Peter, Enchantment and Stardust:The Poems

Peter Enchantment and Stardust The Poems Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN B EYN HTA Peter Enchantment and Stardust is a delightful collection of strange and mystical poems inspired by the children s book Peter A

  • Title: Peter, Enchantment and Stardust:The Poems
  • Author: WilliamO'Brien
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN B00EYN3HTA.Peter, Enchantment and Stardust is a delightful collection of strange and mystical poems inspired by the children s book Peter A Darkened Fairytale.The author has created a variety of magical poems revealing new secrets of the hidden worlds from the first novel Enchantment gives an insight of the somLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN B00EYN3HTA.Peter, Enchantment and Stardust is a delightful collection of strange and mystical poems inspired by the children s book Peter A Darkened Fairytale.The author has created a variety of magical poems revealing new secrets of the hidden worlds from the first novel Enchantment gives an insight of the some of the delights readers will be able to find in the forthcoming story in Peter s adventures For the light of heart, Stardust will make dreams come true.As always, there is the expected beauty of light and an unreasonable fear of the dark Although, one could ask, should one really be afraid of the dark However, for now, enjoy the mysteries and wonder of the light in Peter, Enchantment and Stardust but do be careful of things that may be hidden.Until we next meet count your wishes

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    1. Epithet: William O'Brien a magical poet. This enchanting poetry collection belongs to the genre of Fantasy and Fairyland. As a reader I was fascinated by the magical reality which the poet has created throughout the entire book. It felt like being inside a fairy tale, or inside a mythological journey, a fact which conveyed the reader with an epic and divine tang of eternity. Many of the poems were intuitive and somewhat mysterious, yet not without piety. The way the reader was swinging in moods [...]

    2. "Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - The Poems" by William O'Brien intrigued me with its innovative concept of releasing poems from and beyond the 'Peter' series. I had already read the first book, which is the story of Peter in a magical fantasy world, so I understood immediately what these charming and often obscure poems where about. For others some of the connecting dots may be missing but for fans of poetry and fairy tales that should not really matter. The poems are enjoyable in any case.As [...]

    3. William O'Brien has written a book of Poems that is magical. Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - The Poems (Peter: A Darkened Fairytale 2) if you have read "Peter: a Darkened Fairytale", you should try these imaginative and fantastic poems. They make you feel like a child again and each one is unique and creative.As with any poems there are always favorites. Some I liked were carefree and fun like "Wildflower Valley" and some were more dark and sinister like "Madie." Whichever you may prefer the a [...]

    4. Author William O'Brien has created a whimsical companion book to his Peter: A Darkened Fairytale, but this collection of enchanting poems (Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - The Poems ) can also be enjoyed for its own sake. The author seems to dance with words taking us to magic places again and again. “Frozen Magic”Land of snow and sleet did findPeter's world was once blindSpells of witches, sacred fireSkies explored flying higherAnd to “Wildflower Valley”In the magic blades of greenLady [...]

    5. I was mesmerized and enchanted when I read "Peter: A Darkened Fairytale" by William O'Brien, and when I saw that this poetry collection came out, I couldn't wait to read it. Once again, I wanted to be transported to the magical worlds that Peter explored in the novel. And this collection felt even more magical than the novel itself, perhaps because poetry tends to rely on sounds, rhymes, and hints more so than prose.I loved all the poems in this book, but here are some lines that I especially li [...]

    6. I have read Peter: A darkened fairy tale and this collection of poems inspired by the story are beautifully written and conjure up a myriad of wonderful images and characters.Even if you haven't read the fairy tale you cannot fail to find these poems enchanting as the title suggests. Having read the previous book it was lovely to have this companion to bring back to life all the amazing creatures met in the tale. This is a great book to dip into and the poems will immediately transport you into [...]

    7. A Touching Collection of Poems.I read the first book, Peter: A Darkened Fairytale and it was amazing, so magical with bizarre characters and never-ending superbly detailed fantasy lands. To be honest, I am not really a fan of poetry but the first book was so good I thought I would give it a try. The poems open all sorts of wonderful doorways, some relating to the story and other enchanted places- a lovely collection of mystical words. O'Brien knows how to paint pictures with words and certainly [...]

    8. I was given a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say reading "Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - The Poems" is a more like a wonderful gift, because I loved them all!Nothing makes me happier than poetry, and the enchanting poems in this collection I will read over and over again! Having loved the magical story, "Peter: a Darkened Fairytale", I was already pleased to read more from the very talented, imaginative, William O'Brien. This collection of poems is a [...]

