Warrior's Angel

Warrior s Angel Michael Salvatore is a seasoned detective with the NYPD The six foot two hard body with piercing blue eyes is smart fast and never fails to get his guy But Detective Salvatore is also Michael the Wa

  • Title: Warrior's Angel
  • Author: Heather Killough-Walden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Michael Salvatore is a seasoned detective with the NYPD The six foot two hard body with piercing blue eyes is smart, fast, and never fails to get his guy But Detective Salvatore is also Michael the Warrior Archangel, and the last of the Four Favored who came to Earth two thousand years ago to find the women, the archesses, who had been lost to them He s lead angel armMichael Salvatore is a seasoned detective with the NYPD The six foot two hard body with piercing blue eyes is smart, fast, and never fails to get his guy But Detective Salvatore is also Michael the Warrior Archangel, and the last of the Four Favored who came to Earth two thousand years ago to find the women, the archesses, who had been lost to them He s lead angel armies for millennia, and there isn t a case he can t crack, but this time, the Warrior Archangel has bitten off than he can chew Because this time, his target is his archess, a warrior in her own rights with no intention of losing any battles especially when it comes to fighting him Rhiannon Dante is a woman who has combatted the world s villains her entire life A beautiful orphan with a checkered past, a hot head, and a large dose of supernatural power, she spends her days rescuing innocents, and her nights preparing for her next dangerous, covert job She s careful, well connected, and determined But no one is perfect And one day, she slips up and Detective Michael Salvatore comes knocking on her door, turning her world completely upside down While Michael struggles to control a curse that plagues him with newly acquired very dark and very dangerous powers, and Rhiannon contends with an entire species bent on enslaving her, the two fated lost angels face one another in a battle of wills and undeniable desire that will either bring them together forever or destroy them once and for all Warrior s Angel is book five in The Lost Angels series by New York Times bestselling author Heather Killough Walden, and follows Always Angel, Avenger s Angel, Messenger s Angel, and Death s Angel.

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    One thought on “Warrior's Angel”

    1. You can translate this review on: labibliotecadidrusie/Voto: 5/10La prima cosa che mi viene da dire, è che questa serie più va avanti e più peggiora. Forse è rimasto un ultimo libro, ma non ci giurerei, vista la capacità dell'autrice di proseguire con niente (a scrivere di niente).Di libro in libro, il filo conduttore è divenuto sempre più labile e inconsistente, e per dargli nuova linfa è stato buttato dentro di tutto, dagli angeli, ai vampiri, agli incubi, spettri, draghi e qualche alt [...]

    2. Let me start by saying that I love HKW! I also love this series. However, there were so many technical problems with this book that it was almost too distracting to make the book enjoyable. I felt like this book was hastily thrown together from rough drafts. The location changes without explanation from Chicago to NY. The characters also seem to change from the beginning of the book to the mid/last three quarters of the book. I think that this story would have been absolutely as good as the rest [...]

    3. One of the first books I've read on a kindle, so whether that impacted on my enjoyment who knows but this was a pretty run of the mill book, nothing special unfortunately, having enjoyed the previous three books I was a little disappointed with this one.

    4. Another great instalment in this enthralling series. I love that Michaels Archess is kind of like a hunter. That is what I pictured her as earlier on the series. Considering he is the warrior angel she should definitely be kick ass. I am really getting annoyed at Samael’s underhanded ploys and contracts though. I did feel that Michael took his change, courtesy of the evil stormy eyed Sam, way too easily. Considering the contract was to take away all that he loved and for him to become all that [...]

    5. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsLe vicende dei nostri amati Arcangeli proseguono. Questa è la volta dell'angelo guerriero: Michele.Definito "Il Favorito", a Michele però non tocca una sorte migliore dei suoi fratelli.Trovo Michele un personaggio estremamente interessante, la sua natura gentile e bisognosa di rendere il mondo un posto migliore, in contrasto con le reazioni che gli provoca il pensiero della sua cherubina, lo rendono l'esempio perfetto di umanità.E cosa potrebbe succed [...]

    6. Meinung:Schon vom ersten Band an war ich von der Reihe begeistert und hätte den weiteren Bänden am liebsten mehr als die Höchstwertung gegeben. Leider konnte Band 4 da nicht wirklich mithalten.Michael ist der einzige der ehemaligen Erzengel, der seinen Sternenengel noch nicht gefunden hat. Doch an diesem einen Tag im Park scheint sich das zu ändern. Michael trifft auf diese Frau, Rhiannon, die beinahe von Angreifern getötet wird. Sein Sternenengel liegt im Sterben. Im letzten Moment taucht [...]

