Lost Innocence: The Accused (Part One)

Lost Innocence The Accused Part One Michael an artist charged with a crime he claims he didn t commit and John a self confessed heroin smuggler are brought together in the primitive and over crowded prison infamously known as the BA

  • Title: Lost Innocence: The Accused (Part One)
  • Author: SimonPalmer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: ebook
  • Michael, an artist charged with a crime he claims he didn t commit, and John, a self confessed heroin smuggler, are brought together in the primitive and over crowded prison infamously known as the BANGKOK HILTON Michael fights for his freedom, while John, resigned to his fate, wants only to regain his dignity Michael s grandfather, a once brilliant lawyer, is brought ouMichael, an artist charged with a crime he claims he didn t commit, and John, a self confessed heroin smuggler, are brought together in the primitive and over crowded prison infamously known as the BANGKOK HILTON Michael fights for his freedom, while John, resigned to his fate, wants only to regain his dignity Michael s grandfather, a once brilliant lawyer, is brought out of retirement and flies to Bangkok to fight a case in a city where justice is bought and sold to the highest bidder and corruption is the oil that greases the wheels in the Land of Smiles Running out of time and unable to find the only witness, he searches for another way to succeed in what seems a hopeless case Meanwhile, in order to survive the most appalling conditions in jail, Michael and John must make the best of a dire situation as they wait for their separate fates to be decided Will justice be served or will they see out the next ten years in that hell hole of a prison

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    One thought on “Lost Innocence: The Accused (Part One)”

    1. I think a story based on such a controversial subject was both challenging and inspiring to write. The story outline came from a vivid dream and only when I started to write, did I realize how difficult it was.Luckily for me the right people arrived at the right time and helped me on this journey. Only now when I see the reactions I've received do I fully understand what I've achieved here. Thank to you all, you know who you are. I couldn't have taken this journey without you!To those fellow aut [...]

    2. Lost Innocence by Simon Palmer is a compelling suspense drama centered on an injustice done in a foreign courtroom and a father’s struggle to earn his son’s freedom. The conflict draws three generations together as Stan is forced to implore his own father out of retirement to join in the legal battle. Nigel is persuaded to leave the side of his wife Doris in hopes of freeing Michael, who is serving major time in what is derisively known as the Bangkok Hilton. The father and son team fly to T [...]

    3. A truly gritty, raw read on the terror and horrors of imprisonment in a different country with completely different laws. This author knows how to write scenes that become complete pictures in your mind. I felt every creepy crawly slithering across the floor and up the characters limbs, I cringed at the terrible living and health conditions. The characters were wrote in explicit detail and I could relate to them all. I felt the despair and utter fatigue in Michael as he fought to survive in such [...]

    4. This is the first book I have read by this author and it certainly won’t be my last. This author really knows how to grab his reade’rs attention and hold it. I didn’t want to put the book down as I was completely caught up in the story and couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. This is the only book I have ever read like this and the author has an excellent way of pulling you into the story and really feel for these characters. I just bought the 2nd part to this and I am so an [...]

    5. Michael Walker ,an artist in Thailand is being accused of a crime he didn't commit. This will take you on a crazy ride with a cliffhanger at the end! Looking forward to the second book !

    6. I am always somewhat reluctant to review the first part of an intended series of books. Just as the story is incomplete, so must the review be incomplete and provisional. It is difficult to comment on the merits of a plot which is unfinished. This is the case here. Lost Innocence is the first part of an adventure thriller set in Bangkok, Thailand. Michael is a young, budding artist, who travels to Thailand to sketch the working girls of Bangkok, before commencing studies at an art school in Lond [...]

    7. hmcwriter/palmerbookreSimon Palmer’s Lost Innocence, The Accused, is the first thriller I’ve read in a while, and it’s one of my favourite genres. I’m glad this was the one I picked up, to throw me back into the mix. What a great read! Lost Innocence begins with Michael Walker, an artist, who finds himself in a Thai prison. There he meets John, a lifer, who knows a thing or two about the corrupt system they find themselves in. Michael makes a few friends along the way, and a few enemies, [...]

    8. 3.5* full review to followLost Innocence is the first part of a story set in Thailand. We join Michael in a Bangkok prison. From reading Lost Innocence I have certainly been given a lasting idea of the lives these inmates endured within the prison.We learn that Michael is there due to a claim that he has raped and beaten an underage Thai girl. Michael says that he was only sketching the girl, and he remembers her leading him to his bed where he fell asleep without touching the girl.Michael's opt [...]

