Pierced by Love

Pierced by Love Noelle Jensen doesn t want to like Pierce Logan After her boyfriend breaks up with her for her sister Noelle is done with love Plus Pierce Logan has commitment issues because of his parents divorce a

  • Title: Pierced by Love
  • Author: Laura L. Walker
  • ISBN: 9781462115211
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Noelle Jensen doesn t want to like Pierce Logan After her boyfriend breaks up with her for her sister, Noelle is done with love Plus Pierce Logan has commitment issues because of his parents divorce and a strained relationship with his dad But as Pierce and Noelle inadvertently help each other to open up their hearts, they also rediscover the importance of family and lNoelle Jensen doesn t want to like Pierce Logan After her boyfriend breaks up with her for her sister, Noelle is done with love Plus Pierce Logan has commitment issues because of his parents divorce and a strained relationship with his dad But as Pierce and Noelle inadvertently help each other to open up their hearts, they also rediscover the importance of family and love.

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    One thought on “Pierced by Love”

    1. I can't even imagine being jilted twice--once by a fiance and once by an almost fiance, but that's exactly what Noelle went through. It would be really hard to get over it, especially when the second one came as such a surprise. After almost a year of dating, Chase broke up with Noelle when he announced that he was engaged to her sister and roommate, Melody. Noelle is heartbroken and Pierce, a longtime friend, takes it upon himself to help her get over it. Pierce has issues of his own to deal wi [...]

    2. (3.5 stars) Noelle Jensen is blindsided when her boyfriend, Chase and her sister, Melody, announce their engagement to her when she thought he was getting ready to propose to her. She is understandably upset and swears off men. Pierce Logan has known Noelle for a couple of years and can't stand to see her hurting so becomes her friend. He dates a lot of different girls and isn't the kind of guy to become serious so he feels safe to her. They're able to help each other through some difficult time [...]

    3. Noell has been jilted twice. The first time it was four days before the wedding, the second time after 11 months of dating, he decides to marry her sister that he's know for six weeks.Pierce and Noelle are not ready for commitment. They become friends to help each other deal with their emotional issues. The funny thing about not searching for love and finding a great friend, it leads to the best kind of love.I was very glad her relationship with Chase ended. She was sooo much better of without h [...]

    4. I'm lucky to have been reading a lot of really good, clean romance books lately. Some of my favorite authors have new books out and I love reading. This author is a new one on the LDS book scene. At least, she is new to me. This is the first book I've read by her.Because I have been reading so many awesome books lately, I think it may have hurt my review of this book. It's really hard not to compare. This book wasn't nearly as good as so many I've been reading. It was okay, I just didn't love it [...]

    5. I loved the story line of the book! The beginning chapters pulled me right in, wanting to know how the story ended. The author has talent for creating intriguing dialogue between characters as well as an understanding of human nature. She captures the LDS young adult single's scene so well. I can't wait to read more from this author!

    6. The situation in this story made me really mad. So much so, that I had to put it down for a little bit and then pick it back up later. Lol! I ended up enjoying it and will have a review up soon.

    7. I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, it has an great storyline and the setting is described wonderfully-- I have lived in Flagstaff and it made me miss it. I like how the predicament is portrayed and how the reader can connect to the main character's heartache. However, when it came to capturing and keeping interest, it fell a little short. An excerpt from one of my instructor's lessons about fictional writing that I feel applies states, "Many writers think that successful fic [...]

    8. 4 STARS Boy did I feel a lot while reading Pierced by Love. I was so mad at the characters. Really liked Pierce and was rooting for him. It would have taken me a lot longer to forgive my sister if I had one. This is full of drama, relationships, forgiveness. Plus it is a clean read. It is a LDS Novel. But is for anyone.Noelle Jensen is thinking that Chase was getting ready to ask her to marry him. Instead he breaks up with her and gets engaged to her sister. They were sneaking around on her. Bla [...]

    9. I literally threw this book across the room last night. I normally never, ever feel that way about a book, let alone treat a book that way, but the theme of this book pissed me off. I also normally do not post scathing reviews, I usually just move on to the next book. Basic plot: Girl has been jilted beforerl takes chance on second guydates seriously enough to reasonably expect marriage proposaly falls in love with girlfriends sisterhides itts engaged to said sisteren ambush her with the newsd t [...]

