Doc Caleb Barnes is on a mission He s retired from the Army but he s waging his own private war now And though the men of Burnout are his former brothers in arms Caleb fights his battles alone Caleb was

  • Title: Doc
  • Author: Dahlia West
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Caleb Barnes is on a mission He s retired from the Army, but he s waging his own private war now And though the men of Burnout are his former brothers in arms, Caleb fights his battles alone.Caleb was tainted from the moment he was born He s always been alone and he ll always be alone The world has no place for a man like him.Isabelle Boucher is on a mission of her ownCaleb Barnes is on a mission He s retired from the Army, but he s waging his own private war now And though the men of Burnout are his former brothers in arms, Caleb fights his battles alone.Caleb was tainted from the moment he was born He s always been alone and he ll always be alone The world has no place for a man like him.Isabelle Boucher is on a mission of her own She doesn t want to go it alone, but there s no other choice these days She won t give up or give in, not until she reaches the end of the line.Caleb s convinced he s no good for anyone, especially not women There s nothing he can offer a woman but pain and devastation But Isabelle needs help and to refuse goes against everything Caleb stands for Can two people alone for different reasons come together for a common cause And once they do, will they ever want to be apart again

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    One thought on “Doc”

    1. *** Dahlia West has super awesome guys and gals in her action series ! * Dark haired, dark eyed Izzy is a bounty hunter who is great at her job, loves it, and can take care of herself. We like her right away. * Caleb/Doc, is a big, 6'4", badass ex-Army Ranger, now part time cop, is awesome. Hawk, Tex, Easy and Shooter, and their women, are all here, too. Izzy is on the trail of a kidnapper/robber, and it places her on Caleb's turf. We get action, violence, hot sex, and terrific characters. This [...]

    2. Izzy's boyfriend's "big betrayal" is just about the dumbest ass thing I've ever heard of. He threw out her birth control pills and planned on getting her drunk. Like she wouldn't *notice* that she hadn't taken her pill? If there was some redeeming(?) middle step ("oh, I'll conveniently forget to wear a condom"), I missed it. And then Doc thinks he raped Izzy. I mean, for the love of God, what a drama queen. And Tex takes him seriously, comes over like the grand arbiter of appropriate sexual beha [...]

    3. Enjoyed this one, it was not perfect but I could overlook stuff here. Izzy was a strong heroine. I really liked how competent she was. Doc was okay. He had a bad history that made him jump to some startling conclusions (view spoiler)[ The rough sex equals rape thing. I might have preferred that he discussed his idea that he had raped Izzy with her first but that wasn't the way the author went.(hide spoiler)] I did like the resultant angst even if it might have been OTT. I expected after the she [...]

    4. Dahlia I freaking loved it. And I loved Doc. My poor sweet Army Ranger. Izzy was a firecracker The kickass bomb. Loved how the boys took a shine to her She's pretty damn lovable. But but but. No more Burnout bookie-boo's? But ya gots me addicted to ya now. I need the insider info on your noggin. I gotta know what other adventures are a brewing. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE.

    5. I was lucky enough to get hold of an early copy of Doc, and the only disappointing moment is that it's the end of the series. I love this series and can't wait to see what DW will do with Stark Ink, as for my Burnout boys, I will just have to settle on re-reads They are so worth it 

    6. first read this series three years ago. loved it then, still very much enjoying it this time round. not so much mc but the guys are a brotherhood, the survivors of an army ranger team who faced the worst horrors of war, and their bikes are important to them they accept themselves as bikers but Shooter was brought up in a 1%er club and never wanted that particular conditioning but accepted the good of that lifestyle and encompassed it with his team on their return home. a tight knit group that f [...]

    7. 4.5 I want more Stars!I loved this story. I really loved both Caleb and Izzy. They were perfect for earth other. I know in a romance the couples are suppose to be prefect for each other But there was something about these two it was like there could be no one else written for them but each other :). This was a good one, Izzy was a firecracker and she was funny! I loved the action, suspense and the steam. This story was well written and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the other Burnout members in [...]

    8. meh! the story starts at 50% boring in the first halfThe real story started after 50% of the book length. It was incredibly boring before that and then pretty intense after. The pacing of the book was wrong. If you last till 50% you will probably like this book. I liked both characters, they were terribly independent and the shift from lust to love happened so quickly it was almost non-existent. Actually it was non-existent. Overall though an ok book, not one I would recommend though.

    9. Gostei. A heroína é caçadora de recompensas e tem uma personalidade marcante. O herói é cheio de problemas emocionais. Tem ação, sexo e a participação de personagens dos livros anteriores.Recomendo!--------------I Liked. The heroine is a bounty hunter and has a remarkable personality. The hero is full of emotional problems. Has action, sex and the participation of characters from previous books.Recommend!

