Joshua's Tree

Joshua s Tree When a skateboarding accident hurls year old Joshua Tyler into a dismal future overrun by flesh eating mutants he taps into the strength and courage hidden within him and manages to stay alive on

  • Title: Joshua's Tree
  • Author: N.W. Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a skateboarding accident hurls 17 year old Joshua Tyler into a dismal future overrun by flesh eating mutants, he taps into the strength and courage hidden within him and manages to stay alive, only to discover his horrifying relationship to the scientific genius who brought all life on Earth to the brink of annihilation.Aided by Nadia, a beautiful warrior student whoWhen a skateboarding accident hurls 17 year old Joshua Tyler into a dismal future overrun by flesh eating mutants, he taps into the strength and courage hidden within him and manages to stay alive, only to discover his horrifying relationship to the scientific genius who brought all life on Earth to the brink of annihilation.Aided by Nadia, a beautiful warrior student who believes he may be the prophesized savior sent to rescue her people, Josh learns to fight for survival Terrified by the constant threat of a violent death, Josh wants nothing than to get back to his own life But the longer he survives in this strange place, the he learns about its creation Charged with the job of assassinating the enemy s leader, Josh begins to uncover his connection to the army of cannibalistic monsters a nightmarish truth that could prevent him from ever finding his way home.

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    One thought on “Joshua's Tree”

    1. I'm a senior citizen, not the type of person this book is meant to entertain. I'm also guilty of not reading many books, and the last on my list would be a science fiction type mystery novel. However, since my son is the author I thought I might as well read his book. Well, I got into it, and could hardly take a break. I'm looking forward to the second book of the trilogy. I give the book five stars because it takes great reading entertainment to keep me engaged in a book.

    2. A Wild Ride through a Future Earth!Joshua’s Tree, N. W. Harris’ first novel, is a great romp, containing a fantastic kick ass heroine and an unlikely hero who is transported to the future. It is set in a strange landscape, with terrifying cannibalistic creatures and it contains intervention from on high and non-stop adventure. There is also a budding romance and a plot that involves both personal growth and self-sacrifice.In Joshua’s Tree, after a fall from his skateboard, seventeen year o [...]

    3. Strap yourself in and sit tight, we’re going to travel to future Earth in the amazing YA tale, Joshua’sTree by N. W. Harris that will allow your inner hero to be a part of saving the world. Time travel, adventure, and the survival of those who live in the future rest on the shoulders of plain, regular, chess playing, seventeen-year-old Joshua. Rudely sent into a world where technological miracles, powerful beasts, and a lone warrior girl co-exist amid a lifestyle reminiscent of the days of l [...]

    4. Neil Harris' Joshua's Tree is an intense, fast-moving novel that will entertain teens, and particularly males, as it is similar to Rick Riordan's stories, filled with monsters, mystery, and unrequited love. Harris is particularly good at writing fight scenes, engaging the strong female genetically modified character Nadia. There is never a dull moment. I was left hanging at the end, disappointed, until I realized it was only the first in a trilogy, the second to be released this December. I for [...]

    5. Most teens don’t celebrate their seventeenth birthday by having a skate boarding accident that sends them to a strange forest in a future time. Oh, and being stalked by eight-foot-tall creatures that smell like road kill isn’t exactly the sort of gift Joshua had in mind either.In JOSHUA’S TREE, Author N. W. Harris’ debut YA Novel, Joshua Tyler finds himself not only in the future but in a fight for his life against sweepers, that kill their victims and then eat them. The author’s descr [...]

    6. Yay for a nice science fiction! This takes a bit of a dystopian turn (Josh finds himself transported into Earth's future, where 'naturally' born creatures are almost extinct), adds a little bit of ancient cultural beliefs (Ra) and mixes it up well with a great adventure.The story immediately starts by throwing the reader into the future world with a brutal raid on a small village. Josh is found unconcious by a warrior girl, who has the unexplanable drive to protect him, although she's never seen [...]

    7. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I really looked forward to coming back to it each time at the end of each day of my holiday. The two main characters are really convincing and the chemistry between them is excellent. Of the two I liked Nadia best but then I love feisty girl characters. Each chapter ends on a cliffhanger and switching the point of view between chapters means that you always have to wait for the resolution.I have to say I did see the ending coming but, like many books or movi [...]

    8. Joshua’s Tree had a unique and compelling plot. Joshua wakes up in an unfamiliar place and is immediately in a harrowing situation when some creatures he’s never seen before capture him. I like that we are in the dark as long as Joshua about ‘where’ he is. Nadia is a strong female character. I enjoyed how mixed up the typical gender roles were, too. The quest was exciting and we saw both our main characters grow. I always enjoy when a story is set in a more technologically advanced socie [...]

    9. I couldn't put this book down, so I had stayed up late. I had to finish it, it had me from page one. It was worth the read and staying up late.This is not the normal type of book I normally read but I am hooked. This had so much excitement and had me wondering what the next page was waiting for me to read about Joshua and Nadia. Wondering if he will ever get back home to the world he knew, not the one he was in. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking adventure read, this will give you a [...]

    10. Joshua's Tree sets right off with its amazing tale. The reader is as surprised as Josh with the new surroundings, he finds himself in. As he stumbles to adjust to the new environment, the reader joins him on every step. Josh's journey to manhood is described in a realistic way, making him a well-rounded character. To complement his task, he is rescued and joined by Nadia, a strong female character.The fast paced story keeps you hanging on each page and the shocking twist at the end keeps you scr [...]

    11. Skate-boarder, Joshua, is plunged into a dangerous new world. It is Earth, but a future Earth. Nadia, a young female warrior who has lost her family, saves Josh from flesh-eating monsters. We watch Josh turn from an insecure weakling into an in-love warrior.I wasn’t aware this is book one of a series until I read other reviews. I was delighted to see that as the ending leaves many questions. It is hard to put this book down once you begin so beware.

    12. This a great book that gets right in to the thick of things right at the beginning of the book. It's a book of adventure and even romance leaving you begging for the next book in the series! I expect and look forward to many great things from this author.

    13. This book has engaging characters, descriptive details, and an original plot. You get pulled into a rich imaginative world, which makes it hard to put the book down and will leave you waiting in anticipation for the next book of the trilogy.

    14. An amazing book filled with nonstop action and romance. I loved every moment. Can't wait for the next one!!

    15. Time-travel with a difference. Loved this book. Have already started the next in the series. Wonder how the hero is going to get out of his situation.

    16. A fantastical adventure through an exciting and scary future world, yet the characters are believable and very likable. It's great to read a story from the male perspective.

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