Um Milhão de Prazeres Proibidos

Um Milh o de Prazeres Proibidos Para a maioria das pessoas dois milh es de d lares s o uma fortuna Para o multimilion rio Noah Crawford foi o dinheiro mais bem gasto da sua vida Foi quanto bastou para comprar num leil o a virgin

  • Title: Um Milhão de Prazeres Proibidos
  • Author: C.L. Parker
  • ISBN: 9789892328065
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Para a maioria das pessoas, dois milh es de d lares s o uma fortuna Para o multimilion rio Noah Crawford, foi o dinheiro mais bem gasto da sua vida Foi quanto bastou para comprar, num leil o, a virgindade de Lanie E n o s no pre o estava inclu do a fidelidade absoluta, durante dois anos seguidos, da mulher mais bela e sensual que jamais conheceu No entanto, quando oPara a maioria das pessoas, dois milh es de d lares s o uma fortuna Para o multimilion rio Noah Crawford, foi o dinheiro mais bem gasto da sua vida Foi quanto bastou para comprar, num leil o, a virgindade de Lanie E n o s no pre o estava inclu do a fidelidade absoluta, durante dois anos seguidos, da mulher mais bela e sensual que jamais conheceu No entanto, quando o charmoso magnata descobre a verdadeira raz o que levou Laine a vender se, obrigado a enfrentar a decis o mais dif cil da sua vida e libert la de todos os compromissos H pris es, no entanto, de onde ningu m quer escapar Lanie sabe que estava presa a um contrato sem sentido Mas sabe tamb m que n o concebe viver sem Noah o que os une muito mais do que um papel assinado, muito mais do que o sexo ardente que t m vivido desde que se conheceram Lanie toma uma decis o Nada poder afast los Nem o terr vel inimigo de Noah, que espreita a primeira oportunidade para destruir o rival nem o tenebroso segredo que Noah insiste em n o partilhar, nem mesmo com ela Ela vai mostrar lhe que pertencem um ao outro, mesmo que assim ponha em risco uma paix o que nunca poder ser comprada ou vendida.

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    8. Based on the blurb, this is the 2nd half of the former Twilight fanfiction Million Dollar Baby. No, thank you. It was badly written the first time I read it.

    9. C.L Parker, you are a goddess and I humbly bow down to you!In this book we are transported back to Noah and Delaine's love story. Were the second book left off on a cliffhanger, this one dives right back in and all the unanswered questions are revealed. Where as the first was Delaine's story this one is Noah's. However ultimately it is both of theirs This is not a book that will have you searching your soul for a deeper meaning, no this is one extremely sexy, laugh out loud, hilariously spectacu [...]

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    16. 4 GUILTY STARSA BIG THANK YOU to Random House via NetGalley for PROVIDING ME WITH THIS ARC!!Noah is justAMAZING. I don't even know when or how exactly he slithered his way into my heart, but he's there and he ain't going anywhere. I was so excited to get to this read, and it was amazing. Seriously a wonderfully amazing book <3If you haven't started this series - I suggest you start now! You will not be disappointed - guaranteed :)

    17. There were bumps in their relationship because of a certain backstabbing bastard but all in all it was a wonderful ending for a wonderful couple :)

    18. This one got a star more then book 1, because it didn't have a very annoying heroine who didn't communicate with her love of her life. This chick was all: "The evil guy knows everything! Plans??"

    19. A Million Guilty Pleasures is book two of the Million Dollar Duet. Delaine Talbot is a young woman who gives up her virginity to the highest bidder in a very hush-hush auction. An auction where the rich can apparently buy anything. Her reasons for such an act are to save the life of her mother, who needs an expensive surgery and a new heart. Noah Crawford is the CEO of Scarlet Lotus, a multi-million dollar business whose heart was broken by his fiancee and best friend. In order to prevent future [...]

    20. 4 stars!I don't know how many times this series cracked me upIt was so damn funny! I love the story, just the right amount of everything! There's too much love scenes though and I did skip some of them Sometimes too much is too muchThis novel is great bute reason why it's not as satisfying as the first book is because they don't fight anymore, no more drama between them and their relationship was smooth sailingThe author should have thought of more drama, jealousy, ex lover, etc.

    21. ARC provided by Edelweiss for an honest review. 3 Wonder Peen StarsIt got a little better, at least Delaine doesn't say some of the juvenile things she said in the last book, as much in this one.I don't know if I would read this author again. It just didn't quite work for me. A little bit of a guilty pleasure, but nothing I would completely recommend to others to read.The one redeeming feature is the fact that the sex scenes were HOT.

    22. 3´5 estrellas. En general la bilogía esta bien, es entretenida y muy fácil de leer, aunque para mi gusto le sobran algunas escenas de sexo, me parecía que siempre estaba leyendo las mismas situaciones. Un punto a favor, es que la escritora no ha intentado estirar la historia con un 3 libro incecesario.

    23. Well I have to say I enjoyed lanie and noah in book 2 a lot better. I am glad they got back together and that all was good apart from the ass David trying to be an idiot again but he got caught good. The sexy time was O.M.G H.O.T I loved it xxx

    24. Continuação completamente desnecessária, na minha opinião. Consegue ser pior que o primeiro, na medida em que nada lhe acrescenta.

    25. P2P Twilight fan fiction called Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar. Sequel of this P2P fanfiction. No.

    26. Como saber se gostamos de um Livro?Começamos a ler e quando damos por isso já acabamosLOL.Foi o que me aconteceu com este, li numa manhã e nem dei pelo tempo passar.Adorei tanto este livro, o primeiro foi melhor(pois é sempre o primeiro) e foi onde começamos a conhecer a história de Lanie e Noah e este é a continuação, mas para mim não ficou atrás.Opinião completa em: aviciadadoslivros/

    27. Full review posted February 2, 2014A Million Guilty Pleasures is C.L. Parker's second installment in her Million Dollar Duet-duology. I loved the first installment A Million Dirty Secrets and was superexcited about the second book. The books are very much tied together and I strongly recommend you to read the first book before reading both this book and this review.The first book left everyone with tons of questions about what would happen between Lanie and Noah. The second book starts right aft [...]

    28. 2½ -3 generous stars! My thoughts: I normally will list the good and then the bad but for this book I am going to straight talk what I think about it.So, without further ado…I almost gave up on this book but decided that I’m not a quitter so I practically crawled to the finish line.At first I couldn’t remember why I gave the first book a low rating, but after briefly revisiting it and going into “A Million Guilty Pleasures” I figured out why. To be honest, some of the terms and word u [...]

    29. A Million Guilty PleasuresThis ARC was given by Random House Publishing Group-Bantam Dell via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I give this book 4 guilty starsI love Noah Crawford and Delaine in C.L. Parker's Latest novel. Noah ended his contract with Delaine so she could be with her family. Not knowing that her mom is on her death bed and only has days to live and spend with her beautiful daughter, Delaine. His love for her is stronger than his greed and he is willing to sacrifice his [...]

    30. 4.5 "I LOVE NOAH P. CRAWFORD" STARS! ARC was given by Random House Publishing Group via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I love Noah Crawford, he is an ass (sometimes) but I do love him. Kudos to the author for writing a very heartfelt book. The story maybe predictable, but it didn't discouraged me, I read it and love it. The interaction between the H/h are always amazing,funny, and sometimes frustrating. Oh well! Noah had set free the girl he loves and now the book is about their rec [...]

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