Ra Magic is real Discovered in the s magic is now a bona fide field of engineering There s magic in heavy industry and magic in your home It s what s next after electricity Student mage Laura Ferno

  • Title: Ra
  • Author: SamHughes
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  • Page: 193
  • Format: Web Original
  • Magic is real.Discovered in the 1970s, magic is now a bona fide field of engineering There s magic in heavy industry and magic in your home It s what s next after electricity.Student mage Laura Ferno has designs on the future her mother died trying to reach space using magic, and Laura wants to succeed where she failed But first, she has to work out what went wrong AnMagic is real.Discovered in the 1970s, magic is now a bona fide field of engineering There s magic in heavy industry and magic in your home It s what s next after electricity.Student mage Laura Ferno has designs on the future her mother died trying to reach space using magic, and Laura wants to succeed where she failed But first, she has to work out what went wrong And who her mother really was.And whether, indeed, she s dead at allAvailable online at qntm ra

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    One thought on “Ra”

    1. There have been many stories which say they are about defining what magic is and giving it strict rules. All these stories have nothing on this one.minor spoilers for chapter 4ish onThis is book by a science nerd, for science nerds. It's got heaps and heaps of techno babble, which rather than sounding completely ridiculous (star trek), it sounds like the author has a deep understanding of the way that magical physics works, and how people would use and think about it. The technobabble builds off [...]

    2. I got immediately turned off by the use of aggressive technobabble. I had seen this book recommended because of its well thought out and understandable magic system I found something that is essentially the opposite. In books like WoT you have Nynaeve going 'hmm it feels like i should weave fire just so' and healing someone. In this book we have Laura creating spells using 'heavyweight theoretical results' of Quantum Mechanics and Vector Calculus. The point being, theres no difference between sa [...]

    3. When I complained that Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality had little scientific exploration of magic even though the protagonist was eager and well equipped to do so, a friend recommended this book. I was not disappointed.It takes place in a world much like ours except that a new branch of physics was discovered in the 1970s. It was called magic because its practice vaguely resembles the old superstitions (staff, spells in a weird language, bracelets, drawings on the floor, etc.). It is [...]

    4. This is an incredible sci fi story. It starts off as science fantasy, where magic is real but follows predictable laws—to the point that it is classified as a branch of physics. Then, two thirds of the way through, we discover that magic is simulated by a solar system-spanning artificial intelligence named Ra, and that the Earth is an artificial pre-singularity recreation after a war broke out between physical and virtual humans.The physical humans eventually won the war and implemented magic [...]

    5. Magic is real, and it's a lot like physics. This is the initial conceit of *Ra*, a mildly interesting item of web fiction with a well-developed notion of how magical energy should work. With the world and several magical mysteries well-established, the story launches into various tangents and intricacies which tie together and explain the system, the central characters playing a sort of pinball to their grand, solar-system encompassing machine.As it turns out, topics of simulation, recording and [...]

    6. Phew, this one was borderline with "to be abandoned". In the end I was rather curious about the end and suffered through. I liked a lot the idea of the form of magic in this book, based on physics, requiring way more effort than usual magic forms in fictions, it was a scientific and rational approach, which captured my attention. Kudos regarding the idea, it was interesting. Otherwise Well, characters came as very shallow, not behaving the way I'd expect them to or not having enough basis upon w [...]

    7. A good idea hobbled by severe multiple personality disorder.The original thought is good, the setting is meant to be low fantasy and starting out.Then come the other two personalities.The first one read too many illuminati novels in the early 90's and is trying to strongarm this into a conspiracy novel to keep magic out of the wide world.The second is enamored with some of the more out there novels from the Cthulhu mythos and tries to crowbar in a dark and dreary dream world with horror creatues [...]

    8. Probably the best SF I've ever read. I mean, the novel starts off with the premise that magic was discovered in the 70's and it's a normal scientific field. The protagonist is a mage who has the feeling that there is more to the whole thing. Seems like your run of the mill SF fantasy kind of thing, but as soon as you get lulled into this sense of false security, the author spins it in ways you find hard to imagine. You get pretty much everything, near omnipotent AIs, people living inside the Sun [...]

    9. Enjoyable read. Many twists and turns in the plot, and such layering. Unfortunately that the serialisation caused the latter stages to diverge on a tangent away from the author's aims, looking forward to a future edit.

    10. Fascinating world.I like the characters.Let down a little in the end, he may have written himself into a corner, earlier on.I stick with the 5 stars though.

