Escape Luke Charla Will Lyssa J J and Ian aren t alone on their desert island They ve survived so far but now their enemies are closing in They have only one chance to escape Will they make it

  • Title: Escape
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780439164528
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Luke, Charla, Will, Lyssa, J.J and Ian aren t alone on their desert island They ve survived so far but now their enemies are closing in They have only one chance to escape Will they make it

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    One thought on “Escape”

    1. I enjoyed this final book of the Island series. I wanted to read this book right after I finished the second book and it did not disappoint. My son and daughter, 12 and 9, both have enjoyed this series as well. I read this book one day after I finished the 2nd book and finished in the same day. Easy read and enjoyable!

    2. I read the first two in this series several years ago, but missed the third. It was pretty much worth the wait though - not high literature, but fairly entertaining. I like it for my classroom because: it is short, it is part of a series, and it is suspenseful - three strong ingredients for reluctant readers.

    3. A good ending to an adventure filled trilogy. I appreciate that the six kids were able to work together so well & survive on such a deserted island, despite struggle after struggle after struggle. A great middle years series.

    4. Ben SimonThe book I read is "Island" Book Three: Escape, by Gordon Korman. This book is the last one in Korman's Island series where six kids are shipwrecked on a deserted island and must survive. This is personally my favorite book in the series because of it's genius plot, writing, danger, and pulse-stopping suspense that literally keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The main characters who end up stranded consist of Luke (a boy framed for having a gun in his locker), Will and Lyssa (t [...]

    5. I like this book because it was adventurous. It made me picture myself in the jungle.Will and his family were on a ship heading to somewhere. It gets serious when Will's gunshot wound is badly infected. His fever goes up. He gets goofy and passes out. They give him medicine from the abandoned army dispensary in the jungle. Medicine is running low. Ian said he should have seen a doctor. Their plan to escape is tricky! J.J. has to go on the smugglers plane, he is held for ransom and tries to get e [...]

    6. Book Three Escape by Gordon Korman. The book is a nail bitting, grip riding book. The characters are stuck and have many escape chances but most attempts fail except when J.J Finds a plane to escape just to find out it is smugglers that use the uncharted island off the pacific ocean.The issue is life or death. Will a main character has been wounded from a gun shot to the leg from the previous book J.J escapes with luck and gets a lift to the uncharted island to help rescue the others.During J.Js [...]

    7. The book Island Book Three: Escape is a great book. It is about six kids that got stuck on an island. The lived on the island for about a month. They had to live on what the island offered them. They had fish almost everyday of the week. They had to boil water to get the salt water fresh. The six kids didn't always get along with each other. Some of the kids were getting sick and injured until a plane dropped medicine off but didn't help them anymore then that.I would recommend this book to male [...]

    8. The final installment of the Island trilogy, Escape has Luke and the other kids having to make desperate descisions to find a way to not only survive, but to get out. Knowing that the only people that will ever find them on the island are murdering smugglers, and having will dying of an infection from a bullet would, they make the choice to have one of them stow away on the smugglers plane to try and get help. But when rescue still doesn't come, they may have to take matters into their own hands [...]

    9. This book tought me to never be selfish and that teamwork works the best in most dangerous situations like the kids in the book went through. I loved this book and I thought the ending was the best part because the rich kid JJ who didn't do anything useful on the island and thought the whole thing with the criminals on the island was a fake, finally stepped up to the plate and took the chance to redeem himself from the mistakes he made.

    10. I'm not sure why I like this series, but I really, really do. It's about a group of kids, all of whom have serious issues, who end up on an island trying to survive. Things spiral out of control from there, and it stops being just a man versus nature story in pretty incredible (unbelievable?) ways. And I still really like it.

    11. A clear and present danger is on the island, and the castaways' are falling apart. J.J. runs off into the woods, Will is fatally injured, and even Charla is losing her temper. This thrilling conclusion to the Island series made me sad to leave these characters.

    12. This was a awesome book, the only problem was that I have not read books 1 or 2.I think that all the characters became better people in this book, although that is true with a lot of characters in many books.

    13. I loved this book because it was exciting. The recommended reading age for me is 5th grade and up. Will got shot in the leg and had surgery and the operator on the island fainted. Other books from the same author are the series Dive, The Titanic, Everest, and Island. Will they make it alive? Read the book to find out!!!

    14. This is the conclusion to the Island trilogy. If you liked the first two books, you'll like this one. The 6 kids need to figure out how to get off of the island.

    15. Fun series. The kids were so on edge that anything I read next will seem anticlimactic. Which annoys me.

    16. When I was a kid reading these, I can’t remember a better way to perfectly end such a fantastic series.

    17. Friday:Luke has spotted a chicken, while Will back at Camp with a bullet wound trying to stay alive as much as he can. Luke goes behind the log just as he plunged forward the chicken ran off, Ian grabbed the the fowl, but its wings flapping going into the forest. They would run after it but every ten feet it would stop. the branches and the palms would trip them and smack them, but Ian saw the bird it headed for the beach. Back at camp Lyssa gave Will his pills and it was his birthday too, but t [...]

    18. By the time the trilogy ended, the kids had grown on me, and I cared a bit more about what happened to them.

    19. By the time I got to the third book in Gordon Korman's Island series, it was kind of a relief just to know that it would all be over soon.To recap the events of Shipwreck and Survival (SPOILERS AHEAD, BUT THIS IS A REVIEW OF BOOK 3, SO I'D HAVE HOPED YOU'D HAVE FIGURED THAT OUT ON YOUR OWN), thirteen-year-old Luke Haggerty is framed for a crime he didn't commit and is sent, as part of his sentence, to participate in a sailing trip with five other troubled kids. Charla Swann is an overachiever fr [...]

    20. Island: Escape, the last part of Korman's adventure trilogy, may give away the ending with its title, but it manages to maintain the suspense until the end of the novel. Korman has many plot elements going on here- Will's bullet injury, JJ's insistence that their situation has been entirely staged by the company they set to sea with, the discovery of an atomic bomb from World War II on the island, smugglers, and the tension and dynamics within the group.On nearly every review I have written for [...]

    21. Hannah BaileyThe Island 3: EscapeAuthor:The kids continue to survive stranded on the island, but Will continues to get worse after he was shot. Then on top of that, the criminals return to the island with more illegal animals. The castaways realize that they have to figure out a way to get off of the island soon. Finally Luke comes up with a plan to escape in the cargo of the criminals plane. I really enjoyed this book. It was an amazing way to end the series. I loved when the kids were trying t [...]

    22. The thrilling conclusion to the Island series, this book doesn't slack off the action one bit. In fact, it pretty much increases.Reunited with their lost friends, and with Will’s memory returned, there are new problems for the six castaways to face. Will, though his mind is back to normal, has now suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the leg. Moreover, the six have discovered an abandoned army base from W.W. II, and an atomic bomb, which was left forgotten after it was never deployed. With [...]

    23. I thought this book was very thrilling and i wish they would have made another book. My favorite character is Ian he is a very smart boy who gets all his knowledge from the discovery channel. He has saved them from starvation many times and he has come up with a way to get ocean water into fresh water. This book is all about surviving except for there is one problem there are drug smugglers on the island with them they saw a man shoot another man with out a wince. And the rich son of famous movi [...]

    24. It was amazing! Great third and last book of the series! The best of them all. I felt like I was watching a movie, and the suspense really got to me. I wanted the book to be longer and filled with more details, but the author found a way around that, filling the location description and deeper character developments spaces with action. A very light read that I can't but feel sad that ended. I haven't felt this way after a survival-adventure book in a long time, so I got that going for me, which [...]

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