Listen to Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We're Saying Now

Listen to Your Mother What She Said Then What We re Saying Now Irreverent thought provoking hilarious and edgy a collection of personal stories celebrating motherhood featuring New York Times bestselling authors Jenny Lawson and Jennifer Weiner and many ot

  • Title: Listen to Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We're Saying Now
  • Author: Ann Imig Lea Grover LisaAllen Nancy Davis Kho
  • ISBN: 9780399169854
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Irreverent, thought provoking, hilarious, and edgy a collection of personal stories celebrating motherhood, featuring 1 New York Times bestselling authors Jenny Lawson and Jennifer Weiner, and many other notable writers.Listen to Your Mother is a fantastic awakening of why our mothers are important, taking readers on a journey through motherhood in all of its complexity,Irreverent, thought provoking, hilarious, and edgy a collection of personal stories celebrating motherhood, featuring 1 New York Times bestselling authors Jenny Lawson and Jennifer Weiner, and many other notable writers.Listen to Your Mother is a fantastic awakening of why our mothers are important, taking readers on a journey through motherhood in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor Based on the sensational national performance movement, Listen to Your Mother showcases the experiences of ordinary people of all racial, gender, and age backgrounds, from every corner of the country This collection of essays celebrates and validates what it means to be a mother today, with honesty and candor that is arrestingly stimulating and refreshing The stories are raw, honest, poignant, and sometimes raunchy, ranging from adoption, assimilation to emptying nests first time motherhood, foster parenting, to infertility single parenting, LGBTQ parenting, to special needs parenting step mothering never mothering, to surrogacy and mothering through illness to mothering through unsolicited advice Honest, funny, and heart wrenching, these personal stories are the collective voice of mothers among us Whether you are one, have one, or know one, Listen to Your Mother is an emotional whirlwind that is guaranteed to entertain, amuse, and enlighten.

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    One thought on “Listen to Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We're Saying Now”

    1. Listen to Your Mother is composed of a huge selection of short essays written by various women (and a few men) in a variety of relationships and life circumstances. Authors are daughters, wives, widowers, husbands, gay, straight, trans, single, and divorced--with children both biological and adopted (or even none at all). Honestly, the variety of perspective in this book is actually pretty impressive.And this is serious motherhood here. Sure, there are a few lighthearted, aiming-to-be-funny essa [...]

    2. Some really affecting essays in here, all reflecting the diverse experience that is motherhood, yet there's some universality as well. More complete review to come.Full review:Listen to Your Mother is an interesting, diverse collection of essays ruminating on all things related to motherhood: a mother's influence on her children, the trials and tribulations of motherhood, and a good representation of family structures that don't necessarily include a mother. Some of the essays are humorous, some [...]

    3. I'm saving you a lot of time: this is what to get your mother, your wife, your friend, your sister, your daughter, your anyone for Mother's Day this year.I'm a Listen To Your Mother director and cast member (2013 Providence, 2014 and 2015 Boston) so of course I love Listen To Your Mother and everything it's about, how it gives voice to the position that is often the quietest one. The book is a collection of some of my favorite essays from men and women around the country. Putting together a List [...]

    4. (I got an advanced PDF of this book so my review is based on that.)I've followed Ann Imig's journey from the inception of her live show, Listen to Your Mother, to this book by the same name.If you've ever had a mother, known a mother, or are a mother yourself, there is something in this book for you. Some of the essays are hilarious while some are sincerely touching. Ann has curated these essays from the regional shows held around the country and has given us an excellent cross-section of how we [...]

    5. This is not a collection of essays to scarf down. This book is delicious, but rich. Read one or two of these honestly and well told stories, then spend the afternoon or evening with them. Swish them around a bit. They take a little time to digest. Even the ones that go down easy have a surprisingly sharp and complex aftertaste. Read one before bed, and you’ll have vivid dreams about mothering and being mothered.

    6. A great collection from a wide range of voices about many aspects of mothering--funny, sad, hard, weird. I do wish the author bios had appeared at the end of each essay, and that some of the essays would have left off their last paragraph, which pulled some of the punch of what went before.

    7. Full disclosure that I am biased: I participated in the 2014 LTYM show, and it changed my life. Even still, this is a rich anthology on parenting (on mothering, really) that kept me laughing and crying - sometimes in the same piece. The addition of the video clips of some of the performances in this deluxe addition is a happy bonus.

    8. This diverse collection of essays was written by ordinary people from all over the country, focusing on motherhood today, in all its forms. I thought reading it just before Mother's Day seemed appropriate, but it would have been a great experience no matter what the season.I chuckled over Wendi Aarons' hilarious explanation of why motherhood ISN'T the toughest job in the world and Marinka's revelation that when you get a call from your kid's school, it's never good news. And I was touched by Kat [...]

    9. This collection contains some bone-rattlers, some essays that make your breath catch. Though the pieces are short, I wouldn't call this a quick read. I'd treat it more as a daily touchstone as long as you can make it last.

    10. I like the concept of the book, but really only read the sections with authors I know. Jenny Lawson has a strong writing style and makes me love her crazy wit. Jennifer Weiner is funny and clever while still being self-deprecating.