    9. Great storyVery well written book. Pulls you right in and makes you feel like your there in the story itself watching the characters scenes play out like a movie. Very interesting how Simon Palmer wrote this book . Does describing Thiland as from what I know exactly as it is. I'd guess he's been there or really did his research. As for the story. Michael a artist who is just there to draw the girls (all working girls of course). Is set up because he's American well English in this case and they [...]

    10. Reviewed by Melissa4 StarsI received this ARC for an honest review. This is quite an adventure story based in Thailand. This story is about Michael, an artist, now in jail accused of a rape he did not commit. His father Stan comes to help him and ends up facing his own problems which then cause Nigel, Michael’s grandfather to come to aid the two men. Michael is being held in what is known as Hotel Bangkok. The conditions are absolutely atrocious and disgusting and the author is able to portray [...]

    11. I can only say WOW . Your work is fantastic. Easy to read which makes it easy to get lost in . The way you depict how the Thai prison system works really makes you want to believe that it's not real , knowing how harsh it is , whether your Thai or a farang . But I now know it's true which leaves me with a horrible feeling in my stomach . Can't wait to read more and hope that Michael is released , probably not sadly . Fingers crossed .What a riveting book . I really can't believe this is your fir [...]

    12. *This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*Wow! this was a amazing piece of work! Simon Palmer takes raw realism to a whole new level with this book! it was gritty and at times hard read as you didn't want the characters to have to deal with such horrific things.I don't usually read books like this one but found myself intrigued by the story and not being able to put it down once I started reading it. Simon Palmer knows how to hook on to his audience and to leave t [...]

    13. 4 StarsNot a great time to read a story about the corrupt justice system in Thailand and how easy it is for foreigners to get framed in a con act for money, my daughter is travelling to Thailand in a couple of weeks………This book has really put my fears at rest…. fact she needs to read this book before she leaves!!!This is one of the ‘better written’ novels I have read, great description with depth and feeling, I could almost smell that Thai prison…gag. My anger grew at the injustice [...]

    14. Simon Palmer's novel Lost Innocence: The Accused (Part One) takes the reader through a young man's journey from trying to capture an artistic snapshot of the working girls in Thailand to being framed for rape and consequently tossed in a Thai prison. Drawing upon his mental and spiritual reserve, and with the help of a new friend inside the prison walls, he is able to hold it together and wait for his family to rescue him. An adventure ensues, spiraling down into the Thai underground night life [...]

    15. Wow. This was a very intense and sometimes disturbing story about an artist that ends up in a prison in Bangkok wrongly accused.The book starts out with Michael, an artist newly arrived in Thailand. He starts paying bar girls to come to his apartment so he can sketch them. Suddenly, he finds himself in a horrible Bangkok prison fighting for survival. Instead of paying off the crooked cops and judges he decides that he wants to fight the charges against him.That brings his grandfather and father [...]

    16. A modern mystery based in Bangkok with harrowing scenario's that although are based in a fiction novel could still be true.Michael is young, creative and living the dream in Bangkok following his love of art by using the local working girls for his models. He's built a portfolio and reputation with the girls until one night ends badly and he's caught in a sting set up by a corrupt cop.Stan gets the call from his son and instantly flys out to help him and pay off the cop but gets caught up in the [...]

    17. Lost Innocence by Simon Palmer.Absolutely Fantastic, gripping from start to finish. This Author is one to certainly watch out for. The story of an Innocent man! Michael is locked up for something he didn't do, scared, but too full of self pride to give in to the corruption concealed within the Thai prison system. He not only has to deal with facing the possibility of years in this prison, but he also has to deal with the deviants from within this hellhole. His passion for drawing the woman of th [...]

    18. Reading this book took me out of my comfort zone a little as I'm not really a reader of the Thriller gene but let me tell you it didn't dissapoint. It deals with serious matters ( although there was one part that really made me giggle out loud) but with the knowledge the author puts into the book you can really feel the emotions the lead character Michael is going through it also gives you an insight into what foreigner's go through on a daily basis whist serving time in the Thai prisons. Michae [...]

    19. Once I started "Lost Innocence: The Accused" it was hard to stop reading it. It takes you through a world that most of us will never experience, the seedy prostitution world of Bangkok and the corruption that is their everyday life. Michael is an artist accused of raping an underage girl, he claims he's innocent but they throw him in prison anyway. What he endures while waiting for trial in unbelievable! His family comes to get him out, but through law enforcement corruption they struggle to mak [...]

