احترس من النوم

They re baa ack Make way for the bestselling children s series of all time With a fresh new look GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids So reader beware you re in for a scare It s

  • Title: احترس من النوم
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
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  • They re baa ack Make way for the bestselling children s series of all time With a fresh new look, GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids So reader beware you re in for a scare It s a no snooze situation Matt hates his tiny bedroom It s so small it s practically a closet Still, Matt s mom refuses to let him sleep in the guest room After all, they mThey re baa ack Make way for the bestselling children s series of all time With a fresh new look, GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids So reader beware you re in for a scare It s a no snooze situation Matt hates his tiny bedroom It s so small it s practically a closet Still, Matt s mom refuses to let him sleep in the guest room After all, they might have guests Some day Or year.Then Matt does it Late one night When everyone s in bed He sneaks into the guest room and falls asleep.Poor Matt He should have listened to his mom Because when Matt wakes up, his whole life has changed For the worse And every time he falls asleep, he wakes up in a new nightmare

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    1. Θα μπορούσε να έχει πάρει και 4 αστεράκια, αλλά επειδή πλέον δεν είμαι 12 κι έχω μεγαλώσει αρκετά για να παρατηρώ αφηγηματικές αστοχίες, αναγκαστικά θα δώσω 3. Ναι μεν καλό σαν ιδέα, αρκετά καλή ανάπτυξη χαρακτήρων -που δεν παύουν να είναι εκνευριστικοί, ειδικά ο μικρός μας πρω [...]

    2. You know what you’re getting when you read a Goosebumps book, and this one isn’t a disappointment. Loosely speaking, it follows the story of a young boy called Matt who’s not too happy with his family life. But then, when he goes to sleep in the spare room, he wakes up to find that everything has changed, and not necessarily for the better.Overall, there are better Goosebumps books out there, but this one’s as good as any. I read it at the age of twenty seven because my ex-housemate left [...]

    3. This book that I read today is mostly about a twelve year old boy named Matt that has a sister and a brother. His sister and his brother calls him a geek, but Matt ignores them. Matt doesn't like his room. It's too small for him so sleep in. Matt tells his mom that he wants to make his bedroom the guest room, but his mom refuses. She says that the guest room is only for guests, but the only guests they have is when their grandparents come over for Christmas,mouth that's only once a year! So, one [...]

    4. Matt hates his bedroom. He wants to have the guestroom as his bedroom, since the room is larger and they never actually have guests in the house, but his mother keep telling him no. So Matt decides to use the room right after everybody in the house goes to sleep. And he begins to hate his decision.When he is awake, he is trapped in an unfamiliar world, with unfamiliar body and unfamiliar people. And it’s getting more and more unfamiliar and worse each time he wakes up. It’s a totally nightma [...]

    5. This book perfectly explains why kids should be able to stay up late. YOU HEAR ME, PARENTS?! 22:00 pm is not too late!

    6. PLOT:Twelve-year-old Matthew Amsterdam is sick of his life. He constantly gets bullied, especially by his high school-aged brother, Greg, and his older sister, Pam. Even the pet dachshund, Biggie, hates Matt. Matt asks his mother to let him move into the guest room, which is twice as big as his small room. She refuses, telling him that the guest room is for guests. The next night, while his mother is at work, Matt sleeps in the guest room for the night, foolishly believing that he won't be caugh [...]

    7. This is one in the series that I kept putting off. As silly as it sounds, I guess I prejudged it as perhaps a story with some kid with a sleeping disorder where he couldn't wake up or couldn't ever sleep. I was wrong.The main character is Matt who has two siblings; Greg and Pam. They live with their mother, but their father passed away years before Matt's story begins. He has the smallest room in the house, while the size of his brother's room is not mentioned, nor is his sister's, or mother's. [...]

    8. ***Spoilers***Personally I think the cover is a bit misleading. Also I was hoping that the reason Lacie was in all the different realities was because they were soulmates (cheesy I know). The explanation makes plot-related sense, but isn't as satisfying as I would have liked. The tape-recorder is not a plot point and has no purpose in the story other than making the brother look like an ass.That said, I liked the book quite a bit. The story was surprising. The alternate realities were fresh and [...]

    9. So, when I read it I was in grade 4 or higher, and it was a little confusing for me at first. The idea of the story made me not want to go to sleep at night because I was scared that I would turn into someone else in the morning, and it frightened me a little. Other than that, this is a great read.

    10. This would have been much more terrifying if I were a ten-year-old boy who was still tucked into bed by my mom; I would have thought twice before I decided to sleep. However, as a grown-up, I find this silly, but hey, it still gives me a weak chill.

    11. Such an amazing thrilling book I love this book it has sooooooooo many stories in one book it had me shaking whith adventure and the betrayal twist was epic my favourite r.line books 👍🏻

    12. This book is very cool, it makes me think about the character, like what he will do next.i recommend this book to people who likes scary books.

    13. Another ordinary but better-than-average Goosebumps book. The plot's quite good, but the ending ruins it a little, I think.

    14. I gave this book a five star rating because he changes into diffrent things. My favrite part is when he turns into the curcis boy

    15. "Don't Go To Sleep" is a solid Goosebumps book that is hurt by an unanswered question. In the story, Matthew is picked on by his older siblings and is forced to sleep in a tiny room while there is a spacious room down the hall used for guests. The only guests that ever come are the grandparents once a year. So Matthew attempts to solve the problem himself, sneaking off to the guest bedroom one night.And he alters reality. One day he is a high school student and all of his classes are too hard. T [...]

