Zoom at Sea

Zoom at Sea While exploring the attic one afternoon Zoom finds a map drawn by his mysterious Uncle Roy with directions to the sea Following destiny he meets Maria who transforms her dark house into a roaring o

  • Title: Zoom at Sea
  • Author: Tim Wynne-Jones Eric Beddows
  • ISBN: 9780060214487
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While exploring the attic one afternoon, Zoom finds a map drawn by his mysterious Uncle Roy with directions to the sea Following destiny, he meets Maria, who transforms her dark house into a roaring ocean, complete with screeching gulls, driftwood, and far, far off in the distance Uncle Roy s elusive ship Illustrated.

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      188 Tim Wynne-Jones Eric Beddows
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    One thought on “Zoom at Sea”

    1. Zoom is a cat who loves water and longs for adventure at sea. When he discovers a map to the ocean in the attic, left by his Uncle Roy, a ship's captain, he sets out to explore and has a fantastical journey.The crosshatched black and white line drawings are thoughtfully depicted, with many skillful small details that enhance the story of a seafaring, ocean-loving household. The tale itself is laced with elements of fantasy and ambiguity that will make it intriguing for young readers. Where does [...]

    2. Klasyczna historia o kotku, który uwielbiał bawić się wodą, wzbogacona o nowe wydanie w twardej okładce ze szkicami Erica Beddowsa.

    3. “Le Matou Marin” is an absolutely joyous story: exquisitely, emotionally depicting the most adorable cat you ever saw, in a captain’s hat! ‘Bébert’ is presumably ‘Zoom’ from the English “Zoom At Sea”, famous in Tim Wynne-Jones stories. Determining the English title was tricky. French doesn’t translate well and there is a different artist for this French version I encountered at a garage sale. Ken Nutt isn’t listed on English titles but every page is wonderfully vivid, with [...]

    4. This series is so sweetly written and illustrated, it just begs you to pick it up. Zoom is a little round kitty looking for his sailor Uncle, and the way he travels the globe is absolutely magical. Lavishly illustrated in soft pencil/wash drawings that engage little ones and make the rest of us smile. Great companion books to the "Orlando" series.

    5. The pencil illustrations are lovely and I liked the idea of a cat who really wants to go to sea and follows his dreams, but I didn't really get this story. Kids have wild imaginations, so maybe they'll be able to accept the strange plot of a room that turns into the sea better than I. If it weren't for the illustrations, I would give this two stars.

    6. A fantastical adventure of a cat named Zoom has he attempts to follow his Uncle Roy to the sea.The illustrations are really the stand-out element of this book - a deserving winner of the Amelia Francis Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award.

    7. Oh, wow. With illustrations that evoke Van Allsburg at his best, this fantastic adventure of a cat going to sea is eminently satisfying. I can see why they published a 35 anniversary edition. Still a worthy purchase.

    8. I found all three Zoom books in beautiful condition at Mariposa Public Library in the Friends of Library books for sale room. It was like uncovering buried treasure. What a joy to read all three in one sitting!

    9. I had to do a screening read. The PandaBat was afraid this would make her cry. No such. Cool and weird, it reminds me of David Weisners books, but with much more text, and totally different art.

    10. The pictures for this book are great! And the story was simple. But this book was so smelly I such a time trying to read it!

    11. One of my favourite picture books. The VanAllsburg-like illustrations and wonderful imagination just sell it so hard.

    12. A strange book, but I liked the pictures very much. I'm not sure if there's a sequel or a few books about Zoom, but the ending was pretty abrupt.

    13. beautifully illustrated!a book about dreaming big dreams.a book about the sea to use this in a lesson a lesson about the ocean, about doing what you dream of doing, about friendship.

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