    11. An eclectic collection of essays averaging about 3 pages each on the topic of mothers- some humorous and some more serious or sad. There were a few I’d have liked to have had longer passages but it did convey the essence of the topic.

    12. “Listen to Your Mother” is a new collection of profoundly entertaining and emotional essays, in which editor and contributor Ann Imig says, “gives motherhood a microphone.”The book follows a live-reading series by the same name, staged in the style of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.” The performance will be offered up this year in 39 U.S. cities, and the book debuted April 7, 2015.Following the mom-blog zeitgeist, Imig and 55 other contributors pull together their most motherh [...]

    13. *Receieved through ' First Reads in exchange for an honest review.I'm not really sure I was the target audience for this book. I'm pretty sure I entered this giveway at 2 or 3 in the morning half-asleep. I make it a goal to enter as many as possible. After all, how can you win if you don't enter? Still, I'm not always sure what I'm going to get, and I've gotten some interesting ones. Including Listen to Your Mother.These essays were nice and short, perfect for skimming or reading all the way thr [...]

    14. **Won this book through First Reads**3.5 StarsThis is a compilation of real life essays on being a mother, having a mother, or knowing someone who is like a mother to you. Whether traditional or untraditional, Listen to Your Mother will have a story within it's pages that you can relate to your own family. Reading this reminded me of the time I spent , as a kid at my grandma's house, reading her Reader's Digest magazines. There were inspirational and personal stories in those, just like in this [...]

    15. Rich book; if you are a mom or have a mom or want to be a mom; touching, poignant, and I literally laughed out loud several times, and cried. Very short essays. Lots of different parenting, regular, single, divorced, never married,fertility, homosexuals, transgender. "PRACTICING GRATITUDE; not just feeling grateful, but making it an active verb" "The children ate my gratitude""will they be happy? will they be loved? will they be kind and compassionate? and the pulse that races beneath each of th [...]

    16. Last year for Mother's Day, I took my mom to Listen to Your Mother. Several incredible stories about motherhood were read on-stage by mothers from vastly different experiences. But at the end of the story telling, there was this beautiful theme that emerged like a thread connecting each story.This year, my mom, who when asked what she wants on any given occasion (birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas ) usually has requests like, "Oh nothing, I don't need anything" actually called to say, "For Mother [...]

    17. Listen to Your Mother is a book of many essays about mom. They are written by men and women of different backgrounds taking about their mom or themselves. Although this book did make me reflect on parenting and on my mother, it fell flat. It would have been great to hear the stories told by each author. It might have even worked as a blog. But, to put them together just didn't fit. This is a quick read since the essays are rarely more than a few pages each. It's as if each essay stands alone in [...]

    18. I had the pleasure of introducing a live reading event for the Listen to Your Mother book this week, and by the end of the reading there wasn't a dry eye in the house, from both laughter and sadness. All of the short essays in here are easily digestible, and they all show how universal it is to be a mother, or a child - but how incredibly specific each person's experience is. I had never heard of this live lit series and now I can't wait to go to the event next year. These personal stories are a [...]

    19. A wisdom-filled collection of short pieces from the points-of-view of a variety of mothers, including mothers of special needs children, birth mothers, adoptive mothers, and other men and women sharing their memories of their mothers, as well as their own mothering experiences. The love and loss often eloquently described brought tears to my eyes more than a few times. My personal favorite pieces were "Becoming Invisible" and "All You Need is Lovey" and "Hummingbird." I can think of many women w [...]

    20. Maybe I'm just happy to be enjoying reading again, but I really liked the short essays in this book. Each one is just long enough to paint a picture, make a point, share a moment. The editor, Ann Imig, did an excellent job of including a variety of stories about mothering, some of which I identified with and some of which I learned something from someone with very different experiences from mine. What else could I ask for from a book? I will definitely be rereading some of these stories.

    21. Oh my goodness. This is beautiful. I cried over several of these stories. Wow. Definitely going to have my mother read this."A hummingbird. A frantic pulsing performed so expertly that it still looks like stillness--like nothing. Moving your whole being all the time until those movements disappear from view. But me? I see you all the time. And I will always hold on to you and count myself blessed, ears tuned to you impossible hum."Thanks Mom.

    22. This is an amazing collection of short stories from folks from all walks of life. They are very personal, thought-provoking stories about mothers and really leave you with a sense of deja vu because most of them become personal for you since I am sure most of them could be told about our own mother.I highly recommend this book.

    23. Some of these stories made me laugh out loud, and some made me cry. And that's really the best you can ask from a book of short stories. Imig did an excellent job editing. A part of me wished there were fewer stories, but each one was longer so that you could really get to know the people telling them. **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

    24. Most of the 56 essays included were really good, with my favorites being "The Broken Bowl," " All You Need is Lovey," "Does Your Mom Play Drums?," and "Raised By Lesbians." This easily would have been a 4-star read, except I absolutely hated four other stories, with one being so offensively bad I almost gave up on the entire collection.

    25. Listen to Your Mother is a collection of essays loosely about mothers - being a mother, having a mother, mothering. Several of the essays were fantastic; most were at least good. My only problem was with how very short they were - 3-5 pages each. The fantastic ones left me wanting much, much more.

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