Fallen Palm

Fallen Palm Jesse McDermitt lives alone on an isolated island in the Florida Keys where he runs a charter fishing business Retired from the Marine Corps for six years he wanted nothing than to relax fish dive

  • Title: Fallen Palm
  • Author: Wayne Stinnett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jesse McDermitt lives alone on an isolated island in the Florida Keys where he runs a charter fishing business Retired from the Marine Corps for six years, he wanted nothing than to relax, fish, dive and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the islands Russ, his former Platoon Sergeant and old friend, dies unexpectedly in a mysterious scuba diving accident and Jesse becJesse McDermitt lives alone on an isolated island in the Florida Keys where he runs a charter fishing business Retired from the Marine Corps for six years, he wanted nothing than to relax, fish, dive and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the islands Russ, his former Platoon Sergeant and old friend, dies unexpectedly in a mysterious scuba diving accident and Jesse becomes suspicious When his friend s son comes to south Florida to ask Jesse if he would take him to a remote reef to spread his father s ashes, the two men discover that Russ was murdered and agree to hunt down the psychotic killer together, unaware that their manhunt will lead them to a Caribbean terrorist cell Meanwhile, a beautiful woman has returned to the Keys on a manhunt of her own, distracting Jesse with the idea that he could finally leave his warrior past behind The prospect of finding lost Spanish gold, several high speed boat chases and dodging demented killers, won t stop Jesse from revenge Surviving a powerful hurricane puts everything on hold as a top secret government agency tries to recruit him into their fold But when the sun comes back out, will Jesse be ready

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      294 Wayne Stinnett
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    One thought on “Fallen Palm”

    1. Forty-four-year-old Jesse McDermitt, a retired marine gunny sergeant has moved to the Florida Keys to take it easy. He uses an inheritance and his nest egg to buy a fishing yacht and small island off the southern coast, in the Caribbean Sea. His attempts at the lay-back, simple life seems to elude him. Gaspar’s Revenge, Jesse’s fishing boat, is hired out a couple of time a week for fishing charters for sports fishermen and vacationing Yankees. When an old friend, Russell Livingston dies unde [...]

    2. Amazing detail and knowledge of boats, military, and the Key West topography, woven expertly into the tale.Edge of your seat adventure that doesn't shy away from harsh realities. Adventure usually equals danger, and this book hits the danger head on and with no apologies.A wonderful and intriguing read! I would recommend this book to any who like their adventure to shoot from the hip, sometimes literally. Refreshing that the characters must accept harsh consequences for their actions. Marvelous! [...]

    3. I got this as part of the Adventure bundle #1. This is the second book in the bundle. This book went fairly well. I've never read any of this author's work, other than the prebook, and the idea sounded great. It reminded me of C.G. Cooper's books. As I was trying to attach myself to the main character, what ruined it for me was the long and lengthy descriptions of surroundings which I intended to get lost in and the later skipped through as I felt like I was the one being kidnapped. Great action [...]

    4. This would have been a four star book had it not been for the end game being too predictable. Still, it was an entertaining read and I will read the second book of the series.Smoothly written, and as it's the first of a series, the author takes his time in developing the main character, Jesse McDermitt. A lot of the book involves boating around the small islands that make up the Florida Keys. Some action junkie readers might find this boring, but I enjoyed it, having spent some time down in the [...]

    5. A friend recommended this series to me and glad he did. As I started reading Fallen Palm, the characters were very similar to the Doc Ford books by Randy Wayne White, and I was thinking that these were going to be rip offs. Glad I kept reading! Really enjoyed the all the characters and the attention to minor details that Mr. Stinnett has added. I won't go into details of the story since they have been written about by previous readers. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy a good adven [...]

    6. This was a much more action oriented book. Jesse was recruited by a special branch of Homeland Security, and was immediately in the thick of an operation. The Florida Keyes is a prime area for smuggling everything from drugs to foreign operatives. Jesse's familiarity with the area and his Marine Corp Seal training make him a natural. His wife of only a few hours was kidnapped, raped, brutally beaten and subsequently died in this episode. The book had a pretty dark ending. But, I enjoyed this one [...]

    7. My husband read this book, and the review is from him:I decided to read this book after my wife drew it to my attention. Once started, I could not put it down, and the story was not only exciting but kept me guessing. I had no idea what the outcome would be and the ending was a complete surprise to me. I would really recommend this book. So much so that I immediately downloaded the writer's next book Fallen Hunter. I cannot wait for the next offering from Mr. Stinnett.

    8. Fast paced drama with lots of depth to the plot.This was a difficult story to put down. The plot had twists and turns I never saw coming. Lots of good details to make you feel you were actually along for the ride. Refreshing in its lack of expletives.

    9. Good plot with good characters. But I didn't like the switching of time and point of view (3rd person to 1st person).

    10. Well, phooey, there seems to be several phases to this book, the first probably the most interesting for me, though one of my problems was the skip back and forth of the timeline. I enjoyed reading about the Keys and boats. I can understand that if the protagonist, Jesse McDermitt, is six years from the Marines he'd enjoy an isolated island and his charter fishing service and still spout military-lingo (we still spout some ourselves and we've been home since 1970). I can even understand why he'd [...]

    11. TriteThe author is a capable writer but this follow up to a previous book in the now developing series contradicts several points in the previously published book, annoying but not a fatal flaw.This book rapidly descends to the banal and worn formula that shows a lack of originality and boring character development. After the first novel I had hopes that this author would develop into an solid and dependable one whose books showed some originality with creative spark.Alas.

    12. How can a good plan go so wrong? I gave the first book in this series 5 stars and couldn't wait to continue the series, but quickly saw this book did not have the same appeal. The only thing I looked forward to, was the end. I felt like I was watching a bad movie on TV. Laughable characters and dialogue.

    13. 'Fallen Palm' pulled me in from the beginning and didn't let go. The story line was well written and well thought out. The characters were great. Jesse is one of those characters you love. He's a good man. He's also quite the bad-ass. Alex is one heck of a woman. I love her personality and her inner strength. I can't wait to read more of this series.

    14. Much improved over his initial book in this series and I liked the first one very much. Character is developing and story was better developed. I will say I could have done without one occurrence, but no spoilers here.

    15. I dont know what i was expecting with this series, but i find myself really enjoying it. Keeps getting better and better

    16. Another good Jesse McDermott bookExcellent writing and a great story. Can hardly wait for the next adventure. Keep them coming. I'll keep reading. Outstanding!!!

    17. Easy reading with good characters and a bit of a mystery but too many domestics which slow the pace for my liking. Certainly a lot better than book 1.

    18. This is another very well done book that I enjoyed reading. I'm looking forward to reading the others in the series.

    19. Well written semi military fictionCowboy action, skirting the edges of the law set in the Keys. Adventure and dare-doing with boats, bullets, and buddies

    20. Interesting storyLots of interesting information on the keys and the people living there. Suspense and romance with some evil people along with the comradeship of former military.

    21. Bad endingI was really enjoying this series until the ending of this book. I will not be reading any more of the series.

    22. Not badow startd ending!Not a bad bookower start than I likeI didn't care for the ending was sadI would read the rest of the series though

    23. Old friend of Jesse, Russell, his son been looking for him. Deuce, was honoring his father's request, for ashes to be scattered at Conrad Reef.

    24. Was a good change up to what I was reading. I like the thought of living on boat and then a tiny island. So, it was right up my alley

    25. Love itcan't wait to read the next book! So good! I can't put it down! This is a great way to spend the day!

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