Mandy Mandy s brother Ned is in trouble He has been accused of murdering the woman who had been clearly trying to seduce him Their guardian the Duke of Margate is summoned to help Mandy had always assumed

  • Title: Mandy
  • Author: Claudy Conn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mandy s brother, Ned is in trouble He has been accused of murdering the woman who had been clearly trying to seduce him Their guardian, the Duke of Margate is summoned to help Mandy had always assumed he was an old man But, the duke was far from old He was, in fact, virile, dashing and oh so good looking The duke enjoyed being a confirmed bachelor and then he met ManMandy s brother, Ned is in trouble He has been accused of murdering the woman who had been clearly trying to seduce him Their guardian, the Duke of Margate is summoned to help Mandy had always assumed he was an old man But, the duke was far from old He was, in fact, virile, dashing and oh so good looking The duke enjoyed being a confirmed bachelor and then he met Mandy But, first things first they had to prove Ned innocent note this is an updated version of an earlier novel written as Claudette Williams The updated versions of Claudy s Claudette Williams titles are sexually explicit than the original versions.

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    One thought on “Mandy”

    1. Nothing much to tell except that Mandy is short and entertaining. Most of the story is already in the summary so you know what to expect. I liked the twins a lot. Mandy goes nuts a bit when he meets the duke but she is aware of it, so it's not really annoying. The duke works fast (after you read the book you'll know what I mean). There is no drama between them expect for one or two jealous outbursts.As for the other side, you are offered two choices of who might be the murderer. And the person i [...]

    2. Slow, weak story and difficult to read.This was a free download and it's been sitting on my kindle for a few weeks now, when I originally downloaded it there were 3 reviews and all were 5 star, that plus I liked the sound of the synopsis meant it was on my 'to read' list. Having just finished a couple of darker books I thought this would be a nice light read. I will say that it's always been my opinion that historical romance books are just that, a romance they are not history books and so small [...]

    3. This came over as formulaic, written in haste and with numerous editing errors. The plot was far-fetched as was the behaviour of Mandy, who came over as more of a trollop than a young lady.

    4. Hot-headed, stupid heroineOur feckless heroine's brother is accused of murder and she, with the help of a loyal servant, breaks him out of jail. Brother and sister go into hiding, depending upon that servant to bring them food and news. They are sent to a friend's house for assistance and what must they do but compound their idiocy by masquerading as highway robbers. Yes, it's our heroine's stupid idea. They're so ill fortuned as to hold up their guardian, a duke, whom they have never met and wh [...]

    5. Another Amazing Regency!!!!Mandy's brother Ned is accused of murder and must prove her brother's innocence. Mandy breaks Ned out of jail and they go into hiding. They write a letter to their guardian the Duke of Margate. The Duke is a friend of their grandfather's and Mandy had always thought him an old man. When the Duke shows up to help them, Mandy sees the Duke is not old at all. He is in fact a young, virile man. The Duke is smitten by Mandy the instant he sees her and wants to make her his. [...]

    6. SillyThe plot revolves around the murder of Celia, cousin to Ned and Mandy, a pair of twins who are under the guardianship of the Duke of Margate. The Duke is, of course, dashing and handsome and falls in love with Mandy who is his ward as she and he try to clear Ned's name, him having been accused of Celia's murder. My chief complaints with this novel are the extremely slow pacing and a female heroine, Mandy, who is annoying in the extreme. I used the search feature to determine how often her " [...]

    7. Mandy by Claudy ConnHe's a rake and a libertine but Brock Haydon, the Eighth Duke of Margate, will not stand back while his ward is falsely accused of a crime. He may have been a bit remiss of his guardian duties so far, but with this latest missive from his friend Viscount John Skippendon, he will finally do his duty.Lord Edward Sherborne and his twin sister Amanda enjoy life to its fullest. When her brother is accused falsely of a crime, Mandy refuses to sit back and do nothing. And at the mom [...]

    8. I got this as a free e-book, and I'm very glad I didn't spend any money on it. It was full of stupid actions made by two dimensional characters, annoying conversations, and really obvious plot twists. It was one of those books where you feel like the only research the author did into the time period was to read other poorly written books about the time period--the actions of the characters, their behaviors towards others, their decisions, etc were so atypical of the Regency time that I spent mos [...]

    9. This was one of the most poorly written and edited books I have ever read. It featured weak, predictable characters, an idiotic heroine and grammar mistakes that would not pass a basic high school English class. It's a shame, because the plot could've had potential had it been better organized and not so slow.

