Sweet Perdition

Sweet Perdition Do librarians and bikers mix Librarian Elizabeth Williams is drinking her cares away at Perdition a notorious biker bar in her hometown She meets Ryker a member of the Four Horsemen MC and they sta

  • Title: Sweet Perdition
  • Author: Cynthia Rayne Sara Rayne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Do librarians and bikers mix Librarian Elizabeth Williams is drinking her cares away at Perdition, a notorious biker bar in her hometown She meets Ryker, a member of the Four Horsemen MC, and they start a fun, sexual fling Ryker finds himself falling for Elizabeth, but an outlaw has no business with a good girl Hell, he s not even sure he d be worthy of one He s moDo librarians and bikers mix Librarian Elizabeth Williams is drinking her cares away at Perdition, a notorious biker bar in her hometown She meets Ryker, a member of the Four Horsemen MC, and they start a fun, sexual fling Ryker finds himself falling for Elizabeth, but an outlaw has no business with a good girl Hell, he s not even sure he d be worthy of one He s mostly been wham, bam, get the hell out with the wild women who hang around his club.Meanwhile, Elizabeth is being stalked by her ex and Carl s behavior is becoming and erratic If Ryker can keep her safe, they might have a shot at something lasting.

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    1. Read my review at Sinfully Sexy.3.5 StarsSweet Perdition by Cynthia Rayne is book one in her Four Horsemen MC series. The quintessential good girl librarian meets a tattooed biker who is out to corrupt her. Set in the town of Hell, Texas, this biker book was a pretty decent start to a promising series.Elizabeth Williams has just had the day from hell. Having to watch her best friend and her ex-boyfriend get married was bad enough. Wearing an awful and revealing pink fluffy bridesmaid gown was th [...]

    2. Copy received in exchange for an honest review********★Book Basics★ Genre: - Contemporary Romance / MC RomanceSeries: - First book in a new seriesWriting - Third person Dual POV. Some minor editing errors, but only very minor.Main Characters: Elizabeth Williams, a librarian, is drowning her sorrows in a biker bar after her ex and best friend just got marriedRyker, a member of the Four Horsemen MC, takes a liking to her while she is there and finds himself unable to treat her exactly like he [...]

    3. I liked this one but I didn't come anywhere close to loving it. Rough biker who also happens to be tall, dark and all kinds of dreamy meets an innocent, only had "relations" with one other guy hook up? Check. Biker becoming possessive andpossessive after only one round? Double check. Biker reevaluating his situation based on the fact innocent won't sleep with him while he's getting some hoochie action on the side? Yep, that happened too. While I do think there's some great potential to be mined [...]

    4. This is a sweet and sexy story about opposites attracting. It’s the first book in the Four Horsemen MC series by Cynthia Rayne.Our heroine, Elizabeth, is depicted as a prim and inexperienced librarian who also has an unexplored wilder side. Ryker, our hero, is a member of the Four Horsemen MC who is happy with his rowdy life and single status - until he meets Elizabeth. The night they meet, Elizabeth is drinking and crying in a biker bar after attending the wedding of her ex-boyfriend and her [...]

    5. Elizabeth Williams has always been a nice girl , even when her ex broke up with her and started dating her best friend, she reacted as if she was okay with it. Deep down she wasn't and having to attend the wedding in a pink fluffy outfit was pure torture. On a whim Elizabeth decides to drown her sorrows in a biker bar and meets Ryker. Ryker doesn't know what is up with the curvy woman in a ridiculous outfit, but he wants her at least for the night. One night leads to two and soon Ryker is gettin [...]

    6. Go to Heaven for the climate, to Hell for the company.- Mark Twain-I'm avoiding a lot of Biker romances as they always seem to be the same luckily this wasn't. This book was original, funny and a pleasure to read. The prim and proper Elizabeth is caught in a hideous pink dress drowning her sorrows. Ryker from the Four Horsemen spots her and can't help the attraction. Pinky as in Elizabeth is fed up of ggos girls finishing last so she takes a ride on the wild side. The book could have been a bit [...]