    7. Warrior's Angel is a paranormal romance and Book 4 in the Lost Angel series. Michael Salvatore is a New York City detective and the Warrior Archangel and on the search for his archess who happens to be Rhiannon Dante. He first encounters her in Central Park where she is battling another supernatural being and ends up on Death's doorstep. He can't heal her because his healing power has been taken away by Samael through Azrael (see Book 3, Death's Angel). Samael shows up and offers him a deal. He [...]

    8. Rhiannon Dante is a fighter, a warrior, she always has been. And that’s why she works for an enigmatic philanthropist, Mr. Verdigri. He lost both his daughter and wife and now he’s the CEO of the Swattowtail Foundation, a special effect company. But that’s only its coverage: the real porpuse of it is to find anywhere women and children is danger (sold as slaves, turned into drug addicts/prostitutes) and set them free.Rhiannon is the best in her job, mainly because she has some “abilities [...]

    9. The 4th book in The Lost Angels Series by Heather Killough-Walden is Warrior's Angel .Warrior’s Angel (The Lost Angels, #4) Blurb: Michael Salvatore is a seasoned detective with the NYPD. The six-foot-two hard body with piercing blue eyes is smart, fast, and never fails to get his guy. But Detective Salvatore is also Michael – the Warrior Archangel, and the last of the Four Favored who came to Earth two thousand years ago to find the women, the archesses, who had been lost to them. He’s le [...]

    10. Being an avid reader of Heather's books, I couldn't wait to start this one and I wasn't disappointed. It delivered in every way, romance, mystery and enough excitement to keep me reading well into the night. I absolutely loved this book and can't wait until final book in the series to tie up all the loose ends.The blurb:- Michael Salvatore is a seasoned detective with the NYPD. The six-foot-two hard body with piercing blue eyes is smart, fast, and never fails to get his guy. But Detective Salvat [...]

    11. As a reader i enjoy a book that can draw me in, and an author that has the ability to make me feel as though I am travelling alongside the characters. This is what Heather Killough Walden accomplishes in every book I have read of hers. Her writing is nothing short of sublime. She makes me feel every bit of emotion that the characters are feeling, I feel the build up of suspense when something momentous happens, I get dragged into mystery of `what's going to happen now?` I have waited patiently f [...]

    12. A causa del tanto tempo trascorso tra la pubblicazione di questo libro e il precedente, devo ammettere di essere rimasta confusa su alcuni punti, che evidentemente non ricordavo bene :( visto che l'autrice ha decisamente fatto un bel pot-pourri di antagonisti.In ogni caso il libro vale l'attesa (certo forse non proprio lunga come quella che abbiamo dovuto sopportare :P ) perché i due protagonisti sono irresistibili e la loro storia è ricca d'azione, con un continuo crescere ed alternarsi di te [...]

    13. In the first three books in this series, Uriel, Gabriel, Azrael and Michael are four brothers as well as being Archangels. They came to earth to find their Archesses, in other words their fated mates. I like all the brothers but Michael has always been my favourite, not only because he is the favoured one but everything about him is so beautiful and pure. In this fourth book, it's Michael's turn to find his Archess. Being the warrior Archangel, he works for the NYPD and his main focus is to figh [...]

    14. This book didn't do it for me. I'm not sure if it's because it's been six months since I read the previous book in this series, or if I read with a less critical eye six months ago, but for one reason or another this story felt flat to me. Rhiannon was described time and time again as a fiery fighter, but her personality and interactions with a few important characters read as anything but. She was described as having been a troublemaker as a kid, and having lived a hard life, but you never real [...]

    15. Nothing particularly special for this book that is not the end of this series. Anyway we have a fast brand new very bad guy, the old bad guy that seems to convert and a sort of apocalypse, plus dragon that seem to be in auge right now. Let's wait and see what happens to Samael and Angel and then I think I'm done with angels or archangel or archess or whatever.Niente di particolarmente speciale per quanto riguarda questo quarto volume, che non é la fine della serie. Comunque abbiamo un cattivo q [...]

    16. I'm all sorts of upset right now. I really wanted to like reading this series, but I felt like the plot line was thrown together into one big mess and too many new paranormal things/creatures were brought into this. The premise of the story was a good idea, but somehow morphed into this supernatural free for all where new characters were introduced and their stories were left wanting. Ugh. So disappointed. I had to force myself to finish since I lost interest since book 1.Also, WHY ARE ALL THE H [...]