    11. The beginning of the book is wonderful. Magic exists, and follows fixed rules, and is a hard science. And then we find out who/what Ra is and things go waaay downhill, very very fast.

    12. Excellent world building. The beginning of the story is almost unreadable, but pushing through it is worthwhile in the end.

    13. The premise is very interesting in the way that I have never came across book which doesn't consider magic as just some mystic force, but as something which can be studied/researched/engineered methodologically as if it's some branch of science/engineering. The story is amazing and would deserve 5 stars. But there are places when the writing wasn't clear and so only 4 stars.

    14. (4.5 Stars)You know the Arthur C. Clarke quote? You know the one: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic". This book is the best execution, most inventive and realistic (in terms of making and sticking to it's rules) exploration of this idea I've ever encountered. There are parts, yes, that may be a bit technical and jargon-y. But you don't care, because you want to understand the world Hughes has created better, and you want to think like his characters think -- a [...]

    15. Ra, published as a web serial (but which I read in e-book form), starts off as story about a group of talented students set in a world were magic has been discovered in the 1970s and has become an important field of scientific study. In the first handful of chapters it offers a strong portrayal of the discovery of magic and the life of students who study it, that's very rich in atmosphere. Subsequently the story switches gears a couple of times, as the focus shifts towards the world's hidden his [...]

    16. Ra is incredibly clever, has a fantastic plot energy and a genuine sense of mystery. The worldbuilding which powers the mystery is supremely confident, and it's great fun to uncover each new clue. The emphasis on characters, organizations and even magical powers behaving logically is something you don't even notice is missing in most fiction until you see it emphasized like this. Slightly deeper characterizations and fuller settings are all that's keeping this from being an SF bestseller.The fir [...]

    17. It starts well enough - what if magic worked like programming? That's a cool idea. What if there was a parallel world that you entered by dreaming and where thoughts coexisted with thinkers? Nice. What if there was a wizard that lived in the dream world but also in the real world and also he has super-magic powers? OK. What if there was a cabal that had super-SUPER-magic powers and was hiding it from everyone? Uh. What if all that was a lie and the cabal was actually protecting humanity except n [...]

    18. Interesants hibrīds starp zinātnisko fantastiku un fantāziju. Iztēle/brīnumainība un tehnika satiekas ļoti loģiskā, bet pārsteidzošā sfērā, kurā tās satiekas arī mūsu pasaulē. Tur ir maģija, daudz zinātnes un daudz, daudz pārgudras kaušanās, visādu intrigu un ilūziju. Ja man būtu svarīgi, kas ar tiem varoņiem notika, būtu jāpārlasa kādas pāris reizes, lai to saprastu, bet diemžēl nav īsti. Taču atceros, ka vismaz viens no pavērsieniem bija tiešām foršs. [...]

    19. Compelling world building, mechanics, possibly the "hardest" fantasy I've ever seen. A non-linear execution reminiscent of unfolding layers of origami, seamless switches between POV to construct a mind-boggling story that felt far larger and more epic in sweep and scale than its word count should have allowed. Let down by weaker character writing and an ending which honestly, strips the main characters of agency, but otherwise a compelling read.

    20. This was great on a sentence and chapter level, but as a complete work it feels like something is missing. Ra reads sort of like a collection of related short stories (though I think to a lesser extent than Ed or Fine Structure by the same author), or an abridged best-of version of a full book, and developments in character and plot are passed over as we move basically from critical scene to critical scene. It's still awesome though.

    21. Inventive worldbuilding, and overall really well done. Only complaint (and it's minor) is that there was a lot of plot that happened maybe 2/3 through, and that it happened so abruptly that it was hard to follow. Might just have been me though. I thoroughly recommend this book for sci-fi folks and fans of detailed worldbuilding.

    22. Always a fan of the Stephensonesque writing style. (view spoiler)[It went off the rails somewhat towards the end, but I think that's a hazard of the serialised format. (hide spoiler)]Still thinking of the good bits a month later, so that's a sure sign of success.Also, publishing the playlist was a nice touch.

    23. I love the concept here, and the story plays out pretty neatly. My biggest problem is that the narrative hops around a lot -- and for a story that relies heavily on things happening at a lot of disparate points in time, that can quickly become confusing.Definitely a story worth re-reading.

    24. Plot holes and inconsistencies aside, the story was a lot of fun. Sam's a decent all-around author, but also has a real knack for thinking up interesting science fiction ideas and then running with them to some pretty extreme conclusions.

    25. A very non-trivial, interesting and original sci-fi story. Complicated enough to be worth a second read.

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