A Scandalous Husband

A Scandalous Husband CAN HE WIN HER BACK It s been two rough years since Dani Tattrie has seen her husband She didn t plan on running their California ranch by herself but she s scraped by Now though a string of bad luc

  • Title: A Scandalous Husband
  • Author: Bev Pettersen
  • ISBN: 9780988115170
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • CAN HE WIN HER BACK It s been two rough years since Dani Tattrie has seen her husband She didn t plan on running their California ranch by herself, but she s scraped by Now though, a string of bad luck has left her reeling and ready to sell Training horses is still her dream job but she s never recovered from her husband s bewildering incarceration And she doesn t haveCAN HE WIN HER BACK It s been two rough years since Dani Tattrie has seen her husband She didn t plan on running their California ranch by herself, but she s scraped by Now though, a string of bad luck has left her reeling and ready to sell Training horses is still her dream job but she s never recovered from her husband s bewildering incarceration And she doesn t have the money or energy to continue alone.Dex Tattrie has survived being locked up thanks to his biker gang relatives and a job working with horses at the prison farm He didn t expect to get out alive or to ever see his wife again Yet as his parole date inches closer, he dares to believe redemption might be possible.However, a conniving cop is lurking, ready to steal both Dani and the ranch at the slightest misstep And Dex s murky ties to a dead prostitute make it difficult to prove he s still the man Dani married.2015 Winner, Reader Views Best Romance A Scandalous Husband2015 Winner, Heart of Excellence Readers Choice Award, ACRA RWA2015 Winner Aspen Gold Readers Choice, HOD RWA2015 Winner Best Book, Canada East, Reader Views2015 Finalist, Top Five Romance, Kindle Book Awards2015 Finalist, Holt Medallion, VRW RWA2015 Finalist, Book Buyers Best, OCC RWA

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      133 Bev Pettersen
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    One thought on “A Scandalous Husband”

    1. 1 1/2.A story with potential in need of an editor, and probably a plot too. The too thin plot, barely acceptable even for a romance, had a few holes, but above all, needed some characters to be built upon. Unfortunately, characters were even thinner than their story. You don't get their action, their reasons, even when they are the MCs.The heroine added a good dose of unbelievable. At least, I had quite a problem in believing she had worked alone a ranch for 2 years. She seemed wish washy, doorm [...]

    2. A quaint romance I received this book in a giveaway from . I would classify this romance as sweet. There is really no sex, they end up in the bedroom, end of chapter then the next day. I know some prefer imagination over description. This is an easy romance book. The first three quarters of this book is Dex in prison and his life there and Dani’s life trying to keep their ranch afloat with a local sherif waiting for her divorce to be final. The remaining fourth is waiting for a big secret to b [...]

    3. Dani Tattrie didn't expect to have A Scandalous Husband but one night in a motel with a woman that overdosed on bad drugs and he ended up in prison. Dani spend the next two years working hard to keep their horse ranch, the Double D going.Dex went to prison and cut Dani off when he sent divorce papers and would not allow her to visit him. Prison was a dangerous place for Dex with the gangs, guards that either looked the other way or made his life miserable being aggressive.The story of the differ [...]

    4. HopeAs with other novels Bev has written, I could not put this down. I wanted to be Dani, and I wanted to keep reading. I was super excited to read the summery after which follows the life of Eve. I want to read more from Bev. I love horses and these novels take me to another place where I can relate to the characters.

    5. A story about honor, love and forgiveness.Well done, a good plot with an interesting twist. A strong heroine and even stronger hero. And twerp boyfriend. It does put cops and Christians in a bad light, which I didn't care for. Other than that I enjoyed it.

    6. oh my goodness. (Possible spoilers below)I almost threw this book again against the wall. My husband is good at drywall repair thank goodness but this book, for almost 60 percent made me crazy! I hated hated hated (is that enough hated) the h. She was just too much. Normally the H's are the ones that frustrate me but she pushed every button. I was so annoyed with her. Okay the premise of the book was the H Dec was in prison for giving bad heroine to a hooker and she died . He pled guilty and wen [...]

