Secret Avengers, Volume 2: Iliad

Secret Avengers Volume Iliad S H I E L D takes the fight to AIM s door with deadly repercussions and the Secret Avengers find themselves outgunned and trapped in enemy territory As the truth about the events on AIM Island come t

  • Title: Secret Avengers, Volume 2: Iliad
  • Author: Nick Spencer Ed Brisson Jackson Butch Guice Luke Ross
  • ISBN: 9780785166894
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • S.H.I.E.L.D takes the fight to AIM s door with deadly repercussions, and the Secret Avengers find themselves outgunned and trapped in enemy territory As the truth about the events on AIM Island come to light, the fallout from the Secret Avengers attack on continues But what waits deep inside the chambers of the High Council of AIM And after the smoke clears, an old frS.H.I.E.L.D takes the fight to AIM s door with deadly repercussions, and the Secret Avengers find themselves outgunned and trapped in enemy territory As the truth about the events on AIM Island come to light, the fallout from the Secret Avengers attack on continues But what waits deep inside the chambers of the High Council of AIM And after the smoke clears, an old friend is laid to rest, while a new one joins the fray Quake takes on Maria Hill, and everything rides on the outcome of their clash Then Infinity tie in With the Avengers off world, what will S.H.I.E.L.D do when Thanos strikes It s up to Maria Hill, Nick Fury and Agent Coulson to repel the invasion But what s the deal with the newest member of the Secret Avengers Collecting Secret Avengers 6 11

    Secret Avengers Secret Avengers is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics featuring a fictional black ops superhero team of the same name The series started with Ed Brubaker on writing duties, depicting a black ops sect of Marvel s premier super hero team, the Avengers, which operates under the guidance and leadership of Captain Steve Rogers the former Captain America. Mighty Avengers Vol Secret Invasion, Book Paperback The Mighty Avengers, v. by Brian Michael Bendis, et al Marvel Comics, A major installment to the Secret Invasion crossover event, in which we see a lot of the legwork done by the Skrulls in order to prepare for their infiltration of the planet Earth. Secret Avengers, Vol Mission to Mars Ed Brubaker is no newcomer to espionage Which makes this intro volume of Secret Avengers all the puzzling What starts off with a bit of good ol spy work quickly dissolves into big cosmic super heroics on Mars. Avengers comics The Avengers are a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The team made its debut in The Avengers cover dated Sept , created by writer editor Stan Lee and artist co plotter Jack Kirby.The Avengers is Lee and Kirby s renovation of a previous superhero team, All Winners Squad, who appeared in comic books series published Marvel Comics The Secret Doctrine Volume I Theosophy THE SECRET DOCTRINE THE SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE, RELIGION, AND PHILOSOPHY by H P BLAVATSKY, Author of ISIS UNVEILED There is no Religion higher than Truth.

    • ë Secret Avengers, Volume 2: Iliad || ✓ PDF Download by ✓ Nick Spencer Ed Brisson Jackson Butch Guice Luke Ross
      113 Nick Spencer Ed Brisson Jackson Butch Guice Luke Ross
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    One thought on “Secret Avengers, Volume 2: Iliad”

    1. This was kind of frustrating. Not the first half or so of the book, which continues the A.I.M. storyline. That part is written quite well, it has some really exciting action, and it left me wanting more. The covert hit on the Scientist Supreme has lost Daisy her position as director of S.H.I.E.L.D leaving Mockingbird stranded on A.I.M. island, disguised as an A.I.M. scientist. Cool stuff, and a great cliffhanger.But it's only a cliffhanger because the actual story gets the boot for the Infinity [...]

    2. Gosh, I find this series incomprehensible. I don't know if it's just me or if it's the script not being that well-written. I don't mind a few twists and turns in a storyline, but there are so many that this book doesn't make much sense to me. I don't think this is a good choice for people who are new to the Avengers comics diving in. I would probably try to track down some older Avengers titles instead of this. There is a lot of assumed knowledge that I feel I only have picked up because of rand [...]

    3. A.I.M. is pushing SHIELD to take extreme measures.Unfortunately a house divided against itself can not stand. SHIELD is divided and may be ready to fall.Iliad was a frustrating volume. This comic has all the necessary pieces to be incredible, but it just keeps falling short. For being Nick Fury's protégé Quake is naïve at times while massively overreacting at other times. She just doesn't seem to be ready to run all of SHIELD and the United Nations committee agrees. Maria Hill seems like a my [...]

    4. Another Marvel book by Nick Spencer that I enjoyed!Undercover espionage stuff in the Marvel Universe is something I have a soft spot for (I blame Brubaker and his Captain America run. Also Bendis and his Secret War). But setting some of this stuff before the last issue of the last volume was a bit risky. It does all make sense in the end. Maybe I'm just not as smart as Nick Spencer thinks I am?I also think the Infinity tie-ins hinge the volume a bit. Spencer is building something really cool and [...]

