Death's Angel

Death s Angel When ambassadors on a sensitive Federation diplomatic mission are murdered one by one Kirk and Spock realize they are dealing with a being of seemingly supernatural abilities Now the entire crew of t

  • Title: Death's Angel
  • Author: Kathleen Sky
  • ISBN: 9781852865368
  • Page: 144
  • Format: None
  • When ambassadors on a sensitive Federation diplomatic mission are murdered one by one, Kirk and Spock realize they are dealing with a being of seemingly supernatural abilities Now the entire crew of the Enterprise is at the mercy of this mysterious, self proclaimed Angel of Death, which the most sophisticated Star Fleet technologies are powerless to stop.

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    One thought on “Death's Angel”

    1. Honestly, this was a fun read. One of Star Trek's occasional whodunits. with deaths occuring aboard the Enterprise, and a Special Security agent assigned to investigate whether the deaths are murders or not.The ordeal takes place during a gathering of ambassadors, so there's a vast gallery of characters, which works well in what's basicaly a murder mystery (funnily enough, there's even a character involved named Agnatha, which is pretty much just an extra N away from bearing the same name as a c [...]

    2. Well, that went downhill fast!For the first third of DEATH'S ANGEL, it seemed Kathleen Sky had learned from her mistakes in writing the atrocious VULCAN! and fashioned herself into a capable STAR TREK author. Unfortunately, however, that impression was short lived.The instant Act II begins, Ms. Sky reverts to the same storytelling techniques that made VULCAN! so painful. After setting up an intriguing little murder mystery aboard the Enterprise, Ms. Sky switches focus to a new female character w [...]

    3. I loved Kathleen Sky's 'Vulcan!' book and this one also does not disappoint. I like how she uses our favorite characters but doesn't make the book about them. Also, she highlights great organizations and expands the Trek universe in a logical sense. This is truly for the lover of the original series. If you want J.J. Abrams lens flare or whatever this latest atrocity STD, you probably won't appreciate her style. In any case, she introduces us to another diplomatic mission the Enterprise has to u [...]

    4. Spoilers:It's 'Journey To Babel' on a bigger budget with ambassadors from every phylum and species: lobsters, pandas, kitties, snakes. I love 'J To B', so well done. It's a murder mystery, Sarek is back, and so is a severe, driven Mary Sue from (essentially Section 31) the SSD. She's a beautiful multiracial black-clad judge, jury and executioner with a failing term marriage. She seems rational, so I preferred her to Ms. Sky's other Mary Sue, the Vulcan hater in 'Vulcan!'.The unstoppable killer w [...]

    5. Starts out ok but really drops off about a third of the way through when Sky introduces her female security character. That character takes over most of the storyline at that point and - worst of all - is just not interesting. The cast of Trek regulars plays second fiddle to her, which is a shame because the story does start with promise and I was starting to get drawn in to it. Its a shame. I pity Sky's view of her own gender as she has a tendency to create females characters that are just plai [...]

    6. This book was written in 1981. I bought this book when I was probably in my early 20's. I didn't remember a thing about it. Now 20 years later I picked it up and read itd loved it. I think the author did a great job with the character Col Elizabeth Schaffer. She is tough as nails, strong capable, doesn't take any shit from anyone. Plus she stands toe to toe with the Captain. This book is 30 years old, and you can scream Mary Sue all you want but to have her husband as the insecure spouse wanting [...]

    7. Would have been three stars, but it started slipping with a bit too much focus on Kirk-as-Lothario, and then lost me when Spock admitted to raping another crew memberd then it was written off as "not really" rape because he was being influenced and she enjoyed it, even though she was asleep and he used his telepathy to keep her that way and remove her memory afterwards). With some judicious editing, it could be a solid three star, but as it is, being written thirty-five years ago and before ther [...]

    8. Awful Trek novel; bland new characters, poor use of actual Star Trek characters, and an incredibly bland and logic-less mystery, added to a brand new division if Star Fleet that's apparently been secret forever. And Jim Kirk decides to get married. Justblech.

    9. This book reads like an episode of the animated series. Lots of crazy alien ambassadors that special effects crews of a the sixties live action series couldn't make. Well written and if you like the TV show, you'll like this book.

    10. Just for the record edition is ISBN: 0553246372; published by Bantam in 1984. However, whoever entered that edition into GoodReads screwed up the entry.

    11. A good one. My copy has a much better cover, an hourglass with the Enterprise inside and Death looking on from the background.

    12. oh, last of Bantam Books ST novels. Somehow it's one of rare ST books I didn't want to come to light I hated it. Simply put, no stars.

    13. Excellent book. Not as dark and morbid as the title implies. One problem is there is a relationship issue between one of the main characters and her husband that I found unnecessary.

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