    20. I have to say for a book out of my usual genre, this one kept me hooked from the first page. Michael is in Thailand to flex his artistic muscles and draw whomever he finds. That lands him in the middle of being accused of a crime he didn't commit. What helped this story take off, is that I have heard of some of the things that go on in Thailand and have seen shows about the "Bangkok Hilton", that is one scary place and Mr. Palmer did a fantastic job of describing how a place looked and what peop [...]

    21. I found both parts of the book to be very intriguing. I've heard tales of foreign prisons, but I must say Simon Palmer really make it come to life with his style of descriptive writing. Much to my chagrin, I could feel myself there with the darkness, the smells, the insects, but I stopped myself at the cruelty of the guards and other inmates for my own peace of mind!I found The Accused - Part 1 to be quite a cliff-hanger so I strongly advise you get both parts of Book One and be ready to move qu [...]

    22. Lost innocence is addictive reading. Like a bottle of good Chilean Red once she is corked she must be consumed. At once. From the neck. In my case, over an eight hour period I read the complete novel. A thrilling eight hours of addictive page turning I came to understand that Palmer is a master story-teller. Not on a sentence level but over the whole book. What we have is a prison thriller with characters fully fleshed out and realized. Palmer who was trained as a method actor, gets inside his c [...]

    23. Michael only wanted to practice his art in the exotic land of Thailand, but he is accused of a crime he didn't commit by a corrupt police captain and a frightened underaged Thai girl. Thrown in the infamous Bangkok Hilton, Michael meats a self confessed heroin smuggler. Michael's grandfather, Nigel a brilliant retired lawyer flies from London to Bangkok to help his grandson. Pulling together a small team, he finds him taking on the corruption of the legal system.Lost Innocence: The Accused is a [...]

    24. This is one excellent start to an intense and quickly progressing adventure about a young man, Michael, who finds himself stuck in a Thai prison. Despite the bleak nature of his predicament, he learns his options quickly and how to survive on the inside, while the race to free him progresses on the outside. The development of the characters, intertwined with the action-packed story line, is what makes this story very fun to read. With each step along the way, another plot twist is lurking and mo [...]

    25. Bangkok Hilton NoirLost Innocence is a well crafted and gritty prison drama. The author expertly portrays an often harrowing existence within the walls through the eyes of his main character Michael, an artist, who has been imprisoned in the Bangkok Hilton. Michael is a youngish, somewhat green, but quickly learns the ropes and how to survive and the 'art' of managing his new environment. He is helped on that none too pleasant journey by another prisoner, John, who has been a “Hilton” reside [...]

    26. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewSimon Palmer gives us an intense story about a young man, Michael, who is charged with a crime that he didn't commit. John is a heroin smuggler and they both meet in the "Bangkok Hilton".Michael's grandfather is brought in to fight the case. But with a city where justice can be bought and sold it becomes a struggle. While in prison he undergoes many atrocities.This is a must read with many twists and turns. You will not be able to put it down until you finish read [...]

    27. Firstly I have to say this isn't my typical read, I'm usually a romance/horror reader however this story drew me in from the start. The story is a completely fascinating read and one that has opened my eyes a fair bit. Reading about the dark and corrupt side to what is a holiday destination for so many, wrapped in a well thought out story made this book stand out. My only complaint would be that it is not a standalone story but that's a personal thing and not one that should put people off from [...]

    28. This is the first part of a series and about 100 pages in length. It is the story of a young man put into prison in Thailand, his experiences in prison, his family’s efforts to get him out and leaves the reader hanging waiting to find out what will happen to a man who is “good” but who has been “scammed” into the situation he finds himself in. The writing was okay but I have to say that Michael, his father and grandfather along with the PI they employed seemed rather easily tempted by [...]

    29. This has been on my TBR pile for a few weeks now and I am glad I finally opened it; once I did I couldn't put it down! From the opening we are treated to a very vivid picture of Michael Walker's predicament. I must say it made me cringe even more so than when I watch television or movies and have the images in front of me - Palmer does an excellent job of being descriptive, yet without being too wordy. As a result the book was fast-paced and full of action, drama - even some humor. The only draw [...]

    30. I met this author through a release party that I had attended. It was a free book so I thought I would take the chance on it. It was so realistic and graphic. I felt like I was long with John, Michael and Michael's family. It was an awesome story of the lives of people in Thailand and also the way the government is run. The details of what happens in the prisons and the streets of Thailand are very realistic. I was so caught up in this book, I could not put it down. I can't wait to find out what [...]

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