    5. A fun continuation of the storyline that began in "Reverie", split into two story parts: Part One, dealing with a failed invasion of A.I.M. Island and poor Bobbi Morse getting (quite amusingly) left behind (view spoiler)[and thrust into the worst "You Mean Today is the Big Presentation?" nightmare scenarios ever (hide spoiler)], and the second diving into the origin story of SHIELD analyst Sarah Garza who wakes up in Park Slope with Inhuman powersd gets immediately sent out by mean old Cobie Smu [...]

    6. I appreciate that they had the story with the Terrigen Mist there at the end. I know it was part of an event or whatever, but it means that I now have a rough idea of when this happened in relation to other comics I've read. Seriously, this whole thing is so confusing though.

    7. [review for volumes 1-3]The art is the best thing about this series. Otherwise, there are some good ideas here but it seems unnecessarily complex. Maybe it's just me.

    8. This second volume follows directly from the first, with Rhodey being brought into the Secret Avengers fold to help stop the Iron Patriot legion of drones. Further, Daisy orders the assassination of AIM’s Scientist Supreme; an unsanctioned hit that Maria Hill uses to wrest control of SHIELD out from under her. As a result, Hill leaves Mockingbird for dead a midst their enemies, by wiping her memory before she can continue the mission. And all this is just the first half. Everyone changes color [...]

    9. This seems like a relatively interesting story that has been chopped to pieces and reassembled in a haphazard way without much concern for whether the reader can understand what is happening (or has happened). Add to that the fact that the story drops after four issues to go in a completely unrelated direction, and you have a rather frustrating volume. The flashback has a vaunted history in comics and is great when used properly, but making each issue a flashback that comes back to the present m [...]

    10. This comic is really all over the place. Spencer used a similar technique in Secret Warriors and there it worked. Here, it's nice to see the viewpoints of radically different characters, but it's not nice to see the storyline come to an abrupt halt after issue #8, and for us to lose both our main plot and the majority of our characters thanks to the newest crossover. It's unfortunately reminiscent of how badly Secret Avengers was used in some of the previous crossovers, where the whole main cast [...]

    11. Both art and the story are better than in the first one, but it's still very all over the place and not giving away any answers to what the overarching plot is and it's getting frustrating.This is not helped by the fact that trade paperbacks are not the intended way for these to be read in (though it is my preferred way of reading because you get a bunch of the story at once, usually whole arcs, instead of mini parts of it that tend to be over before you've really gotten into them). And everythi [...]

    12. This series is a follow up to Secret War, so it is fair for it to be confusing. So you take superhero types and give them Mission Impossible style missions with the ability to memory wipe at any point as well as implant memories at a moments notice. And then you take the difficulty of finding a useful reading order. And you wonder if the reason you don't know what's going on is intentional or not.And yet this book worked pretty well. Still don't know the gooder guys from the good guys from the b [...]

    13. The opening four issues are decent, but not as good as the previous trade - the storyline from that trade is rehashed and dragged out here, seen from multiple angles, and it does get a bit grating. It's especially annoying when the cliffhanger for issue 8 is completely forgotten for the rest of the trade, so I hope it gets picked up on and resolved in volume 3. The Infinity tie-in issues are great however, with a strong cast including some new characters, and a very personal approach to the whol [...]

    14. Collects Secret Avengers (2013) issues #6-11Whereas the last volume focused a lot on the troops on the ground and their missions, this volume focused on the behind the scenes; specifically in regards to the feud between Maria Hill and Daisy Johnson. I actually liked this politically-charged story more, so I would say that this was an improvement over the last volume.There was still some Avengers-style fighting going on, with the final two issues of this collection being tie-ins to the 2013 Marve [...]

    15. There were some entertaining moments and some of the twists and turns were nice, but I found this volume forgettable overall. There is a lot of assumed knowledge, which I accept me not having did not allow me to fully follow the events within the timeline. As such, I was at best mildly entertained, despite whatever unique premise and tone was set out to be achieved.

    16. Nick Spencer never disappoints. If you really enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this is the title you should be reading. This is superheroes and espionage mixed together with just the right amount of fantasy and covert ops. It also deals with AIM and the new Island nation, which is always comical and terrifying in equal measure, whether featured in this book, or in Hickman's work.

    17. Secret Avengers continues to be great. The last two issues tie-in to the Infinity event but don't require any real knowledge of that event and together make a nice 2-issue story arc that may be continued in later issues.

    18. Boring, mostly. The first two thirds is overly dependent on knowing/caring about S.H.I.E.L.D. office politics. The remainder is related to other goings-on in the Marvel Universe. So the second half starts in the middle of a story, apparently just so a new character can be introduced.

    19. Nothing quite like dropping the entire story half through for random stories that didn't tie together at all!

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