Claimed in Canada

Claimed in Canada When Violet London travels to the Canadian Yukon on a research grant she can t imagine greater excitement than the chance to study wolves firsthand Yet thrilling than any wolf is Luke Benoit a hands

  • Title: Claimed in Canada
  • Author: ChristineEdwards
  • ISBN: 9781603815376
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Violet London travels to the Canadian Yukon on a research grant, she can t imagine greater excitement than the chance to study wolves firsthand Yet thrilling than any wolf is Luke Benoit, a handsome French Canadian Logger whose brute desire to dominate both tempts and frightens her Unnerved by her craving to submit to primal passion, Violet is drawn to anotherWhen Violet London travels to the Canadian Yukon on a research grant, she can t imagine greater excitement than the chance to study wolves firsthand Yet thrilling than any wolf is Luke Benoit, a handsome French Canadian Logger whose brute desire to dominate both tempts and frightens her Unnerved by her craving to submit to primal passion, Violet is drawn to another man, Damon Holden Damon is a gorgeous surgeon with everything a girl could want money, education, and sophistication Violet must choose between the man who saved her life during an attack by the very creatures she is sworn to protect and the man who offers her the comfort of financial security and solid social standing.Damon is the safe choice, or is he

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    1. I received this book in exchange for an honest review'Claimed in Canada' by Christine Edwards. This is another Hot book by Ms. Edwardsere is a section in this book that does go a little violent that might take be starting to youbut overall a another great read!Violet travels to Canadian Yukon on a grant to study Wolves. There she meets Luke and Damon who do not like each other and are both attracted to her. Violet is attracted to Luke but he seems kind of stiff/stern at first where Damon is more [...]

    2. Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages @ Facebook Twitter:@SizzlingpagesMy rating has no bearing on my love for Christine Edwards writing style. I just didn't connect with the heroine in this book. She really bothered me greatly with her back and forth attitude. Then sudden "love" Once I get that "icky" feeling for a character, it's so hard to get past it. I was going "you stupid selfish woman" for most of the book. I loved Luke, even though I wish I'd have seen m [...]

    3. I don't remember where I got an sample for this book but it intrigued me only to find out it wasn't released yet. Bummer. So I begged the author for an ARC because I wanted to read it and I didn't want to wait. I was so shocked to see she had replied and complied. Now this is my happy ending because I liked the story. I can say being a reviewer, that scenario doesn't happen often. Violet is a researcher for wolves in Canada on a grant, when she meets Luke. The story was a small length novella, a [...]

    4. Violet is part of a research team in Canada - focused on the wolves in the area, when she finds herself drawn to (and between) two men, who both won´t take no for an answer. The safe doctor Damon or the thrilling logger Luke, what is she to doWhen she goes with her gut and the man who gives her great vibrations, something she didn´t see coming happens, thanks to the sore loser. Smutty fluff, domineering men and suspense in a great mix.

    5. Violet has always loved wolves. Now she can pursue her dream. Given a research grant, this is the prime opportunity. I loved this story and the way it unfolded. It kept me turning the pages. Can't wait for more by this author.

    6. I loved it, the story pulled me in from the start! And who doesn't like a good accent, pet names, and alpha male hotness? Only crazy people.

    7. Violet is doing research on wolves in Canada when she firstmeets Luke.  She runs into him a coupleof times - and then he ends up saving her as she is attacked by somewolves.  Luke takes her home - and fromthe start, he shows the true Dom that he is and Violet accepts the opportunityto give him her submission.    Violet has also met another man, Damon - who interests hertoo.  She has to choose between him andLuke - and after another night with Luke she realizes that he is what she wantsand [...]

    8. The Yukon Territory of Canada. Where maybe you, the reader, think of sipping a hot toddy by a fireplace after a day of skiing. Well maybe you should read this book in the surroundings of your own home where you are safe because "Claimed In Canada" will have you gripping the edges of the book (or kindle) until your knuckles go white from the anticipation! The pulse pounding prologue is indeed what the title of it says it isfull of ADRENALINE. Violet is a determined young woman with her whole life [...]

