Next to Me

Next to Me The past is hot on her heelsOn the run and out of options a desperate Ali Ross knows two things for sure Her ugly past will eventually catch up to her And when it does she ll need a strong and loyal

  • Title: Next to Me
  • Author: Jodi Watters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The past is hot on her heelsOn the run and out of options, a desperate Ali Ross knows two things for sure Her ugly past will eventually catch up to her And when it does, she ll need a strong and loyal man to help her face the danger head on or risk losing everything The girl is hard on his heartLooking for love and having no luck, former Army Ranger Sam GleesonThe past is hot on her heelsOn the run and out of options, a desperate Ali Ross knows two things for sure Her ugly past will eventually catch up to her And when it does, she ll need a strong and loyal man to help her face the danger head on or risk losing everything The girl is hard on his heartLooking for love and having no luck, former Army Ranger Sam Gleeson knows two things for sure His beautiful new neighbor is under his skin And no matter what secrets she s keeping, her seductive sweetness is wreaking havoc on his hardened heart Hiding from a violent ex husband, Ali knows the law can t help her She also knows someone like Sam can Fearing her freedom, she hatches a shamelessly impulsive plan that s as old as time She s willing to do anything to ensure her safety, and that includes doing the sexy soldier next door But when their searing chemistry unexpectedly bonds them together, Ali s hidden agenda seals an unimaginable fate.

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    One thought on “Next to Me”

    1. 4.5 RATING-with a string of mediocre reads, I was bound to come across something I loved eventually it is! There wasn't anything fancy or ground breaking, just a well written, sexy, contemporary romance featuring a woman on the run and her sexy, security expert neighbor. The blurb drew me in but the story really delivered. With supporting characters I can't wait to meet again, I'm only disappointed that I have to wait for the next book in the series to release. I was able to pick this one up for [...]

    2. 💝 FREE on today (1/4/2018)!💝Blurb:The past is hot on her heelsOn the run and out of options, a desperate Ali Ross knows two things for sure Her ugly past will eventually catch up to her. And when it does, she'll need a strong and loyal man to help her face the danger head on or risk losing everything. The girl is hard on his heartLooking for love and having no luck, former Army Ranger Sam Gleeson knows two things for sure His beautiful new neighbor is under his skin. And no matter what se [...]

    3. **3.5 Stars**Most people research before purchasing a new home, and Ali did as well. However, her only requirement was the neighbor. She knew if anyone could help her it would be him. She also knew she would desperately need his help at some point, because she lived in constant fear that her abusive ex-husband would come for her. Ali had a plan to ensure Sam would do anything to help here would do anything for that help.Sam, former military and now co-owner of Scorpio Securities, Inc can't help [...]

    4. Mmm. This is a tricky book for me to review for some reason. It was a good story and I enjoyed it (here comes the but) but it felt like two different books in one at different stages. It was like this big military security ops thing with all the background detail on those characters and how they had come to be the dudes they were; then it was her story which felt a little skimmed over in parts where I think more character context setting would've been helpful. She also behaved unexpectedly in so [...]

    5. Engagingly written, the dual, third person povs made this an easy read. What didn't make this easy were all the lies. This story was just plain messed up. It wasn't what I expected. I generally avoid stories where the entire plot is predicated on lies, so this one didn't do it for me. Plus the insta-love and connection was too thin a premise for me to be fully invested in the MCs' HEA.

    6. 4 super sexy stars!! Cheers to second chances!!I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Sam is exactly what every girl who likes alpha males that tend to fall deep in love wants!! I have a new book boyfriend y'all!! Seriously though I know this book has triggers for some women and it breaks my heart to know that when you just want happiness there is that someone lurking in the shadows ready to take it away. I felt Ali's anxiety and though she irritated me by not being more forthcoming but my heart ached [...]

    7. "Next To Me" is a charming, entertaining, solid but predictable love-story."Because you make me laugh, even when I want to cry.""So now we're square, babe. And we're gonna be horizontal too, in about three seconds.""I love you, Ali." "That's good since I love you." "So prove it, he said, his teasing words carrying in the breeze. "Scream it to the world." "whispering hotly into his ear. "I love you, Sam Gleeson." "You were supposed to yell, Ali-cat. Why did you whisper it to me?" "Because you [...]

