The Wrong Reflection

The Wrong Reflection Paul Anderson has no memory of working for Stellar Research except flashes from a secret and terrifying project that threatens to tear his sanity apart

  • Title: The Wrong Reflection
  • Author: Gillian Bradshaw
  • ISBN: 9780441010974
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paul Anderson has no memory of working for Stellar Research, except flashes from a secret and terrifying project that threatens to tear his sanity apart

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      190 Gillian Bradshaw
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    One thought on “The Wrong Reflection”

    1. A man pulled from a car wreck and revived through CPR awakens in hospital to find he cannot remember anything about himself - or much of anything . . . except for the fact that he violently resists the fact that he is the person identified by the hospital through the papers on him and in the wreckage of the car, and that he is terribly afraid of the company he supposedly worked for, and the people with whom he supposedly worked. He looks like the person they claim he is, he has the same identify [...]

    2. The Wrong Reflection is a wonderful book about the joys of being embodied, and how seductive our sensory experiences: the scent of popcorn at the beach, bird watching, etc. Bradshaw does her usual marvelous job of character development through small personal touches, This is the first novel I am aware of where she has strayed from historical fiction, although the story has many components of the life of Tesla, set in modern Britain. It begins with amnesia, wends its way through a murder mystery [...]

    3. This book started off promising but then just went down hill very quickly. It was overly detailed on the unimportant things, the characters were as dull as dishwater and I actually skimmed read the last 150 pages as well as skipped a page here and there and I still didn't miss anything important. It was just filled with unnecessary expositions which was just mumbo jumbo half the time. Not only that, half the dialogue gave me second-embarrassment. I couldn't picture people saying half the crap th [...]

    4. The Wrong Reflectionby Gillian BradshawGoing through my old paperback and reviewing before I recycle them, I found this gem. Some excellent descriptions from the main character told in a third person past tense narrative. Overall, better than I remembered.A nice SF thriller with a twist I didn’t see coming (at least at the time). Some small amount of romance but mostly a mystery and a thriller with SF elements.(view spoiler)[Sandra Murray chances upon a car accident one night and rescues a man [...]

    5. Paul Anderson wakes from a coma having forgotten everything except the firm conviction that he is not Paul Anderson, and that he is inexplicably terrified of the people from Stellar Research, where he is employed. With the help of the woman who saved him from the car accident that nearly killed him and the young man providing in-home medical care, he works to unravel his past and discover his true identity while dodging a skeezy documentary maker as well as his employer. Since this is a science [...]

    6. Reading the blurb, I expected one thing; reading the book, I discovered something entirely different.What I liked best about the book was that it was a great story where the information unfolded gradually and so well. I wanted to keep reading to find out how everything ended.On the other hand, there was a lot of head-hopping where I could see what was going on inside each of the characters' heads within the same scene. It was done very well, and didn't make me uncomfortable to read, but not many [...]

    7. This started out very well, and built a great sense of mystery and intrigue, but just went Kerthunk somewhere in the middle, around the time of the Big Reveal. There was a curiously dated feel to the story - more like something written in the 1950's than 2003. It's not BAD, but not really all that good either; I couldn't recommend it.

    8. This is a Sci-Fi novel which starts off feeling like a detetive story and which challenges expectations about what makes us human, and who we should really be afraid of.This is no Space Opera - it is a complex and thought provoking novel which happens to be sci-fi!

    9. This sci-fi adventure was mediocre. It started out pretty good but at some point got bogged down in action and technical details that were unimportant to me.

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