Lovers Unchained

Lovers Unchained Twenty years ago Jude was cursed by the Dark Witch never to have sex again until he meets his soul mate Since then he has searched for his mate hoping to rid himself of the curse and the pent up sexu

  • Title: Lovers Unchained
  • Author: Siren Allen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twenty years ago Jude was cursed by the Dark Witch never to have sex again until he meets his soul mate Since then he has searched for his mate, hoping to rid himself of the curse and the pent up sexual energy that s driving him insane Instead, he is captured and held prisoner by a Vampiress, Lana Lana is intrigued by Jude s ability to resist making love to her After aTwenty years ago Jude was cursed by the Dark Witch never to have sex again until he meets his soul mate Since then he has searched for his mate, hoping to rid himself of the curse and the pent up sexual energy that s driving him insane Instead, he is captured and held prisoner by a Vampiress, Lana Lana is intrigued by Jude s ability to resist making love to her After all of her seduction attempts fail, she begins to wonder if it s her, or if Jude is like this with all women To test her theory, Lana places one of her female prisoners, Carissa, and Jude together To her dismay, sparks ignite between the two captives Now that Jude has found his mate he must get her to safety before Lana destroys them, but even if they survive Lana s jealous rage, will his mate be able to handle the lust Jude has stored up over the years

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    1. FAIRY THOUGHTSFavorite Line “So damn long,” he whispered, his voice filled with pain”What a naughty fabulous book!You know when you read a book that has so much potential and you can see it becoming a great series!? That's this book! I do hope this author continues this series for many more books!Jude is a demon tracker the most powerful of them all and he is being held captive by a crazy vampire (Lana) who likes to play games with her pets, very sexual games! She needs to have sex with Ju [...]

    2. I really enjoyed reading Lovers Unchained. It is a great short read that will keep your attention the entire time. I loved all of the action, the characters, lots of paranormal creatures and the steamy sex scenes. Lovers Unchained is a must read if you love a sexy paranormal book.

    3. published in : danielle-claude/2Siren Allen, you are such a tease!4.5 Blood-stained stars!!!Hotness factor: Nothing beats a twenty years dry spell. Jude, my demon, you do what you've got to do!DISCLAIMER: I RECEIVE THIS BOOK IN EXCHANGE OF AN HONEST REVIEW.Okay, I've been a bad Danny again and forgot to read the blurb. I went in there completely blind and came out of there blinded! You know me Erotica is not my style. Graphic sex scenes for the sake of sex scene is just not my style. I need ro [...]

    4. Lovers Unchained is the first installment of Curse of the Black Witch series. This exciting story starts off with an enslaved cursed demon named Jude. Don’t worry he’s hot with a capital H. In his time being enslaved he is sexually exploited by a sexy demanding vampire Lana. During the steamy torturing she becomes more and more obsessed with Jude. Lana resorts to tricking Jude with another woman. The other woman ends up being Jude's soul mate. In the discovery Jude is desperate to escape w [...]

    5. **First of all I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**Lover’s Unchained is the story of a Demon, Jude, who has been captured by the Vampiress Lana. Lana finds herself obsessed with finding out how Jude is able to become sexually aroused yet when it comes to intercourse he is unable to ‘perform’.This is a sexually explicit book from the beginning and had my Kindle steaming up on more than one occasion. Although the book has a [...]

    6. Wowza!!! That's the word that comes to mind when I think about describing this book! Absolutely not for younger readers and it may even make some adults blush! Sometimes in steamy books, plots can get muddled and lost just for the sake of a tumble, this one is not in that category. The story line is fantastic! I want to know more about Jude & Carrisa, I need to know how Cole is! I just need to know more!We find nearly the whole cast of characters being held prisoner by Lana, I want to see he [...]

    7. Love this book! I love the concept of the story. It's also easy to read and understand.I also loved the characters, they are easy to relate with and easy to get attached to them.About the story, I love how the author made the story interesting and full of surprises.The twist and turns made the story more interesting and fun to read. I love how the setting was created, you can easily imagine and picture the place out. The characters are really interesting, not only the major characters but also t [...]

    8. Vampires, Demons and Witches oh my. I enjoyed this little story, of course I hate that it left me hanging at bit at the end. Getting over that part as I said I liked it. A world of different realms that are looked over by guardianse rest of the review will be soon at romfanreview

    9. Lovers Unchained is my first erotica novel I have read and I liked it. I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review. Though the sex was smokin' it was the paranormal aspect I liked the most. There were so many different beings and I loved that Siren actually used the gifts they possess.Fans of paranormal/erotica should definitely read this book.

    10. First of all, I must offer a disclaimer. I am not into fantasy or paranormal books, TV series or movies. I don't have anything against this kind of genre, I don't look down on it, I think it's totally valid and I understand its popularity. But it just doesn't do anything for me. For example, after an initial fun start I found True Blood to be infuriating and dull, while I only sat through one interminable slice of Lord of the Rings because I was promised sexual favours if I did sorenIt's not tha [...]

    11. I received a copy of Lovers Unchained in exchange for an honest review. The author had me hooked from the beginning of the page all the way through until the end of the book. When I was asked to review this book I immediately said yes because of the cover (everyone that knows me will know I love covers) and of course it has to do with Paranormal erotic. I mean who would not be pulled into a book by a cover that is about a curse and shows a women with chains (you know it has to be good). As you b [...]

    12. Rating 4 out of 5This was a fast and hot read. I’ve read lots of paranormal books, but this book was fascinating. Siren Allen didn’t pussyfoot around with the action and she didn’t shy away from using and imagining different paranormal “races” and their sexcapades. In fact, there wasn’t a single “mortal” in the book. Oh wait, there was a mention of one called Beth, but that’s all. I love the world that Siren Allen has created with the different realms and she gave just enough o [...]

    13. This book is one HOT smoking chains of fire. The words on the pages will make you want to look away in fear, they will burn your eyes out. The book is that hot, people. Lovers Unchained is a really quick fun creative read. It takes you on a magical twisted dark journey of Jude, Carissa, Lana, Bruce, and Faede. its written in the third person mainly focusing on Jude, Lena and Carissa's POV we also get small snap shots into Bruce's mind. Which allows us to understand him and his actions a little m [...]

    14. full post at: pageprincess.wordpress/201I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review / posted for blog tourude, Carissa, Cole, Bruce, Faed, and many others have been kidnapped and are now held prisoners in the Dark Realm at the mercy of a sexually domineering and cruel vampiress. Jude, a cursed demon, has survived a year in Lana’s domain, but everything changes when he meets his soul-mate. Now the freedom he has dreamed of is more vital and their escape must happen bef [...]

    15. Jude is a tracker demon. He and his friends were never without women and cared little for the women once they were used and tossed away. The black witch cursed them all. His curse is to never have an orgasm with any woman until he finds his mate. His friends will never be satisfied. I felt little sympathy for Jude. He has a lot of power, but uses people because of Iit. It seems he's getting his due back with the torture that Lana puts him through. Lana has made many enemies over the years, being [...]

    16. WOW! An erotic tale of cursed demons, vampires & witches. yea all in one book! Lana is a sex crazed vampire who has many prisoners. Carissa is captured hoping to find her friend that she belives Lana has. Jude has this curse and cant enter a woman until he meets his mate!! It pisses Lana off something fierce cause she knows he wants her he just hasnt told her of the curse. What he would do to a woman if he could, he has 20 years!! of sexual frustration waiting to get out. When Carissa and Ju [...]

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