Devout Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt I have Have you ever cherished the pain because you knew the kind you d face without them would be way too unbearable That s me To young Neeka Perry D

  • Title: Devout
  • Author: Takerra Allen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt I have Have you ever cherished the pain because you knew the kind you d face without them would be way too unbearable That s me To young Neeka Perry, Denny is one thing In the streets, he s a whole other entity But she was brave enough to love both sides, upside down, all around, and back again He provided her with alHave you ever loved someone so much that it hurt I have Have you ever cherished the pain because you knew the kind you d face without them would be way too unbearable That s me To young Neeka Perry, Denny is one thing In the streets, he s a whole other entity But she was brave enough to love both sides, upside down, all around, and back again He provided her with all a girl could believe she dreamed of security, desire, and most enviably, genuine love, all wrapped up in gold and diamonds.He removed her far from the course of her ordinary college girl lifestyle and swept her into his world of whimsical madness For this and , her love went beyond loyalty She was devout devout to him But is there a such thing as too much passion Can you love someone too much And when you realize the person you love and the person everyone fears can also be the one everyone loves and you can one day soon fear, who will save you Especially when the person you need saving from, is yourself Stop right there I don t want to be saved I ve shackled myself to him with love And I swallowed the key I m in this for the long run I am devout.

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    One thought on “Devout”

    1. Wow Just wow I need a moment (pause)I've been a fan since the TTW Series, so I already knew about the author's talent. I went into this book blind because even though I had heard all the hype about the book being excellent, I didn't want a preamble. Once I began reading I thought the experience was the usual then and now account about the love story of D Rock and Neeka. I read each word and lived through it. Not until 85% into the book did the light come all the way on. OMG Once the light came o [...]

    2. I read this book after seeing so many people read it and loved it. The reviews were good.The book started out slow to me. I didnt get into the story until I was about 54% into the book. After completing the book it made sense but I had already figure out he wasnt just crazy in love he was just plain crazy. The story ended up being good towards the end. I could'nt picture the characters as being the way the story was written.

    3. SHE DID THAT! Storyline? AMAZING! Character development? AMAZING! I could not put this book down and read it in one sitting. I experienced every emotion possible while reading this and was moved to tears by the ending. Not a little sniffle here or there, full blown weeping. Great job! If you haven't purchased this book already, what exactly are you waiting for?

    4. I hate it took me so long to read this book but I'm glad I did. Denny was crazy as hell but I loved every minute of it.

    5. 'Does that make me crazy? Does that make me crazy? Probably'D RockDenacheDenny indeed the man. D Rock is that dude that has Newark on lock. the top to the bottom and everything in between. His name makes the toughest thug stutterwhy? D Rock has no conscience, he's ruthless and there is a vacant look that lurks in the shadows of his eyesa vacancy that you don't want directed toward you. His street cred rings loud and clear, near and far, and there are no boundaries or no limits to his actions or [...]

    6. DEVOUTEveryone was raving on this book, so I had to read it. I was put off at first because it was boring. There were many instances where I wanted to put it down, but I kept going. It got a little better, but not much.

    7. This was an ok read. the book started out slow and definitely took way too long to get to the point of the story. I really had to force myself to finish this one because I am a huge fan of her other books. The main characters Denny and Neeka I did not really connect with.

    8. Devout What happens when you give yourself to someone completely, wholeheartedly, no questions asked? Neeka soon finds out, as she steps into a whirlwind romance with Newark's finest, Denny "D. Rock" Graham. Feared in the streets,Neeka soon discovers a side of him that very few have seen.Takerra Allen has done it again! I enjoyed the past to present storyline. The characters were well developed and you felt as if you were really a part of the book and really knew them. I found myself experiencin [...]

    9. was amazing!!!!This book was amazing!!! Not your typical love story!!! Its does start off like a regular dopeboy meets girl love story but boy does it get intense!!! Takerra you are an amazing writer and I will continue to support you!!!

    10. I'm glad I read this for myself. Very touching story, that I and so many others could relate to. Although the ending was not bad close to the story, I feel that Tekerra should consider a book two.

    11. The book was pretty good. It was definitely a page-turner. I feel as if when the author referred to the past, that should have been italicized, and when she wrote about the present, it should have been regular font. Also, it doesn't seem as if the author knows what the word "gape" mean because it was used incorrectly the majority of the timewhich was A LOT. Other than those 2 complaints, I think the book is worth reading and I have already started the sequel.

