Undertow, Volume 1: Boatman's Call

Undertow Volume Boatman s Call Join Redum Anshargal s crew escape Atlantis s stranglehold and explore the savage surface world Through a stampede of humans warlike crustaceans and an ice road Mammoth hunt the team comes face t

  • Title: Undertow, Volume 1: Boatman's Call
  • Author: Steve Orlando Artyom Trakhanov
  • ISBN: 9781632150134
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Join Redum Anshargal s crew, escape Atlantis s stranglehold, and explore the savage surface world Through a stampede of humans, warlike crustaceans, and an ice road Mammoth hunt, the team comes face to face with the Amphibian, the creature that might be the key to a life on land They expected a beast they found a mad barbarian god

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      474 Steve Orlando Artyom Trakhanov
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    One thought on “Undertow, Volume 1: Boatman's Call”

    1. Some interesting ideas presented here but the artwork is some of the worst I've seen in a mainstream comic. It was pretty much impossible to determine what was going on in the action scenes.

    2. What if Atlantic underwater people were much advanced in every aspect than us surface crawlers? Undertow starts with a fresh premise. An explorer crew of Atlantic society comes up to check life above ground and stumbles upon cavemen, mammoths and some things that are unexpected or may be impossible too. Undertow has a very unique idea but it also has too many problems. It starts fluently but one after another fights, it becomes repetitive. There are just too many fights taking place which do not [...]

    3. 'Undertow Volume 1: Boatman's Call' is a story about Atlantis. It seems like it should be high adventure, but strange art and a confusing story bogs it down.The story jumps around, but color choices in the art sort of help to keep that straight. There is a spaceship that needs to be investigated and a strange amphibian humanoid that must be hunted and found. This leads a group of explorers to the surface. They make an odd sight with their helmets full of water so they can survive. There are poli [...]

    4. Interesting story that ultimately has too many competing plots. Also, some of the worst art I've ever seen in a comic released by a major publisher. The story, about a rogue group of Atlanteans searching for "the Amphibian," a mutant who can breathe both on land and in water and just may be the salvation of their race, is promising. But it all gets side-tracked by a bunch of political scheming, characters who aren't distinguished enough from each other to keep clear who is who, and some seriousl [...]

    5. Pros: thought-provoking, fresh conceptCons: artwork during action, cussin' merfolk I saw Steve Orlando at a NYCC panel and his book seemed just crazy enough to check out. This is a reverse-Atlantis story, wherein the Atlanteans are an advanced race of merfolk while humanity is struggling in the stone age. As outlandish as that sounds, this book is pretty rich. The Atlanteans have established a society fiercely divided by class and engaged in constant war. This volume focuses on a sect of anarchi [...]

    6. The premise behind this comic is that Atlantis predates human civilisation and the Atlanteans are trying to find a way to survive and evolve. Prehistoric humans fail to understand their advanced neighbours. The main characters are looking for an amphibian so that they can use its DNA to breathe air as well as water.Characters are quite well-developed and the plot also deals with the internal politics of Atlantis and the Deliverer, their ship.I found the digital version of this hard to follow, on [...]

    7. Interesting graphic novel with a lot of potential. The story is a reverse-Atlantis setup, where Atlantis is a race of technologically-adept merfolk who evolved long before humans did. Similarly, the plot is best described as reverse Captain Nemo, where the rebel leader Redum Anshargal leads a band of exiles out of corrupt/decaying Atlantean society to study the surface world circa the Pliocene. Instead of humans in diving gear underwater fighting giant squid, we have Atlanteans in water-tank sui [...]

    8. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 2.0 of 5Atlantis.  Atlanteans exploring the surface world (in water-filled 'space' suits).  Mammoths.  Crazy gods.  And the search for a DNA key that might bridge the gap between the under-water dwellers and the surface-walkers.  This sounds like an ambitious, high adventure book, which is what had me request it.  Unfortunately, it's a bit too ambitious and lacks support to pull it off.It's nearly impossible to talk about t [...]

    9. I'm unsure whether this was a low quality resolution in the copy I received, regardless I found the art style and colour palette to be lacking in this graphic novel. Often the art and the colours interfered with the readability of the text, with the plotline already difficult to follow in places, this was a serious detraction.I found the plot lines difficult to follow as several were introduced in quick succession and not adequately separated. The author needed to take more time with world build [...]

