How Much Land Does a Man Need

How Much Land Does a Man Need Written by Leo Tolstoy in this is the engaging story of a greedy peasant named Pakhom Although Pakhom enjoys health and family happiness he feels dissatisfied when he learns of the grand fortun

  • Title: How Much Land Does a Man Need
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy Boris Dralyuk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Written by Leo Tolstoy in 1886, this is the engaging story of a greedy peasant named Pakhom Although Pakhom enjoys health and family happiness, he feels dissatisfied when he learns of the grand fortunes of his relatives He decides to go on a quest for land, only to find that with each new acquisition new problems develop How Much Land Does A Man Need gives a delWritten by Leo Tolstoy in 1886, this is the engaging story of a greedy peasant named Pakhom Although Pakhom enjoys health and family happiness, he feels dissatisfied when he learns of the grand fortunes of his relatives He decides to go on a quest for land, only to find that with each new acquisition new problems develop How Much Land Does A Man Need gives a delightful insight into old Russian values many of which, you will not be surprised to hear, are paralleled today.

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    One thought on “How Much Land Does a Man Need”

    1. If you're thinking to read a short story then read this one. It will be the finest short story you are ever going to read.James Joyce wrote to his daughter that it is "the greatest story that the literature of the world knows". Truly a masterpiece! A timeless story.

    2. This was perfect, simply perfect. It’s a masterful short story. The wonderful Leo Tolstoy truly captured a grim aspect of human nature in just a few pages. He uses a farmer’s greed as an allegory for man’s ever growing ambition. What man has is never enough; he is always trying to go forward to grasp bigger things. But, in this, there is the ultimate danger of overreaching oneself. Man can only go so far before he destroys himself. "Although he feared death, he could not stop. 'If I stoppe [...]

    3. When I was reviewing another classic Russian short story of avarice, The Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin, I kept asking myself, what was that other Russian short story about greed, where the man is walking around the grasslands, stepping off the land he wants to claim, and who wrote it? Well, it was Leo Tolstoy, duh, and this was the story (thank you, Google). It's simple, but the ending packs a punch, and it's always stuck with me.Tolstoy wrote this short story/novelette in 1886, as a mora [...]

    4. "El que mucho abarca, poco apreta." ¡Qué maravilla de cuento! Por algo era el preferido de James Joyce. Pajom me recuerda a Chichikov, el personaje principal de Almas Muertas de Nikólai Gógol y al padre de Eugènie Grandet cuando se encerraba a contar sus monedas de oro. Un cuento con una gran moraleja sobre los peligros de la avaricia sin limites. Me encantó

    5. Masterfully written.If you are looking for a story to read in a short span, it must be your first choice!

    6. 'How much land does a man need?'"Six feet from his head to his heels was all he needed". I love Tolstoy's writing, he is one of the greatest novelist everlived.

    7. ¿Cuánto necesitamos para ser felices? No mucho. Un relato corto que trata sobre la ambición y la codicia del ser humano, y sus consecuencias. Me gustó mucho y al fin pude leer algo, después de casi un mes sin abrir un libro.!! 😊

    8. داستان "یک نفر آدم چقد خاک لازم دارد"شاید مشهورترین داستان کوتاهی لئون تولستوی باشداین داستان محبوبیت زیادی پیدا کردحتی یکی از مریدان تولستوی برای این داستان معبدی ساخته که متن روسی و ترجمه های به زبان مختلف را در درون و اطراف آن گذاشته بودحکایتی ساده از طمع سیری ناپذیر انسان [...]

    9. 2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge #26 A book by an author from a country you've never visitedUna parábola sencilla y grandiosa sobre la avaricia y sus consecuencias. Puede leerse en cualquier momento, bastante rápido, y deja mucho sobre lo cual reflexionar o, como yo lo digo, suficiente tarea para colocar en la mesita de noche y darle vueltas al apagar la luz. "¿Cuánta tierra necesita un hombre?" relata la historia de un hombre cuya ambición acaba con su vida, un hombre que no parece nunca sa [...]

    10. This series is a great idea by Penguin. I hated these two stories by Tolstoy though. I now understand Dostoyevsky's disdain for him; seeing someone writing these condescending tales of poverty (oh they are so poor, they can't afford to die) without ever knowing poverty must be annoying for those who really suffer from it (like Dostoyevsky). Throw in the forced religious context, the stories were not really my cup of tea (oh, they are so poor they make tea out of the books after reading them).

