The Algorithms for Love

The Algorithms for Love Free online story First published in Strange Horizons July

  • Title: The Algorithms for Love
  • Author: Ken Liu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: free online
  • Free online story First published in Strange Horizons, July 2004

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      238 Ken Liu
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      Posted by:Ken Liu
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    One thought on “The Algorithms for Love”

    1. It's a very quick read, yes—but don't be fooled by its shortness, as Ken Liu has managed to produce a potent emotional recipe in such a short amount of words. Think Her meets parts of Westworld meets Deus Ex Machina, only in a very tight and condensed piece of the AI puzzle.

    2. Grief, loss, love and algorithms, what can I say? You can feel Elena's pain, feel how lost she is, how much harm she inflicts to herself and the ones that love her. Another great short by Liu.Link here:strangehorizons/2004/2

    3. This seems to be a very simple story at first glance until you ponder on it after. It is a scary, familiar place of AI and humans' entwined worlds — a surreal, confusing blend of the creator and her creation. A psychological thriller in its own right. Makes you think what if this is how it really is and humans just haven't written and created this algorithm yet? Reminds me also of this article I stumbled upon discussing a theory of how the universe could be a computer simulation.When will Ken [...]

    4. Ken Liu's writing, as always, is beautiful to read. Despite the length the characters are well developed and alive, the story itself is poignant.However, while seemingly thought-provoking, the story is treading on the familiar debate of free will, and does not do a great job of exploring the issue. For those unfamiliar with the discussion, the story is quite interesting, but I can't help but lament at a lost opportunity for delving into a more realistic portrayal of interesting issues.

    5. Me ha gustado, falla un poco el final pero te sitúa emocionalmente donde Ken Liu quiere y eso ya es mucho.

    6. Like the story byTed Chiang recently adapted for the film Arrival, difficult to categorize - but aggressively personal.

    7. Nebak-nebak di mana twist-nya (*≧ω≦*) apakah (view spoiler)[ Elena sendiri adalah boneka, atau justru semua orang di sekitarnya yang merupakan boneka ciptaannya (^^) (hide spoiler)]Tapi semua tebakanku salah~ ^ ^; bagaimanapun, rasa sakit Elena sangat tersampaikan (><)Ending-nya itu~ (view spoiler)[jadi hantu? \(º □ º l|l)/ Dan si boneka bisa "mendeteksi" keberadaannya? 〣( ºΔº )〣 ~keren juga, dari cerita sci-fi beralih jadi horor (^^) (hide spoiler)]Bisa dibaca di sini \( [...]

    8. Do Androids dreams of Electric Sheep with better feelingsEx Machina without that seen-a-million-times endingAs good as HerAt the I'm not sure Elena didn't kill herself and made an android that was her perfect copy.One of the biggest problem of SF, in my opinion, is to find a new way to exploit overused concept like A.I. or time-travel. And this is pretty well done here. Not entirely new, but damn, it is perfect.

    9. Are we truly real or just programmed creatures? A designer and programmer of lifelike dolls becomes convinced that we are just that, programmed to react to certain words and situations.This is something that certain scientists have dabbled in, along with being a virtual reality program. Talk about creepy! Shivers. 4.5 out of 5.

    10. The narrative in this story is so haunting with its lyricism that I can't get over it. The ideas presented in the book are so thought-provoking that they stick with me even on a subconscious level, as afterthoughts, or echoes of some unknown inquiry that begs to be listened to. In short, this story is a must - to read and ponder.

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