, Asia, Angus and Hawke, I suggest you read the following books BirthRight, book one is a free read and sets the tone for the series.

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    One thought on “La Patron's Christmas”

    1. This next story in the "La Patron's" series was wonderful. I don't think I ever cried from the previous books before but this one had me teary eyed.Jasmine is very excited because she gets to share Christmas with the Wolves for the first time, so she is going all out (my kind of woman, I love Christmas too). Everyone is on board and excited well except for Silas he has lived so long and to him its just another day, a pagan holiday at that for him and with all of the security breaches and attacks [...]

    2. Wonderful!Great Christmas present. So wonderful catching up with La Patron, Jasmine and family. Loved Christmas lesson, lesson in respect from Rese & Rone to quads. And David-little Silas (more so than otherslove how he commands others). Impatiently waiting for next installment.

    3. Hot Damn!This was an awesome story! It connected to Sword of Mercy and that was an unexpected bonus! I so enjoyed the "talk" Rone and Rese had with their younger siblings about respect. I applaud the show of love, respect and commitment Silas showed Jasmine by including her faith and the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you Sydney for this wonderful gift on Christmas.

    4. The reason for the season!The pack , learning the reason for the season! This book made me cry more than once. Loved it! I love this whole series, I've read it at least six times. But this book touches you!

    5. Merry Christmas indeedGreat job Sydney this novella was awesome and I loved the Christmas theme. I feel as if I too am a integral part of the Patrons den. Can't wait for the next story. Fan4Life!

    6. Quick little read. And clearly I have to finish the sword series. I missed a few things. Like how grown the kids are. Lol

    7. Lovely look into how the Knight family celebrates ChristmasHeart warming and funny parts to the story, with a lovely festival e feeling. This short story also introduced Serita, Hawkes daughter.

    8. AhhhhEven this short story was good! It seems to me that maybe this author is really Jasmine the mate of La Patron! And she's telling her story. I was really moved at the love and understanding the author put into this story. Christmas was brought to the wolf pack's all over the state's because of the love in La Patron's family/den. This truly was a moving story and added to the next story. This author has a great cast of characters and uses them in a way that let's the reader know and understan [...]

    9. Another Great ReadSydney Addae has done it again! I loved the short read related to the La Patron series. I'm so glad things are looking up for Hawk's pups. I'm so at awe with David, one of the La Patrons pups. He looks like he will soon come into his own. He will make a Great Alpha real soon. He may even grow up to be the next La Patron. This is a book that I will refer to others. However, I feel you should read the first 2 series to understand where we are with this read.

    10. wonderful to help catch up with the characters from the la patron series. it's a good reminder true meaning of Christmas without the craziness. The children of Silas and Jasmine Knight are growing up and we get to see how they are growing and responding to the things around them. Miss Sydney Addae does not disappoint with this quickly for the holiday. we get to see and feel the atmosphere perfect settings within the family den and pack. This was an enjoyable for this time of year or truly for an [...]

    11. A Novella in the La Patron seriesThis is a lovely Christmas Novella that continues the story of Jasmine and Silas and how they teach the cubs and all the wolves about the human tradition of Christmas. The cubs are now of an age that they need to think about others that are not part of their family circle. Christmas is a great time to do it. The future of the wolf nation is starting to look good, and the Liege is nowhere to be seen.

    12. Another great book!This book was read in 2 hours because I couldn't put it down. I loved the way Jasmine and La Patron taught their kids the true meaning of Christmas. I also love the way La Patron, Silas, continues to show his commitment to pack and family by acknowledging Jasmine's faith within the pack. I hope this series continues or spins off so we can continue to learn about La Patron and Jasmine's family/pack.

    13. This is a review for books 1 thru 3 and La Patron's Christmas. I give it a solid 5. This is an imaginative, awesome story with fantastic characters. I read the first 6 books of the La Patron series and couldn't put them down and I had to continue on with La Patron's Sword until there were no more books in this series to read so far! This series could continue forever and I would continue to read it. Great series and I highly recommend it.

    14. Happy HolidaysThis is a sweet holiday story and a terrific addition to a great series.This was a wonderful way to get the true meaning of Christmas .I just love a holiday story and you're going to love this one as well.

    15. What a sweet Christmas story for La Patron's den! Jasmine rocks because she always has a six sense as to what cements her family. Bringing two cultures together into the fold made me wipe tears from my eyes.

    16. I liked this book. I liked the introduction of Sarita and being able to see more of the kids personalities. It was entertaining but the books are starting to feel the same, nothing really exciting. I would like to see more of the characters because the basic plot remains the same.

    17. Awesome read!!!!This was a great read, I love the traditions of both the wolf nation and the human Christian aspects of the story and the pups intelligence to understand the true meaning of giving.

    18. Awesome Jasmine taught Silas and his wolves about the aspects of a Christian Christmas. The children experienced a tragedy and had their first taste of being compassionate and caring about others. Even Silas enjoyed the new Christmas experience.

    19. Merry Happy, this is a wonderful addition to the series, it gives a wonderful glimpse into the life and thoughts of Silas Jasmine and there children. I love the whole Christmas message that Jasmine is tiring to teach her children and the whole of the wolf nation.

    20. Wow!Just finished reading, if it wasn't late I'd start reading it again. Wonderful story with good life lessons we all can benefit from. Sydney Addae you rock! I've said it before, if you haven't started this series you're missing out on some good reading. Start today!

    21. I enjoyed reading this book very much. I definitely will read the other books in this series. I truly would recommend this author.

    22. I love this series, and this book almost slipped pass me. Will definitely recommend this series to any and all.

    23. GoodreadAwesomeI loved the book I just wished it was longer. I look forward too the next story. Hopefully I want have to weight to long.

    24. As always As always never a disappointment, I enjoyed spending the holidays in the Den. Each story brings you closer to each character and it has you hooked for more.

    25. A nice look into the family. Especially nice to see the pups as they grow. Love that family is still a major part of La Patron and his mate's life as well. Great addition to the series.

    26. Should be read after reading the entire La Patron series and Sword of Mercy, which is the book 2 of the La Patron's Sword series.

    27. Another hit!What a wonderful story. It links perfectly with the storyline. No hints here, you MUST read this story for yourself!

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