My Year

My Year Ever wondered how to rid your garden of moles Do you know how to produce a first class conker Here is a chance to listen to Ian Holm read MY YEAR the diary of a year in the life of Roald Dahl garde

  • Title: My Year
  • Author: Roald Dahl Quentin Blake Ian Holm
  • ISBN: 9781856563826
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Ever wondered how to rid your garden of moles Do you know how to produce a first class conker Here is a chance to listen to Ian Holm read, MY YEAR, the diary of a year in the life of Roald Dahl, gardener, mole deceiver and conker champion It is an inspirational and memorable concoction of hilarious childhood anecdotes, witty adult observations and delightfully bizzare gEver wondered how to rid your garden of moles Do you know how to produce a first class conker Here is a chance to listen to Ian Holm read, MY YEAR, the diary of a year in the life of Roald Dahl, gardener, mole deceiver and conker champion It is an inspirational and memorable concoction of hilarious childhood anecdotes, witty adult observations and delightfully bizzare gardening tips .

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      332 Roald Dahl Quentin Blake Ian Holm
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    1. This is the Bob Ross of booksNo plot, the story-line just meanders from one month to another.Yet, when you step back, you realize all the pieces fit into place and you're left with a really pleasing short novel. I absolutely loved this. This book was so refreshing. It takes all of the charming parts fromBoy: Tales of Childhood while avoiding the traumatic, squeamish bits and combines it with fun seasonal trivia. Dahl projects a generalized calmness and genuine love for the little critters throug [...]

    2. حدس میزدم که این کتاب رو ایرانیها خیلی دوست نداشته باشند و الان که اومدم ستاره ها رو دیدم نظرم درست از آب دراومد. اما مطمئنم برای خود انگلیسیها یا دست کم اروپایی ها باید خیلی جالب باشه. عنوانی که خانم نجف خانی برای این کتاب انتخاب کردن رو نپسندیدم. راستش درست درک نکردم که چرا ای [...]

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    5. rosadoRead by Ian Holm Length: 1 hour, 4 minutesUNABRIDGED AudiobookBlurb: Roald Dahl had an abiding love for and interest in nature. He kept notes about the habits of moles and foxes, the colour and song of birds and the different flowers, plants and berries that blossomed in the countryside around his home, Gipsy House, throughout the year. In the last year of his life he worked on a diary. But what was originally intended to be a few lines turned into a memorable account of the passing year. [...]

    6. If you don't know this book by Roald Dahl, you should find it and read. It's a great start to the year, would be a sweet read-aloud if you have the audience, and might serve as a mentor text for personal writing. In it, Dahl speaks to us readers and it's rather like a nice conversation. He shares his thought about each month, and observations both inside and out. His love of nature lies at the forefront. Dahl names January a "miserable month" and if he had his way, he'd eliminate it from the cal [...]

    7. My favorite Roald Dahl book, also was his final. This book was written in the last full year of his life. He observes nature and reflects on his childhood and his time in the military I must have read this ten times in my life, and I probably will read it again. This book was the perfect one to end with.

    8. What can you expect from Roald Dahl but a wonderful reading experience. When he’s writing for adults there’s always something uniquely bizarre about his stories. When he’s writing for children you always get to smile and then laugh out loud and more importantly you’re filled with a sense of wonder and surprise. "My Year" is autobiographical, a sort of diary about the 12 months of the year, the passing seasons and what nature has to offer for those, who like Roald Dahl, have lived in the [...]

    9. کتابی است در توصیف ماههای سال با حسی شاعرانه همراه با خاطرات کودکی و نوجوانی که فکر می کنم دال در سالهای پیری نوشته

    10. Fue toda una sorpresa encontrarme con esta pequeña joya. Roald Dahl es un autor que sin duda sabe como hacer que su lector se entregue totalmente a su alma de niño. Este libro habla de cómo el año cambia en cada mes y qué nuevas sorpresas trae la naturaleza. Incluso yo, que soy distante al campo y a las actividades fuera de casa, recordé más de una de las sensaciones que Dahl describe en su libro.

    11. Another entry from Roald Dahl’s series of autobiographical works; My Year lets the reader get a month by month look into Dahl’s observations about life throughout the year. Fantastically written & an extremely quick read, I recommend this book to any fan of Dahl’s work.

    12. It was very beautiful. you deeply realize and feel joyful of the beauties of nature. you learn to joy from nature. It's a sweet book :)

    13. نوشته‌های رولد دال همیشه دوست‌داشتنی و خودمونی هستن اما تو کتاب‌هایی که از خاطراتش میگه صمیمیت بیشتری احساس میشهو این یکی از همون کتاب‌هاست :)

    14. I've wanted to read this for years, but I could never find a copy. Luckily libraries are our best friends. There are a couple excerpts I'd loved in The Roald Dahl Treasury, but those were the more rollicking bits (about riding his motorcycle incognito through the town of his boarding school, inventing a contraption that dumps water on unsuspecting passersby, etc.). Most of the book consists of quiet, thoughtful reminisces of his life and observations of birds, bird eggs, rocks, and the landscape [...]

    15. Mr Dahl wouldn't care if I liked or hated his book because he's not with us anymore.But I enjoyed this non-fiction work. He describes natural phenomena that occur throughout the year in a way that I didn't find it boring, and his descriptions of his early adult years made it fascinating. (Firstly because I think twentysomethings today are so different, and secondly because he seemed to have matured so much more easily than our coddled generation. He went on a trip with minimal planning on his ow [...]

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    19. Everyone should get this book and read it as soon as possible and then go forward more alive and aware of everything around you and live fully AND JOURNAL! In my opinion, it is that good. A small volume that is so packed full of sweet thoughts and wisdom that I cannot even offer any quotations, I would simply have to transpose the entire book here. You need this book. I'm going to go and read it again.

    20. Roald Dahl is my literary hero, but this book was released as the Roald Dahl Diary in 1992. It's exactly the same but without the blank diary entries and quotes from his books, so I cannot give this a good review as much as I want to. What Dahl has written is interesting and funny so if you haven't read or bought the previous version then it's worth a go otherwise avoid.

    21. I'm really glad I listened to this one instead of read it traditionally. I think the print version would've bored me a bit, but the audio brought out the personality of Dahl recounting the special facets of each month. It was truly enjoyable (and quick! The Audible version is just over an hour and normal speed!) and mixes Dahl's childhood storytelling with his love and knowledge of nature.

    22. Simple. Sweet. Everything charming and interesting and unique that we have come to expect from Roald Dahl. I love his philosophy on Christmas cards, learned that I need to taste more wild things, and the excitement we all crave is just outside the door in a field or glen. A delicious read.

    23. On the weekends I see groups of enthusiastic botanists from London hunting for rare specimens. They walk slowly up the lane peering into the banks and calling to one another when they find something interesting. I like these people. I like enthusiasts of any kind. -53 (October)

    24. A collection of observations, anecdotes and reminiscences by Roald Dahl, sorted into 12 chapters according to the months of the year. Burrowing Badgers, Nesting Nuthatches and Conkers take the reader through childhood and adulthood. Fairly interesting and fun to read!

    25. This is a beautiful book. Roald Dahl's last written work (I believe) is a meditation on the seasons and his daily life. A quick read with great illustrations.

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