    11. "Se eu tivesse muita terra, não temeria nem mesmo o próprio diabo" Assim falou Pakhóm um camponês obcecado por ter sempre mais terras sempre mais. Nunca estava satisfeito com o que tinha. Lógico que devemos ser ambiciosos em crescer na vida , mas esse senhor era demais uma ambição sem fim a ponto de desafiar o diabo! Um conto de Tolstoi que mexeu comigoorei.

    12. Preciosa edición ilustrada para una historia muy cortita pero que transmite un importante mensaje: el afán de poseer, de no tener nunca suficiente acaba pasando factura y es que "la avaricia rompe el saco".

    13. Tan hermoso como su título. Una de las historias más bellas que he leído en mi vida. ¡Qué forma de agitar las emociones! Es una exquisitez.

    14. مهما بلغ بنا الطمع فنصيبنا من هذه الأرض حفرة من ستة أقدام هي قبرنا حينما ينال الطمع من الإنسان ! حقا كانت قصة معبرة أول قراءة لليو تولستوي

    15. "ان كيد الشيطان كان ضعيفا" ولكنه كان قوياً مع باهوم !!!وهل يقتل الانسان شيء غير الطمع؟!!!ما استحق ان يولد من عاش لنفسه فقط!!

    16. Es malo identificarse con el personaje, yo me identifique (maldita sea)."You’re like me. I’m never satisfied". :'c

    17. How Much Land Does a Man Need Is Such a Wonderful Story! Both stories had the same main idea centered around " Mans Greed" although " How Much Land Does a Man Need" was the bigger hit.I don't know if these stories were actually in the Bible, So I judged it as a complete fiction and that's why the 4 Stars .All Hail Russian Literature.

    18. A genious short story about human being's greed that also works like a wake up call. The last sentence was absolute perfection.

    19. La ambición es innata al ser humano. Y nuestra constante insatisfacción ha sido en muchos casos el motor para los grandes avances tecnológicos. Sin embargo, ¿Cuál es el costo a pagar para lograr nuestras metas?Tolstoi nos ha regalado una lectura imperdible, con una moraleja cruda pero real. ¿Se animan?

    20. Dijo Joyce que este era el mejor relato -escrito por Tolstói en 1886- que había leído nunca (aunque he leído también que para Joyce era el mejor de Tolstói, no el mejor de todos, así que a saber). Exagerando Joyce o no -creo que sí exagera- el relato es espléndido. Necesita muy pocas palabras Lev Tolstói -en su vis más moralista- para cifrar los anhelos humanos, nuestra codicia, el afán de riquezas, expresado en algo tan terrenal, como el deseo de ser dueño y señor -precisamente- d [...]

    21. İlkokulda okumamızın zorunlu tutulduğu kitaplardan nasıl kaçtığımı bir ben bilirim, bir de ilkokuldaki sınıf öğretmenim sanırım. O günlere dönüp bakınca kitaplarla nasıl bu kadar içli dışlı oldum, insan sorguluyor. 😂 “İnsan Ne ile Yaşar” da okumaktan kaçtığım o kitaplardan birisiydi. En sonunda geçenlerde Penguin’in Little Black Classics dizisi sayesinde alıp okudum.Kitabın içinde iki hikaye var, biri bizdeki çevirilerinde kitabın adı olan “İnsan [...]

    22. My last book before I plunge myself back into The Brothers Karamazov and I chose this one. It was a very good short story that is a morality tale but is not anvilicious. The last words in this story are truer now than when Tolstoy wrote them. Well, back to Dostoevsky!

    23. God I love Tolstoy's writing and wisdom ! Two short stories "How Much Land Does A Man Need ?" and "What Men Live By", the first one is about man always wanting more than he actually needs and the second one is about Love and how men only live by love alone. I was angry tonight but I'm feeling more peaceful right now. Thank you Tolstoy.

    24. One of the first short stories we studied for our introductory course when we joined the English Department, & from there on Leo Tolstoy became my top favorite writer :) The last line will surely give you the goosebumps (Y)

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