    7. I was really looking forward to reading this, but as it turned out it was definitely not my favorite Bev Pettersen. I was 65% into the book and wondering when I was going to start to like the heroine, when was something going to happen, where was the suspense, where was the romance? For me this book was just OK where as normally I rave about Ms Pettersen's writing.What I didn't like:1. Through most of this book the heroine was a pushover with no back bone. It was hard to like or support her.2. T [...]

    8. Positively DelightfulOh my, what a wild ride! Bev Petersen saddles a horse for you, helps you mount, hands you the reins and then turns you loose to ride through a wild, bucking adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and never fully disclosing all the details until the very end of the story! This is absolutely one of the best books I have read in a while. Each character is believable and by the end of the story you know each one so well if you met them on the street you would know ex [...]

    9. I have to say I've loved all of the books I've read by this author but this was my least favorite.I found myself disliking most of the characters with the exception of Dex. There were things brought into the story but I'm not really sure why. Example - her mom left them when Dani was growing up. Why bring it into the story at all if you aren't going to expand on it or even show them having any kind of relationship with her after that? Is she even alive still?The ending:She goes to tell Jeffrey s [...]

    10. Bev Pettersen is quickly becoming my "go-to" author for a good read. In addition to learning so much about horses, the story is paced nicely from beginning to end. Dani is struggling to hold onto the ranch that she and her husband, Dex, own. Dex was incarcerated two years ago leaving Dani devastated. He had also sent her divorce papers that she has yet to sign. While Dex is counting the days to leave the prison, Dani has moved on and is planning to sell the ranch. Dex is released on parole for g [...]

    11. 4.5 stars. I really liked this book. It starts after the destruction of Dex and Dani's marriage. Dani has struggled to keep their ranch solvent and Dex has struggled to survive prison. The book goes between their POVs and we're well into the book before Dex gets out of prison. The story is great and the ending made me cry. A read might bring me to tears a couple times a year, so that is big. The only reason I gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5 is because I felt Dani's dad and boyfriend were a bit ov [...]

    12. Story of hope and redemption!A Scandalous Husband is a beautiful touching story written by Bev Pettersen. This author has nicely blended her characters Dani, Dex, Scott and Jeffry into a believable plot, with twists and turns. It's filled with emotions, her heroine Dani, who managed to run their ranch while her ex-husband is away. She is a strong minded and brave woman, trying hard to meet ends in a world surrounded by men. It's fast paced and filled with intrigues that kept me interested until [...]

    13. loved it!I'm a huge Bev Pettersons fan and I loved this book! Dani is just about to go under at her beloved ranch. She can't keep up with the payments and maintenance is needed everywhere. Her heart is broken and she still can't believe her husband Dex was caught with a hooker who died from bad heroin and has spent the last two years in prison. Then local cop Jeffrey keeps pushing her for a relationship but she never filed her divorce papers because she is still in love butThis was a great book. [...]

    14. Quite possibly Bev Pettersen's best book yet. My new method is to borrow one of her books every month when my prime privileges reset, and I now know to only do so early on a weekend afternoon since I won't be able to put the book down until it's done. A Scandalous Husband manages to make having your husband stuck in prison for two and a half years both romantic and mysterious. What I liked the most about this book, though, is the way the mystery wasn't overt, but then made total sense when the b [...]

    15. Interesting!Kept my interest from first page to last. A really good storyline. It was fairly well edited which is a big plus for me. I may have missed errors because the story was so fascinating but the only error I remember is one instance of using then instead of than. This was a great romance, not based on sex and more sex, which is more common. Highly recommend. Horses, bikers, ex cons, trucks and tractors, a good woman and a hot man.

    16. What a great love story. I have to admit I was not prepared for the ending & the twist at the end but I loved it!! I found that I couldn't put this book down. Great book!**I recieved this book through a giveaway**

    17. This was another good book by Bev Pettersen. Short and sweet with a good story and interesting characters. And of course, horses!

    18. Good readOnce again I find myself reading Ms Pettersen and her romances. And once again I couldn't put it down. Bravo to a very good author who proves that romac

    19. Loved the ending. The characters were interesting, and I like stories with horses, so this story worked well for me.

    20. As always Bev has put out another great book. Reading a book where the author actually knows horses is a joy!!! And this book with a biker bad boy combined with horses is great!!!!!!

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