Princesa Sultana: Sua Vida, Sua Luta

Princesa Sultana Sua Vida Sua Luta Impressionante e comovente este volume completa a Trilogia da Princesa em que a escritora Jean P Sasson registra o depoimento de uma nobre rabe que se esconde sob o pseud nimo de Sultana Os nomes do

  • Title: Princesa Sultana: Sua Vida, Sua Luta
  • Author: Jean Sasson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • Impressionante e comovente, este volume completa a Trilogia da Princesa, em que a escritora Jean P Sasson registra o depoimento de uma nobre rabe que se esconde sob o pseud nimo de Sultana Os nomes dos protagonistas da hist ria foram trocados, mas os acontecimentos s o rigorosamente reais, revelando as atrocidades cometidas contra as mulheres sob o olhar complacente doImpressionante e comovente, este volume completa a Trilogia da Princesa, em que a escritora Jean P Sasson registra o depoimento de uma nobre rabe que se esconde sob o pseud nimo de Sultana Os nomes dos protagonistas da hist ria foram trocados, mas os acontecimentos s o rigorosamente reais, revelando as atrocidades cometidas contra as mulheres sob o olhar complacente do clero e das autoridades pol ticas da Ar bia Saudita Aqui Sultana rev um momento decisivo de sua vida, quando quase sucumbiu depress o e ao alcoolismo Ao seu redor, desenrolavam se situa es dram ticas entre muitos outros acontecimentos, ela v sua sobrinha ser dada em casamento a um homem de s rdido passado descobre que o primo mant m adolescentes presas num har m assiste brutal execu o de duas mulheres sob acusa es levianas Cenas de horror como essas acabam por arrancar a Princesa Sultana do torpor e a fazem assumir seu compromisso pela dignidade feminina no mundo rabe um papel que ela desempenha corajosamente at os dias de hoje.

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    One thought on “Princesa Sultana: Sua Vida, Sua Luta”

    1. It was an overdose, I am from Saudi Arabia and I can tell you that women in my hometown are not treated as badly as the book suggests. In fact I was surprised at the kinds of things mentioned in the book, I have never heard of a single Saudi girl I knew who was forced into marrying a old ugly man, and this book is full of such stories and much more. Majority of the people treat their women as equals and love and respect them, they might not be able to drive but they have drivers to their service [...]

    2. A volcano of Lies !!!لطالما راودني سؤال المصداقية حول ثلاثية جين ساسون وما تكتبه من اخبار الاسرة السعودية وبقيت بين جذب وشد ولكن الحبل انقطع في يدي لانه قصير حبل كذب قصير قطع بعد كتابين لاتأكد بما لا يدع مجالا للشك بان الاحداث كلها مختلقة تسمع الماتبة قصة ما فتبني عليها فصلا وبعد عد [...]

    3. Princess Sultana's Circle is the third book in Jean Sasson's Princess trilogy. I really loved the first book. The second was good. But by the time I got to the third book I was starting to feel a little jaded.Let me just say that I believe that a lot of events described in this book are things that do occur in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. I believe that women are considered and treated as even lower than second class citizens there and that they suffer greatly because of it. [...]

    4. I thought the first book was really interesting, but by the 3rd book it was getting annoying. It's hard to take someone seriously that goes out and blows $500K on a shopping spree in New York. If she was really serious about doing something of value for women she would invest in things that would really make a difference for women like education, business opportunities, etc. I guess I found it harder to be sympathetic to her "family". I don't doubt that life is hard for her, but I can't help thi [...]

    5. Za nijansu slabiji od prethodnog dela, ali mi se poslednja scena pred epilog posebno svidela. Dopalo mi se kako je završena trilogija (iako sam čula sa imaju još dva nastavka koja btw ne planiram da čitam): "Nadam se da će se svaka žena jednog dana pridružiti mom krugu, i da će svaka žena na svetu sada moći da pomogne drugoj ženi u nevolji" TAKO JE! GIRL CODE! Možda mi na Balkanu nemamo takve probleme kao u Saudijskoj Arabiji ali definitivno imamo probleme (kao i ostali delovi sveta) [...]

    6. There is an entire series of these Princess books, all of which I have read with an open heart. I wish I could say that I have searched for ways to make a difference, but, I have cherished my many freedoms with a clearer head and more open heart.

    7. ugh. i really hated this. i read the first of the series some months ago, and although not written well, i felt like it was an important story to tell. i was disappointed to be reading this third installment about utter misogyny. the sultana is a woman who's place in society is that of a victim, victim to her circumstance of dirty money and idle time. i do not doubt that she is limited to help women, a cause, she vehemently says she believes in. however, i do believe with a little self control a [...]

    8. Read books 1 and 2 years ago and they were enjoyable easy reads so enduring another reading slump, the second in 1 month I was glad to start reading this. At least back to reading again.Eta: update March 11. Yes back to reading but not so good in writing my thoughts after reading my books. Oh well.This was just an easy read. Not as interesting as book 1. I did bookmark a lot of things about their religion that angered me but I can't be bothered to look at them again.Finished this book nearly a w [...]

    9. The conclusion of the 'Princess' trilogy. Reading the books in sequence allows the reader to follow the progression of the life of Sultana, Princess of the House of Saud, of Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, I cannot, at this time, get my hands on the second book, 'Princess Sultana's Daughters.' In this book, as with previous ones, there are torturous and despicable depictions of culturally-approved and sanctioned use and abuse of women as property by men in Arabia, and the battle and struggle of Sul [...]

    10. Very powerful. Anyone curious about the lives of middle eastern women should read this book. It is a little graphic but very good. Great ending to this series!

