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  • Title: Daemonic
  • Author: Stephen Laws
  • ISBN: 9780340666739
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Daemonic”

    1. I really loved this book, but it is a massive guilty pleasure. The storyline is completely unrealistic, the bad characters are pantomime villans while the good ones are out and out heroes. The idea is great: six people are brought to The Rock and have to fight for their survival from the man who sired them, meanwhile taking on daemons in Dragerman's studio sets. Apart from the Berserker, the daemons themselves are actually insignificant. They obviously play a part in the plot, but I would've lik [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book and enjoyed all the twists and turns that this book offered. i found that the shorter chapters added to the suspense of the horror particularly at the end when they were shorter and added much more as the story came to a conclusion. Although i was a bit disappointed that one of the main characters died before they managed to escape, i would have liked to have known that he managed to escape too. It seemed there was no escape for Mr D, who having to much money an too mu [...]

    3. Still have a couple of this author's books to read, but unless there are any surprises this could be Stephen Laws' masterpiece. A grim, moody mix of B-movies, Saw and the supernatural, it's almost like Stephen Laws managed to tune himself to early Clive Barker for this one.

    4. Amazing cover. Amazing story. And a great revealing ending One of those you kick yourself for not getting. This would make a great movie.

    5. 'The Rock', as it does to everything surrounding it, sucked all of the good out of this book. An intriguing start and a startling first creature quickly fell flat to a boring book where the author must have received $20 for every time he used the word 'undulating' in a sentence. I had high hopes but was quickly let down. The characters fear became old. Fast. The monsters, excluding the first one, were not scary. Dragerman was a letdown with a God Complex.I am not a fast reader and frequently che [...]

    6. Would be fine as a film of no more than 90 minutes.As a book it is a slog. It's not scary, it's not believable, and it's not well written.Maybe if you've read everything by Stephen King and then everything by Dean Koontz and somehow you still want more action-horror churn then you should read this. But otherwise why bother.

    7. When Stephen Law handed this in to his publisher, he probably said something like this:"I think I've really lost it this time. This book was a bastard to write and to be quite honest, it sucks. Since I spent three years on it, let's just have a really cool-looking title page and then damn the readers that buy it". This book actually starts off well - mean-spirited bikies are always scary. But then the story kicks in and it gets slower and slower and slower and slower and slower. When I finally [...]

    8. A group of people are kidnapped and/or persuaded to go to The Rock where they are told they'll receive money just for being there. But it's all a dastardly plot by Jack Draegerman in his search for immortality. The story follows the group of people as they try to escape the fortress and the people who are trying to rescue them. It's a fairly average story but well told and will keep you gripped to the end

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