Shock II

Shock II None

  • Title: Shock II
  • Author: Richard Matheson
  • ISBN: 9780425041581
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
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      269 Richard Matheson
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      Posted by:Richard Matheson
      Published :2018-012-08T23:08:57+00:00

    One thought on “Shock II”

    1. Richard Matheson is a pillar within horror fiction. But unlike some of today's over-the-top horror writers (I will omit names, but you know of whom I speak), Matheson's approach to writing horror was a stripped down, psychological endeavor. His stories unnerved readers. His stories made readers think. Combine these two attributes--unnerving and thinking--and it is not a stretch to say that Matheson was successful because even when the reader was to "justify" a story within their mind, Matheson " [...]

    2. 2007 bookcrossing:I picked this up over a year ago from a charity shop because the cover and back blurb were just too funny to resist. They're really short stories - nothing inspired inside from what I've read, although I never managed to get very far into the book 2009 bookcrossing:I came back to this book a couple of days ago. I'd been watching some old Twilight Zone episodes from the late 50s/early 60s - great black and white programmes. And I'd noticed that some of them were based on short s [...]

    3. I got this short-story collection in my ebay lot when I had to pick up "I Am Legend" for my book club. Just got around to reading it.I enjoyed the physical book itself 1965 paperback marked "50 cents" – but in remarkably good condition. Sometimes old books are just fun!The stories themselves, however, were a bit uneven, and some of them seemed rather dated and anti-climactic. Genre-wise, they're kind of in that twilight-zone area between horror and sci-fi.Includes:* A Flourish of Strumpets* Br [...]

    4. Having spent two days sick in bed I rattled through this between bouts of dozing, fever and groaning. This was definitely the silver lining on the sick cloud. Matheson's stories are so well constructed and yet work a sparsity of details in such a way that you create as much as you are given. So whether it's the humour of a door-to-door prostitute service or a creepy old man telling children to dig for a surprise this collection really satisfied. Or is that the fever medicine talking?

    5. A Flourish of Strumpets • (1956)Brother to the Machine • (1952)No Such Thing as a Vampire • (1959) Descent • (1954) Deadline • (1959) The Man Who Made the World • (1954) Graveyard Shift • (1960) The Likeness of Julie • (1962) [as by Logan Swanson ] Lazarus II • (1953)Big Surprise • (1959) Crickets • (1960)Mute • (1962)From Shadowed Places • (1960)

    6. Stephen King recommended author and book. Book noted as "important to the genre we have been discussing" from Danse Macabre, published in 1981. Author discussed in chapter 9.

    7. A good collection of stories from the writer of 'I am Legend'. Relies more on clever twists than blood and gore, which makes it much more enjoyable.

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