Forged Before Anna and Sam there was Dani and Sam There s one rule that all Branch operatives must live by No attachments When Dani O Brien entered the Branch she planned to trade her freedom so that her f

  • Title: Forged
  • Author: Jennifer Rush
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Before Anna and Sam, there was Dani and Sam.There s one rule that all Branch operatives must live by No attachments When Dani O Brien entered the Branch, she planned to trade her freedom so that her family could have a better life But joining up with the mysterious organization is than she bargained for Branch head Connor watches over her closely too closely TheBefore Anna and Sam, there was Dani and Sam.There s one rule that all Branch operatives must live by No attachments When Dani O Brien entered the Branch, she planned to trade her freedom so that her family could have a better life But joining up with the mysterious organization is than she bargained for Branch head Connor watches over her closely too closely The training is brutal, the experiments are secret, and the missions promise to be anything but ordinary The only thing getting Dani through each day is the hope that she ll run into Sam a young man, about her age, who wears the world on his shoulders.Find out how it all began in this short story prequel to Jennifer Rush s thrilling and suspenseful Altered series.

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    One thought on “Forged”

    1. i don't understand how this is a necessary- prequel when there is nothing important here to the main story. We don't even know Dani, or even her relationship with Sam. We don't know anything about anything. but OK.

    2. *chuckles* I love how Connor is the bad guy you want to hate but for some reason you can't. At least we got a brief look into Dani's personality.

    3. OOOH!!!I don’t know what to say… hate Connor more… or think that he’s really SEXyPs: I LOVE Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabelle Lee”. It is actually my favorite poem. :)@gleekidMC

    4. Me da mucha pena Dani y Connor, no me fío de ese ni un pelo!!!!!! Mal rollo me da. Me pone los pelos de punta. Ahora, leyendo la sinopsis del siguiente no entiendo muy bien el asunto porque según Dani su padre era un borracho así que 🤔 a ver si averiguo más siguiendo la lectura

    5. I don’t know what to say about this one. I thought knowing more about Dani would give me an even better understanding of the Altered series – the kind that only comes from knowing the back story.I was wrong. I found that this 41-page ebook did nothing to enhance my understanding/enjoyment of the Altered series. I was actually thrown by it. Not only did it feel rapidly pieced together, but it also seemed like a carbon-copy of the situations we saw Anna go through in Altered.Although it is nic [...]

    6. По поводу этой новеллы я могу сказать только: 1. Написано хорошо. Сюжет прост и задумка понятна. Как всегда автор намешала экшен и романтик, за что мы так любим эту серию. И даже не смотря на мини-дозы и того, и другого, конечный результат вышел легким и увлекательным. 2. Если вы [...]

    7. I want more!! I was so excited to read about Dani and Sam, and I loved this novella! Granted it probably raised more questions than it answered…. But it did give some interesting insights. It shed a little bit of a different light on a few characters, although I still want to know more. This little story was as action packed and surprising as Altered. I can't wait for Erased! wanderingthepages.tumblr

    8. Me han engañado. Yo pensaba que la hermana de Anna, Dani, se enamoraba de Sam. Pero resulta que Sam no era Sam, y que Dani se sentía atraída hacia un tal Connor. Quería que tuviera más de 48 páginas. Me gusta que la autora nos haga creer en algo y luego aparezca con otra cosa totalmente diferente. Nunca sé en quién creer. Todo es un misterio. Me atrevo a decir que puede que Dani no esté muerta.

    9. "Forged" is the prequel to the two book series, "Altered." The book tells the beginning of it all from Dani's point of view. Dani's uncle, the leader of the branch, offered her a deal. He said that if she came and worked for him then he would give her and Anna a normal life away from their alcoholic father. Soon Dani became a test subject in training. She was trained for battle and got her butt kicked by Natalia almost everyday. There was another boy there, named Sam. Since he was the only other [...]

    10. "Forged" a prequel to the "Altered" trilogy begins when Dani O'Brien is enlisted by her uncle into the Branch in exchange for fixing her family's brokenness and giving her sister Anna a better life. Undergoing vigorous training Dani's drawn to the enigmatic Conner Van Norstrand head of research who watches her closely, masking his sinister plans under a charismatic personality.Lonely until she meets Sam a tall, thin young man living on the same floor she tries striking up a friendship that's squ [...]

    11. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS:MAJOR SPOILERSWhat did I just read??I'm not saying that the story was boring or bad-written.It gave a clear idea of Dani's character butthe first line of the summery:Before Anna and Sam there was Dani and SamSo , I expected to see a lot of Sam and get an idea about his and Dani's relationship in past, But got zilchSam did only a cameo-type-thing in the bookThis book was more about Dani and some twisted chemistry between Connor and herYeah !! read it right !! CONNORThe Connor [...]

    12. Dani sigue sin caerme bien, creo que es por lo que pasa en Erased. Pero bueno, no puedo cambiar mis sentimientos hacía ella. Y Connor lo paso. (view spoiler)[ En realidad como que me dio mucha bronca porque como que re jugo con ella. (hide spoiler)]Me dejo con una duda muy muy grande. (view spoiler)[ ¿Dani en realidad se enamoró de Sam? (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    13. I found out after I had read the first book in this series that there were novellasd then I kind of forgot while I continued on through my library's summer reading challenges (one of which prompted my reading Altered.) So, now that I've read all three of the Altered novels, I'm making my way through the novellas. Normally, I would prefer to read them in chronological order, but that's just me.Anyway, I enjoyed Forged. It was an adequate length for me to feel like it was really telling a story an [...]

