Private Vegas

Private Vegas What happens in Vegasays Private Las Vegas is a city of contradictions seedy and glamorous secretive and wild Vegas attracts people of all kinds especially those with a secret to hide or a life to

  • Title: Private Vegas
  • Author: James Patterson Maxine Paetro
  • ISBN: 9780316211154
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What happens in Vegasays Private.Las Vegas is a city of contradictions seedy and glamorous, secretive and wild, Vegas attracts people of all kinds especially those with a secret to hide, or a life to leave behind It s the perfect location for Lester Olsen s lucrative business He gets to treat gorgeous, young women to five star restaurants, splashy shows, and limoWhat happens in Vegasays Private.Las Vegas is a city of contradictions seedy and glamorous, secretive and wild, Vegas attracts people of all kinds especially those with a secret to hide, or a life to leave behind It s the perfect location for Lester Olsen s lucrative business He gets to treat gorgeous, young women to five star restaurants, splashy shows, and limo rides and then he teaches them how to kill.Private Jack Morgan spends most of his time in Los Angeles, where his top investigation firm has its headquarters But a hunt for two criminals leads him to the city of sin and to a murder ring that is seductively threatening than anything he s witnessed before Private Vegas brings James Patterson s Private series to a sensational new level.

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    One thought on “Private Vegas”

    1. Very enjoyable read like all PRIVATE books in series have been. Should have been called Private L.A. 2.0 since about 75% of book takes place in L.A

    2. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results*, then it might seem crazy that I read nine of James Patterson's Private series, despite giving the books consistently lackluster ratings. But, in my defense, 1. they were all free (thanks library); 2. sometimes it's nice to have sort of mediocre mind-fodder; and 3. something has to follow a book that blows me away, and I'm always cranky about my “rebound read,” regardless of its quality. I ra [...]

    3. This is classic BAIT AND SWITCH. I am not happy and feel duped that this is being sold as a Vegas book. Call it what it isother Private book featuring Jack and his unending drama in LA. The storylines didn't even mesh and were quickly resolved without a lot of detective work. Things just had a way of conveniently solving themselves - almost miraculously. Was so looking forward to a book set in Vegas, but at most only 6 chapters (out of 160 plus chapters ) are even set in Vegas. With this thought [...]

    4. This installment of James Patterson's Private series is a disappointment to me for a couple of reasons. First, it's co-written by Maxine Paetro, my first choice for quality writing in Patterson's stable of helpers - so I had fairly high expectations that, unfortunately, failed to materialize. Second, I've been waiting to see how long it would take for this series to start heading downhill like most of the others - and if this one is an example, I suspect my wait is over. As another reviewer poin [...]

    5. I was one of the 1,000 people selected for the self destructing book (you have to read the book in 24 hours Even less because other people can "sabotage" your timer) promotion of James Patterson. I love James Patterson and read a number of his books but not the Private series. This is my first one so maybe I am a bit lost with how it ended. I'm used to how the James Patterson books I've read have closure or an ending that would satisfy your mind. Private Vegas didn't. I was like What?? I'm in th [...]

    6. This book really needs some help. I am listening to it in the car, and I had to check twice to see if it was an abridged version. It is not, it just reads like it is. The dialogue is stilted, the descriptions are clunky, and the storyline is scattered. The description on the back cover, of a man who teaches women to marry wealthy men and then kill them, doesn't even begin to involve the main character until the 40th chapter, and it seems like a very minor storyline. There are really four stories [...]

    7. This book is the 9th in the Private series. I haven't read that many of them but this book for me was humdrum it really didn't have a punch to it as the JP's earlier books. Definitely a beach book and a quick read. Type of book you can put down and pick up weeks later and you know exactly where you left off.

    8. I often find the Private series touch and go as with the majority of the books written by James Patterson; it does depend on who his co-author is to how good the book is and whether I would enjoy it. As Private Vegas was written with Maxine Paetro, I knew I would like it as I am a fan of her Women's Murder Club series she also co-authors with James Patterson. We are back with Jack Morgan in the Las Vegas office, and like the previous books, people are still out to get Jack and bring his company [...]

    9. Patterson takes a real gamble in shifting his Private series to the city of gaudy lights and glamour, hoping it's not a bust. Jack Morgan is back with his original Private team, working their cases in Los Angeles (no, this is no typo). Two men with diplomatic immunity have been killing women and getting away with it, while Morgan and the LAPD can only look on in awe. In a case closer to home, a serial arsonist is blowing up high-end cars, including Morgan's own, leaving Private to find the perso [...]

    10. I enjoy the Private series by James Patterson. This book did have a lot of stories within a story going on, so it was interesting to see how it would all tidy up. A quick read for a rainy day.

    11. Private VegasThis is becoming one of my favorite series. James Patterson has a couple of them that are good but this is certainly one of the best! The Private novels with Jack and Justine are my absolute favorite and I couldn't be happier that he is continuing with them, for a while I thought he wasn't going to bring them back. Now I'm frustrated that I'm going to have to wait another year to find out what is going to happen next. I can't wait!!!

