The Last Good Paradise

The Last Good Paradise From the bestselling author of The Lotus Eaters and The Forgetting Tree comes a novel set on an island resort where guests attempting to flee their troubles realize they can t escape who they are On

  • Title: The Last Good Paradise
  • Author: Tatjana Soli
  • ISBN: 9781250043962
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the bestselling author of The Lotus Eaters and The Forgetting Tree comes a novel set on an island resort, where guests attempting to flee their troubles realize they can t escape who they are.On a small, unnamed coral atoll in the South Pacific, a group of troubled dreamers must face the possibility that the hopes they ve labored after so single mindedly might not leaFrom the bestselling author of The Lotus Eaters and The Forgetting Tree comes a novel set on an island resort, where guests attempting to flee their troubles realize they can t escape who they are.On a small, unnamed coral atoll in the South Pacific, a group of troubled dreamers must face the possibility that the hopes they ve labored after so single mindedly might not lead them to the happiness they feel they were promised Ann and Richard, an aspiring, Los Angeles power couple, are already sensing the cracks in their version of the American dream when their life unexpectedly implodes, leading them to brashly run away from home to a Robinson Crusoe idyll Dex Cooper, lead singer of the rock band, Prospero, is facing his own slide from greatness, experimenting with artistic asceticism while accompanied by his sexy, young, and increasingly entrepreneurial muse, Wende Loren, the French owner of the resort sauvage, has made his own Gauguin like retreat from the world years before, only to find that the modern world has become impossible to disconnect from Titi, descendent of Tahitian royalty, worker, and eventual inheritor of the resort, must fashion a vision of the island s future that includes its indigenous people, while her partner, Cooked, is torn between anarchy and lust By turns funny and tragic, The Last Good Paradise explores our modern, complex and often, self contradictory discontents, crafting an exhilarating story about our need to connect in an increasingly networked but isolating world.

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    1. Escaping Civilization , "living-off-the-grid", is often maddening, exhausting, and complicated. The castaways in "The Last Good Paradise", endure competing desires, revenge, and love. You'll take a journey, --from L.A. to a Polynesian remote resort -small island in the South Pacific--Cut off from Cell phones -electrical devices and social media. Innumerable Challenges!Quirky rhythms!Seductive & funny Several Twists & turns Epic storytelling--emotional intensity!Heroes and villains--Nucle [...]

    2. Having loved Tatjana Soli's first novel, The Lotus Eaters, I have gone into her second and third novels with high expectations. Both times I have been disappointed.I was quickly bored at the beginning of this novel when Richard and Ann are introduced and their financial disaster is described. I hung on and became a little more interested when they arrived on the island and the group dynamic among all the characters began to develop. I thought Soli had some interesting things to say about how att [...]

    3. I received a Giveaway advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. It ended as I hoped it would, though the twists and turns kept me wondering. I loved this book. Maybe because I dream of leaving everything here behind and buying a one-way ticket to a semi-deserted island, maybe because it encompassed happiness, sadness, dreams, failure, success and loss. Written from many characters' point of view, the majority of the book centers on a professional woman in her late-30s, [...]

    4. This book features a varied cast of characters on a remote, expensive tropical resort for different reasons. Ann and her husband Richard are fleeing possible bankruptcy. Richard and his friend/partner in opening a new restaurant have put themselves in debt to the wrong kind of people. Ann is burned out by her success as a cutthroat lawyer. The relationship has become strained due to the financial and emotional cost of trying to get pregnant.There is also a rock star and his muse, a Casanova reso [...]

    5. I was a big fan of Soli's first book The Lotus Eaters but it took me awhile to get into this book since it seemed to be mostly about a group of self-centered materialistic couples from LA who are frittering away on a private island in Tahiti. The action soon picked up but everything, including the humanitarian cause, was framed in its PR spin value. I did not like the four main characters and the characters of the one Tahitian couple who were slightly appealing were not fully developed. Meh.

    6. Soli's "The Lotus Eaters" is one of my all-time favorite books. So, "The Last Good Paradise" had big shoes to fill. It did not come anywhere close to the depth, character, and strength of story of "The Lotus Eaters". On its own, "Paradise" was mildly interesting.

    7. I received an advance reader copy through the First Reads program. Ann, a junior LA attorney, and her husband, Richard, a chef, have to abruptly leave town after Richard's high-flying, profligate restaurant partner finds himself in financial trouble and the couple's assets are frozen. The couple flees to a Polynesian atoll to escape their situation, but they cannot escape from themselves. There they encounter a has-been rock star and his nymph-like muse girlfriend who are also guests. This prim [...]