    9. As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by SexxKitten4 out of 5 LicksWell, that was quite an intense story! The way it was written had me pulled into the action immediately. I found it easy to imagine being in the snowy forest with Violet……and Luke. Oh.My.God….Luke, he is the quintessential alpha male and not only that but a full on he-man Dom, be still my beating heart! There is no doubt that Violet is attracted to him but she is also attracted to Damon. Damon is very different from Luke. [...]

    10. *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*Violet London travels to the Canadian Yukon on a research grant to study wolves. She can think of nothing better than to study them firsthand. That is until she decides to confront some very loud Logger’s that are interrupting her work.“Who is this mysterious man?”“What I wouldn’t give to have that man buck naked and pinning me down to his bed right now!”Luke Benoit is a French Canadian Logger that loves his [...]

    11. ❝ Welcome to the YukonA Land of wild beasts and wilder men. ❞Praise Jesus for that!Violet, a researcher who has been blessed with the opportunity to study wolves in the Canadian Yukon, is beyond excited. Apart from the wolves, Violet soon realizes there’s a lot more to be excited about that involves an animal of the human variety. Violet finds herself to be the object of affection for not one, but two very dominant and very determined men; Luke and Damon.Luke is a logger and all rugged mal [...]

    12. I was provide a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.WOW Smoking Hot, I just finish reading this book, and I love it, I have to say that I did take my time reading it, I did not wanted to finish it I wanted more, I love the characters and love how the book turn out to be, I have to say that this book made me mad sometime, but I love it from the first page to the last, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.The story begging with Violet, she is in Canadi [...]

    13. From an early age, Violet has been enthralled by wolves. Now as a graduate student who has been given a research grant to study them in northern Canada. She is quite intelligent, a bit of a tree hugger, and super feisty. Because she was a ward of the state and in foster care, she has been self-reliant and independent. She must learn to trust others in order to survive her time in the Yukon.Luke Benoit a second generation logger who runs what was his father’s business. He is tall, rugged, and n [...]

    14. What a sexy adventure, in and out of bed! You can almost call this a love triangle, though the heroine, thank God, only sleeps with one man. As both men are total opposites, she had a hard time making up her mind if she was going to stick with Luke, the hunky alpha logger, or Damon, the polished alpha doctor. There's an undercurrent of mystery, and suspense through-out the story, and an unsolved disappearance of a woman connected to both Luke and Damon. They have history together, but let's just [...]

    15. Claimed in Canada was an intriguing sort of read. It had so many fantastic things about it, yet part of it played too much to cliches and that took away a little from the overall plot. That aside, I am intrigued to read more from Christine Edwards, because this was quite a debut from this new author. I found myself turned off some to some of the language used - take this as whatever it is, but I just can't get past when guys use terms like "little girl" towards heroines (or anyone for that matte [...]

    16. Claimed in Canada by Christine Edwards4 out of 5 starsViolet is in Canada to study wolves with three other students from college. She has long been fascinated with wolves and their habits. The students are spending three months in Canada to study the wolves. In two days’ time she meets Damon, he is the nephew of the owners of the inn where they are staying and Luke a second generation logger she meets in the woods. While she feels attracted to both, Luke quickly becomes who she wants and Damon [...]

    17. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first picked up this book and was pleasantly surprised by Christine Edward's style of writing.She pulled me right into the story, the love triangle of sorts, the danger and the mountains! Violet's tough determination to study the wolves and protect them is a strong pull on my own heart. Luke's almost overbearing commanding presence is almost stereotypical of a lumberjack (at least where I grew up). Damon's almost too smooth, hidden dangerous presence is captiv [...]

    18. This stunning erotic thriller is a fast-paced jolt that will leave you breathless. From the opening intro in the wilds of the Yukon to the heart-racing climax, Christine Edwards has spun a tale of steamy sexuality amidst danger and deception.As Erotica novels go, this one delivers immense passion. The real thrill of this novel is the pulsating story packed with adventure, twists and turns and character development that pulls you in. The love triangle is stunning with the two alpha males, one rou [...]

