Heart's Surrender

Heart s Surrender Neither Samantha Freedman nor Gillian Jennings are looking for a relationship when they begin a no strings attached affair But soon simple attraction turns into something What happens when the worlds

  • Title: Heart's Surrender
  • Author: Emma Weimann
  • ISBN: 9783955331832
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Neither Samantha Freedman nor Gillian Jennings are looking for a relationship when they begin a no strings attached affair But soon simple attraction turns into something What happens when the worlds of a handywoman and a pampered housewife collide Can nights of hot, erotic fun lead to love, or will these two very different women go their separate ways

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      365 Emma Weimann
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    One thought on “Heart's Surrender”

    1. 4 STARSI really enjoyed this book. It is a nice romance - 2 people who are living such different lives - one, Gillian, a wealthy widower with two kids who was coming to terms that she liked women before her cheating husband died and Sam, a butch handywoman who has been on her own since she was seventeen. Add an evil mother-in-law, a bit of heartbreaking angst and it is a romance that has been written many times over. Yes, it's not groundbreaking- but if you like reading a well written romance wi [...]

    2. This is a solidly written, pure romance that has a good balance of steamy scenes and relationship building. Gillian and Sam are seemingly opposites but really aren't when it comes to background and morals and their chemistry works. There's nothing to distract from the plot of our two leads falling for each other and, though it lacks for subplots, the book isn't boring by any means. It also has a unique distinction in that the couple actually communicates when anxiety or conflicts arise and there [...]

    3. A reread this time - 4 Stars for the audiobook. The narrator, Kathryn LaPlante was very good. LOL. I checked what other books she has narrated. From the list I see now why her reading of the sex scenes were so hot! I wrote in an update that didn't remember that there was as much sex in the beginning. Now I understand - it was a difference of reading the ebook on my own and listening to an experienced narrator (so to speak).This is a good book with likable MCs. The second time around I still have [...]

    4. “Heart’s Surrender” took me a few chapters to really begin enjoying the book (I was less in the mood for strangers just wanting to have casual emotionless sex than I thought when I started the book), but once I gave the characters and the story a chance I really enjoyed the book. It also helped that the narrator had a GREAT voice for the sex scenes!Widow Gillian knows she is a lesbian, and after several one-night stands to test and scratch the itch, she realizes she wants to find Miss Righ [...]

    5. Great book! The characters were likeable and the storyline mostly believable. I would've liked more interaction between Sam and Gillian's kids. I would've thought Gillian would want Sam to spend more time with her kids (and likewise from Sam's point of view). Yes, I know this is fiction, lol Also, I would've liked to learn a little more about Sam's background and her strained relationship with her family. Only minor qualms; I'm giving this 4.5 stars (rounded up to 5 stars) ☺

    6. 3.7 stars. Just what I was looking for at this point in time but it has it's flaws. I really liked the first half of the book but then it became a tad bit too repetitive and ends in a weirdly rushed way. It's a satisfying ending but the way to that ending was skipped almost. Like a time skip without indicating that it is a time skip and then the prologue is an actual time skip. Both characters were likable and relatable. The supporting cast is there and it's decent but they don't have that much [...]

    7. 4.5 starsAs a person who reads on average four books a week, I have little time for lengthy blurbs or covers that don’t clue me in on the content. On that note, the sexy cover and short blurb for Heart’s Surrender drew me in. Thankfully the story met my high expectations, and then some.Samantha and Gillian are complex and likeable leading ladies. The story starts with a hiss and roar, a panty melting one at that, and the pace didn’t let up. Now, now, I’m not just talking about the sex, t [...]

    8. More like a 4.5 because there were more proofing errors than I would like for a book of this price. That said, I thought this was just going to end up being a fun, dirty read, but it's also pretty emotional. I like the characters' arcs a lot, but especially Gillian's. I'm really glad I picked this one up.2016 reread: I still like it! Full review here: thelesbianreview/heart

    9. What started off as a hook up between gorgeous butch Sam and widowed mother of two Gillian turned out to be oh so much more. It was sweet and extremely hot. The sex scenes were very well written and had an intensity that takes the breath away. I believed in the passion and the fact that it was more than just sex. The emotions evoked were joyful. They each had to decide what was truly important and whether they were willing to fight for it. Gillian had a lot to lose - or so she thought. Sam’s v [...]

    10. Solid and sweetOkay, thats a wierd combination of words to describe a book but it's truelid because it is well written with good depth of characters and well paced. Sweet because the storyline is just that; it didn't rock any boats but did enough to keep you engaged even though it was pretty obvious what was going to happen.

    11. 3.5*I was hesitant to read this book because I thought it was based on infidelity and I'm not a huge fan of reading about that. Glad to say it wasn't. Anyway, its a very good story and well written wity likable main characters, a little bit of angst, and very nice chemistry. I did feel the ending chapters came about abruptly like a chapter or two was missing before the last two or three chapters Regardless, i really enjoyed the book.