    8. I haven't read Tatjana Soli's much heralded debut book. I have read the second one, The Forgetting Tree, and found it offensive. Based on that, I suppose I shouldn't have picked this one up. But I loved the cover and I'm nothing if not optimistic. This wasn't offensive. I'll give it that. But it was boring. It started well enough. A couple in deep shit run away to an atoll on Tahiti and get embroiled in matters local and global. A number of others with troubles of their own join in and before lo [...]

    9. Got this from firstreads.The back-of-the-book summary says that this is a dark comedy, but since I found it neither dark nor funny, I have to start with that quintessential Gracie Allen line: I don't get it.So I'm not sure what this book is, other than a romance with a little more depth that is generally present in that genre. All the characters have back stories. I didn't really get attached to any of them, but they also weren't offensive, and they each had something a little interesting about [...]

    10. This one is totally different from her novel "The Lotus Eaters" and, I thought, a disappointment. Ann, a 38 year old attorney wants to quit law and have a baby. Her husband is a chef who is getting ready to open his own restaurant with a partner. The partner is irresponsible and in debt so badly that he ruins the business before it opens, and Ann and her husband take off to a pristine island with a money bag filled with illegally gotten money. There are a lot of relationship problems with and am [...]

    11. I had a problem getting involved with both the story and its style. When a junior partner of a lawfirm who is desperately trying to get pregnant flees with her chef husband to a Pacific atoll, well, it does go on from there, but glacially. Other characters never seem to gel or gain any more credulity than the central couple, and I must admit, I felt my time would be better served otherwise. I am sorry I didn't like it more.

    12. This book just randomly appeared in my mailbox one day. It was a couple of months AFTER I had stopped entering giveaways and I never received any notification that I had won, nor is it the kind of book I would have entered for. So I put it off for a couple of years. I was honestly really apathetic towards the whole thing. Lots happened in the end, but I didn't particularly care. I wasn't fond of any of the characters, as they do all seem terrible in their own way. Pretty much everyone in this bo [...]

    13. I wanted to like this book and the first half was okay. But the last half of the book took off in so many weird directions I almost didn't want to finish. I didn't connect with any of the characters and really I didn't really like any of them.

    14. This book approaches a universal question in an interesting way - what makes us truly happy? Is it pursuing our passion? Achieving success? Is it something infinitely more simple, like becoming one with nature? Or does any of it really matter? Perhaps the problem lies in the pursuit. Where this book failed was in its basic execution. I felt the author was at her strongest when she focused in on a single character for more than a couple pages. This is when the characters really shine and come to [...]

    15. More reviews available on my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.This has a fairly low rating on , considering that I pulled it from the "Popular Reads" section of the library, and for the longest time I couldn't figure out why. It seemed like it was going to be a really good study of character. The story starts with Anne, a lawyer who aspires to be a "shark," and her chef husband Richard, who flee the country after Richard's business partner (and Anne's former lover) Javi embezzles money from their r [...]

    16. Pretty Standard Escapist FareWhen Tatjana Soli's first novel, The Lotus Eaters, appeared, I was impressed by her stunning action sequences of the Vietnam War, but felt she was diluting her talents by embedding them in the context of a pretty standard romance novel. Many of my friends disagreed, giving the book a high five-star rating. I did not read the second, The Forgetting Tree, but I see the reviews have split along much the same lines, although somewhat more evenly. With her latest, however [...]

    17. I received a free copy from First Reads for my honest review.3.5 stars'The Last Good Paradise' starts out as the story of Ann, a 38 year old lawyer, and her husband Richard who is a chef. Ann and Richard had invested in Richard and his business partner Javi's restaurant. When the restaurant encounters financial ruin before it even opens, Ann and Richard disappear to hide in an off the grid resort in the South Pacific. There, they encounter the eccentric French resort owner, a rock star and his [...]

    18. I have mixed feelings about The Last Good Paradise. I found the first part of the book--meeting the characters and learning parts of their stories absorbing. I found humor in the forced (supposed) primitiveness of Loren's resort and how desire for the concept of being unplugged and off the grid broke down in reality. Especially how Ann, not wanting to be contacted by her and Richard's badly-behaving business partner (and her former lover) Javi, tossed an expensive (and thankfully) water-proof Sa [...]