    14. Yo pensé que en este libro me iban a explicar la relación Dani y Sam, pero mangos me dejaron muy confundida, ¿y quién jodidos es Connor? Me da mala espina y debo decir que desde Altered me olía que Dani iba a estar viva.

    15. en serio que esta historia me ha sorprendido pense que mis dudas se iban a aclarar y no quede con mas no se ni que decir a mi me ha encantado nuca crei que pasaria eso cuando comence a leer no quiero y no puedo decir mucho solo: ANTES DE ANNA Y SAM, HUBO UN DANI Y SAM. lean es un libro grandioso

    16. I really liked it and was excited to read some Pre-Altered story. We got to know Dani better and Anna's background. We learned the hard way about some tests and that the organization would literally walk over corpses. We want to read Erased! (aka I'm talking for a lot of people I guess). And since I was shocked and sad that the story was over so fast, I definetly liked it :)

    17. Hmmmmmmm. The writing is engaging enough for me to continue reading but I was expecting a little more information. I know this is a prequel (hence the short length) but I can't help but feel like you need to read the first book before you read this one, which doesn't make sense to me.Ah well. Will be picking up the first book anyway to see what all the fuss is about.

    18. The only book in the series I gave only four stars. "Only". Still, it was well thought out and written well, however, I wish there was a little more on Dani and Sam, given the description of the book. Still, it was a nice addition to the series, recommend for an audience of about 12+. The series was FANTASTIC! Would definitely recommend the whole thing.

    19. Like most novellas, Forged suffers a lot from being entirely too short. I found the story to be fascinating, but abrupt. Just when I thought that I was starting to understand a character or as soon as I would develop some questions about what was going on the story just ended. Like that. It left me feeling overwhelmingly unsatisfied. And yet I liked this story. I just wanted there to be more of it.This story centers around Dani and her first introduction to the Branch. I read this story after r [...]

    20. The full review can be found at The Book Bratz I said in my Altered review that I would be talking about these covers again. I am sorry, but I have too! I love how they are gray scale with the colored text. I want to say that was the first thing my eyes took it, but it wasn't. It was Sam's yummy looking chest. Like I've said: Favorite covers with a model on them hands down. In my review of Altered I didn't talk about Dani at all. So I'll talk about her a little now. Long story short, Anna had an [...]

    21. Primero que nada tengo que decir que amo ésta portada! Creo que es una de mis favoritas *0*. Y segundo, quería recordarles que ya he hecho la reseña del primer libro de la saga -por si les interesa leerla-.Si bien hace bastante que leí Altered, hay algunas cosas que recuerdo, aunque me hubiera gustaría tener bien fresca la historia para poder analizar mejor aquellos detalles que proporciona esta precuela porque sé fervientemente que estoy dejando pasar un dato importante -#frustracióntota [...]

    22. Huum ¿Qué?Lo siento, pero en la sinopsis dice “Before Anna and Sam, there was Dani and Sam.” Por lo que me esperaba algo de la historia que hubo entre Sam y Dani (OBVIAMENTE).Cosa que en realidad ¡NO HAY!Solo sale como se conocieron, en una página. Eso es todo. Me he quedado con un enorme y lindo signo de interrogación.Forged, Forged Jennifer Rush no digas que hablaras de algo y al final no lo harás!!!!Dani, la hermana de Anna, tuvo una historia con Sam, eso lo sabemos en el libro de A [...]

    23. This novella was not at all what I was expecting, though that's probably a good thing because honestly, I didn't really want to see how Dani and Sam's relationship developed.  I didn't love Anna's character in either of the full-length books, but I much prefer her to the morally ambiguous Dani.Except in Forged, Dani is just a girl.  She's only just entered the program and she hasn't let her change hert.  And if you're looking for the Sam you've come to know and, well, tolerate, in the other [...]

    24. Dani was thrown into the first round of tests before she even met Sam. Which is a very smart move, objectively, but turned out to be just one more cruelty for The Branch. They really have it down to a T how to sham people. It makes you lose a little more of your faith in humanitySeriously, I wonder how they find all those ruthless jackasses who run the show, and how it even runs since the right hand's thumb doesn't trust its own pinky finger. That made me wonder why they would alter compassionat [...]

    25. Originally posted at:Nocturnal Predators ReviewsFrom the opening synopsis line I thought I was going to get to immerse myself in the relationship that was, at one point, Dani and Sam. Unfortunately that wasn't what I got. This was actually just a REALLY short, vague and unnecessary background story on what Dani went through. I already had a vague idea of what happened I didn't really need a novella written up on it.Dani seems like a nice enough girl. Since she and Anna are sisters, both had a ba [...]

    26. Firstly I have to point out that even though synopsis promises more about Dani and Sam, I think that it should be said more of Dani. Sam was there, yes, but Dani and her thoughts were the main point. It was more of Dani and Connor than Sam. So if you're waiting for epic story of Dani and Sam and their past, don't hold your breath.Forged gives insight of Dani's character. I didn't like her much during Erased, I've always preferred Anna (and Sam with her) and even though the short story made Dani [...]

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