    12. Captivating from the first page and what a page turner. Samantha Freedman, sexy, fierce, passionate and quite handy with her hands. Gillian Jennings attractive mother of two, heart broken, angry and looking for pay back. Gillian gets much more than a quickie one nighter with Samantha. When they get together it is smoking hot, erotic and memorable. Although gut-wrenching, the scene at the restaurant made me like Gillian even more for what she did next. Really liked the personalities of the childr [...]

    13. This is a very sweet romance. Regretably, it was too sweet for my tastes. There is no real conflict in this story and everything, from the storyline to the main the characters, is just plain.

    14. Sam a butch handywoman meets Gillian a widow with two children, they have a steamy one-night stand. Can they overcome their differences and their individual baggage to make their relationship last? I loved the two main characters Sam and Gillian. The story was excellent. The awkward dinner date was realistic. The scene at the café was heart-breaking. Well written romantic love story. I would love to have discovered more about Sam’s past. I hope the author will do a second book perhaps with Sa [...]

    15. I truly liked this story. It was a nice read and the characters were wonderful in their earnest interactions.I was disappointed in not getting more background of either women. Sam mentioned her past briefly, but never went into too much detail though Gillian shows interested in knowing almost throughout the whole book. There is no confrontation with her father, which I would have hoped for, but in real life that's just how life goes. I'm similar in that when someone is out of my life, then that [...]

    16. I was given this book for free as an advance reader copy by Ylva, in return for my review. Honestly that's the only reason I read on past the first few pages. According to the dedication this started out as a short story and that's where it should have stayed, well there or as the plot line for a porno. (Although on second thoughts housewife & handyman might be a bit clichéd for even that genre). The plot is weak and when they're not having sex the dialogue is even worse. If you really fanc [...]

    17. Found it really hard to connect with either character, and being the romantic I am I missed the subtle touches and distant stares that other authors put into their books by the spade full. No major qualms about the story line although I feel both of their back stories were just addressed once and became irrelevant whereas there could have been more of plot surrounding them. Probably wouldn't read it again but don't regret reading it.

    18. Was unsure when I started the book if it would be something I could get into. What a great story. Both the main characters, Gillian and Sam, were both likeable that struggled when faced with falling in love. Love is not always straight forward and there is often baggage involved. This book had great friends offering advice and support, heartbreaking scenes, getting stupid drunk and struggling to reconnect. It doesn't end with a happily ever after but they're working on it. Well worth a read.

    19. A light reading with hot sex scenes but, in my opinion, everything happened too fast(by everything I mean everything:)). And for my tastes the book is too sweet. If you are in the mood for something sexy and positive, the book is absolutely perfect.

    20. This was a really good read. I would have liked it to be longer although I'm not sure I could have handled any more heart-wrenching moments. Sam's pain was palpable when it came to Gillian but I didn't get a clear sense of her history and I think it would have added a bit more to her portrayal.

    21. Two sexy, hot main characters in Sam and Gillian, some very hot scenes, an easy read and a happy ending. What's not to like?I was given free copy by Ylva in exchange for an honest review.

    22. This is a very hot story which initially looks and feels like a one-night stand. However, both women are touched in a manner that fuels the fire for additional get-togethers. Oh my, that may certainly generate complications for both women. The combination of the growing relationship and the intricacies that need to be maneuvered are just a blast to follow, moving me to the edge of my seat while rooting for the home team—in this case the two women naturally. There are several instances that ups [...]

    23. HEART'S SURRENDER is a delightful lesbian romance, with a good story, meaningful conflicts, and juicy sex scenes. A one-night stand gradually evolves into a real love relationship, as Gillian--a suburban widow and mother of two children--tries to get even with her late husband for his sexual infidelities. Picking up Sam the muscular handy woman in a bar, Gillian finds that she has gotten a lot more than she asked for. Sam, having been hurt and not wanting to get involved, finds Gillian a lot mor [...]

    24. What a sweet romance! This was a perfect book for a night reading on the couch. Sam is a smoking hot butch who hooks up with gorgeous Gillian for a one night stand but The sex is amazing and sultry, but this book is so much more than that. Both women come with baggage and fears but yearn for peace and love. Ms Weidmann leads us on their journey through ups and downs and life gone sideways. It had just enough strife to make it interesting but not so much that it was unpleasant. I have already put [...]

    25. Probably a 3.5 star read but I didn't enjoy it enough to round up to 4.I actually read this a while ago so can't remember the ins and out now but I do recall thinking 'solid enough' but it didn't set the world on fire. (view spoiler)[ and I do remember getting a little bored waiting for the characters to resolve their respective angst (hide spoiler)]A solid, if unremarkable, read.

    26. CuteI was hooked from the beginning but felt it could have been so much more. I wished it could have been more background on Sam and why she felt the way she did. I also loved the interaction between Gillian, Sam and the children. Definitely looking forward to reading more from this author.

    27. Very good book!Really liked the way the author developed the characters. I just wished Sam's past history with her parents. Otherwise, I liked the way the relationship between Sam And Gillian developed. Very well done. Hope to see more books by this author!

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