    9. Peter, Enchantment and Stardust is an inspiring set of poems which reopened my mind from the lovely first story of Peter in a Darkened Fairytale. The book exhibits a combination of magic and deep thoughts, beautifully and simply connected to tease the senses. O’Brien’s child-like but sensual imagination paints a delicate, although potent, play on words. Many spiritual aspects are seen it this authors writing in both of his works. An amazing palette of fairies, creatures and the love of life [...]

    10. Another trip into Peter’s magical worldI really love the story Peter A Darkened Fairytale and the new book of poems is another trip into the magical realms. Some things are familiar from the first story but there are many new exciting places and characters to explore. Some of the poems are dark and others fun and sentimental, although they all paint pictures of the worlds wonderfully well. Peter, Enchantment and Stardust is such a vivid read that I will remember these poems for a very long tim [...]

    11. Peter, Enchantment & Stardust by Author William O'BrienWhat a delightful compilation of poetry by multitalented Author William O'Brien. This book of poems if divided into four sections. Section I is titled Peter, Section IIEnchantment, Section III Stardust, and Section IVPoems from the Story Peter: A Darkened Fairytale.It would be impossible to do justice to each poem so I have decided to mention those that jumped out at me in each section of this well-written book of poetry. "A Truth" espec [...]

    12. "Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - The Poems" is a companion book for "Peter: A Darkened Fairytale." That first book was as imaginative a novel as they come, a trippy ride and a delightful story. However, let's imagine for a second that "Darkened Fairytale" does not exist, and judge this book on its own merit.As the title implies, it's a collection of poems, that I feel are best described by the following lines:The man once said inside my headA house of haunted rhymes"Haunted rhymes" indeed. In [...]

    13. Peter, Enchantment and Stardust is the follow-up to the excellent Peter: A Darkened Fairytale, taking a poetic look at the magical world created by Mr. O’Brien. It is broken into segments to provide the reader with guidance, unfolding much the same as the novel before it.To highlight a few of the many quality poems here, a particular favorite was Zombie Queen. The opening lines “Full of scabs and rotting flesh/Stench like sick from the nest,” paints a vivid picture in the reader’s mind, [...]

    14. Having just recently read and loved Mr. O'Brien's other book, Peter: A Darkened Fairytale, this collection of poems was a lovely addition to the world I came to know in the first book. Some of them were taken from the story of Peter and reminded me of parts of the book, taking me back into the story in a really cool sort of way. The new poems were enchanting, engaging and the turns of phrase used for some of them just blew me away!Even if you haven't read the other book, this is a delightful col [...]

    15. This is a must read for anyone who has read Peter: A Darkened Fairytale. These clever poems take us back to the mysterious land of Peter's journeys. Many of these poems reminded me of creatures and scenes from the fairytale, and I enjoyed them very much. There are also some new things presented here, leading me to believe that there is more to come in Peter's fascinating journey. Among my favorites were Cauldron, Brownies, Devil's Wish, Farigehr, Quengorn, and last but not least, Tosis. I couldn [...]

    16. William O'Brien has written a marvellous book of poems that is pure magic. Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - The Poems (Peter: A Darkened Fairytale 2) is a poetic rendering of his first book - Peter: a Darkened Fairytale. The poems will send any adult right back to their childhood and bring a smile to their face. The poems are quite simply breath taking and beautiful, I especially liked the Haiku Enchantment. This is a FIVE STAR must for all poetry lovers of all ages and I cannot recommend this [...]

    17. While studying English literature, one of our teachers told the class that poetry has the uncanny ability to unveil the truth, even if only as a small mirage. Generally speaking, the reader senses the presence of something else, something that was not said, that was only implied, or perhaps only desired by the reader. Take these two lines from the poem The Cashquar from this book, “Peter, Enchantment and Stardust:” “Wilderness is where I roam / A place where free is my home.” When I read [...]

    18. This is a wonderful enchanting read to meet the characters of O'Brien's "Peter: A Darkened Fairytale!" His descriptions of the characters portrayed in verse, leave your senses yearning for more! Mixed with darkness, and light, evil, and good, he also adds childhood dreams and nostalgia into his verse. This is a book for all ages to enjoy! Reading these verses, sends you into a realm of magic and enchantment. O'Brien is becoming one of my favorite fantasy authors, and I look forward to reading mo [...]