    19. The Last Good ParadiseByTatjana SoliWhat it's all aboutBooks like this cause me to love them and not love thembut in agonizing and yet interesting way. In this book we have the case of Ann and Richardd the myriad amount of mistakes that they make while trying to be happy. Richard is business partners with a womanizer and a spendthriftJaviRichard is a chef who has an aversion to meat while his business partner does his best to spend all of their money. Ann is an attorney who wants to be an artist [...]

    20. If you want to read a concise, flowing, and non-prosaic little story, do not pick up this novel. While I enjoyed the tropical setting and the brief flirtation of the travesty of the French Polynesian island history, the excessive prose was a huge distraction from the actual telling of the story. This novel could've been told on half the pages that it was written on.Richard and Ann are a typical LA couple wanting the Big Time-he to be a famous chef with his own restaurant while she is a man-eatin [...]

    21. Ann and Richard, a wanna-be yuppie couple in Los Angeles find themselves on the run like common criminals. None of this is as it was supposed to be. Their path to follow their dreams has turned into a nightmare. Ann has worked night and day at a high powered law firm for the last ten years, solely to support her husbands goals of opening his own restaurant. Richard is a passionate, kind, loving chef that pours his heart and soul into every dish. Ann daydreams out her big corner office window of [...]

    22. "The Last Good Paradise" is the story of a group of people who all seem to be running away from something. The story centers on Ann and Richard. Ann is a successful lawyer who sees her marriage to Richard beginning to disintegrate. Richard is a chef that dreams of owning his own restaurant. Those dreams are dashed and Ann decides that the best thing to do would be to run away from their lives in L.A. to an island where they hope to disconnect from the rest of the world (literally in some ways an [...]

    23. I adored Tatjana Soli's debut novel, The Lotus Eaters, and really enjoyed her followup, The Forgetting Tree, so I was incredibly excited for her third novel which was released this week, The Last Good Paradise. I'll admit it--I had high expectations, always a dangerous way to start off a book. Unfortunately, they were not satisfied.The Last Good Paradise by Tatjana Soli takes place on an unplugged resort in the South Pacific where Ann (a lawyer) and Richard (a chef) run off to after potential fi [...]

    24. I really enjoyed Soli's book The Lotus Eaters and was excited to read this one. The premise of this was strange - an unusual collection of people end up on a quiet island in Polynesia, among them a couple who is escaping a financial and personal crisis as well as an aging rock star, not to mention the island's staff (a distant extension of a luxury hotel across the water). There was a point in the book where I thought it was jut too far-fetched and contrived. But like Ann Patchett's Bel Canto, s [...]

    25. Pros:The writing is quite beautiful and vivid at points. I especially love the passage about the nuclear bomb going off when some guy (someone's uncle or grandfather?) was in the ocean. I found the imagery of the turned-out monstrous fish horrifying, and it's really stuck with me. I found myself laughing many times throughout and for good reasons. I enjoyed reading about Richard's friendship with his friend's mom. I'm not sure why. I found her to be interesting. Cons: I didn't care all that much [...]

    26. The above location and scenario in Los Angeles is what Ann, junior partner in a law firm, wants to escape. When her husband Richard and his business partner, Javi, must use all of their and her hard-won money to pay Javi's exwife in a lawsuit, Ann and Richard take their money and run, before creditors can withdraw their savings from their bank account. The couple end up in a remote resort on a remote island in the South Pacific, where they face new problems.Interesting premise - a new life in pa [...]

    27. A couple who have fighting an uphill battle - opening a restaurant with an untrustworthy friend, in a job that makes her feel soulless, doing anything to conceive a child; and then something happens where there future is in jeopardy and they have to take their future in their own hands and escape to "paradise."The best thing I can say is this one is interesting. When they escape to "paradise" this book took a turn and it became just ok for me. With some interesting characters on the island I enj [...]

    28. I received this book for free through First Reads. Much like the characters in this book who journeyed to find their own true selves, this book plot took quite the journey as well. I can't say that I loved this book, or really "liked" any of the characters, but something about this book still resonated with me. The struggle to find who you are is one that defines humanity, and perhaps it is fitting that one needs to sequester oneself on an island to truly find their true selves. I think my favo [...]

    29. I won THE LAST GOOD PARADISE in a Giveaway. I appreciate the opportunity.I hate to abandon a book, especially one I received through a giveaway. But I can't stop rolling my eyes or sighing in disappointment while I read it. It feels like a chore to force myself through it. It's probably most accurate to say that I am not the target audience for this book. I found it (the half that I read over several months) at times predictable, at others ridiculous (but not in a thrilling way). The characters [...]

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