    7. What a complete waste of my time. As far as MC books go, this one really sucked. Talk about a novel that's so passé with a hero and heroine that lacked any kind of depth and character. Of course you can't have an MC book without any sex, so yes, there's hot sex that's sure to please some. Definitely an MC series that I'm not going to continue with.

    8. 07/12/2014Overall Rating = 2 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb / Book Title = 1 / 3 / 1 = 1.5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 2 StarsCharacter Development = 2 StarsStory Appreciation = 2 StarsEnding = 3 StarsWorth the Chili = 3 Stars -- [$0.99 on ]Smexy [HEAT] Rating = Moderate165 pagesBecause I felt like it. Look at my ratings for cover and blurb and ask -- why'd she read the damned thing? Well, I felt like it. Fresh off my craptastic "The Promise" experience, I just needed something quick. I saw this one b [...]

    9. I gotta say, I have been totally reluctant to read any MC books. I am a huge SOA fan and I could only imagine getting pissed at any kind of 'knock offs'. I like the real thing, thank you very much.BUTERMAGHERD!This book was a helluva a lot of hot sexy fun. In simplest terms, it's a good girl meets very bad boy story, but done extremely well. I LOVED Pinky, she was an awesome female character. One of the best I have read in awhile. She more than held her own with Ryker, who was a pretty badass al [...]

    10. Awful.Ridiculous.Disappointing.WTH did I just read and then had to skim & skip all the stupid steam parts.Nothing but a sex book when it all came down to it. The stalker ex-boyfriend was the lamest part of the book and how it was taken care of. Ryker was a horny asshole. Elizabeth was a hidden closet dirty slut in the end. Ryker was a dirty, crass talker of a biker. He also threw in some "fifty shade" kinds of moments. (IE: Plugs. Spankings. Having her wear certain things. Keep her panties i [...]

    11. 3½ stars!☆☆☆*I was offered an ARC via the lovely author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!*#A librarian and a biker. Who would have thought?#Sweet Perdition was a good start to Cynthia Rayne’s Four Horsemen MC series. It had all of the things you could want in an MC book and then some.Normally, while I do love myself a good MC read, I had grown weary and sort of tired of this genre as a lot of what I had been coming across were practically all the same and all falling into si [...]

    12. I liked the story idea, I really did, however, I felt that the whole thing was very rushed to the point that any believability sort of went out the window Perhaps my perception was off but the entire story takes place in like three maybe four days.Hero meets heroine, they have one night stand, decide they don't want it to end there, he picks her up the next night for a date, the heroine stays the night, the next morning the Hero's mother is grilling the heroine about her relationship with her so [...]

    13. 68% DNFThis book was one big cliche. It felt like snippets from every MC book I've read thrown into one, and not in a good way. Ryker felt like a bad-ass alpha wanna-be. Cheesy one-liners. I rolled my eyes so much I got a headache.I tried but just couldn't take it anymore.

    14. 3.5-4 starsThis was a pretty good story. I liked Elizabeth and Ryker and their story was enjoyable and I liked the chemistry between them. This is the first book I've read by this author and I liked it well enough that I'll probably try more of her work in the future. Elizabeth is a librarian and has always been a "good girl". All that got her was being the bridesmaid at her friend's wedding to Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend. Since the wedding was dry, Elizabeth feels the need for a drink immediately [...]

    15. Opposites attract. Ryker is 35 years old and was born into the MC life. He’s drop dead gorgeous and doesn’t have to do much more than smile to get women to drop their panties for him. He’s a commitment phobe who has decided he never wants to marry because of his own childhood. But then again, he’s tired of the club whores and the same old, same old. In comes Elizabeth, a librarian, who chooses the biker bar in a moment of rebellion after serving as a bridesmaid in her ex-boyfriend and BF [...]