    19. Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - The Poems refreshes my respect for the imagination and creativity of O'Brien. It's been a few weeks and several books since I read the fairytale, then picked up this collection of poetry that delivered me right back to the colorful and highly visual world of Peter. None of the poems has a rushed or out-of-place feel just a great touch of emotion and fantasy that makes you want to discover the next one. My personal favorite is The Vaandorg Dragon, because it capt [...]

    20. **As with most of my reviews, I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review"Derived from the previous tale, the poems included in Peter. Enchantment, and Stardust-The Poems(Peter: A Darkened Fairytale 2)took me in immediately. It was quite a followup to the story, almost like a deluxe version of a previous album. Because I am a lover of Poetry, I actually read this collection a few times, and they were better with each read. Bravo!

    21. I am a big fan of fairy tales, fables and myths so this was right up my alley. It's a dark poetic fairytale with a twist: It matches the first book!A wonderful collection of enchanting poems featuring amazing fairy tale characters that we found in the first book. If you purchase the book, these poems will come to life and jump out at you. You'll recognize the characters. I was really able to connect the two immediately. This book is beautifully written and so captivating.Definitely buy this book [...]

    22. I was given this book in return of an honest review by the author.I am speechless to say the least of this book. I was asked to review Peter: A Darkened Fairytale and was more then excited when I was asked to review Peter, Enchantment and Stardust-The Poems. I normally am not drawn to books of poetry, but this one drew me in from the start. This book opened you up even more to the the first one. I think that one of my favorite Poems was Wildflower Valley, because I could really almost feel as if [...]

    23. A MAGICAL JOURNEYPeter, Enchantment and Stardust:The PoemsWritten by William O’BrienWilliam O’ Brien is not only a talented storyteller but a gifted poet as well. This collection of poems is meant to accompany his children’s book, Peter, The Darkened Fairytale. In that story, Peter is the protagonist who must fight and overcome the forces of evil.In this wonderful poetry collection, the author presents us with a mix oflighthearted poems that inspire us with hope and love. On the other hand [...]

    24. I loved the book, so naturally bought this when I heard about it. Peter, Enchantment and Stardust is a beautiful collection of poetry inspired by Peter: A Darkened Fairytale. The book is broken into parts. My favourite part is Enchantment: Trice a darkened widow/ Touched my shadow/In night While sleeping. Following this intriguing sub-heading are poems that took me right back to the book. The reason this section of poetry is my favourite is because it was darker and enchanted my darker side! The [...]

    25. I read William O'Brien's "Peter: A Darkened Fairytale" and enjoyed this collection of poetry as much as I did that fantastic book. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoyed "Peter: A Darkened Fairytale" as well as for anyone who is interested in an enchanting and amazing collection of poetry, which is full of wonder and magic. O'Brien has a gift for storytelling as well as beautiful and enticing imagery. "Spies the brightest orb of lightAn elf of beauty touched it twicePlaying with her [...]

    26. What a wonderful collection! Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - The Poems (Peter: A Darkened Fairytale) is a must for any reader that appreciates truly brilliant writing. William O'Brien's crafty, creative and cheerful words made it feel as if it were being read to me. Each poem is incredibly unique visually. I originally planned to read a few at a time but I kept wanting more and I kept turning the pages. This great read is is one I know I will read many times. I have a few favorite tales from m [...]

    27. A great collection of poems, either as a companion book to the novel Peter the Darkened Fairytale or as a stand alone scattering of imaginative verses. William O'Brien's writing style is so mystical and nostalgic that you could almost imagine that these poems are spells or incantations from a bygone era. Wonderfully bizarre and enriching, this collection leaves your mind spinning off into a dark and fantastical land.

    28. 'Peter, Enchantment and Stardust' is an enchanting book of weird and wonderful poems. You are drawn into a magical and hidden world that whisk you away as if in a dream. After reading 'Peter: A Darkened Fairytale', I was eager to read more of the poetic words from this author.A wonderful descriptive play with words! I'm really looking forward to more books from O'Brien with his creative and bizarre depiction of strange worlds.

    29. William O'Brien has written a wonderful collection of poems. The Gift touched me the most. But they were all so beautifully written I felt myself getting lost in his words. I enjoyed this so much I know I will be reading it often. The author truly enchanted me with his verses.

    30. After reading "Peter: A Darkened Fairy Tale" I was delighted to get the opportunity to read this awesome collection of poems based on the book. With the same fairy tale feel, Peter: Enchantment & Stardust, shines light on a few secrets hidden within the dark. Another fantastical 5 star read.

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