    19. Well i was all for calling this a bit of a love triangle until i decided i wanted to slice and dice Damons junk!While studying wolves in Canada, Violet finds herself pursued by 2 alpha type men. Damon is the nephew of the couple who own the hotel/guest house where the researchers are staying. He is also a doctor who is there on a 3 weeks vacation. His aunt and uncle try to set them up during a night out.Luke is a very different kinda alpha as he is a dominant. There is a hateful history between [...]

    20. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.I won't go into detail regarding the story-line as other reviewers have covered this but instead I will say what I liked about it.The heroine Violet, was a strong character and very likeable ( no whining, wilting pansy here :) ). As for the hero Luke, he was all dominant male hotness and the secondary male love interest was a perfect foil. This erotic thriller had plenty of action going on which sucked me in a [...]

    21. An AWESOME read!! If you liked 50 Shades of Grey and Bared to you, you'll love this one! Christine Edwards writes an amazing, erotic love story. While doing research on wolves in Canada, Violet comes across two men. Instantly falling for her, she is now caught between two dominant men who yearn for her affection. She must choose which one satisfies her needs. This is such a page turner that I couldn't put it down! A great book to lose yourself in. This is a great BDSM story with a dark ending. L [...]

    22. A tale raw and untamed to reflect the setting. Ripping with unbridled passion. Gymnastic feats bouncing all over the house. Juxtaposing intense tragedy and danger with primal desire. An orgasm of terrors and delights that encompass the human experience. The villain would gallow the very wanderers of the dark. The hero and heroine, roaring Olympians of love. The characters come alive as Edwards holds a mirror up to nature beautifully imagined.

    23. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Christine knows how to write her alpha males and how to weave suspense and intensity into her story. You we're constantly guessing who was the hero and who was the villain. A blend of romance and eroticism, this is a great read for any taste! I was expecting a straightforward romance with a little dom/sub action but found this to be the perfect mix of the two and definitely more steamy than expected! I am looking forward to her 4 other books!

    24. This is the first book I read by Christine Edwards. I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful and real Violet London, as well as the unbelievably animalistic, sexy Luke Benoit and the confident and sultry Damon Holden. Her description of the danger, not only in the Yukon wilderness, but in the sexual trysts as well, is truly captivating! I read this book in less than 24 hours! I can't wait to read more from Christine. LOVE HER! LOVE HER! LOVE HER!!!!

    25. 4 out of 5Claimed in Canada had a little more to the plot than Naughty in Norway did, and a lot more sex (WIN). But the quick pace and fun banter was still there. The characters were realistic and interesting and the story sucks you in right from the beginning. There’s more of a BDSM element in this storyline and there are two appealing men for our heroine, Violet, to choose from. It’s another shorter read, but packed full of “action” and a HEA. Totally worth the read!

    26. 3.5 starsThis book was really hard to rate. I loved the storyline but the characters sometimes got on my nerves. (view spoiler)[The heroine was TSTL a couple times during this book. For example: if you’re with someone who is angry, creeps you out and is suspected of murdering someone, don’t even think about getting into their car. (hide spoiler)] This was a steamy read with a few unexpected twists. This was the first book that I’ve read by this author and it won’t be the last.

    27. Not a bad story, much heavier on the BDSM than I expected, not that that was a bad thing. Jake was sexy as hell. Violet was a pain in the arse and made stupid choices. When things went bad I didn't feel for her as it was more a consequence of her actions.There was a crime scene that didn't work for me. You can't throw a murder into a story without any kind of investigation. IMO.

    28. This was really one of the first Erotic Novels I have ever read and it really turned me on to the Genre and I like Christine's writing style, it is fast pace with really interesting locals and characters with a good mix of adventure and intense action. I read it straight through after the first page. It made me read all her other books!!!

    29. Couldn't put CLAIMED IN CANADA down! Christine Edwards packs lots of nail-biting suspense and satisfying sex into her novella. The dom/sub relationship between Luke (a Canadian logger) and Violet (an American wolf researcher) is HOT n' HEAVY.

    30. This is a smart story with imperfect characters who make you curious because they are imperfect. Christine Edwards' writing draws you in and does not let go. You may not always warm to the characters - nor are you always meant to - but you will warm with them.

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