    16. A great start to this series. It effectively gave insight into the lives of how the MC operates, while taking us on a helluva ride in the hot and sexy erotic romance department. It doesn't hurt that I love the contrast of the sweet librarian and badass biker falling for one another. Especially when heroine in question is no shrinking violet and definitely when she is putting the totally alpha hero in his place at the same time not making him seem less than a man. All that and the sex scenes were [...]

    17. Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review.4 starsI loved how this book started out! I used to devour MC books back to back but more recently I've been cleansing my palate with YA novels so it's been awhile since I've read a biker book, let alone one I really enjoy. I struggled a bit on rating it 3.5 or 4 stars (in my eyes the .5 difference really does make a difference in how much I enjoyed the book) but ultimately decided I'm comfortable with 4 stars. Overall, it is written wel [...]

    18. Elizabeth finds herself belly up to the bar, in a crappy bridesmaids dress, after watching her once best friend marrying her once boyfriend. Plot twist? It’s a biker bar. Second plot twist, she’s a librarian. I know right!? Who wouldn’t love this?As far as biker/MC books go, this one is pretty good. It’s not so much dark, as it is old school chauvinist attitude. I liked these two together. She may have looked prim and proper, but she didn’t take any guff either.Also, the second in comm [...]

    19. I don’t read that many MC books so I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this. I really liked it and ended up reading it a one sitting. I loved Elizabeth and Ryker although there were a couple times that I wanted to reach into my kindle and smack him around a little for being such a dickhead. I really liked all the side characters and I can’t wait to read their stories. I couldn’t figure out whether or not the Four Horsemen were criminals, which left a little bit of a myste [...]

    20. 3.0 RATING- I only read this book because I wanted to read a later book in the series and happened to have picked this one up for free. It was an okay read. There were a couple scenes where I thought the hero was a dick, pretty standard stuff for a MC read I guess. With all the MC romances available this definitely wouldn't be at the top of the pile for books I'd recommend.

    21. This has the bones to be a great story, but it lacked time and details. I will read more of the series because I've found sometimes it takes a book or two for an author to get their groove.

    22. Nothing to squeeze about !Nothing original or unique. I'm not a huge fan of a short read normally. I can say though when they are like this one, I'm a HUGE fan :)

    23. Maybe 3 1/2If you want lots of sexy times this is the book for you.I didn't think there was much of a plot and was very quick to jump to the end.The thing that mad me mad was anytime they got into an argument, he just pushed her over whatever was available and had sex and it just made everything ok. I guess that is why it I called fiction.

    24. Promising first in series.Elizabeth is having a bad day, in fact she's having a bad day to rival all her other bad days and she needs a drink, she's dressed in barbie pink after attending the wedding of her best friend and her, yes her ex-boyfriend, so the too nice and usually too good, quiet librarian is sat in a rough biker bar knocking back the drinks, I mean, as if the wedding wasn't bad enough it was dry, she didn't even have the luxury of alcohol to help her through. At this bar 'Perdition [...]

    25. Four Stars“I don’t think this is fixable. You are an outlaw biker. I am a librarian. We come from two very different worlds.” I'll be honest, when the author had kindly asked me to check out her new MC book, I was a bit hesitant. There are a ton of MC books out there and unfortunately one seems to be bleeding into the next. It sucks, but the market is a bit saturated. However, this one involves a Librarian and a bad-ass Biker, which is a bit different in on itself. And after reading the fi [...]

    26. 3.5 stars. This was a quick, fun read perfect for biker romance addicts. Definitely on the lighter side, even lighter than, say, Kristen Ashley's Own the Wind. Ryker was all kinds of growly and alpha, which was a definite plus. Minimal hissy-fit drama from Elizabeth, which was another plus. Typos were a minus. And I didn't get much of a sense of the Four Horsemen MC in this book, which was another minus. A few allusions to quasi-legal shenanigans and vigilantism? I guess we'll learn more in the [...]

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