    10. I give it 2 stars for the story line. I made it half way through before I deleted it from my Kindle. It was too hard to follow with all "cant" wording and character thoughts through out the book. The slang was the worse of the two evils for me. I really liked the setting and the story line from the parts that I did read, I just couldn't stumble through it anymore.

    11. Delightful - a Regency romp whodunit. One hoyden heroine, one scapegoat suspect, five possible perpetrators, and a dashing duke to the rescue. After breaking her brother out of jail, Mandy and Ned, together with their guardian Brock and retainer Chauncy, hunt for the person who killed their cousin to keep her from revealing her secret and who then pointed the finger at Ned. Was it their Aunt Agatha? Their Uncle Bevis? Their cousin Alfred? Their friend Viscount Skippendon? Or, was it perhaps Sir [...]

    12. It was fine at first then I got annoyed by Mandy's actions. It has an American feel to it. She is too fast and easy for the timeline/genre plus a bit contentiously irritating and unreasonable when it comes to her guardian. And then turns sluttish on that same guardian that I had just enough of her. I would have been fun to try to speculate on Celia's murderer and as to the reason why Skip was spending too much time in the country as opposed to his usual routine but reading more about Mandy is ju [...]

    13. Ugh.I stopped reading about midway? Through the twins playing at Highwayman, because it was just SUCH a stupid situation, even for teenagers, especially when one of them is accused of murder AND they’re both wanted for jail breaking.Grammar, structure, and conveying what’s going on was fine, but the story was just too stupid for me to bother with. I’m glad I didn’t pay actual money for this, having found it on one of the free books of the day lists.

    14. This was a cute little story. The characters weren't complicated; the good were good, the bad were bad, and a few were just misguided. The plot is exactly what the back of the book says it is with very few, if any, surprises. Mandy and Brock are the best part of this book. They are frustrating and endearing in turns with well written chemistry!It was worth grabbing for free.

    15. Regency murder mystry Twins protecting each other, harebrained schemes, the voice of authority being thwarted, murder, jail break, robbery. It all add up to a adventure that keeps the reader engaged till the finish

    16. Was quite OK to read but I thought the period of the ‘hiding out’ was too long and there could have been ‘a season’ for Mandy so that could be say some jealous tension and a change of sceneryway to long to solve the mystery. Also she gave herself too early.

    17. OkHad all the elements of a regency romance but lacked something for me. I didn’t warm to the characters but that was more personal taste than flawed writing.

    18. GoodGood. Good easy read. Bit fast but a good beach holiday read for something simple. Enjoyed it. Would read more her books

    19. Loved it!!!Enjoyed the book a lot, even though at times the words used sometimes were confusing. The storyline was good. Kept me guessing till the end.

    20. CuteThis book is cute but written with alot of silliness. The characters are not strong and change from smart to stupid attitudes. It could use a rewrite.

    21. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Sometime in the 1940s, regency period romances moved away from the Austen model of intelligent heroine and logical hero - into studly rake and 'spirited' but dumb as a doornob, overemotional wreck of a heroine (both of their only 'redeeming' qualities translate into being an alpha and beautiful, respectively). Worse, books like this are borderline misogynistic; the women are all schemers and loose, eager to destroy each other and oth [...]

    22. This book started off just as most other books of the gentry. It quickly became a book of murder, mayhem, and lust.Mandy and her twin, Ned, are no stranger to trouble. They are often up to mischief and it's that and their liveliness that makes most like them. Of course, their are the stringent, stuffy persons who look down upon them. When Ned gets himself in a tight spot and then a lot of trouble, Mandy comes to his aid. This brings about a tale unlike any other.There are many times in the book [...]

    23. It doesn’t matter what genre Claudy writes, I always find her books a comfort.This one really touched my heart. The sisterly and brotherly love in this book will touch anyone out there who has a brother they are close to or someone who always wanted to be close to their brother/sister.There is a lot of mystery and nail biting suspense in this book. Just when you think you know who did what the direction changes and you start thinking again LOLFor me there is no competition when it comes to Cla [...]

    24. I did finish the book, so it wasn't horrible, but really not a fan. I am a fan of Claudy Conn, but this book just would not do it for me. Thank goodness it was an iBook freebie. I cannot express how many times I wanted to slap the heroine and tell the girl to stop being a damned idiot. Mandy was definitely not my preference for a leading lady. Ms. Conn attempted to develop her into an independent heroine, but was not successful. She would run her mouth and not be able to speak intelligently and [...]

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