Roots of Human Behavior

Roots of Human Behavior The great courses social sciences Includes audio cassettes and course guidebook in original case

  • Title: Roots of Human Behavior
  • Author: Barbara J. King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • The great courses social sciences Includes 6 audio cassettes and course guidebook in original case.

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      293 Barbara J. King
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    One thought on “Roots of Human Behavior”

    1. Not quite what I expected. The title really suggests that it will be about human behavior, possibly exploring underlying psychological patterns or evolutionary origins. Instead it is all about monkey and ape behavior, though especially focusing on behaviors that one might assume are, if not uniquely human, then at least central to the human experience. The thesis is only directly addressed on occasion in the lectures, but the underlying point is that much of what people think of as human behavio [...]

    2. Like many people have pointed out, the title of the book does not match the content. This is about the behaviour of apes, whereas I was expecting a book about evolutionary psychology. I would have given this only two stars, but someone in the comments said that the lecturer is not a credible source because she has taught "SJW courses like womens studies". So I am going to give this one extra star, because that is how we roll in feminist illuminati. (And also because I think the author had very v [...]

    3. I liked it. But honestly I learned more about potentially inherited human traits from "Sex at Dawn". That kind of says something.

    4. This series of taped lectures concerns biological anthropology, which studies human nature in the context of monkeys, apes and the anthropoid ancestors of human beings. The lecture tapes were given to me and recommended by an old friend who argues that we do well to think of ourselves as apes on the African savannah.Though I’m inclined to agree with my friend, I was on the lookout for areas in which conclusions drawn from our ape ancestry might disagree with my current opinions. I was extremel [...]

    5. I came into this lecture series with optimistic hopes but I was very disappointed to not find anything very conclusive in this course. I was hoping to glean some insights on human early behavior. This lecture series attempts to explain the evolution and behavior of early hominids around the time we are supposed to have a common ancestor, around 4-6 million years ago, by examining our closest living (evolutionary) relatives, the great apes. The hope is that by a synthesis of taking what we know a [...]

    6. As other reviewers have noted, this course's title may be a bit misleading. To me, the lectures attempt to explain the evolution of early hominids (4-6 million years ago) by examining our closest living (evolutionary) relatives, the great apes. Baselines are established by the great apes community, mating preferences, intelligence (tool use/making) and, finally, communication and the ability to learn new things.Dr King's presentation is clear (perhaps a bit flat-toned) and concise, much like wha [...]

    7. I love the Great Courses. They are available through the library system, and cover every topic imaginable. This one looks at our closest relatives from an evolutionary perspective. One of my favorite parts was the reminder that we did NOT evolve from apes. Apes and humans evolved from a common human ancestor. I know this, but I don't always think of it that way, and her explaination and reminder about this common misconception (hopefully) left it stuck in my head.

    8. The sex differences one ruined it for me. Skipped he lecture after that because there was nonsensical appropriation of delegitimizing language at the start. Some other silliness throughout. The professor apparently teaches SJW courses (women's studies), so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not this is for you. Aside from that it's of varying quality The negatives are awful, though.

    9. It is a course about monkeys and great apes. Interesting, good as an introduction but there is few information about humans. (you have to relate them).

    10. this really about monkeys and apes behavior and not human and even as course in apes and monkeys it still ok

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