    10. WHAT A FUN BOOK!Noelle has just been dumped by her boyfriendBut it gets worseThe boyfriend dumped her so he could marry Noelle's sisterYEAH! It's true!Pierce comes from divorced parents and so he has commitment issues that label him as a player.But for some reason Pierce fiercely feels the need to protect and help Noelle.Not wanting her to drive alone he offers to take her.Not wanting her to be alone during spring break he extends to invitation to come with him.Noelle makes it very plain that th [...]

    11. I loved the story line and it had a lot of potential, but the writing was very elementary. The Author had to write down exactly what the characters were feeling and that they were receiving promptings instead of just hinting to them and making the reader put the pieces together. I liked the book some of the characters were frustrating at times. Also Noelle was going through a breakup with her boyfriend because he proposed to her sister! Of course Noelle was upset and hurt and everyone kept telli [...]

    12. 3.5 StarsThis was actually my first experience with full blown LDS Contemporary Romance. I found the characters and the story intriguing, though not especially realistic. With all of the horrible things that were said and done to Noelle, I would have liked to have had a little more time to hate her family before having the tension resolved. The author's writing style is easy for the most part, but at times a bit formal for the genre. I would like to read a Regency Romance by this author.

    13. A lot of ideas in this book I didn't agree with. Especially in the beginning. Parents being okay with one sister dating the other sister's boyfriend behind her back and then being okay with the boyfriend dumping the one he was publicly going out with to have a temple marriage with the other sister? No parent would support that. Nor would the sister participate in the wedding. And the jilted sister finding a guy of her own doesn't make the situation suddenly okay. I did like the Noelle and Pierce [...]

    14. 3.5 starsI have mixed emotions about this bookbut I ended up really enjoying it. I can't imagine going through what Noelle did but I enjoyed watching her grow and finding forgiveness. Some of the story and relationships were really rushed but I loved Pierce and Noelle's characters.Lds Fiction Clean Romance

    15. I'd give this book a 2.5 rating. There were things I liked about this book and things I really didn't like.

    16. I liked the premise, but I had the entire plot figured out be the third chapter. Angst, drama, and family dynamics aren't my favorite genre, so this book's rating was more about me than the book.

    17. While reading this book, I realize I have been missing out on a lot of relationship growing. Let me explain. In most books it is a sexual attraction that you go after when the real glue that binds you to one person is really likes and dislikes, personalities, temperaments etc. That is what this one was full of. There were two different families and the girl and the boy from each one come from different life experiences and feelings and hurt that all family has from time to time. IT is what you l [...]

    18. After being left the day before the wedding, Noelle has had to learn to love and trust again. Things are now good for Noelle and she is hoping for a ring anyway from her long time boyfriend. She is shocked and stunned when not only does he not propose but breaks up with Noelle only to be with her sister. Noelle wonders and struggles if she will ever be able to forgive, trust and love again. Pierce an old friend and someone infamous for being a player takes it upon himself to help Noelle though t [...]

    19. This is a great book, especially when thinking about relationships. Noelle Jensen has to figure out what what went wrong with her last relationship and what she needs in a future one. Pierce on the other hand has his own relationship issues to work out, especially when he didn't grow up with a good example. This book inspires you to look at what a relationship needs to endure and what it means to be mature. Thought Noelle was a bit immature I think that emphasized that we all have some growing a [...]

    20. Pierced By Love is a story of love, pain, forgiveness and healing. The author does a great job of capturing the emotions of the pain that surrounds losing loved one to breakups and divorce. She shows how it does not just affect those directly involved, but also friends, children and extended family. My favorite part of the book was the healing that came as those who had been hurt allowed their hearts to open and let love in again. But they could not do this with allowing forgiveness to happen

    21. 3.5 stars. This was a cute LDS contemporary romance. I thought a lot of the story felt pretty realistic, but there were also a few things that characters did/said that seemed inconsistent. I was hoping for a little more plot conflict/tension in the story. But I did like the college setting and the happy ending!

    22. It's been a few books since I read this one, but I believe I liked it a lot, and I don't remember if I found anything bad in it. It was very clean and a great read. I would read more from this author.

    23. A sweet love story about overcoming the challenges that life gives us. I don't think I could be as forgiving as quickly as Noelle though.

    24. It was an ok book about a girl that keeps falling in love with the wrong guys, but doesn't recognize that facet.

    25. LovedI loved this book. It shows you the struggles that everyone goes thought. That you are not alone. To put faith in heavenly father and you can't go wrong.

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