    8. Loved it. Read it, and then HAD to read the others!Ali Ross is on the run from her old life, and looking to start again, thanks to the inheritance of a distant aunt. Abusive husbands, however, tend to take offence when their wives have the audacity to complain about their circumstances then file for divorce, and Ali’s ex-husband is no exception. She knows he will come looking for her, and will find her, eventually. Finding a town to settle into, she needs a bodyguard for an indeterminate perio [...]

    9. I purchased this book a while back but never got around to reading it before now. I must admit that if it were not for Quirky Blind Date group, I would not have remembered that I own this book. I cannot believe I waited so long to read this book. Next to Me by Jodi Watters is the first book in the Love Happens series and it can be read as a stand-alone.What the story is about.Ali Ross is on the run from her abusive ex-husband, but she knows she can only outrun her past for so long. To protect he [...]

    10. Ali Ross is a woman on the run from her dangerous past. She has escaped from her abusive husband and will do anything to stay out of his clutches and maintain her newfound freedom. . . even if that means taking advantage of her new neighbor’s ex-military status.Sam Gleeson, former Army Ranger and co-owner of Scorpio Securities, finds himself ready for a serious relationship. When Sam and his puppy Pete run into their new neighbor on the beach, he finds himself immediately attracted to both her [...]

    11. Next to Me by Jodi WattersFirst off I have to say that Jodi Watters has just slotted into my top 5 authors. Her writing seems to gel with my psyche & for a new author she seems to hit the mark with me EVERY time.Okon with my review of Next to Me.This is Jodi's first official publicationw I actually read her 3rd book True to You as my first introduction to this author and I loved that booka big 5stars in my opinion, but NtM has scored a most enthusiastic BOTH HANDS UP & WAVING ALL AROUND [...]

    12. 5-star review ofNext to Me by Jodi WattersThis was a first for me form this author but will not be my last, I will be reading the rest of this series because I fell in love with the characters and writing style. This story will have you on a roller-coaster and it has a mysterious side to it as well. It does deal with domestic abuse and has some strong scenes so be prepared. Ali Ross is running from her past and knows it will catch up to her, she just doesn’t know when. She is looking for a pla [...]

    13. After reading the second book in the series I went back to read this one and enjoyed it. I loved the idea of the whole neighbors to lovers thing but there was a lot more too it. 
Sam was so sweet that you can't help but love him. His job made him so much more appealing in my option. 
Ali was sweet and scared and would do anything to keep her self safe. I loved that about her. She had such an amazing determination to her that you can't help but root her on even in her lies.
The plot was fun [...]

    14. This was an interesting read for me. I've tried a different Watters book before and I ended up DNF'ing it. That was not the case for Next to Me.I became intrigued with this book from the start. The premise seems great. I adore military books and I adore the running away type books. Next to Me has both elements. Sam is this genuinely sweet man. Everything about him has me screaming for more. Ali appears to be broken, but she doesn't act broken. She acts as though she is a woman on a mission. A [...]

    15. Sexy, enjoyable read with suspense and some #realtalk. I actually like the fight scenes in this because they weren't flowery, they were super real. Here's a super spoilers quote that was painful and harsh but cut so deep: “I’m a person, Ali. A human being!” He pointed at himself before spreading his arms wide. “Not your personal mercenary who’s allowed to fuck you during his downtime. I hope I fulfilled my duty to you, but I gotta say, it sure as shit wasn’t worth what you paid me. I [...]

    16. A great fun, quick read. I really enjoyed the story between Ali and Sam. Some great twists and suspense moments. Overall the story was well written and flowed well. The story is written in the 3rd person, and I struggled with this in places, but overall the story worked. A little predictable in places, but didn't take away from my overall enjoyment. The story slowed down a little for me part way through, but really picked up in the last 40% or so, and I couldn't stop turning the pages. The suppo [...]