    10. A Newby Joins The FamilyThank you Ms. West, for bringing us a new partner in crime into the family. We now have a new member joining Doc as the story unfolds. I found the story delightful on many levels. Perhaps this will develop into more stories in the future. A Wonderful read

    11. This is my ZON Review :-)Doc so sweet I'd like to say this is my favorite but really they all are I just love this Series!! This Series is a must read for Everyone. So Get One Clicking People :-)

    12. I have loved this whole series !!! I've fallen for each of the guys my fav will always be shooter and slick but I do love them all and sad that their time is over !!! If u haven't read this series it's a must read !!!

    13. Shooter is probably still my favorite book in the series but this one comes in a close second. I loved the characters and the story line. It was just great!

    14. A nice finish to a great series! This wasn't my favourite of the series but it was enjoyable and a good finish to the series.

    15. I had an interesting relationship with this series. I liked the first book, Shooter, enough that I continued onto book 2, Tex, which I could not finish. (I liked Tex A LOT in the first book and couldn't wait to hear his story. But I hated it, and couldn't finish it). However, I liked Hawk, so I wanted to hear HIS story and I went on to book 3, which I enjoyed even more than book 1.Encouraged, I continued on to book 4, Easy's story. Again, I hated it. Jimmy was a JERK and I could not see what Dai [...]

    16. This story wasn't like Shooter, Hawk and Easy I really enjoyed them. this book never let you see who Doc was he wasn't in the other books much and really not this one over half the book is drabble. Doc and Izzy never really had time together to fall in love it was like they met they loved, no real story. A little action I liked as far as hunting the bad guys but no time for the couple. It was like a different person wrote this story. I hated Tex but loved Shooter and Hawk really like Easy but I [...]

    17. Doc and IzzyDoc is the last guy of this ex army ranger crew and I have to say one of the ones I've been the most curious about. He's a town cop helps in the garage when needed but doesn't see anyone that anybody really knows about. Just one they call Sioux falls.Izzy is a bounty hunter from Denver she comes to South Dakota looking for a kidnapped victim and a runner for murder and kidnapping. She meets Doc .This has been I think my favorite story of them all. Maybe it's because now I know everyt [...]

    18. Definitely one of my fave books in the series. Loved the story of Caleb and Izzy. Now, Izzy WAS a badass, the only one in the bunch of women in the series. I would rate the series as follows:Shooter & Doc - 4.5stars eaHawk - 4starsSlick & Vegas - 3.5stars eaEasy - 2.5starsTex - 1.5starsTotal - 4star avg

    19. Yay DocThis was a great story. Loved Izzy,- feisty, strong, capable and perfect for Doc. She took no crap and became a great partner for this very controled and dare I say lonely man. Great way to finish this series.

    20. So Endearing4 & 1\2 ☆'s. I only wish they'd married. Good story line. He's an alpha, but, it took her being strong n stubborn to coax him out of issues. Awesome couple.

    21. Not badDidn't love it as much as the others but it's still worth the read. I'm gonna miss these guys and their girls!

    22. ReviewI really enjoyed this whole series the characters were likeable the romance was sweet and the sex was steamy, I'm sorry to see the end of such a fun reading experience.

    23. Finally, we get to the last book in the series. Doc has issues, more than I could have guessed from the other books, and same as with the others, these issues are what makes him real. Isabelle is a bounty hunter, she needs money and ends up in Rapid city looking for a murdered, and her path crosses with Caleb. What I liked more about this one, is that the roles are somehow reversed, Caleb is the one with bedroom problems, and she is the one who helps him overcome them the one who pushes, the one [...]

    24. After reading all the other books in the series, I was really hoping this one would redeem things from this author. Unfortunately, this one wasn't fell a bit flat. I'm not sure if the author just didn't feel like writing more each time, but the books progressively got shorter and shorter and made things seemed rushed (this one was half the length of Shooter). "Shooter" is still by far the best in the series and I feel like it set the standard too high for the rest of the books to follow.Doc is a [...]

    25. The final installment of the "Burnout" series.Bounty hunter Izzy (Isabelle) follows a kidnapping suspect to Rapid City, SD -- she desperately needs the reward money. Going it alone after her father died has been difficult, but she'll be fineally. She meets retired army medic "Doc" (aka Caleb Barnes), now a RCPD officer, at a local biker bar -- and sparks fly when he tries to 'rescue' her from a drunk admirer. Doc has troubles of his own -- his instinct is to protect those in need, but he's no lo [...]

    26. I enjoyed this story a lot, but it was too short. Please write a Part 2. There was no denying however that there was a lot of story packed into the 176 pages. I also enjoyed the way Doc's friends featured in the story. The character of Caleb/Doc was very interesting as was that of Izzy, who is a bounty hunter. Doc is a cop with a bad attitude for his job, (although his heart is in the right place). Izzy is a feisty and kickass woman. She is also not a shy virgin, but neither is she sleazy. She s [...]

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