    12. After the previous 3 or 4 "Private" debacles, I was actually a bit looking forward to this story on U.S. soil. I shouldn't have. Patterson eta.l. write like they can't decide which story line to focus on and provide an unsatisfactory mishmash, including the ever tiresome evil twin brother and his lousy trial. Like this story, the end is a farce. gag 0 of 10 stars

    13. This was amateur hour from start to finish. I simply couldn't believe that this was one of the Private books. Noted, from the few that I've read before, I always considered the Private books as super easy reads, but this story was so inconsistent, incoherent and shallow, I had to keep my cool to be able to get to the end. What a waste of my time. I haven't given up entirely on some of Patterson's books; depending with whom he's co-authoring. Still, I have to say, what a disappointment this serie [...]

    14. Definitely not one of the better books in this series. First, I figured out what was happening with Del Rio waaaaaay before the professional investigators did. Like as soon as I read what was going on I figured it out. There were too many random things going on in this book too. These books are better when there's only one of two crimes, not for or five. Plus I'd like to point out that the title is Private VEGAS and nothing took place in Vegas until the last 100 pages. Like what the hell?! Here [...]

    15. Oh the Private SeriesI don't know why I keep reading them. I think its because its James Patterson, who I love for so many reasons, and less because I actually enjoy the Private series as a whole. As I said in my review of "Private, LA", they are my least favorite of the Patterson novels. I just cannot connect to the characters, the stories, the cases. Private Vegas doesn't disappoint on that front: I care about this one even less than the others. For the first time in a long time, I feel like t [...]

    16. This book sort of reminded me of dragnet; always trying to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. If this is a series, I must start over to get a better understanding of some of the lackluster reviews. Jack's twin brother, Tom, has a true vendetta out for him. How can you hate your sibling ? Tom does; enough to frame him for murder. Brought up by their father to be competitive but Tom wants him dead and out the picture.Jack's longtime girlfriend, Justine, has had enough with his withdrawal and the [...]

    17. Este foi, sem dúvida nenhuma, o meu livro preferido da colecção "private"! O enredo é super cativante, as diferentes histórias são emocionantes sem tirar destaque umas às outras e é neste livro que confirmo o meu amor pelo terrível irmão do Jack. O Tommy é horrível, mas ao mesmo tempo eu consigo compreender por que motivo ele age assim. Não defendo as suas acções duvidosas mas, de qualquer maneira, compreendo bem as suas razões.Ainda estou chocada com o final do livro, aquela úl [...]

    18. This installment was for sure one of the more interesting of the series. Especially the crime plot of Olsen who helps females find rich husbands. That just seems to have Vegas screaming all over it! Once again though, can we please just get rid of Tommy and his annoying self! He is beyond arrogant and ignorant at this point. I hope that whole storyline gets cleared up sooner rather than later. The last chapter of this book is a drop jaw moment for the interrelationships of Private. My quick and [...]

    19. The Private series of books by James Patterson and Co are one of my favourites but it's the ones featuring Jack Morgan that are my most favourite and I'm pleased to say that Jack is back in Private Vegas. I was very excited for Vegas as even though I've never been to the city, we all feel like we have through movies and books and so Private hitting Vegas was something I couldn't wait to read. I'd say this is probably one of my favourite Private books yet, as Jack's character is explored further, [...]

    20. I was very disappointed with this book and with James Patterson. I've been a fan of his books in the past, but I think he just doesn't care any longer. This book was a joke.I know he no longer actually writes many (or any) of his novels, and I can accept that, if only he would provide fully-developed, interesting plot outlines to his co-authors.In this case, it's like he had a half-dozen different ideas for plots, but didn't want to take the time to flesh them out into novel-length stories, so h [...]

    21. I received book 537/1000 of the free self-destructing e-books that were released by codes on Facebook and the website selfdestructingbook. I haven't read the Private series before, but I got HOOKED on this particular book, and will be reading books 1-8 as soon as I have the chance. James Patterson's writing style kept me engaged the whole time; it really wasn't hard to finish this book in less than 24 hours, and I surely didn't sit for hours on end trying to read it. I downloaded it on a busy Su [...]

    22. What didn't happen in this title is the question? We have the mob, Tommy, Jack's brother, a con artist and two diplomats causing chaos plus a court case where one of Jack's team members is on trial for the death of an ex-girlfriend. Someone is framing him for her death and then there are the car bombings and suicide. Multiple cases to keep your head turning one direction to the next. Quick, affirmative action even through all the muck being thrown at Jack. Running a corporation is not easy espec [...]

    23. I've been saying for a while now that Patterson seems to be suffering form what I call "stakes inflation." He's determined to toss more and more into each book. This one has a lot going at once, somewhat improbably. Among the events: one of Private's operatives has been framed for a vicious assault, Jack's evil twin (no, really) is causing problems again, two mustache-twirling evil diplomats with immunity are preying on women, eco-terrorists are blowing up cars, and Jack Morgan has the usual soa [...]

    24. The is the latest book in the Private Investigation series by James Patterson. Unlike other "Private" books - there is no Vegas office and manager. The majority of the storyline takes place in Los Angeles with a small subplot towards the end in Vegas. Rick Del Rio is on trial for beating his former girlfriend, Vicky Carmody, almost to death. Rick has been set up to take the fall for this violent crime. It does not look good for Rick. Jack Morgan's brother Tommy, show up in the courtroom to watch [...]

    25. Private: Vegas by James Patterson was another one of the series about the organization Private that fights the fight no one can. I have generally enjoyed the books and try to read them a.s.a.p. I was not as thrilled with this particular book. There were cases to solve. There were some tricky times, however I did not feel like the book flowed as well. Also I felt that the title was not as accurate since all the personal came out of the LA branch of Private.As much as I like Jack and his trouble w [...]

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