Colonial Madness

Colonial Madness A mother daughter duo take part in a bizarre family challenge in hopes of winning a fortune in this hilarious novel that s Gil Girls meets The Westing Game Tori Porter is best friends with her mom an

  • Title: Colonial Madness
  • Author: Jo Whittemore
  • ISBN: 9781481405089
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A mother daughter duo take part in a bizarre family challenge in hopes of winning a fortune in this hilarious novel that s Gil Girls meets The Westing Game Tori Porter is best friends with her mom, and most of the time it s awesome Not many girls have a mom who d take them to a graveyard for hide and seek or fill the bathtub with ice cream for the world s biggest sundA mother daughter duo take part in a bizarre family challenge in hopes of winning a fortune in this hilarious novel that s Gil Girls meets The Westing Game Tori Porter is best friends with her mom, and most of the time it s awesome Not many girls have a mom who d take them to a graveyard for hide and seek or fill the bathtub with ice cream for the world s biggest sundae But as much as Tori loves having fun, she sometimes wishes her mom would act a little her age Like now.Thanks to her mom s poor financial planning, they are in danger of losing their business and their home But an unusual opportunity arises in the form of a bizarre type of contest put on by an eccentric relative Whoever can survive two weeks in the Archibald Family s colonial manor will inherit the property The catch Contestants have to live as in colonial times no modern conveniences, no outside help, and daily tests of their abilities to survive challenges of the time period.Tori thinks it s the perfect answer to their debt problems, but she and her mom aren t the only ones interested The other family members seem to be much prepared for the two weeks on the manor and it doesn t help that Mom doesn t seem to be taking the contest seriously Do they stand a chance

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      410 Jo Whittemore
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    One thought on “Colonial Madness”

    1. My thanks to Aladdin------------------------------------------------------------------Point of View: Single (Tori)Writing: First Person | Past TenseSetting: BostonGenre: Middle Grade | Contemporary------------------------------------------------------------------This was such a delightful book! I had so much fun reading it as it was well-written, with a lot of unexpected plot twists.The story starts with Tori and her mother receive a video will from a rich distance relative. Since they are in ne [...]

    2. A tween and her mom are challenged to spend two weeks living in colonial times. This book is a fun learning experience, especially for young girls, who don't realize how lucky they are to wear clean clothes every day and get milk from the refrigerator rather than the barn. But the overall message is even more important: family comes first, especially the bond between mother and child.

    3. This story was quite clever. A single mom has received word that her wealthy great aunt has passed on and has decided to hold a contest to see who will inherit her estate. Via a previously-recorded video, she invites all of her living relatives to her estate to live as they would've lived in colonial times for a 2 week period. Whoever makes it through the 2 weeks successfully is the winner. Tori and her mom have an incredibly close relationship and their interactions throughout the story are so [...]

    4. Really cute book. Loved the cover. Tori was obnoxious though, but it made me realize how lucky I am to have everything I have lol.

    5. Great adventure book for tweens and teens. I love that Tori is a complete geek and knows this about herself. I also appreciated all the funny events that happened along the way.

    6. *Quotes are taken from the ARC so they are subject to change*When I saw this book available to download on Edelweiss, I jumped at the chance! I absolutely adore middle-grade novels of any kind, especially ones that have a unique plot line, family bonding and a fun competition of some kind! This book was the perfect contender and it lived up to and even surpassed my expectations. The characters felt real, the writing was addictive, the pacing was perfect and the snark, oh the snark! It was absolu [...]

    7. This whole book was larger than life. It had quirky characters and a wholesome message. It made me laugh out loud a few times, which is always a good thing.Content: clean. No sex or language.

    8. I really like this book. Tori is a great character to read about. I really like Angle and her secrecy about her sabotage.

    9. We're time-travelling -- err, wait! No, we're not!I hate to admit this, because it makes me sound like an awful person, but I do judge books by their cover. I mean, I'll judge them by the cover and then pass them by, but sometimes I do stop long enough to read the blurb and an excerpt if that's available and it might change my mind. But what can I say? I'm a sucker for cover quality.Not that this takes away from this book. No, the cover of Jo Whittemore's Colonial Madness is stunning! Seriously, [...]

    10. Tori and her mother Jill are having a difficult time keeping a bridal shop open in their small town, so when they are notified that they may be given money from a cranky old aunt who has passed away, they are more than happy to compete in the challenge the aunt has issued the family-- live on her estate the way that people lived in Colonial times, successfully survive, and get a lot of money. Tori's cousins Angel (whom she likes) and Dylan (whom she doesn't) are also there, as well as some other [...]