    10. Strong flashes of promise in this Image comic - solicited, but clearly not written, as a mini-series - bogged down by poor pacing and artistic problems. Artyom's Trakhanov's storytelling is fine, with plenty of gritty, messy action sequences, but he has real difficulties distinguishing between characters. The loss of a limb, for instance, is traumatic for a character but a great blessing for the reader, who can finally tell two of the Atlantean rebel heroes apart. The colouring is effective at s [...]

    11. On the ship Deliverer, under the command of rebel leader Redum Anshargal, a group of Atlanteans flee an oppressive Atlantis in search of freedom, which means finding a way to live on land. Characters and plot seem confused and confusing. Redum doesn’t convince as a charismatic leader. Ukinnu, the new recruit through whom the story is largely told, is a spoiled rich kid who doesn’t like the life mummy and daddy had planned for him. Much of the story involves a search for the fabled Amphibian, [...]

    12. Well, it's pretty, in an excessively line-heavy and saturated color sort of way. But the actual story here, replacing land-based life with equally evolved sea-humans, doesn't ever quite connect with me. The story's dense in its world-building, to the point that it overwhelms the actual plot in some places. The idea of the sea-dwellers trying to explore the land like humans explore underwater is interesting, but the political posturing and betrayals aren't quite as involving. Too many characters [...]

    13. I thought that the ideas and characters in Undertow were interesting, and I liked the textured art, but the combination of the textured art and the number of color palettes used, and the frequency with which they changed, didn't really work for me. To me, the colors produced a visual mud that made the art chaotic and hard to digest.I think that the inversion of land and water is interesting, as well as the exploration of social ideas, such as the balance between comfort and true freedom, and the [...]

    14. 3 с минусом на самом деле. Идея просто отличная, персонажи вроде клевые, но очень мало именно про них, много разворотов занимает экшн, при чем из-за рисунка мало что понятно в этом месиве. Со временем к нему привыкаешь, но все равно остается ощущение, что авторы не смогли впихн [...]

    15. It had potential however, it just seemed too convoluted and all over the place, I couldn't even get vested in any of the characters.You have a group going on an expedition from Atlantis to the Surface World, so that's interesting. Even the fighting scenes couldn't really save this one for me, it just needed something more, I can't put my finger on it, but something was off.The series has potential so I'm not gonna say this was bad, I'm just gonna say for an opening it was okay.Rating 3 out of 5 [...]

    16. A completely poor title in every respect. The characters all look exactly the same – like badly drawn zombies, so just imagine how easy they are to discern when wearing identical helmets. Their names are execrable nonsense. The plot isn't much better, concerning some quest to find the salvation of the Atlantean race, and/or an insurrection on a space craft, and/or – well, something to do with class, inheritance, some kind of relationship… I just couldn't tell, and just couldn't care.

    17. Атлантида как Древний Рим в доисторические времена: политические интриги, военное дело, восстания, упадничество, поиск выхода (наружу). Нарисовано своеобразно: детализировано, с милыми отпечатками пальцев, в выдержанной цветовой палитре. Сюжет перекликается с "Капитаном Н [...]

    18. I do not like it neither history nor the illustrations seemed to me particularly beautiful.Non mi é piaciuta né la storia né i disegni mi sono sembrati particolarmente belliANKS TO NETGALLEY AND DIAMOND BOOK DISTRIBUTORS FOR THE PREVIEW!

    19. Steve Orlando wrote a fantastic story but Artyom Trakanov's art made it difficult to get a grasp of what exactly was happening on the pages. I'm sure I would have adored this title if the art was nearly as good as the writing. Damn, what a missed opportunity

    20. Fascinating premise, some unusual artistic choices. I loved the art and found the start to this series very interesting.

    21. Decent ideas that don't land, murky art that's hard to follow, dialogue that just feels awkward.I went into this book wanting to like it, it just wouldn't let me.

    22. I really tried to get into this one, but just couldn't. The themes & characters appeal to me greatly, but the art, while appealing in its own right, just doesn't lend itself to readability.

    23. Interesting ideas poorly handled. The art is ok, but is a bit hard to follow. Writing is also pretty confusing.

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