    12. de·vout\di-ˈvau̇t\adjective: deeply religious : devoted to a particular religion: loyal to something : devoted to a particular belief, organization, person, etc.: serious and sincere-Merriam-Webster DictionaryThis adjective described Neeka Perry to a T. a faulther fault? A young woman in pursuit of higher education, she didn't realize she would find a higher love.ybe even higher than self love. Denache'aka DRock aka Denny Graham to her was like a breath of fresh air: oxygen to her lungs reall [...]

    13. I struggled to finish this book. I try to see if there was anything that stood out. But alas it wasn't meant to be. I I felt no connection between the two main characters Denny or Neeka and neither the supporting characters Ty or Briannna they were too trifling. This was like some crazy in love And Denny’s madness would remove them so far from reality; she had to cling to him to survive because the territory was so unfamiliar. I waded thru the book reading the past and the present trying hard [...]

    14. Devout is not at all what I expected. I would go so far as to say it should not be categorized as Urban Lit. I did not expect the subject matter that I discovered and was eventually revealed in this book. I feel that Takerra took on this subject and handled it well. It was so well written for me that I was already a Denny fan prior to the big reveal, however I was not surprised and it did not matter to me. I was so hurt by the end for him that I could not stop the tears. This was a very emotiona [...]

    15. I'm not a huge fan of urban lit, but I saw so many good reviews that I had to give this one a try. The development of the characters was the strongest piece of this story. Usually when a story is written with past and present perspectives, it becomes confusing. However, Takerra does it splendidly which helped tremendously with the plot development. I feel the one major factor of this story that I didn't enjoy was the intimate scenes. To me, they were a bit too raw. I think the strong magnetic pu [...]

    16. Neeka is a good girl aspiring to be a Veternarian,she lives a worried free life and is attending college.One fateful night she meets the kingpin of Newark and their tumultuous love story begins.Wow!!!What a great drama filled book from the first page until the last.There were too many OMG moments to even count.Throughout the entire book I thought one thing and then suddenly it was an entirely different outcome. Takerra never disappoints,her words jumps right off of the page and creates a movie i [...]

    17. Crazy in Love!You're my Oxygen! Never seen a love so addictive. He is crazy in so many ways. But the love of his life make him worse. She love him even with all his disorders. He make sure to keep the streets away from his family. I fell in love with him with the way he loved his woman.

    18. DEEP. SO FREAKING DEEP "I LOVE YOU LIKE OXYGEN" Boy (Denny) see Girl (Neeka), Boy want Girl, Girl say NO, Boy says yes, Girl gives in cause by "god's will" it could work between the two; BUT what if there is a force stronger then the bonding glue that holding it all together pulling it apart?!This was my 1st read by Takerra Allen and SHE HAS MY ATTENTION!!!!AMAZING

    19. I have read other books from Takerra Allen and really enjoyed them. This one just didn't do it for me. The switching from past to present just didn't flow in my opinion. I enjoyed reading the past but the present was just boring. The characters were well developed but this story just didn't keep my attention at all. I didn't even care about any of the characters.

    20. Favorite Read Thus FarWow. Wow. Wow.Takerra Allen has done it once again, effortlessly.I literally have no words except perfection. My goodness guys! But this book. It's so worth it!

    21. Good book!This was a love hurt story. When they say if u love somebody to let them go this book is that meaning.Enjoyed it!!!!

    22. DEVOUTThis is my first time reading a book by this Author. I’ve seen book pop up from time to time on my kindle recommend list but I never took the chance to read it. After watching a video review on it and it listed being #1 I purchased it to read. I love me a GOOD book and let me just saye money I spent purchasing it was the best money ever spent lmao. I LOVED this book so much it so good, so detailed. I can not wait to read the second half ! I enjoyed reading it and was NOT expecting to fin [...]

    23. Good book. I love how this book pull you in . this book took me though some emotions. The romance between Denny & Neeka showed you that love its everything . when you read this book take your time and you will understand it all as it take you down the road of love and pain back to love .

    24. Contemporary Urban Love StoryThe characters were able to reach out and grab my heart. The love they shared was real enough to touch. This is my first read from this author, but not my last.

    25. Speechless!This has got to be one of my most favorite love stories. I can't wait to get into the second book & the author is quickly becoming one of my faves ❤️

    26. GreatA must read! I love this story and will be reading part II. Good job Takerra. I can't wait for what is next

    27. DEVOUT - TAKERRA ALLENI LOVE MY HOOD BOOKS, I CAN'T LIE!!A hood book is exactly what I thought I would be getting, when I finally decided to download the book titled "DEVOUT", but my typical definition of hood was way off target during this read. You see this book is not hood in the usual definition, but rather an amazingly pure love being grown in the belly of the hood. Let me break it down into its purest form. Look at it like this. Think about a two day snowfall on the streets and sidewalks o [...]

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