    11. I liked the idea of this plotline-modern families having to compete in a colonial-times setting, but I had my doubts about the substance of the book throughout most of it, with the kids' attitudes toward their parents, the sarcasm, the mean-spirited competitiveness, the young teen romancene are great role models that I want my kids to read about, even if they might be realistic in today's world. I try to expose my kids to better role models in books than they would see in real lifeds who honor a [...]

    12. Would give it a three stars for light frothy quick read; would give it a 2 or 1 for stupidity. Average 2, I guess. The characters were inconsistent, the plot seriously needed a continuity editor, and shallow didn't even begin to describe it. But it was a fun romp that required no intellectual work and probably wouldn't even for the preteens it's direct at. The history is fine, the plot is well, it would embarrass the Disney and Hallmark franchises for a half hour TV show. It's Brady Bunch qualit [...]

    13. Tori Porter and her mom lead a fun, rather haphazard life: Tori's mom has never lost her youthful spirit, to the point that sometimes Tori feels like she has to be the adult in their relationship. When a financial crisis looms, a surprising way out emerges in the form of a contest set up in the terms of Great-Aunt Muriel's will. Tori and her mom, along with various aunts, uncles, and cousins, will spend two weeks on Great-Aunt Muriel's farm, living a colonial lifestyle: no modern conveniences al [...]

    14. The main strength of this book is its humor, and that alone makes it an appealing read. In fact, at times I felt like the author was putting so many funny lines in her characters' mouths that it was almost a bit much. (Maybe the author needs to write for television I think she'd be good at it.) But the plot and the characterizations have some serious issues. I was particularly disappointed that this book, with so much possibility in the premise, actually provided little to no idea of what coloni [...]

    15. As an adult, I really enjoyed Colonial Madness. It was fast-paced, refreshingly light, and had a fun sense of adventure. There is a nice sense of humor throughout the book, and it provides a delightful escape for bedtime reading. I particularly enjoyed the romance, since it added more depth to the story.While on the colonial farm, the characters face challenges reminiscent of a reality TV show. It's fun to watch Tori and her mother struggle in a setting where they are completely out of their ele [...]

    16. This was kind of cute. In an attempt to earn an inheritance, Tori and her mother compete with their relatives to see who can survive in a Colonial style setting. The relationship btn. mother and daughter is a bit reversed with a huge emphasis on fun and irresponsible mom and sensible Tori taking care of things. Tori is a nice girl with good ethics and it is easy to root for them even though I didn't like the parent dynamic. A couple twists thrown in there too.

    17. Adorable, charming, funny . . . this middle grade novel is such a fun read. The mother-daughter relationship is heartwarming, even when they're fighting, and the colonial challenges left me appreciating my appliances in a whole new way. The book offers a glimpse into a bygone era with such humor. I was rooting for Tori from beginning to end.

    18. Tori Porter and her mother join relatives to compete to inherit the estate of great Aunt Muriel. They all must live as in colonial times for two weeks. The competition is tough not only because there is some sabotage, but also because not everyone has the skill for survival. Tori and her mother are at odds but the real story is the development of their relationship and trust.

    19. This book is lighthearted, with entertaining banter between the characters. Despite not being in my preferred genres, this book surprised me by being quite enjoyable. The story doesn't drag at all. It is constantly moving and doesn't dilly-dally on setting descriptions, which I appreciate.

    20. This book was very funny, and I love the cover. I'm glad they didn't play the romance up too much, because I would stop reading the book right then if they kissed more than a funny dirt covered peck on the lips. Tori's mom is an awesome character.

    21. I enjoyed a story about a mother and daughter relationship. Although the romance was really awkward and unnecessary to me I liked the heart of the story. Funny that her cousin was vegetarian when I just turned vegan.

    22. Fun, but a higher fluff-to-substance ratio than I usually prefer. I do like the contest and the family drama (some of that is a little overdone, but still) and the challenges. The mother-daughter relationship is the best and strongest part of the book.

    23. This seems to be a new trend in publishing - books for younger readers about older kids. Normally a book about a 7th grader is for about that age range, but look at the cover art here - definitely for younger kids. Good story, good moral, good outcome.

    24. Definitely influenced by the Gilmore Girls- maybe a little too much-that type of mother/daughter relationship not very realistic. 13 year old character who has some romance that includes kissing. A little mature for elementary readers but plot seems a little cute & young for YA.

    25. Completely delightful!I only wish the cover was a little less cartoony so I could sell it to a broader age range.

    26. Such a fun middle grade romp through colonial times, with a modern twist, lots of conflict and just the right amount of romance.

    27. A fun read that will appeal to girls in upper elementary who like realistic fiction with a dash of romance.

    28. A witty story of family rivalry as they compete by living as in colonial times to determine the winner of the family fortune, complete with a little romance, sabatoge, and a few unexpected twists.

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