    17. Whoa! This book was steamy but well written even if you're not a fan of third person POV. Ali Ross is on the run from a violent ex-husband and she knows the only one who can now help her is her Army Ranger neighbor, Sam Gleeson. Sam knows Ali is keeping secrets. He just doesn't know what those secrets are but he's willing to get past it and form a relationship if Ali wasn't so detached at times. The banter and chemistry between the two is undeniable. Eventually, Ali learns to let go and allow Sa [...]

    18. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Ali is hidingnd of. Recently divorced from her abusive currently incarcerated husband and starting over again, she knows that eventually her ex husband will find her. While looking at one particular house, she finds out that the real estate agents' brother lives next door. And what do you know, this brother happens to be ex-military and now runs a security company. Perfect! Ali concocts a plan that will bring Sam into her life [...]

    19. Next to MeWow! I had already read book 2, so I went a little backwards, but luckily they are standalone books so it works out. I was just as impressed with this story as I was the one in the second book.Ali is running away from a scary past. She thinks she finds a safe place with Sam next door. She plots and somehow manages to fall in love in the process. Lots of lies are told and there are some hurt feelings because of it.Definitely want to read more of this series now!

    20. 4 1/2 out of 5 starsI loved the ending -- LOVED it! I felt the book had just enough suspense throughout to keep me reading to find out what happened next. I really wasn't a huge fan of Ali - I sort of understand why she was lying, but at the same time, I think she knew Sam well enough to know that she didn't need to lie. I really loved Sam and felt so bad for him as I read. I knew it wasn't going to end well for him and I was so right. Now all I really want is Grady's story! :)

    21. I love finding new authors, well new to me and I'm so glad I found this series by Jodi Watters.Sam and Ali's story is the first of the three books out in the series so far and I will definitely be reading them all. Not your typical love story, it's full of action and suspense and a cast of ex-military hotties that will make you swoon. Sam and Ali work hard for their HEA, but isn't the real thing worth the fight.Looking forward to book 2 !

    22. The storyline had me intrigued right from the start. Ali sets out to seduce Sam in the hope he will protect her from Danny, her abusive ex husband but lies in the process. One of Sam's pet peeves is that he hates liars. The storyline sets itself for an explosive reveal and it doesn't disappoint. Skilfully written with lots of thrills, action and drama. With characters that are dynamic and well developed this book is well worth the read.

    23. I read this book via #QuirkyBlindDateWithABook. I enjoyed this book. I loved Sam he was totally Alpha with a tender side. I liked Ali I just wish she would have came off not so weak at times, She really was stronger that she thought. Thats my only issue with her. I loved getting back to these characters as I read another book in the series a while ago. I look forward to reading more. I love the guys of Scorpio Securities.

    24. #quirkyblinddateAli had a plan, "mission" to escape her life and secure her safety.falling in love wasn't part of her planwill her secrets and deception ruin her chance at happiness?This is story is captivating it keeps you reading.just enough spice, and sweet enduring momentsEnough suspense to keep you guessing

    25. Story, Tight; Proofreading, NominalHaving never been *that* desperate, I didn't quite understand all of what made Ali choose that course of action. The secondary characters are ripe for the picking, the steam level is up there, and the story compelling enough to allow me to semi-ignore the Gaze.

    26. This is the first book by Jodi Watters I have read and thank you to the Quirky Blind Date for introducing us. I can't wait to read more in the Love Happens series and find out everyone's stories. I really enjoyed getting to know Ali and Sam, while there meeting was not conventional their love story is wonderful and very HOT!!! I enjoyed the fast pace of the book and Jodi's writing style.

    27. Next to YouJodi Watters writes sexy funny love stories. The characters are deep and interesting, and you can't wait to see what happens next. Can't wait to read her next book in the series.

    28. When you finally get out of an abusive relationship you know you'll do anything to stay safe. Even if you do it on purpose to save your own life. I can't wait to see what happens next to Ali, Sam and all their friends.

    29. Perfect BalanceI enjoyed it so much that I read it in one sitting. It has a little of everything; drama, romance, heat, and it made me laugh. Characters with a full range of personality. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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