    11. While much more gripping and entertaining than the second book, here is my conclusion of the entire trilogy:Jane Stasson has major white savior syndrome.In an attempt to try to remain respectful of Princess Sultana's religious beliefs, one such as myself is only forced to acknowledge how stupidly people cling to their religion and cherry pick from it what suits them the best. Even in the event of a woman being raped, Sultana comforts herself with the idea that Allah disapproves of such behavior, [...]

    12. The review I have of this book has been a hard one for me to decide. Sasson has always been in the spotlight of controversy because it is argued whether these stories and characters are fictional. I first read the trilogy in my early teens when my mother passed it on to me and from then I always chose to believe the word of the author as she claimed she retold the stories as they were told to her. Sadly, after re-reading the three books in my early 20’s I am not sure I hold the same opinion, m [...]

    13. This was the last book in the Princess trilogy, written by a real-life Saudi Arabian princess. In it, Sultana's children are grown up, and she is left reflecting on her life - and feeling like she hasn't done enough. She struggles with alcoholism, which to be honest, I would have turned to at a much earlier point if I were living her life. Anyway, this is actually more of a story about her than a story about the things that happen to her, and it is her journey to discover that, while no one can [...]

    14. Another book about the princess was slightly an overdose. Indeed very well written by the author. Although the princess's constant helplessness that she failed to help the women in need and her drinking habit because of that was slightly disturbing. I really liked the part where Kareem(Princess's husband)says 'You were born an Arab princess,Sultana.Why fight your fate?'. While that being very discouraging, its the truth. And the princess never realized that because of which she some unreasonable [...]

    15. هذه المرة الثالثة التي أقرأ فيها لجين ساسون، لذلك لم أستغرب تطرقها لموضوع المرأة المضطهدة، فساسون و رواياتها مكرسة لإظهار الاضطهاد والدونية والظلم الذي تتعرض لها المرأة في شتى أنحاء العالم ، ولم أستغرب من القصة الحقيقية التي روتها على لسان أميرة سعودية ولم أدهش أو اصعق من ا [...]

    16. My feelings are mixed about these books. Primarily I think westerners benefit from a better understanding of what life for women in the Middle East. For those of is raised with comparative freedomIt is unimaginable to even live as Sultana does, pampered and wealthy, yet with few real rights. It is appalling the ease with which very young girls are used sexually, how women are forced to marry, denied any real choice with regard to their lives, education or futures. But the writing was weak, the a [...]

    17. This was another one of my purchases from Half Price Books Warehouse Sale when I was in pursuit of books to teach me about other cultures.There were several times I wanted to quit reading. I had no sympathy or empathy for Sultana, her relatives, or her friends. I do not live in their world and I don't really understand their world. The lives described by the author were so empty and meaningless that I wondered why I kept reading.In many ways, the world described reminded me of The Wolf of Wall S [...]

    18. I read the entire Princess Trilogy, but I spaced out the books over a few years. This worked well because I noticed that a few of the stories were acknowledged again in the sequels. All 3 books are quick reads which detail the life of a Saudi Princess, Sultana, as she struggles with the repression of women in Saudi Arabia. The tails she recounts are heart-wrenching and the reader learns just why it is difficult for Sultana to help these women (or herself). The books tend to bounce between being [...]

    19. Buku terakhir dari trilogi The Princess. Buku ini justru lebih tepat di sebut sebagai awal dari tindakan nyata Sultana terhadap keadaan perempuan di negaranya setelah maju mundur di buku pertama dan kedua yang lebih banyak mengungkap emosi yang terkadang berlebihan untuk seorang muslimah. Sayangnya, entah karena pemahaman sultana yang berbeda dengan umat muslim lainnya atau translate yang agak melenceng, sehingga ada bagian yang seolah menyatakan dalam islam orang yang membatalkan puasa ramadhan [...]

    20. Another compelling installment in the Princess series. It portrays a more mature Sultana, who is drifting into alcoholism amid her life of luxury. She is ashamed of course, but so often the cruel injustices that she sees - such as a harem of teenage sex slaves - leave her in unbearable pain. This book is slightly less horrifying than the first book in the series perhaps because Sultana lives with her husband's family now instead of her horrible brother and father. The book ends on a slightly upb [...]

    21. The conclusion of the trilogy includes more outrageously horrifying moments but also unexpected hope. Princess Sultana's risky move to share her story at least brings awareness to the true situation for Saudi Arabian women. Before reading this trilogy, I was living in ignorant bliss. Though I had read the fictional account of life in Afghanistan, A Thousand Splendid Suns, it makes the reality more appalling when you know it's a true account--as is the case with the Princess Trilogy.On our nation [...]

    22. It was nice to finally see these women stand up to their husbands and sons. The truthfulness of these books is a little clouded due to the author needing her identity protected. So I still wonder about some of the outrageous things written, including whether these women really had the guts to do what they needed to do for generations. Again, I'm left speechless that there are places currently that allow for women to be treated as they are in these books. How did I get so incredibly lucky?

    23. What an amazing woman, this Sultana. In her world of mega riches, she has dedicated her life to helping women in her country,(Saudi Arabia)to become free of terrible abuses at the hands of men, including their own fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, etc. In this final book of the trilogy, she also receives the help of her sisters in saving a young Palestinian girl from a life of certain terror. The sisters all vow to continue their assistance and call themselves, Sultana's Circle.

    24. I didn't read the first two books. This book was ok, I guess. Interesting to see what a royal family is like. It was not very believable that Sultana is doing much for the abused women there. You would think that with her money and status she could do more.

    25. Such a intense story based on a true story. It always worries me how women around the world suffer so much.

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