    17. Well finally we have the 4th book from "The Lost Angels series. I've. Being waiting tor this book tor a long long time. Ahh Michael finally found his mate, and what an angel she is. In this b ook we see a totally different side of Michael. We get answers of the some of the questions that we acquire while reading the others books, and my goodness they are wonderful exited answers, can't wait tor Sam's book, I'm sure it will be the perfect ending for this wonderful series. This is a must read book [...]

    18. I've been patiently waiting for Michael's story, and I'm so excited it's finally here. I loved, loved Rhiannon from the very start and I think she and Michael make an amazing pair. I instantly fell for Mimi and her adorable quirkiness. I have my theories about some of the other characters, and I can't wait to find out in the final installment! Of course, all this awesomeness is put together flawlessly with HKW's impeccable style. HKW paints such vivid pictures and takes you on a wonderful journe [...]

    19. Quarto libro della serie degli angeli caduti della WALDEN.Nonostante l'abbia aspettato con molta impazienza, questo libro mi ha un po' delusa. Manca quel pizzico di passione in più che, invece, ho potuto trovare nei primi tre e mi ha delusa anche il fatto che Rhiannon non abbia aspettato più di un paio di giorni prima di buttarsi tra le braccia di Michele va bene che sono anime gemelle, ma è poco credibile.Come scrittura è molto veloce e scorrevole, l'ho finito in una giornata! Consigliato a [...]

    20. La forza dell'angelo mi è piaciuto un po' meno rispetto hai precedenti volumi della serie. Ci sono un po' troppi errori e la narrazione della storia l'ho trovata sbrigativa e ripetitiva (mi ricordava un po' il primo libro della serie).Anche la trasformazione di Michele in un "mostro" non mi ha molto soddisfatta all'inizio sembra che la sua vena cattiva venga enfatizzata, ma poi alla fine è il solito Michele solo con qualche accessorio e potere in piùLa cosa interessante è stato l'epilogo: Sa [...]

    21. I just love the Angel series! I was so happy to read Michael story. As always action packed filled with romance and some surprises! Not going to give any spoilers. Lets just say you must read this one! Michael meets his archess Rhiannon while fighting dragons. She tries to save him not knowing who he is to her. She gets hurt he makes a deal with Samael. He becomes everthing he hates and tries to get his archess to fall in love with him all at one time! Great story cant wait for the conclusion!

    22. I waited sooo looong for this book, sigh, but it was worth the wait! I started it yesterday and only put it down to do some chores around the house and to sleep of course. ;) Other than that, I couldn't put it down. The romance part was warrior-worthy and the action was amazing. Ohhhh, and I loved Mimi! I can see a book in the future too ;) ( Mimi and Calidum). I can not wait to read Samael's story. Yay!!! Well, buy the book and read it, it is worth every penny.

    23. While I well and truly loved the story line and Rhee is by far my favourite of all the archessesThere was just something about this book. Possibly that it wasn't available in print and only in ebook,I think it changed the entire atmosphere and feeling of the book. At the end of the day however, it's still a great story line and I can't wait to see how it ends ♡

    24. In true HKW fashion, the 4th installment of the Angel's series does not disappoint!!!! Michael's journey toward this Archess is just as epic (if not more) as the others in the series!!!! I will be chomping at the bit (like I usually do after resting a HKW NOVEL) waiting for Sam & Angel's adventure!!!! #dayum

    25. For fans of HKW's Angel series this will not disappoint. Michael & Rhiannon are well matched and fun characters.If you're familiar with the series you'll expect the story to move on again, which it does very well.Overall this lived up to my expectations but its probably not my favourite of the series

    26. Last of the arcangel / NY police detective Michael Salvatore finally found his archess Rhiannon Dante. Personally i wasnt excited about this book. But it did deliver just like her other books.There were new characters introduced and wondered what their part was in all of this. I guess we will be seeing them on the 5th installment.

    27. I love how she gave Michael an edge, instead of making him so pure The darkness made his hats yet so much more rounded And Rhiannon??? My favourite heroine so far! Tough, ballsy and a fighter!!! I don't want this series to end

    28. Heather never ceases to amaze me. Her storytelling is captivating and so very well written. Which I greatly appreciate with so many books that stall on repetitive sentence structure, phrases, and descriptive words. I love everything she writes and would recommend her books to everybody!!!!!

    29. Good series, my fave book so far.I like that I know this series has a beginning and end. This seemed the most magical of the series so far which I liked, and I am looking forward to Angel and Sam's book it's been along time coming.

    30. Loved this book but think it missed out so much. With the other books it always involved the other brothers and samael quite a lot whereas this time it was as if the other characters where just a foot note. Can't wait for samael & angels story next.

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