    16. This one was actually pretty funny, surprisingly. I honestly can't remember if I found the Goosebumps books funny back when I was a kid, but as an adult, Stine's "jokes" tend to fall flat. Matt's older brother's running commentary, a la Animal Planet, however, actually had me snickering. And I was also amused by Matt's rather snarky inner thoughts when he turned into a giant monster with a taste for metal. So nice of that gentleman to leave Matt his car.Aside from that, I'm not sure if this is o [...]

    17. Here is another Goosebumps book I believe I originally read as a kid. The details of the book itself largely eluded me, but I recalled the cover well enough to know I originally read it. This book is somewhat like a Twilight Zone lite - filled with the moralizing of "It could be worse" and not fully resolved come the end of the book itself.Matt is the youngest of three children. His mom, forced to work two jobs, often leaves him in the care of his older brother and sister who aren't too enamored [...]

    18. Reading Goosebumps books, back when I was a kid, used to give me that propensity of getting scared, to the extent of causing insomniac demeanor. But now as a teenager, not so much. LOL.This one has a creative plot to it. Matt Amsterdam, a fatherless twelve-year old boy who lives with his mother and two older siblings (Pam and Greg), finds himself and his life shifting in every waking moment after when he'd pressed himself for sleeping in the guest room of their house.From a 12-year old middle-sc [...]

    19. What the hell did I just read? Don't Go to Sleep features a family of three kids and an overly stressed mom who doesn't have the time to care that her teenagers pick on her youngest, and she certainly doesn't want to deal with the mess of moving the kid into the bigger spare bedroom. So Matt goes and sleeps in the room to spite his mom (rebel!) and ends up in a weird reality loop. Each time he wakes up, something is different, and the reality police are after him so that they can put him to slee [...]

    20. I've read exactly one Goosebumps book before this and that was about 15 years ago. That one was about a plant in the basement (or something like that) and at the time I thought it was alright for what it was. Anyway, I promised my son if he read a chapter book and liked it I would read it after him. He is an autistic 13yob and surprised everybody, mostly himself, by reading this chapter book, without pictures!, in one evening and was actually engrossed. Thank you Goosebumps! I may be reading mor [...]

    21. I Have recently finished reading the book titled "Don't Go To Sleep" By R.L. Stine. First off, I must comment on how R.L. Stine simply puts the stories he writes through so many twists and turns that you feel as if the stories background just becomes more visible every second you read. The book "Don't Go To Sleep" By R.L. Stine takes place with a 12-year old seventh grader who has a tough enough life at home, but finds himself mind-boggeled to see the affects that trying to get a good night's re [...]

    22. Source: I borrowed this book online via OpenLibrary. Cost: Free Title:Don't Go To Sleep! Series:Goosebumps #54 Author:RL Stine Overall Rating:2 starsAgain, another no from me. Did he just hit like writers block during this block of books? Three things I don't get in book #54:1) If she is a stressed out single mother of three, how can she afford a five bedroom house? Her room, her three kids rooms and a guest room? I shared a room with my sister until she moved out. 2) Why did he not get the bigg [...]

    23. When your mom tells you No, she means it for a reason, or NO just Means NO ! this was the lesson i learned in this story. Matt seem to think his room was way to small, so he kept asking his mother could he sleep in the guest room. he finally got what he wanted and slept in the guest room. but when he woke up that morning something just wasnt right! he wasnt him self, he was a little kid. his father left them when he was younger but when he went down for breakfast he was there. he noticed somethi [...]

    24. Have you dream about if one day you wake up, your life will change totally?12 years old Matt sleeps in the guest room one night, and when he wakes up, his life totally change. He becomes a high school student and his family change too. And everytime he sleeps in the guest room, his life becomes worse.Matt wants to go back to his original life, he miss his own mom, dad, brother and sister. Maybe in the beginning he feels a little bit dislike about his family, but now he wants them back. Finally, [...]

    25. This edition was more of a mystery than it was scarye to think of itey don't actually scare me,but the mystery is good!This story is about a boy who is trapped in a reality warp and wakes up each day as a new personor animal and once, even a monster! He's on a mission to get back to his skinny 12 year old self and is hampered on his 'quest' by the Reality Police. Yeahat's what I just said.Overall though this one was very funny- the narrator was rather quirky and there were some plot developments [...]

    26. This is another one of those Goosebumps books that's really,reallyGoosebump-y. Like, it's just a ton of fun, and it's got all of the Goosebumps tropes and that's just great. I realize that 'Goosebumps tropes' could maybe not be seen as the greatest thing, but I mean, I grew up on these tropes, and it's always so much fun to revisit them, you know?This isn't one that's my total favorite, and I'm pretty sure that I didn't read this one as a kid (which could definitely add to the fact that this isn [...]

    27. Currently rereading my original Goosebumps collectionFinally! I can't remember the last time I read a Goosebumps book I enjoyed this much, because of the recent drop in quality with the later books. It has an engaging story, it's unsettling and at times quite funny. It may be my keen interest in dreams as well as separate realities but this is definitely one of the better ones in the series.Read from April 28, 2015 - April 28, 2015

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