Terra's World

Terra s World Terra which Neil Gaiman said reminded him of Douglas Adams Terry Pratchett and Roald Dahl launched the novel writing career of stand up comedian and BBC Radio Now Show regular Mitch Benn Now Terr

  • Title: Terra's World
  • Author: Mitch Benn
  • ISBN: 9780575132122
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Terra , which Neil Gaiman said reminded him of Douglas Adams,Terry Pratchett and Roald Dahl, launched the novel writing career of stand up comedian and BBC Radio 4 Now Show regular Mitch Benn.Now Terra is a couple of years older and back on earth She s in hiding And in Terra s World we find out why But none of this is known to Billy Dolphin He s just annoyed that sinceTerra , which Neil Gaiman said reminded him of Douglas Adams,Terry Pratchett and Roald Dahl, launched the novel writing career of stand up comedian and BBC Radio 4 Now Show regular Mitch Benn.Now Terra is a couple of years older and back on earth She s in hiding And in Terra s World we find out why But none of this is known to Billy Dolphin He s just annoyed that since Terra returned to Earth Science Fiction has died a death How wrong could a teenage boy be Terra may be back on Earth but the powers of the universe are not finished with her Her old home faces a terrible threat which possibly only Terra can overcome Just what is the black planet To find out first Terra must learn how to survive as there is an alien bounty hunter on her trail And only Billy Dolphin to help her.

    • ☆ Terra's World || ó PDF Read by ✓ Mitch Benn
      319 Mitch Benn
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    One thought on “Terra's World”

    1. This continues the story of Terra, the human girl brought up on the planet Fnnr. Terra is living on Earth for the past two years but recently hasn't heard anything from the place she considers her home. On return to Fnnr, it seems things aren't as she left them. A tyrant has taken over the country. He has managed this because he has learnt the concept of lying thanks to Lbbp, Terra's adopted father. And to make things worse, a rogue planet is heading straight for Fnnr and will inevitably destroy [...]

    2. The fun continues, I do like sci-fi with humour in it. And in this one Terra is in hiding as someone is after her. And it's also the story of Billy who is sad cos ever since people found aliens are real, sci-fi has died. Cancelled shows, fewer books. It's a shame. But then Terra and Billy meet, and he gets that adventure he wants.Told with a smile, this is a book that made me giggle. It's both real and silly fun at times. But it's also serious as things are not good on Terra's former home planet [...]

    3. The wit and humour was all still here, and whilst the awe and amazement of the first book would be practically impossible to recapture, this one was a very nice carry on. Very much enjoyed.

    4. Quirky and with likeable leads - and Gaiman is right, it IS like Douglas Adams - this is the sort of book I'd have loved as a teenager. The political allegory is a bit forced at times, but Benn has confidence in his story and it all pays off in a nice Doctor Who-style resolution. I'm glad they (whoever 'they' are) still write books like this!

    5. Another great adventure for Terra in the latest book by Mitch Benn. It's just as funny as her first outing and now she finds herself battling to save her home world from the mysterious black planet, as well as the even more mysterious Gfjk-Hhh. With both drama and humour for young and old, this is a very enjoyable story and highly recommended.

    6. Originally published at SFFWorld.Terra’s World (Terra #2) is Mitch Benn’s follow up to his hugely enjoyable debut, Terra. Still focusing on the titular character of Terra, Terra’s World ups the stakes while still keeping everything that made the first novel so special.A couple of years have passed since Terra returned to Earth to live with her biological parents, but all is not as peaceful as she’d have hoped. With attempts on her life, the Bradbury family have gone into hiding, changing [...]

    7. An enjoyable successor to Terra, this is a sequel that is more original and thrilling then the first.Although with it's more frantic pace and exciting plotlines it sacrfices some of the originals humour and silly absurdist tone. It is still funny and a chuckled a few times while reading, but the humour is more based on character reactions then a humorus plot. Indeed this plot is more serious with a planet of death and a false prophet, rather then the gentle growing up in an alien world plot of T [...]

    8. This is a fun science fiction story that appears to be designed for younger readers, perhaps middle to upper primary or a little higher. It is quite amusing in places and has a good story about an Earth girl that needs to save the planet she grew up on (not Earth, apparently this all happened in the previous book).I have only given it three stars because it was a good read, but perhaps not a great one. Clever in places though and a pretty fun way to introduce a younger reader to science fiction. [...]

    9. I loved this so much. A great sequel, allowing the characters and their relationships to develop further. It's a very human book, with humour and sadness juxtaposed. The author manages to use the humour incredibly well, not taking away from the excitement of the story. I also loved the introduction of the new character, Billy Dolphin. So funny and relatable. I cannot recommend this series enough.

    10. Very quirky, sci-fi, teen space adventure. Mitch Benn brings heart-warming comedy into his books. I really enjoy reading about the planet Frrn and how the language spoken is only in consonants. And I think there might be a hint in the book that there will be a third book?(view spoiler)[Terra's almost finished her destiny. -almost!! (hide spoiler)]

    11. The book pootles along at its own happy pace and delivers what it says in the title. Listening was a good way to experience the book as Mitch Benn brings life to his own characters in the spoken version. Much as for the first book in the series the end seems to come all of a sudden and is a bit disappointing.

    12. A good sequel, better paced than his first book and clearly "there is a series in this"! Some of the ishoos lack subtlety but it is a generally entertaining fantasy book and quite a quick read, characters are well written and consistent from book to book. I particularly liked Billy.

    13. A teen book about other worlds and other races. Terra has to counter a tyrant who has learned to lie in a culture who normally do not. and a Dark planet which is threatening to wipe out a planet.Second in a series. I have enjoyed both.

    14. I got this for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's light, fast, easy to read and fun, and there's a wonderful sense of humour running through the whole novel. I can't wait for my goddaughters to be old enough to read this and the first one :)

    15. Great little sci-fi comedy, in the tradition of Adams, Pratchett and Gaiman. Would make a great TV show too. Make sure you read the first in the series beforehand, as this is very much a continuation of the story rather than a stand-alone adventure. Looking forward to more.

    16. This should say teen fiction on the cover. It is an adventure set in space, and it doesn't end, exactly, clearly there's a series of these books, but they are not for me. I thought it read like a TV show - all surface and action.

    17. A Great book that i loved every moment of, but falls short of the very high bar set by Terra. It's just missing that magic that made you feel like you were a nine year old no matter your age that Terra had

    18. Great fun, thoroughly enjoyed it. Well worth the wait! I'm sadly nowhere near as into the other book I have in the go at the moment as I was with Terra's World! in fact, I picked TW up when I wasn't feeling as engaged - and then couldn't put it down again.

    19. Definitely an improvement on the first book and I hope the style continues to develop in the third instalment. I look forward to it!

    20. A rather sweet and humoristic YA scifi sequel to Terra. This time about the folies of human lies loose on a population without.

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