The French Mathematician

The French Mathematician A novel about the extraordinary life of the th century French mathematican Evariste Galois a prodigy who made fundamental discoveries at the age of was imprisoned for his republican beliefs at

  • Title: The French Mathematician
  • Author: Tom Petsinis
  • ISBN: 9780802713452
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A novel about the extraordinary life of the 19th century French mathematican Evariste Galois, a prodigy who made fundamental discoveries at the age of 18, was imprisoned for his republican beliefs at 19, and who died at 20 in a mysterious early morning duel.

    The French Mathematician Hardcover The French Mathematician is a fictional memoir of Evariste Galois, the mathematical genius who made innovations in algebra before his untimely death in Galois narrates the book, describing how he sought solace in the order and certainty of geometry during Jean Victor Poncelet French mathematician Britannica Jean Victor Poncelet, born July , , Metz, France died December , , Paris , French mathematician and engineer who was one of the founders of modern projective geometry. As a lieutenant of engineers in , he took part in Napoleon s Russian campaign, in which he was abandoned as dead at Krasnoy and imprisoned at Saratov he returned to France in . Mathematician Yu Gi Oh FANDOM powered by Wikia Mathematician English Mathematician French Mathmaticien Check translation German Der Mathematiker Check translation Italian Il Matematico Check translation Korean Check translation Portuguese Matemtico Check translation Spanish Matemtico Check translation Japanese Urbain Le Verrier Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier French y b z f l v je March September was a French mathematician who specialized in celestial mechanics and is best known for predicting the existence and position of Neptune using only mathematics.The calculations were made to explain discrepancies with Uranus s orbit and the laws of Kepler and Newton. Blaise Pascal Philosopher, Mathematician, Theologian Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist and religious philosopher, who laid the foundation for the modern theory of probabilities Mathematician Blaise Pascal was born on Nicolas Bourbaki Nicolas Bourbaki was the collective pseudonym of a group of mainly French mathematicians.Their aim was to reformulate mathematics on an extremely abstract and formal but self contained basis in a series of books beginning in With the goal of grounding all of mathematics on set theory, the group strove for rigour and generality Their work led to the discovery of several concepts and Rene Descartes Biography, Philosophy, Facts Ren Descartes was a French mathematician and philosopher during the th century He is often considered a precursor to the rationalist school of thought, and his vast contributions to the fields of mathematics and philosophy, individually as well as holistically, helped pushed Western knowledge forward during the scientific revolution. AI for humanity Tech giants including Facebook, Google, Samsung, DeepMind, Fujitsu and IBM have understood the potential of French talent They have chosen to establish their new artificial intelligence research and innovation centres in France. The Apprenticeship of a Mathematician Andre Weil Buy The Apprenticeship of a Mathematician on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders Math History Timeline A Time line for the History of Mathematics Many of the early dates are approximates This work is under constant revision, so come back later Please report any errors to me at richardson math.wichita.

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    One thought on “The French Mathematician”

    1. I'm kind of angry at myself for spending so long on this book. To be honest, it dragged so very much. I had so little sympathy for the main character, as he was a man who was extremely unlikeable, that I wasn't even that bothered by his death at the end. I also didn't like the use of the "imaginary biographer" that the author employed. It didn't seem necessary when the book was already written in the first person. It felt very stilted every time Galois mentioned his "imaginary biographer." While [...]

    2. Math lovers, this book is for you! Tom Petsinis take readers into the mind of a young, remarkable and ambitious mathematician.

    3. I am sharing this review for posterity’s sake, this is the very first review I ever wrote and posted online. I blogged this review over ten years ago on December 13, 2001. I meant to post it here on its ten year anniversary but the holidays got in the way. Instead I am posting it today to kick off a new year with. This review is full of spoilers (seriously, it spoils just about the whole book) and is really more of a book report than a review but I can definitely see some of my beginnings in t [...]

    4. Picked this up at the library while on an historical-fiction kick. Thought it would be something a little different from all the stories of the kings & queens.Sigh. I didn't finish, I kept hoping something would happen and it kept not happening. That the kid was a mathematical genius, I have no doubt. That he was obsessive and socially awkward, I wouldn't be surprised in the least. Galois was neither sympathetic or totally antithetic, he became boring.If it weren't for the pile of other invi [...]

    5. I'm giving this work of historical fiction a 3-star rating as an average: I would rate it 4 for writing and 2 for story. The prose is really lovely, engaging all the senses and weaving a compelling portrait of life (and math) in Paris in the 1800s. Unfortunately I just couldn't bring myself to like the main character. I don't fault the characterization by the author; I suspect I wouldn't have liked Galois in real life either. A tricky subjected handled deftly but not entirely successfully, from [...]

    6. A one-time hero of my youth, Evariste Galois was a brilliant young French mathematician, who died tragically in a duel before his genius was recognised. Petsinis tells his story, as a first-person narrative. Sometimes a little heavy going, because, lets face it, Galois was pretty obnoxious (probably autistic, possibly schizophrenic). However, the story is interesting enough and the book well written, so it holds the attention to the last page.

    7. Racconto/romanzo di formazione. Molto bello se viene letto a sedici anni, pesante e inutile altrimenti. Usa un linguaggio barocco, eccessivamente ridondante. Piacevole. È la storia, molto romanzata e immaginaria, di Evariste de Galois. Giovane prodigio matematico francese morto in duello per una donna, ucciso dall'uomo che - sostiene Petsinis - amava.

    8. I enjoyed some of the writing in praise of math, but the Revolution left me cold. I couldn't bond with any of the characters, so it was unsatisfying for me. I was very interested to notice that the novel was written for his Masters degree work, and it was probably the most entertaining Master's thesis written about Galois and the French Revolution.

    9. This was a great historical fiction novel about Galois. Anyone with any bend toward mathematics will find this a fascinating read. It really gives you some insight into "the mathematical mind". For those of you who are not number inclinded, dont worry. It is a good read for that particular time period!

    10. This historical novel concerns the short, tortured life of the French Mathematician, Evariste Galois. It highlights the odd juxtaposition of his dazzlingly intuitive, mathematical mind and his irrational, angry participation in the society trying to restore the Republic in France after Napoleon's downfall and the restoration of the monarchy.

    11. Booooorrrrriiiing! This is a fictionalized memoir of a real man, and the author tried WAY too hard to be authentic. I was certain that if I read the word "mathematics" one more time I would scream. Too bad - if it had been more thoroughly edited it could have been interesting.

    12. With absolutely no interest in Mathematics (nor skill), it's a wonder that I even finished and even liked this novel but I really did.

    13. I started reading this once, and got about half way through before I got distracted. I am going to try again.

    14. One of the most irritating books I have ever persisted with reading. Wish I hadn't. Karyl's review is exactly my response so will leave it at that.

    15. fascinating, you cannot stop reading. i hated maths too much, but this wonderful novel makes me love it too much. i think this is the role of literature.

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